How will Amat focus on Garfield Friday with Orange County’s Darth Vadar (Servite) up next?

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  • Lancer4life

    By not reading this thread that’s how!

  • AMAT 73

    Very easy, by taking the games one at a time and only worrying about this weeks opponent as we have always done.

  • Unreal…

    Stop it Fred!!!

    One week at a time. Garfield is coming to play and they are playing to win. We start looking to servite and we just might slip against Garfield.

    I’m anxious about Servite to, though. Should be a great game with a Lancer victory.

  • Aaron

    Since when did Amat become the Rebel Alliance?

  • Not sure why the hype

    Not sure what the big deal is related to the Servite game. The mighty bishop is use to playing the best after all they are D1 and last years 4 seat. This is just another game for them mighty lancers. After all they play out of our little sgv fishbowl all the time.


    It’s just Servite…we have played them many times over the years, Won some, Lost some. Hoping to add another “W” in the series but not before we Get One against Garfield this Friday Night. We don’t start thinking about “Big Ol Scary Servite” until Saturday, LOL. Take it easy Gents!!!

  • Unreal…

    Not Sure,

    This is a Monster Game! Servite is the defending PAC-5 champ and the #1 team in the state. Regular season games dont get much bigger than this.

    Except if ur a fishbowl school and you’re playing Amat.

    Most important game on Amat’s schedule is the next one. Lets show the world those bulldogs are really poodles.

    GO AMAT!!!

  • Colt74 news services
    updated 53 minutes ago

    A local San Gabriel Valley Man is in intensive care this afternoon after what doctors called a freak accident during a normal corrective surgery.
    The man only identified as NOTSINCE1995 had gone into the Ronald McDonald School Of Drive Thru Surgery for treatment of excessive hemorrhoids when the accident occurred. The doctors are still trying to piece together what exactly happened but from statements given it appears that during the hemorrhoid removal he was given a labotomy. The stunned lead surgeon was quoted as saying ” In the history of medicine he has to be the only one with his brain in there ! ”
    More information will be reported as it becomes available…

  • Norcow

    Mooooooooooo???? ( translation: WTF??? )

  • NotSince1995

    Be worried…Be very woried…
    Eric Bieniemy says that Servite has “Too Much talent for the Pac 5 (that would be you) to compete with”…,0,5165882.column
    Read’em and weep Old Mrs Roper 73…!
    You’ll get your donkey a$$ handed to you by the WesCo Bulldogs on Saturday night and I’ll there to relish and cheer that 35 – 14 demolition. Hey, La Fogata opens at 5 am on Sunday…
    he-hah…he-hah…he-hah! That’s Colts for “Not Since 1995″…!
    Not In 2011 Either…Sweethearts!

  • Support Your Colts

    “…I’ll there to relish and cheer…”

    Great! Your money goes to support your Covina Colts!
    You also may want to bring an extra pair of Depends. It’s going to be packed and the lines can get long! You may want to bring 2 extra. You’ll no doubt need a clean pair after the COLTS win!
    Again, THANK-YOU for being a supporter!



    ………in 2011 either!!!!!

    WAIT, Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (LOL)- SAME OLD,SAME OLD. Get a new schtick Brother, we heard it already. Time to move on.

  • John


    The article you link does not mention Eric Bieniemy at all. I’m sure Bieniemy never said anything like that oo.

  • Euthanasiafortheold


    Dude, you’re an idiot. Much more, an idiot with way too much time on his hands. Go back to watching your Cheech & Chong movies, and seriously consider taking up a nice “senior” hobby. Maybe jigsaw puzzles, or scrapbooking, because your attempts at humor leave much to be desired.

  • Frank

    Amat first off is only worried about one game at a time. But we all know Servite is the #1 school in California. But who is the oly school in the SGV with enough heart to schedule them? Not charter joke,no,only Amat has this much heart. In fact NoSense95’s team is scared to schedule any tough opponents. The self proclaimed “Queen of cheerleaders” Nosense95 has confessed to me his teams this year, claiming Charter joke as his SGV team and Servite as his pac-5 team. Servite definitly an easy pick, like picking the yankees after all the world series they have won. It doesn’t take much thought to know they will be competitive. But the bigger revelation is his support of Charter Joke. It’s Funny after last year how many charter joke parents cried to me becuase their team was moved up to a new division, I was like, “really, you cant face Diamond ranch in the Championships no more”. Its also funny Nosense95, every reply you gave me was the exact say as this one you placed on this thread. Can we say Rain MAN 95!
    The truth is Nosense had a Cheerleading Accident in 1995, when he fell from the top of a human pyramid, his weight was too much for all the other cheerleader girls, but he was the captain and pushed them to the limit. So we should try to have some compasion for NOsense since he is suffering from a head injury.
    Ok Nosense95 Get those palm palms out and squeeze into that skirt, get ready to learn some new cheers.

