West Covina transfer Justin Hornsby not eligible for varsity football until August, 2012

The CIF-Southern Section ruled that West Covina transfer Justin Hornsby will not be eligible for varsity football until August of 2012. CIF listed his transfer request status as “limited eligibility”, meaning he can participate in junior varsity football or in all other varsity sports the rest of the year. The 6-foot-2, 205 pound defensive end transferred from Rancho Verde to West Covina over the summer. Although Hornsby lives in the South Hills school district, he was granted permission to enroll at West Covina after battling the school district. For some background, read what Aram wrote on Aug. 16:

Aram: (Hornsby) moved into the Covina Unified School District and was in South Hills’ area. But the junior-to-be wanted to play at West Covina. He had to protest to the county because Covina Unified would not release him.
After a five-hour wait at the county office on Tuesday, Hornsby got clearance. Coaches consider him to be on par with Justin Meaders, which immediately ranks him as one of the top defensive players in the area.

Note: CIF Director of Information Thom Simmons will be a guest on Tuesday’s episode of PrepXtra Live at 7 p.m.

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  • Realist

    This was a no brainer, the first thing CIF checks when someone requests a transfer is what district they’re in. How could West Covina not know that

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


    Thank you, what I question is how Aram West Covina football program and this kids parents would even think for a minute it was going to get approved. Not to say that it might get approved on the appeal with a hardship. My question is why not filed for the hardship the first time? I really think this family was lead to believe this was going to get approved without the appeal process. They filed for a T approval and based on this situation that is an automatic deny.

    What I question is how someone like Aram still doesn’t understand the basic transfer guidelines. It really isn’t that difficult, I will once again talk real slow so Aram may finally get it.

    If you move from school A (RV), to the West Covina area you have two options the public school that you would attend based on your new address (South Hills) or a private school in that area. The public school version of this is real simple and he didn’t attend that school so he got denied. Getting West Covina approved by the County has nothing and I mean nothing to do with getting CIF to approve it.

    The kid didn’t attend the public school in his attendance area and isn’t attending a private school in the area so he was denied, it really isn’t that difficult, now is it Aram.

  • Realist

    When this first happened, Fred explained why guy had to file a hardship transfer, it was obvious he would get denied filing a change of address, when his address was in a different school district that the school he was attending.

  • Colt74

    Someone please explain to me why if he was ruled ineligible they ( I heard ) are planning on suiting him up for the Covina game?

    I also heard that they ( his family ) are filing a hardship appeal because the South Hills uniforms clash with his eyes.

    But seriously…is he cleared to play while he appeals?

  • KISS


    If you check out CIFSS.org he is denied and he can’t play during the appeal process. The hardship appeal was the obvious next step. The appeal process usually takes at least a month and he has to sit and wait. Now I have seen where the school goes to CIF with additional information and CIF will revisit the issue without the appeal process. This has happen and would only take a few days. Don’t see that happening here since he filed a T-transfer (standard change of address) not a H-transfer (hardship).