Bishop Amat-Loyola; Charter Oak-Chino Hills featured on Time Warner games of the week

For those with Time Warner cable circle two games on your calendar for live football on cable. The Serra showdown with Loyola at Bishop Amat will be shown on Oct. 28, and the regular season finale which could decide the Sierra League title when Charter Oak visits Chino Hills on Nov. 11. For the Whittier area, Orange Lutheran vs. La Habra at Cerritos College on Sept. 23 is also part of the lineup. Unfortunately for me, I got Direct TV.

Time Warner Schedule
Sept. 2–Mater Dei at Carson
Sept. 9–Venice at Chaminade
Sept. 16–Thousand Oaks at Moorpark
Sept. 23–Orange Lutheran vs. La Habra at Cerritos College
Sept. 30–Serra at Narbonne
Oct. 7–Oxnard at Ventura
Oct. 14–Sherman Oaks Notre Dame at Crespi
Oct. 21–Canyon Country Canyon at Valencia
Oct. 28–Loyola at Bishop Amat
Nov. 4–Garfield vs. L.A. Roosevelt at East L.A. College
Nov. 11–Charter Oak at Chino Hills

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Opening week is statement week for Valle Vista vs. Hacienda and Mid-Valley vs. Southeast

Could there be a shift of power with the area’s mid-major leagues and divisions? The Valle Vista is why I ask, it’s intriguing and tough to call. After watching Aram slobber over Covina yesterday, even I realize how foolish it was to guarantee a West Covina victory over the Colts on Sept. 3. I haven’t tilted enough to think the outcome will change, but it’s moving closer toward the toss-up category. The Valle Vista is tough to call because you hear so many stories about Pomona, its athletes, players that are eligible after sitting out a year, and some that have transferred in. Plus, coach Anthony Rice, after winning two section titles with Colony, has been so quiet this offseason that you know something’s up. You think he’s going to settle for another mediocre year?
Then there’s San Dimas, coach Z quietly saying this team could be special, that it returns five players from its 2009 Mid-Valley Division championship team, including QB Shawn Kennedy, FB Dillon Corona and a backfield Z says could be the best of all. You can’t sleep on San Dimas. No matter how dominant King Monrovia thinks it is, it has nothing on San Dimas. They’re 2-2 head-to-head and each own a title. Sounds more like they got a score to settle. Covina, Pomona, and San Dimas are potentially so good, I’m not sure what league is more top-heavy, the Valle Vista or Hacienda? After West Covina, picking second isn’t easy. You can argue Bonita, Diamond Bar or Diamond Ranch, but none of them are world beaters. That’s why opening week is statement week. If San Dimas beats Bonita and Covina beats West Covina, you can move the Valle Vista ahead of the Hacienda on the area league ranking list behind the Serra, Baseline and Sierra. You could also argue that the Mid-Valley would be on par if not better than the Southeast. Imagine if West Covina and Covina won titles, edge goes to the Mid-Valley right? Fact is, Monrovia is still probably the best of the Mid-Valley. If they go undefeated beating Glendora, South Hills and Covina along the way, it would prove even more the Mid-Valley is every bit as good, if not better than the Southeast? That’s why opening week is so huge, it could answer some big questions right off the bat.

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Once again, private schools dominate Commissioner’s Cup, which ranks top sports programs in CIF Southern Section

The CIF Southern Section Commissioner’s Cup ranks the top sports programs in the Southern Section. The winners are determined by a point system that provides: five points for a divisional championship; three points for a divisional runner-up finish; two points for advancing to the semifinal round or a third place finish in a team-place finish sport (i.e. cross country, golf, swimming and diving, track and field); and one point for a fourth place finish in a team-place finish sport. Pasadena Poly finished third overall in the boys rankings with Bishop Amat finishing seventh overall on the girls side, which represented the highest San Gabriel Valley rankings. Once again, private schools dominated, with 16 of the 20 schools combined boys/girls coming from private schools, which is another strong argument for private and public being separated in the playoffs. Simply put, it’s just not an even playing field. At the very least, what CIF should do is celebrate four Commissioner’s Cup categories, a top ten for boys and girls private, and a top ten for boys and girls public. If you can’t separate the divisions, at least separate the awards.