  • eastsider

    not since 1995 is a big idiot. eric bienemy did not write the article,its by eric sondheimer from the L.A Times.

  • John


    I’m sorry I still can’t find that quote from Eric Bieniemy in the link you earlier provided.

  • Colt74

    Dude? Dude? Dude?
    I’m crushed you are not going to give the a thumbs up on your Facebook page. Really. Dude. I mean, Dude!

  • great for the sgv

    Ol pony74 and his “jokes” or is it just an opportunity to talk about a male and a certain part of the body?
    Seriously,keep your kids away from this old man. No kidding!


    NO WAIT! SERIOUSLY, STOP ME IF YOU’VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE…..repeatsince1995, said……..STOP! I’ve heard already. Over and over and over. You are all played out “Repeatsince1995”. The only person who finds you even mildly entertaining (or relevant for that matter) is YOU! SAME OLD STUFF! Adding new and even more stupid names to the same old post is not having a good comeback. You ARE the same old JOKE and everbody knows how you’re going to end…..not in 2011 either! HA,HA,HA!

    Now that’s funny!!!!

  • Colt74

    great for the sgv aka Notsince1995

    Lets see :
    1. you’re a d*ck
    2. you’re an @ss
    3. You have no b@lls
    4. You’re gutless
    5. you ‘taint ever gonna win!
    6. you have the brain of a flea
    7. you have a face that makes buzzards run.
    8. your opinions don’t leave you a leg to stand on

    So there you have it..if I talk about you I have to mention a body part!

    Give it up junior or I shall taunt you a second time….

  • seaofblue

    Amat is focused with the task at hand which is Garfield. You can never take any team for granted. After Amat’s finished with Garfield then they’ll focus on Servite. Amat is ranked #3 in the Pac5 and Servite Ranked #1. The last time I saw Servite play was last year at the state finals. They couldn’t even stop De La Salle’s midget running back, lol. What makes you think we’re worried? If I was Servite I would be really focusing on how to stop our running backs Moore and Shay, not to mention our air attack…..

    Bishop Amat = Giant Killers

    Go LANCERS!!!

  • seaofblue

    1974 Covina Colts until you play in the Pac5 and run with the big dogs. Your just an 8-man football team in a sorry division. Quit trying to compare yourselves with the boys in blue. You must be one of them dads that had a kid at Amat and he couldn’t make the team. So you pulled him out and sent him to Covina. So he could play. Now your an Amat hater, lol. Sorry you weren’t good enough to cut it at Amat or you couldn’t afford it cause your broke just like your jokes! Lol

  • CO Bully

    frank: good point!! you guys actually scheduled servite and charter croak schedules lower level games to beat up on teams and pump up their stats for their players. we all know big game stats mean more im surprised they don’t schedule to play some freshman teams with the vs squad those should get the players some good stats.. cccceeeeeeeeee Hills!

  • Lance R

    Wait a minute looking past Garfield? Servite up next?. Hagerty will not let that happen and if you remember last years ELAC game against Garfield it was a yawner as Amat looked to be out of sync, it being their game one of the season. Hags is not showing is hand so early as feels his way around with experimenting and trying to keep it basic. Servite you most definitley have to bring out the playbook and play this one with the mentality of a league or playoff game as it matches two teams that know each other from years past and they both have storied programs. The Matchup of watching Servite all county linebacker Butch Pauu as he tracks Jalen Moore is worth the price of admission. I have seen Amat teams get blown out it the Verti Days but never in the Hagerty era. It will be a game and Amat will be in it for all four quarters and they always have a chance with this coaching staff. Remember Servite is replacing it’s QB this year and they have trouble stopping the run, as we all know Amat runs the ball. The same story when Amat took on St Bonaventure, it could not be done, well we all know what happened that night…never count Amat out stranger things have happened.

  • Not so fast Lance

    Servite is not replacing its QB. Cody Pittman is definitely back to lead the Friars.

  • seaofgoo

    “1974 Covina Colts until you play in the Pac5 and run with the big dogs. Your just an 8-man football team in a sorry division. Quit trying to compare yourselves with the boys in blue.”
    Get your head out of your a##, Amat aint that great, Covina would probably hang with your boys in blue this year!

  • AMAT 73

    Not to sure what you read to come up with that about Colt74. He is a backer not a hater of AMAT .He reps Covina and has never put down nor professed to be better than AMAT . You are wrong on your opinion of him , he is Covina thru and thru with no hate on AMAT. Maybe you should focus your rath on the village idiot and his lap dog instead.

