How did Covina rally from a 21-2 late fourth-quarter deficit to beat West Covina 27-21 last year? Highlights are here, rematch on Saturday Night at the District

Keep in mind this is a West Covina-produced video. Check out the 2:58 mark, which reads, “The Bulldogs had played unimpressively, but well enough to win this game … then it all went wrong in the last few minutes.”

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  • progress

    It’s simple they had a melt down. However, as the game became close again, they were forced to their weakness, which is pass offense and defense. West covina improved in those areas as the season went on, but in week 0 anything can happen. This year is different. Covina, is not a surprise team. They are Midvalley contenders and a top ten team in the area. West Co will be ready. However it won’t matter this year. Covina is loaded, and can beat West Covina head up. With Livingston and Venegas, and Ainsworth and Hynes returning…the are going to be good. West Co has Solomon, Meaders, Frazier, and Salgado returning. I actually give Covina the edge bc west co is starting a brand new guy at QB. If its close QB play may be the difference. I have it Covina 27 West Covina 21

  • good paperboy, bad fishwrap

    I walk outside this morning at 3:45 to get my paper ( damn good paper delivery person ) looking forward to dive into the prepXtra with my cup of joe and what do I get……………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO prepXtra in my FU$#ING SGV TRIB!

  • Dan

    I’ve been reading some good things on Covina lately, looks like they have some good size on both lines, and it sounds like their skill guys are a pretty special group. When I asked about it, the WC staff confirmed that Covina looks good on film.
    Thats great to hear because it leads to an exciting pregame buildup, The closer this game gets the bigger it appears. West Covina looked real good against Claremont, but it’s hard to get a bearing because the Wolfpack is looking down this year. WC may be missing a couple of good players from Friday’s scrimmage but the Bulldogs should have the depth to be ok.