Thursday Night Final: Bonita too much for San Dimas again, keeps Smudgepot 40-20; South Hills loses a heartbreaker, 30-29

Bonita 40, San Dimas 20: Bonita nearly ran the second half kickoff for a touchdown, a momentum-swinging play that led to 17 straight points and 27-6 lead. They were jittery at first, then got better. Was impressed with backs Cameron Griffen, who scored twice, and Reggie Turner, who scored late. Garrett Horine also scored twice and soph Tanner Diebold threw for a touchdown and looked more confident as the game wore on. Great sign for Podley, he’s only going to get better. The Saints are probably kicking themselves for not scoring at the one in the first quarter, but again, credit goes to Bonita for stopping them. DaVante Brown looked like the Saints best on Thursday, he nearly had a 150 yards and scored on a beautiful 88 yard run in the first quarter, the only time the Saints led, 7-3.

Aram’s column on the smudge: Was Bonita that good or is San Dimas that bad? That’s the question area fans will be asking for the next few days after Bonita’s 40-20 win on Thursday night at Citrus College in the Smudgepot Game. And the answer quite simply is some of both.

Colony 30, South Hills 29 Colony scored with less than a minute left to take a 30-23 lead, then South Hills rallied to score with less than 10 seconds left but missed the extra point. That’s tough. We’ve said it here before, the Huskies can score points, but they have to work on that D.

Ganesha 14, Montclair 10: Ganesha, utilizing a strong ball-control offense, made two first-half touchdowns stand up in a 14-10 nonleague victory over visiting Montclair.

Bishop Amat watch: Servite shuts out Oceanside 20-0. Charlie Etiaki finished with 115 yards.

Coveritlive on Fire: There were 1,326 views and 860 comments on tonight’s live chat, not bad with only a few games in town. It compared well to last year’s Southeast championship between West Covina and Bonita, which had 1,182 views, but 1,522 comments. All the comments from tonight’s chat are on the replay by clicking thread.

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  • Aaron

    GO BEARCATS! Beat Mud Springs!

  • Bonita fan

    Go Bearcats! Can’t wait to see the game. Have my ticket and will be yelling my head off. Keep your head in the game leave your heart on the field and you can’t lose.

  • Lets Roll

    Go Saints! Beat pussycats!

  • Just Saying

    Mike the Clone should do a Coveritlive of the CO Glendora game just for it’s pure entertainment value alone!!!!!

  • Eric Davis – BHS’80

    San Dimas’ actual record is 21-17-1. Bonita won the 1975 game 14 to 7. Take a look its on the trophy! But you’ll have to either see it at the field tonight or stop by Bonita High School tomorrow. Including the ’94 season the Bearcats have won 12 times to SD’s 5.


    Good luck to everyone this season!

  • SKP123

    Can’t wait for this game tonight… the schools are so excited, this is such a big game. I wish them all well, although I do have to root for Bonita since my boy is on the team… nevertheless, here’s to a GREAT High School football game that you rarely see around the valley nowadays!

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to both teams tonight and here’s to a great, safe and injury free season .

  • Aaron

    Discrepancy in your article…the series is 21-17-1. San Dimas some reason is claiming 1975…they lost by seven points.

  • Colt74

    The series is 21-17-1
    Tonight it will be 22-17-1

    Saints by 6.

    Good Luck to the Saints, Saints Fans, SaintsR4real, and the Kennedy Clan!

  • Really Clay?

    Why is Clay Fowler covering the Smudge Pot? Why not cover a game from your own readership area. Rancho Cucamonga is playing Silverado tonight. So you are horrible at covering Daily Bulletin Area sports and making sure the preps page is updated, so you decide to go cover a game that is already being covered by another paper? Give me a break. By the Way, Fred and Aram, keep up the good work covering sports in your area, I hope it will someday rub off on whoever replaces Clay for the Bulletin.

  • Aaron

    Bonita and San Dimas are somehow still in the Bulletin’s coverage/gray area with the trib. Clay has covered it in the past…and MediaNewsGroup owns both papers.

  • FredJ

    Clay is a great reporter, and this game is a double local for the Bulletin as well. Everyone needs to understand, we share game stories, that’s why we’re a newspaper group. By having Clay write a game story, we supplement our coverage by having Aram write a column .. plus video highlights, mike the cousin, what more do you want!