1. Loyola 5 (BK), 5 (TF), 5 (SD), 3 (CC), 2 (WP) 20
2. Oaks Christi an 5 (FB), 5 (BK), 3 (TF), 2 (WP), 2 (S), 2 (BB) 19
3. Pasadena Poly 5 (BB), 3 (WP), 3 (TF), 2 (FB), 2 (BK), 2 (VB) 17
4. Servite 5 (FB), 5 (G), 3 (W), 3 (TF) 16*
5. Corona del Mar 5 (WP), 5 (VB), 2 (FB), 2 (S), 2 (SD) 16*
6. Mater Dei 5 (WP), 5 (VB), 2 (FB), 2 (BK), 2 (TF) 16*
7. Harvard-Westlake 5 (CC), 5 (BK), 3 (T) 13
8. Viewpoint 5 (SD), 5 (T), 2 (VB) 12
9. Mission Viejo 5 (BB), 3 (BK), 3 (FB) 11*
10. Oak Hills 5 (BB), 3 (W), 3 (S) 11*

1. Oaks Christian 5 (S), 5 (SB), 3 (BK), 3 (TF), 2 (VB) 18
2. Harvard-Westlake 5 (WP), 5 (TF), 3 (BK), 3 (CC) 16*
3. St. Margaret’s 5 (T), 5 (VB), 5 (S), 1 (CC) 16*
4. Chadwick 5 (CC), 5 (VB), 3 (BK) 13
5. Serra 5 (BK), 5 (TF), 2 (VB) 12
6. Canyon/Anaheim 5 (BK), 3 (SB), 2 (G), 1 (CC) 11*
7. Bishop Amat 5 (S), 2 (BK), 2 (SB), 2 (TF) 11*
8. Mater Dei 5 (BK), 5 (TF) 10*
9. Dos Pueblos 5 (WP), 5 (SB) 10*
10. Poly/Long Beach 5 (VB), 5 (TF) 10*

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Aram reports that West Covina acquires a big transfer in Rancho Verde’s Justin Hornsby, but will he be cleared by CIF?

Aram posted a scoop last night about West Covina acquiring Justin Hornsby, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound defensive end from Rancho Verde. The part I found most interesting was this: Hornsby, who attended Rancho Verde last year, moved into the Covina Unified School District and was in South Hills’ area. But the junior-to-be wanted to play at West Covina. He had to protest to the county because Covina Unified would not release him. After a five-hour wait at the county office on Tuesday, Hornsby got clearance.

Fred’s take: I’m on record many times saying in most cases players should be able to transfer without CIF’s interference, though CIF is just following the rules set forth by the schools. But if a school district allows a player to transfer and he’s making the grades, he should be able to play sports at the school, and I’m hoping this works out for Hornsby. But you wonder what CIF does with this if Aram’s accounts are accurate. He said the junior-to-be “wanted” to play at West Covina despite being in the South Hills school district. On the surface, that sounds athletically motivated. So let’s be clear, although he’s been cleared to attend West Covina, he still needs to be cleared by CIF to play football. This may not be a normal transfer, to be eligible at West Covina, he will probably have to file a hardship transfer, explaining why he felt compelled to attend West Covina, despite living in South Hills’ district. Stay tuned.

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Don’t sell Rosemead short, Koffler likes what they have coming back after 8-4 season

“We return nearly everybody up front. That’s where you win ball games.”Rosemead coach Matt Koffler

By Keith Lair, Staff Writer
Rosemead High School lineman Sal Chavarin does not know how to play football any way except how his coach, Matt Koffler, describes it.
“We play the Rosemead football way,” Koffler said. “That would be finding ways to dominate the lines. We return nearly everybody up front. That’s where you win ball games.”
Chavarin is the biggest presence in the middle of the Panthers’ line. The senior is 6-foot-2 and 350 pounds. He will play noseguard and “any position they want me to on offense,” he said. “I love noseguard; that’s my passion,” he said. “If they want me to do something on offense, I’ll do it.”

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Former Bishop Amat and Florida State QB Chris Rix reacts to Yahoo report alleging that an ex-Miami booster offered a $5,000 bounty to knock Rix out of a game

Rix on the accusations ….
“It’s expected when you play those rivalry games that guys are going to hit hard, but the thought never crossed your mind that someone was trying to hurt someone,” said Rix, who is also a prominent quarterback mentor for several high school quarterbacks throughout the San Gabriel Valley. “I just thought it was part of the intense Florida State- Miami rivalry. It is sad to see this come out, but the truth always comes out. Part of me wasn’t surprised, because we’ve seen how much of a business it has become. You have guys who aren’t satisfied with their per diem check that they get every month, so they’re looking for extra money. So if somebody can be offered $5,000 for a hit, obviously they’ll take advantage of it.”