  • 12th man

    Lance R,
    Is there something i dont know??? Servite is returning one of the premiere QB’s in the state Cody Pittman (Senior) check his stats as a junior..This kid can play..I watched him against Alemany last year in the Semis..The kid is a dual threat he can pass & has deceptive speed he also plays defense they mite wait b4 having him go both ways until league or the playoffs start..I just dont see the coaches risking it this early in the season..So unless he’s hurt rite now or theres something you’re not telling us..Its going to be a tough battle for Amat..”Remember I said Tough not Impossible”

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bully
    CO schedule and CH schedule is about the same both only play two tough teams in non-league.
    CO toughest games
    Roosevelt 9-3 last year
    Rancho 11-2
    the rest of the schedule is weak Glendora 5-5 beat CO last year and Monrovia , Santa Fe 7-6 and terrible Esperanza 3-7

    CH toughest games
    Tosoro 8-4 pac5 knocked off Amat
    REV 8-3
    thats it the other teams CH play is weak Santiago 4-6, an ok team in Bear Creek 7-4 and Pomona really Pomona 5-5 only reason why your strength of schedule would be higher is because of one pac5 team thats it other than that our schedule is equal so please stop it with the CO schedules lower level games.

  • Amat Bully

    Frank and Co Bully:
    this thread has nothing to do with CO. truthfully i think you guys are undercover CO fans.

    Amat is focused on Servite this game against Garfield is nothing but practice for them and a game to whereas their coach can try out different things different personnel and plays, because there is no way Amat loses to Garfield.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    You are completely wrong in the fact of focusing on Servite this week .That is exactly how teams lose to teams they should beat , by looking ahead. Not saying we won’t try plays meant for Servite but the focus is on Garfield. Remember on any given Friday Night, and your thinking plays right into that happening.

  • just askin’

    I wonder how Servite will be able to focus on Oceanside knowing they have Bishop Amat next week looking to tie the all-time series vs the Friars?

  • just askin’

    I wonder how Servite will be able to focus on Oceanside knowing they have Bishop Amat next week looking to tie the all-time series vs the Friars?

  • great for the sgv

    Your a foolish old man, and why you post the things you do are beyond comprehension. To know that you are a father/grandfather, hopefully their other relatives give them some guidance.
    You certainly aren’t a role model.

  • Colt74

    That’s ok. Let it out……There, feel better now? I’m usually around if and when you ever feel the need to vent.
    Tomorrow is my grandaughters 5th Birthday. Saturday we play West Covina, so NOTHING anyone can say can get me down this week-end.
    Stick it to Garfield this week and support the Blue and Gold. Have a GREAT holiday week-end too!

    TY 73!

  • Amat Bully

    your an idiot blogger looking for attention i normally don’t side with anyone but when someone makes a comment as dumb as yours i have to speak on it. 74 is a die hard covina fan but like 73 said he backs Amat and cheers for the overrated Blue and Gold (in my opinion) now apologize or just change your blog name.

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat (The early edition)

    TC Bruin, hope you were at the (home) JV game today and if so, i’d like to share a few thoughts with you on the underclassmen this year.

    Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the first half of that game but I saw some interesting things.

    Anyway, from what I saw:

    1. This was perhaps the best looking JV team that Amats put out in quite some time. Maybe they just looked good compared to the competition. Amat’s “D” seemed to have a good eye on the ball if only because st if not all of the fumbles were recovered by Amat.
    2. Seems that they have a legit tight end in number 80.
    3. Didn’t see the varsity out on the practice field today which I thought was somewhat unusual if only because every time there is a JV or Freshman game, the varsity’s out there working on something for the next day.
    4. Saw Hags out on the side lines. Was glad that kid was able to wave to the crowed. Was kinda worried about that hit he took.
    5. Noticed a few new faces on the coaches bench. Maybe wasn’t paying to much attention last year.
    6. A “SLEW” of Lancers ???? (Inside joke)
    7. Finally, didn’t see our old friend from Orange county up in the stands leading the cheers….miss her…

    GO AMAT !!!

  • NotSince1995

    Be worried…! Be very worried…!
    Top 25 preseason high school football rankings:

    1. SERVITE, Pac-5 (0-0); Next: at Oceanside, Thursday

    2. MISSION VIEJO, South Coast (0-0); vs. Bakersfield, Friday

    3. ALEMANY, Pac-5 (0-0); vs. Pasadena, Friday

    4. CORONA CENTENNIAL, Inland (0-0); vs. St. Bonaventure, Sept. 9

    5. SANTA MARGARITA, Pac-5 (0-0); vs. Long Beach Jordan, Friday

    Garfield…? Really…! Way to tune yourself up there, Hags…!
    No OLine, NO DLine…How are you gonna compete against the Pac 5…?

