Tell me you got it, PrepXtra on the streets

The first thing I did this morning was check my neighborhood news rack and there it was, PrepXtra inside where it should be. Hope you enjoy it, now let’s play some football.

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  • Goodpaperboy, badfishwrap

    Fred and Aram,
    My cup of joe tastes ohhh so good this a.m. good job on the Xtra. One question, back in my day when Hunt was putting a yellow stick to paper and Fred was kicking around a black and white ball at the “wood” the trib put out a top ten with a paragraph and now this. Good job

  • Bulldogs have bite

    All is right in the world. I have my copy of PrepXtra!

    Very well done guys. You still owe me 75 cents though! But I would still rather see the truffle shuffle and party boy dance video with you and Aram lol! On second thought, the mental image just hit me and now I have to hurl!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • NotSince1995

    Thank you FredJ…
    I had mine yesterday by special delivery…!
    But I’ll say it again…Good job on the mag and thanks again for getting the SGV Top 10 mostly correct this year…!
    Aram you did your homework! Very proud of you!
    Garfield Bulldogs #1

  • I know I know

    I appreciate the effort but you guys are missing creativity. All the content has been played out on the blog you need have sometjing EXTRA in the EXTRA. Next year you need to go deeper maybe rosters, projected lineups, stars and sleepers…something.

  • Hooklinensinker

    Wow, did Coach Rice from Pomona play you homies, or what? You actually put Cobb in, with a picture no less, as the QB. (rotfl)

    Ladies, and gentlemen, this way to the egress…

  • Dan

    Fred, it’s amazing! Billy Livingston and Johnny Padilla could pass for brothers. By the way, you can add another 147 yards to the 1790 you have for Chris Solomons season total rushing yards, his max-preps page was never updated after the Championship game, rank him where ever you want but I just want to make sure you get his stats right. Other than that, a big thanks to You, Aram, Steve and the rest of the staff for the great job you guy’s did on this Prep Extra Magazine, lots of fun reading.

  • SKP123

    Got my copy! woohoo! So I take it this mag will be in the paper every WEDNESDAY right? Not TUESDAY?

  • wildcats 98

    i hear. wilson planning a big. party for. coach burts #200 victory. it should happen week # 3. vs. los altos. what could be sweeter smash on los altos for your 200 victory.

  • PantherFan

    I got it, better than last year. Now will there be a Scoreboard posted each week like the last couple of years?

  • Colt74

    Agree with Dan…the resemblance is amazing! Great issue though. THANK-YOU!

  • Relentless D

    I have not got mine yet. Does anybody know what news stand or what store in West Covina or La Puente sells them?