  • SD MOM

    Lets Go SAINTS!!!beat those kitty cats!!!bring the smudgepot back home….. lets do this Dirty Dozen!!!!!2012

  • Panther Fan

    My Prediction – San Dimas 34 Bonita 21

  • Panther Fan

    Fred – What no Scoreboard this yr?


    Clay only covers Los Osos. Does not care about anyone else. Rancho Cucamonga 52 Silverado 0..Maybe Clay knew something we did not. Rancho only played their starters in the first half. 49 to 0 at the half.

  • david rivera

    saw the game tonight, garrett horine is a bigtime hitter, no question he is division 1 material. i cant believe hes not the number 1 receiver-safety in the valley

  • Mike Robledo

    Great night on Coveritlive statistically speaking… HUGE turnout on this opening night in the SGV! Thanks to everyone who participated… a couple of knuckleheads got in, but hey, it happens…

    feel like I knocked some rust off the typing fingers tonight… can’t wait to do it again tomorrow night from Charter Oak, and Sat night from CDF!!

  • Bearcat fan

    Paul Scoreboard brother. New season and Bonita wins it 40 to 20. The game ball has to go to Bonita’s defense tonight. A first Quarter goal line stand and the 80+ yard drive that ended in a Field goal was the momentum changer. Tanner Diebolt was effective and efficient. Great win for Bonita. Claremont next week for Bonita.

  • Not Impressed

    Hey Fred:

    Now lets discuss the reality here. There was maybe “ONE” skilled player on SD team this evening. This has to be the worst team I have seen in five years at SD. Kennedy Who? Corona Who? Payton who? Defense where? Coaching Where?

    Maybe Coach Z should stopping smokin whatever he’s on and wake up! There are no comparisions or rationals you or Zernikow could provide to convince anyone. Simply a long season for them.

    Bonita’s not much better, just more promise to get better. They should be thanking themselves CO is out of their league.

  • san dimas dad


  • Defensive Coordinator Wanted

    I don’t think they should fire coach Z. I think San Dimas should fire the Defensive Coordinator (Brian Mustain). Everybody says he a genius. His Defensive has given up (87) points in the last two games. (47) to Monrovia in last years playoff game and (40) to Bonita last night. The last two years, his Defensive has given up (81) points to Bonita. What a joke!!

  • SKP123

    What a game! At one point it was Bonita 33 San Dimas 6. Can’t believe Bonita got lazy and let them score 2 TDs late, but nevertheless Bonita won.

    This stuff cracks me up, I never do it ’cause ya never know what the kids will do:

    “Panther Fan said:

    My Prediction – San Dimas 34 Bonita 21”

    I was amazed at how small the San Dimas side was, and amazed at how packed Bonita’s side was!

    Nevertheless a great game.


    san dimas dad… Coach Z, what, just won a CIF championship a several years back and now you want him FIRED! Talk about throwing him underneath the bus.

    Calm down and maybe your son will get some playing time the next game! Here’s some advise it’s to early to bad mouth the coach.

  • just want to say

    Boys, you need to think about this, It is only the first game. Look at last year. We lost the first game and came back. So just hold off on all the bad comments. Bonita did not look that great. CO will still kick them up and down the field.

  • whatever

    To just want to say: They dont play CO anymore, dumb a$$

  • wow

    Wow, coach Z, the first thing out of your mouth is Bonita is a bigger school. They are not that much bigger, expecially when you consider less than 1 % of the boys actually play football. You couldn’t just say they outplayed us or your guys werent ready or probably, more accurately, your coaches were outcoached and didnt have an answer. Gonna be a long season at SD if you let an inexperienced team like BHS take you to the woodshed…they had a soph QB and 4 new OL.

  • I had to go out a see the saints by Progress

    I went to the smudgepot game for the first time. I walk right pass Fredj and sat 10 ft from Aram…those guys were in zone lol.

