• Colt74

    Normally I would feel pretty confident tonight with Covina’s chances for Saturday night. I know what we have but STILL am not ready to write WesCo off. I have way too much respect for the Bulldogs.
    I said earlier this season that I feel the ONLY way to stop Solo is with with a bazooka. I believe that now more than ever. He is a natural talent, one tough young man, and what’s not to like? I would be doing backflips if he was wearing any uniform but theirs. I’ve watched 5 WesCo practices and this guy Concerns me. That’s with a capitol C.
    If we don’t gang tackle it will be a long night. Our offensive and defensive lines are what we need to show up on Saturday night. Protect the QB and get penetration on defense. No dumb penalties, play till the whistle, and all the hard work will pay off. The hard work shows…the Colts look awesome!

    Tomorrow from 4-8pm CDF. Colt appreciation kick-off.

  • head up

    Covina wins this game. Livingston vs No name Qb edge Covina. Solomon(great game) Frazier, Salgado vs Ainsworth(break out game) edge West Co. I Wesco has other rbacks as well…So does Covina…surprise! WR Venegas, De la Cruz, Carillo, vs Barnett??? Edge Covina. Justin Meaders, Salgado vs Nick Hynes, Padilla…edge(push). DB’s… Barnett, Solomon, vs Venegas, Carrillo, De La Cruz….Push. Based upon the Eye test Covina’s line is big and looks good. Covina 28 West Covina 21

  • good paperboy, bad fishwrap

    Fred and Aram,
    My cup of joe tastes ohhh so good this a.m. good job on the Xtra. One question, back in my day when Hunt was putting a yellow stick to paper and Fred was kicking around a black and white ball at the “wood” the trib put out a top ten with a paragraph and now this. Good job.

  • NotSince1995

    You’re going to get your donkey a$$ handed to you by the WesCo Bulldogs on Saturday and I will be there to celebrate with them. I predict a big 35 – 14 victory for the Bulldogs.
    he-hah…he-hah…he-hah…! That’s Colts speak for “Not Since 1995″…
    Not In 2011 Either, Yegua74! No CIF Championship for you…