Breaking News: We apologize for NOT having the PrepXtra Preview Magazine in today’s editions, it will be in Wednesday’s paper.

We screwed up. The PrepXtra Preview Football magazine is NOT in today’s home delivery or news rack. I’ll spare you all the details, but a major breakdown in communication caused this. I have been assured that the PrepXtra Football Preview will run in WEDNESDAY’S home subscription and newsracks. Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s embarrassing and we let you down.

10:30 a.m. update: We have copies of PrepXtra at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune office (1210 N. Azusa Canyon Road, West Covina) for anyone who can make it here today. If you have a home subscription or purchased a paper at the rack, tell our front-desk person and she will give you a free copy. Otherwise, it WILL be in tomorrow’s editions.

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  • Bulldogs have bite

    ugh…I live in the I.E. now so I drove down to Pomona to pick up today’s Trib. Only a couple left at 7 Elleven and no prep xtra inside. I figured some people were just greedy and took extra magazines. I drove to another place and same thing. Cruised down into Walnut figuring that they don’t have much to be interested about in prep football and I will find the Xtra. Put 75 cents into a newspaper box and discovered there were no Xtra inserts in any of them. Looked up this blog on my smartphone to discover the screw up.

    Long story short, the trib owes me 75 cents atleast for having to buy a newspaper I would not otherwise purchase. Or hand deliver my prep Xtra, or have Aram do the truffle shuffle on the next two minute drill video wile Fred does the party boy dance next to him.

    I will be at the Covina vs West Covina game, have my prep Xtra in hand.

  • No kidding

    Fred, Drove around town early this morning to a few newsstands to find every copy missing from the newspaper. Ran into a guy on Citrus who said the same thing. When we showed up to the Tribune office and about 4 other gentlemen where there when the doors opened complaining they did not even receive it in their home delivery. We thought a thief had took all of them and left the paper in the stands. It was crazy to see so many adults looking forward to reading the magazines about our community athletes. Lets just get it right for next year.

    BTW because of your screw up, you took all my quarters, thanks for taking my $2.25 (75cent) a pop with false hopes. But at least I got all three editions from the office, so go ahead and keep the change.

  • SKP123

    Same here. Dropped 75 cents in Claremont to find no PrepXtra, searched the rest of the stack too. Then went to 7-11 and there was no prepXtra inside. I thought they were all taken as well. I should’ve logged on here this morning first. I await the Bonita / San Dimas game myself.

  • Dan

    Thats a clever way to increase short term sales guy’s, bad for your reputation though… I wouldn’t recommend it for the long term. LOL

  • FredJ

    I’m still in shock over this. BTW, we have copies of PrepXtra at our front office at the Tribune (1210 N. Azusa Canyon road). If you want a copy today, come in and ask for one. Otherwise, IT WILL BE IN TOMORROW’S PAPER. What you’re saying is true, the operator said there was a group of unhappy people waiting for us to open our doors this morning. They all got copies.

  • Own it

    What was the screw up? Who is responsible? You hold coaches accountable. Now hold your own accountable. We, the readers, are owed that much.

  • Suckered

    @FRED J,

    I like that phrase “I’ll spare you all the details”. Usually that means that there are none.

    With your help,the Tribune took a lot of extra quarters today, I know the paper industry is in bad shape, but would you guys really stoop this low?

  • what else is new???

    you guys are alwayys fuckking up with the prepxtra!!!!!

  • SEM



  • FredJ

    For those who don’t know, we print all editions of the San Gabriel Valley newsgroup (Tribune, Star-News, Whittier, Bulletin, Sun, etc) at the Orange County Register, then distribute them to our drivers. From what I understand, there was a mix-up on the dates our drivers were supposed to deliver the magazine. Apparently, the Register and drivers were given a date of Aug. 31 instead of the 30th to deliver the magazine. How that happened after all our promotion of the magazine on the 30th is difficult to comprehend, but it happened. I don’t like making excuses, but what can I do other than say we screwed up, and that it will be in tomorrow’s papers.

  • FredJ

    SEM, Our intention is to run the magazine online a week to 10 days after it’s distributed in the paper.

  • ???

    can we stop by the office and purchase a whole newspaper with the prepxtra for only 50cents a piece????? i want ten copies and i dont expect to pay more than $5! let me knoe asap fred!

  • great for the sgv

    Didn’t this happen last year or the year before??

  • Colt74

    Doo-Doo happens.
    It’s not like…..

  • jcaz

    I guess that a lot of folks were just as disappointed as I was this afternoon but, I can’t help but to think how funny it was to have also had the same beliefs as every one else in here because I also thought that someone was running around town taking all of those inserts.

    Anyway, goes to how you just how much of a big deal this blog and prep sports are to this community.

  • reader

    Fred,Fred,Fred… always back peddleling, just cant win huh ?

  • I second this notion for penance:
    Have Aram do the truffle shuffle on the next two minute drill video wile Fred does the party boy dance next to him.