Hype-it-up video on the Smudge, countdown to Bonita-San Dimas Thursday at Citrus is on

Who: Bonita vs. Sand Dimas
Where: Citrus College, Thursday, 7 p.m.
Smudgepot Series Record: San Dimas 22, Bonita 16, 1 tie
Proceeds and parking: A proceed of the tickets will be donated to the “Special Operations Warrior Foundation.” All three gates at Citrus open at 5:45 p.m. Bonita should use the north gate and parking lot S8. San Dimas should use the south gate and parking lot S6
Tickets: Adults $10, Child $6. Bonita and San Dimas student with ASB free. Local student with ASB $6. Presale tickets can be purchased at both schools during the week.

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  • SaintsR4real



  • Aaron

    I can’t even give the person credit…because that was horrible.

    I take the Cats.

  • WHAT IF…

    What would you rather see? The game or see Aaron and Saints4real in a UFC cage match? But the ticket prices would have to be cut to around 5 cents; Hahahah…

    Oh, I got my money on Aaron…

  • Basic

    I wish I could be as confident as I was last year about a Bearcat victory but man am I excited to get this season going and there is no better game than Smudge…

    Best of luck Bearcats…

  • Iluvsandimas

    They give a portion? San Dimas only gives 1 Dollar, Pathetic when the rest goes to paying Zernicow’s salary that BUSD doesn’t claim to pay.

  • DHS

    Just watched Damien absolutely rough up the Bearcats in a scrimmage. Damien looked much improved.

  • Aaron

    Other than the left defensive end swatting a lot of balls…that wasn’t too dominating. It was very vanilla for both teams. Damien does look improved for sure.

    Magallanes…five catches tonight. Some work to do.


  • reality

    Great promo guys. All i can say is nothing like a great football rivalry and this one is getting boiling hot. You have to be there to feel the vibe. Imagine if San Dimas Unified merged Bonita and San Dimas high schools which is under discussion, what a team.

  • slimberry

    if bonita gets it QB to play well. i am picking them to return to the championship game again this year. the sophmore QB is not very accurate at this time. maybe he will improve but remember he is a sophmore. i think bonita has all the tools to be a very good team. there O line is very big and there running backs are as good as any i seen this year. as far as damien goes looks like another long year for them.

  • bigcat

    damien didnt rough up anybody, they look worse than last year. going to be a long year for gano and damien. take that to the bank

  • Bonita Insider


    While a combined team of Bonita and San Dimas would be very exciting, there are no discussions about mearging the schools nor will there be. Neither campus is big enough and there is no money to build a new single school. The enrollment would be around 3400 kids.

  • Combine

    Reality, if combine Bonita and sd why not combine Glendora and co haha.

  • beachrat

    It looks like Aaron has something against San Dimas. How about him in a cage match with Zernickow, looser quites their job!

  • Aaron

    Nothing against Z other than that he’s the HC of the Mud Springs High Cowboys.

  • no-step

    I completely agree with bigcat. Damien roughed up no one, and I see another .500 season for them.

  • damienfaithful

    if damien coach gano is making over a 100,000 this year wouldnt you think he would put together a better football team than that. and also his defensive cordinator lee fair needs to go back to coaching school. his defenses lately have been as plain as vanilla as a matter of fact worse than vanilla. gano you need to get your team better than 5-5. 100,000 dollars should at least be a inland division championship. come on damien boosters you got more pull than that. was very disapointed at the scrimmage yesterday in damien

  • bigcat

    doesnt anybody know that there best receiver wasnt on the field for bonita. this kid in my opinion is the best receiver in the valley. i think bonita can make another run for the championship if and only if there QBs play alot better. bonita is legit and could be very dangerous with there 2 quality running backs and huge offensive line.

  • SHHS vs. Covina Scrimmage?

    Anyone see this game and care to comment?

  • ColtsFan

    Covina killed south hills in the scrimmage

  • giantbearcat

    looks like bonita pick up a transfer from arizona, he was a fullback-linebacker on the state championship team in arizona. just another positive for bonita going into the season

  • DHS

    So what bigcat and no-step is saying a “.500 team” shut them out. Haha looks like its going to be a long year for Bonita. I think you should take that to the bank and ponder about it.