  • Frank

    @ Amat Bully,
    Actually Amat is only focusing on one game at a time. Amat is looking at the bigger picture this year and all non league games are just practice games, to work out all the kinks before leauge and hopefully playoffs. Last year Amats team was great statistically and started off 9-0, but in the end it did’t matter becuase they lost the most important games. Amat has a mission and they will take a game at a time and use those to correct what needs to be corrected. This is probably Amats best team in years. Its really a team and not just a few studs carrying everyone else.
    You ask why is CO being mentioned? Only reason Co is even mentioned is because you and Nosense95 keep putting Amat down, Amat people don’t really care about Co, although they are not wished any harm, you guys continue to try to compare yourself to Amat , when your not even close. Somebody said Roosevelt was one of the tough teams on your schedule, do you realize they are ranked 630th. Can your schedule get any easier? I bet you are trying to schedule Duarte for next year? Aram gave you guys a high rank only cause it’s obvious he is some what of an Amat hater too. He never wants to look like he sides with Amat. So if you want to stop hearing about your team, stop bashing Amat, keep your mouth closed and you will be fine.
    PS. Nosense95 has been quite, he must be working hard at cheerleading practice.

  • NotSince1995

    Frannie…(errr….Old Mrs Archie Bunker 73)
    SERVITE is gonna give you such a beat down that you won’t be able to recover for the rest of the 2011 year…!
    SERVITE 35 – lanceritos 3
    I’m right behind you and don’t even know it. LOL!
    The Slime is all over your face…
    Garfield Bulldogs #1

  • Amat Bully

    you cant find one post on here that i posted on this thread talking about CO before you and the other dude. And dude enough with the ranking junk the season has started and those rankings mean nothing, just ask LBP they were ranked pretty high last year and didnt play up to expectations. And Roosevelt had a 9-3 record with a victory over inland power house Norco.

  • Frank

    Actually my first response on this thread was to NOsense95(#1 SGV Cheer leader) You then posted something after. Also just because a team went 9-3 doesnt mean anything. Remember Azusa started 10-0 then got smashed their first game. Its easy to look good when you dont play good competition. Also It is not just on this thread that you have attacked Amat, it has been on numerous occasions. Honestly if you have nothing against Amat why dont you change your posting name? It’s obvious that your intent and purpose for most of your rantings are to attack Amat and their loyal followers. Take a note from West Covina fans they know how to behave, they won a CIF ring and they dont come on here attacking Amat. Although there was one for a while who did, but he was silenced. You see Amat Bully if you learn and recognize your place in the SGV you will be respected, but when your a little dog and you come barking at the big dogs you get eating alive. Do you remember 04 and 05 Amats down years, Amat shut you out one year, and blew you out in both games. Co hasn’t rescheduled since.

  • great for the sgv

    “Remember Azusa started 10-0 then got smashed their first game”

    How does someone go 10-0 and get smashed in their first game?

  • frank

    Sorry, I meant first playoff game.

  • Just sayin’

    NoSenseEver-check how Alemany is tuning up. Pasadena? Garfield would kick the crap outta Pasadena. The Muir team Amat destroyed last year beat Pasadena 63-6! Talk about a cupcake. Alemany? Really?

  • Amat Bully

    Dude i had this argument with a lot of the real Amat faithfuls and they will tell you i never back down. and yeah Amat beat CO a half a decade ago who cares thats the past. CO is a strong program and can run and play against anyone and will compete. And believe me i don’t support Amat at all, i use to but when the fans heads got all big and placed themselves above everyone and started Quoting “we’re better than you, we play the hardest schedule were in the hardest division” thats when i took noticed and seen that even though most of that quote is true Amat has yet to prove anything since 1995 and correct me if im wrong, but they weren’t even in the top division then. But you say i should stay in my place dude you haven’t even seen the other side of me yet im learning on how to calm down and not attack idiots like you and instead quote facts. And check out Roosevelt they played some pretty tough teams last year.

    Just sayin’
    Alemany do have one of the weakest non-league schedules ever but so did Amat in the past few years as well as CO yeah i know….But Alemany has the last laugh until Amat beat them yes i know Amat beat them the year before last but that’s 2 years ago and if im not mistaking Amat is down in that series overall since 1995. i think during the Scott brothers years Alemany beat Amat 2 out of 3 times or 3 out of 4 times and that news is coming from one of the scott brothers.