Click link for full story and reaction from Rix: Nevin Shapiro, a former Miami booster who’s serving a 20-year prison sentence for masterminding a $930 million Ponzi scheme, has told Yahoo! Sports he provided impermissible benefits to 72 of the university’s football players and other athletes from 2002 to 2010.

Shapiro said he gave money, cars, yacht trips, jewelry, televisions and other gifts to a list of players including Vince Wilfork, Jon Beason, Antrel Rolle, Devin Hester, Willis McGahee and the late Sean Taylor. Shapiro also claimed he paid for nightclub outings, sex parties, restaurant meals, and in one case an abortion for a woman impregnated by a player.
He also claimed to have offered a $5,000 bounty to any Miami player who could knock Florida State quarterback Chris Rix out of a game. Rix, who lives in West Covina, attended Bishop Amat and Santa Margarita high schools before going to Florida State. He called the Yahoo! report “a sad story.”

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Who wins the Southeast Division? Will going back-to-back be that easy for West Covina?

When I look back at West Covina’s championship, I can’t help but think of Bonita losing it as much as West Covina winning it. Bonita had it, a hand-delivered pick by Bulldogs QB George Johnson in the final minutes would have sealed the deal for the Bearcats and ended the Dogs’ game-winning drive. But that’s football, West Covina finished the drive and that was that, a 37-33 victory. The big question entering 2011 is who are the real challengers to dethrone the Dogs? It doesn’t appear to be a dominating division, but you figure the challengers must be Muir, Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar, Bonita, La Serna, Mayfair and Norwalk. But if you ask me, I’m rolling with Arcadia. This is the surprise year for the Apaches, and you heard it here first.

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Shocking allegations in Orange County results in removal of coach Eric Patton

The Orange County Register reported last night that veteran San Clemente football coach Eric Patton has been replaced by interim coach and Tritons athletic director Jon Hamro fewer than three weeks before the start of the season, the school announced Tuesday. Patton has been a key focus of an investigation into a sports equipment and apparel company’s alleged kickbacks to Orange County coaches. The Register story also included this: In July, the district said that some of its high school coaches may have embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars of district and parent money in a kickback scheme involving LAPES (Lapes Athletic Team Laguna Hills).

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PrepXtra Live tonight with Jason David, Chris Rix and La Habra coach Frank Mazzotta

The live show is three half hour segments starting at 7 p.m., with La Habra coach Frank Mazzotta, followed by Chrix Rix at 7:30 p.m., and Jason David at 8. Aram will host all three shows with Steve Ramirez, Miguel Melendez and myself splitting time in each segment. It will all run on the same UStream, and each blog will have the full hour and a half up and running. If you miss any part of the show, it will be available on the blogs afterward.

When: EVERY Tuesday at 7 p.m.
What: The best players and coaches in the area as guests.
Where: Any of the blogs will have a LIVE player
August 16 guests: Former Charter Oak standout and Super Bowl champion Jason David, Former Bishop Amat and Florida St. quarterback Chris Rix and La Habra head coach Frank Mazzotta.

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Who do you trust, Maxpreps or your local unbiased reporting team at the SGVN?

It you don’t trust Robledo, Tolegian or the biased bloggers on the thread, should you trust MaxPreps’ computer generated San Gabriel Valley preseason rankings, with teams ranked locally in parenthesis, and the Southern Section ranking next to it. You might be surprised. Charter Oak at No. 10? Bonita No. 4? Can Observant and New York live with Monrovia at No. 5? Or how about Rio Hondo Prep at No. 20, with no mention of Arroyo, Azusa, etc. Is Bishop Amat’s No. 5 ranking in the Southern Section (and state) a tad lofty? This is why we always say, trust your local sportswriters when it comes to area rankings, we know more than the computers do.

Below: Charter Oak isn’t doing cartwheels over these rankings? They might not be No. 1 in the Valley, but they’re certainly a lot higher than No. 10.

