Two-Minute Drill: Glendora vs. Charter Oak

Aram and I discuss Friday’s Mayor’s Trophy between host Charter Oak and Glendora, to be played at 7 p.m. Tomorrow we will preview Saturday’s West Covina-Covina showdown at the District

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  • Mike the Clone


    I Am Mike the Clone…..

    And you are NOT!

    Aram you have stated what I was saying all along about Bagpiper U all along back in the day. If G-High starts losing to teams like CO, Monrovia and the likes you will hear a roar from the faithful wanting heads to roll.


    Mike the Clone

  • sgv homer

    Last year’s CO freshmen team was 7-2, with all wins destroying opponents. the two loses were close by 2-points each. One to Glendora to open season, the second to league champ South Hills to end the season. These sophomores are “chompin at the bit” to get varsity experience. 14 sophomores are on the varsity.

  • CO_bolt

    CO_bolt said:
    With my son on the frosh team , had a chance to see the playmakers that made it to varsity this year as sophs. Here are some names you might hear in the present & future of CO football:
    Kory Brown-qb (heir to Santiago?), Todd Greene-rb (dangerous as runner & receiver), David Apodaca-ol,dl (high-motor, rumor has it USC is already keeping tabs….) & Donavin Washington-rb (possibly be the fastest guy on CO varsity, was also on the track team).

  • Amat Bully

    Dang you delete my comment? i didnt say anything outrages. but hey the haters gone hate CO will be champs again keep doubting CO Aram it only makes you look like an a#$ every time CO wins so please keep doubting CO. I hope i dont sound like the P-town fans, but Aram you do give CO props sometimes i give you that but come on dude your really going to give Glendora a chance this year CO is back. i know they beat CO last year it was a shocker to the whole SGV i dont even think Glendora believed they was going to win that game but they did and the better team won that night. I think your just playing it safe as a writer. its funny how you say you don’t have a favorite team, yeah right you praise and write all summer about your precious Amat its obvious their your favorite and it dont matter that you went to a different high school, if your alma mater played against Amat your going for the blue and yellow without even a little hope for your alma mater.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy –
    1) yes – you sound a bit like the guys from P-Town (or Monrovia)
    2) It didn’t surprise many that know that Glendora beat ChOak
    3) ” if your alma mater played against Amat – without even a little hope for your alma mater” Same with your alma mater

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    Its a big difference between the Monrovia fans and the P-town fans……
    And i will go for my alma mater every time they line up on the field against anyone.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – I was referring more to “you’d have little hope”

  • Glendora by 10 !!!!!!

    Glendora, if you read this blog, this should give you guys more than enough inspiration to smash C.O.. GO GET UM BOYS!!!!!!

  • Norco

    Amat Bully

    I can tell you have several enduring qualities…the fiery temper, the ability to comment on things you absolutely know nothing about, the elephantitus of the nostrils, the one bicep that is peculiarly larger than the other, the 50-year old black woman’s butt, the tramp stamp tattoo of Coach Farrar above the aforementioned 50-year-old black woman’s butt, the Tinactin burns on your toes, and the skinny, wrinkled Madonna arms.