  • Just sayin’

    Bully Boy – Amat is 14-3 all time vs Alemany. and personally, nothing wrong with Alemay playing Pasadena – no more tha Amat playing Garfield. but your partner in crime with NoSense seems to think Garfield’s a cupcake.If so – then so is Pasadena. you guys can’t have it both ways

  • Anonymous

    Could you please block “Amat Bully” from this blog??? He/She is a pest and is not symbolic of CO fans.

  • Poor Chargers

    “Amat Bully” who is a Charter Oak fan just keeps getting owned and owned with stats and facts. How embarrassing it must be knowing that he is the face of Charter Oak football on this blog.

    “Amat Bully” = Charter Oak Football

  • Frank

    Dear Amat’s booty
    I find it funny that you claim you never back down from an argument or debate. Let me quote you “Dude i had this argument with a lot of the real Amat faithfuls and they will tell you i never back down” (Amat’s Booty).You almost sound like a tough guy. Its funny because just the other week you were crying about how I continue to be mean and hurt you with my verbal responses and you would no longer be responding to me. Yet for some reason you keep coming back. Youre like a women suffering from spousal abuse who just cant leave the relationship. You get mad at me and tell me youre done and you wont debate with me anymore, but then in a few days youre back for more. Some people just love a good beating! Now I noticed at the end of your last post you are trying to hold yourself back from becoming violent. I definitely understand your dilemma, it is well documented that people with low IQ’s have a tendency to be quick to violence when they can’t compete with someone on the cerebral level.
    Now as I had explained to you earlier, I had counseled parents of charter oak players and their #1 complaint to me was, that they couldnt compete in a tougher division and how it was unfair of CIF to move them up. I consoled many of them as they tried to hold back and then eventually wipe their tears; I do have a heart and am full of compassion especially for the weak.
    Now you claim your hatred for Amat began when Amat people were saying they play a tougher schedule then everyone, etc… Now you did admit to the truth of these statements, which I will concur. Yet, what I find hard to believe is that Amat people would get on here and say these things just out of the blue. More than likely they were provoked by someone like you, as most Amat people respect and are happy for other schools from the SGV who do well. Again the only problem is when you want to compare yourselves to Amat. A Single A baseball team who does well should not compare itself to a major league team who makes the playoffs every year. They are just not at that level.
    Now remember Amat is here for you and we are not your enemy it is you who have chosen this path. Always take a deep breath and learn to control your anger and hostility as it is really not good for your health. I wish you the best and hope you learn how to stay quiet and stop embarrassing the rest of CO.
    Thank you
    Frank, The SGV Athletic Analyst

  • Amat Bully

    All im going to say to you is i find it hard to believe that you believe in anything you write your nothing but a internet tough guy who sits behind a computer screen and type tough shut up dude i didnt even waist my time and read what you wrote you talk a bunch of gibberish shut up.

    Poor Chargers
    i dont remember being owned by anybody. your just another blogger who’s seeking attention grow up talk about Amat and stick to the thread topic LOSER.

    your post goes to show how weak and sensitive you and the other two LOSERS are. its a shame that i can get to you losers like this over a blog, so i can imagine how much of a P&*%%# you guys/ladies are in person.

    Just sayin’
    thanks for the correction you know im always trying to find something on Amat. thats just me. but im done with this thread catch me on another one

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    To correct you AMAT has been in the top division since the 1969 season and is still there.

    notsince2009 ,
    Seems to me you are the only one worried about Servite . Maybe you are worried they just might lose because you keep trying to convince yourself of those outrageous preditions. Still glad to see you know your place , right behind an AMAT person so keep those lips puckered and have at it . KISS, KISS, KISS, HA , HA , HA ,HA. See you at the game or will you be rooting on your Chargers tonight instead . You truely are the village idiot .

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    Los Angeles Times
    By Eric Sondheimer

    September 1, 2011, 10:49 p.m.

    On a cloudless Thursday night in Oceanside, the No. 1-ranked SERVITE Friars found some new players to contribute while relying on a tough, determined veteran in linebacker Butch Pauu to come away with a 20-0 season-opening victory over the seven-time defending CIF San Diego Section CHAMPIONS Pirates.

    How Servite has been able to win consecutive Pac-5 Division titles was on display.

    “It’s a great feeling,” he said.

    The defense, which graduated some key secondary players, had a coach on the field in Pauu. He recovered a fumble and was hitting players again and again.

    As the game went on, he received plenty of help. Jherremya Leuta-Douyere had two sacks and Ainslie Johnson had another. Servite three times stopped Oceanside on fourth-down situations.

    The Friars finished with five sacks.