(1) 5. Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 58.50
(2) 21. West Covina (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 43.3 0
(3) 25 Chino Hills (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 41.9 0
(4) 30. Bonita (La Verne, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 39.7 0
(5) 41. Monrovia (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 34.6 0
(6) 45. Damien (La Verne, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 33.7 0
(7) 46. St. Francis (La Canada, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 33.6 0
(8) 70. Claremont (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 28.4 0
(9) 74. Covina (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 27.1 0
(10) 78. Charter Oak (Covina, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 26.7 0 (11)
(11) 90. Glendora (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 24 0
(12) 91. Muir (Pasadena, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 23.9 0
(13) 94. San Dimas (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 23.5 0
(14) 119. South Hills (West Covina, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 20.6 0
(15) 139. Arcadia (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17.7 0
(16) 140. Walnut (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17.4 0
(17) 143. Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17 0
(18) 153. Diamond Bar (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 14.4 0
(19) 156. Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 13.7 0
(20). 187. Maranatha (Pasadena, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 8.5 0
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Ed Rycroft tribute video after being selected to minor sports football Hall of Fame

Wonderful tribute to San Gabriel Valley coaching legend Ed Rycroft. Rycroft played at Monrovia High in the 1960s and returned to coach there in the 1990s and also at Azusa with coach Fil Lujan after his tour of duty in Vietnam. His passion for football is obvious in this 2010 tribute video after being selected to the Minor League Football Hall of Fame. He has coached local semipro teams the SGV Rhino’s, Foothill Firehawks and is currently the defensive coordinator for the Norwalk Cowboys of the UDFL. I’m sure many of our bloggers know who he is, and for those who don’t or high school players today, listen to what he says in the video. You will love his passion.

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The Top Ten Games you don’t get to see

We compiled a list of the top ten fantasy football games you won’t see this fall with predictions from Aram Tolegian and Fred J. Robledo …

1. Bishop Amat vs. Charter Oak — How long have we been asking about this? Prediction: Robledo (Amat); Tolegian (Charter Oak).
2. Monrovia vs. Muir — Would be fireworks and bragging rights for the the biggest WSGV game of the year. Predcition: Robledo (Muir), Tolegian (Monrovia)
3. Charter Oak vs. West Covina — Battle of former and current Southeast champions. Prediction: Robledo (Charter Oak), Tolegian (Charter Oak).
4. South Hills vs. Covina — This would finally make sense for the king of the District. Prediction: Robledo (South Hills), Tolegian (Covina).
5. Damien vs. Bonita — Why haven’t the La Verne schools squarred off? Prediction: Robledo (Damien), Tolegian (Damien)
6. Monrovia vs. West Covina – Why haven’t former coach and champions Maggiore and Maddox hooked up? Prediction: Robledo (West Covina), Tolegian (West Covina).
7. Baldwin Park vs. Sierra Vista – Was canceled after the bad blood, but the crowds were great and the city deserves it. Prediction: Robledo (Sierra Vista), Tolegian (Baldwin Park)
8. Azusa vs. Arroyo — Want to know who is best between Montview and Mission Valley Legue champions. Prediction: Robledo (Arroyo), Tolegian (Arroyo).
9. Chino Hills vs. Bishop Amat — Huskies might be only area team with a real shot. Prediction: Robledo (Bishop Amat), Tolegian (Bishop Amat).
10. Glendora vs. Damien – Use to be one of the great Sierra rivalries. Prediction: Robledo (Damien), Aram (Damien).

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Whittier: Mats ready to prove them wrong

LA MIRADA — Youth is being served for the La Mirada High School football team this season.
But that doesn’t mean the the Matadores can’t continue their recent tradition, which includes winning the Suburban League title the past two seasons and the CIF-Southern Section Southern Division in 2009.
If anything, the concept by most that La Mirada will take a step back, just fuels the Mats’ fire.
“We want to be the underdog every weekend,” said La Mirada offensive coordinator Armando Rivas, who is interim coach while head coach Mike Moschetti recovers from a pneumonia. “We want to be the team that no one knows what to expect. We’re going to thrive on that every week, build on that momentum, and get better.”

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Whittier: Meet La Mirada’s Mr. Versatility

By Steve Ramirez
LA MIRADA — Andy Gramajo will start in the backfield for the La Mirada High School football team this season. Just don’t expect him to be in that spot every time the Matadores come to the line of scrimmage.
The senior is La Mirada’s Mr. Versatility, capable of putting a dent in the opposition no matter where he lines up on the field.
“He’s been playing football his whole life,” La Mirada offensive coordinator Armando Rivas said. “He’s smart, knows our offense. He can play a number of positions. He’ll play running back, receiver, or even be our main guy in the Wildcat (formation) if we decide to run it.
“He’s smart, like a coach on the field, and he’s a great athlete who is the fastest guy on our team and has the best hands on our team. He’s going to be the guy we expect to carry the load.”

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