    Bonita- Has a good team this year. They have great Athlete in Horrine. He reminds me Lagace, on the West side. They have 5 really good skill guys in Horrine, Turner, Griffin, venegas and McCulley. Sushine, the rookie QB looked good for his debut. However he is going to have to get ride of the balls quicker, or run a little more when things break down, instead or taking the sack. However he can throw the ball. He is going to be good one. The Bonita D look great once they settled in. They were physical, and can run. The Db’s can Cover, and Horrine, hits hard…I think he may be a d1 FS. He is as good a Solomon at FS. The Bonita special teams was the edge in this game. They converted field goals…missed one extra point, but had a huge kick off return by McCulley. That sparked the bear cats 21-6 fourth qtr run. The Bonita coaching staff did a great job of pounding the ball consistently. In the end they were gaining big chunks and their was nothing the saints could do about. Bonita looks to be the real deal, and should be a threat in the South east.

    San Dimas- look great in the opening. They moved the ball well, but came up short inside the red zone a few times in the first half. Well, that was a costly mistake. If they would have converted early in the game, they would have been able to put pressure on Bonita in the 4th qtr. They were having success with backs catching out of the backfield early. As Bonita began to adjust, they intercepted those passes later. The bad thing about San dimas pass plays, is they only work once. Their WR don’t get open, teams just lose them in misdirection. Once they figure it out, its easy to stop. Then San Dimas becomes a run only team, and they don’t have the backs this year. Shawn Kennedy’s played well. He missed some td throws. He ran the ball well also. Brown is a great athlete. He broke a 88 yard td. He is there go to guy. Z is going to have design some plays for him. Corona is a tough kid. He ran well at times. It looks like Denzel mitchell is going to be a good back as the year goes on. San Dimas does not have the skill players like last year. They are not as fast as last year with Kolbeck, Taylor and Darlington gone. It was evident last night, that the saints have some work to do, but hey that was a upper division team. They should do better against their Midvalley opponents right? Wrong! With Azusa coming up, that should be a tough game. After that it’s Monrovia, who is similar to Bonita, but has More speedy WR’s….If you think Turner game them problems, the #3 back in the SGV Ramirez is a speed demon. Then you have the Best Dlineman in the state in the middle..I smell problems. in league they will face, Covina who is loaded, and probably as good or better than Bonita this year. San Dimas will improve over the course of the season, but They don’t have enough talent to beat neither Monrovia, nor Covina.

    Saint’s for real….I saw you compared Dillon Corona, to Deshawn Ramirez …that was nonsense…it’s not even close.

    who is talking about firing coach z is crazy. He is great…San Dimas does not have the horses this year.

  • Dr. Phil

    Boy losing sure does bring the worst out in people. Bottom line San Dimas is just not hat good. Coach Z knew he needed to score a lot of points to win which is why he went for it on 4th and 1 and went for 2 even though he has one of the best kickers in the valley. Yes he came away with no points on both and it hurt him from a mo standpoint but you need to regonize he was smart enough to know he wasn’t the better team and he need to take some chance.
    SD just doesnt have the horse and they struggle with what I would call an avreage Bonita team.

  • Fred Robledo

    Here are some notes emailed to me from someone I trust from Thursday’s South Hills game … And no, it’s not from the Guru..

    Email: Hart and Canada missed some of the 2nd quarter and all of the third quarter with injuries. They both returned in the fourth quarter. South Hills opened the second half with an 8 1/2 minute drive and ended up having its field goal attempt blocked. They rallied to tie the score on a QB run before Colony slowing drove down the field to take the lead with 1 minute left. Hernandez hit Danny Sheehan for 2-3 passes in the last minute and then had a huge scramble to get them close. Hart then scored on a screen pass with 8 seconds left.

    They went for two and the win, but they had a procedure penalty before the snap and then elected to go for the tie. The kick was wide left.

    Hart was good when he was in but missed much of the game. They really didn’t throw it too much until they had to. Canada did very little in the game. He missed a lot of time, but even when he was in he didn’t do much.

    Colony has some really good athletes and they made plays when they had to. I think there was only 1 punt in the entire game, I’m not sure if it was good offense or bad defense.

  • Joe Amat


    Sounds like not so much bad defense as bad special teams. 168 yards in kick returns? In the 1st half! Not gonna be many punts when you’re in the opponents territory the whole game.

    Tough loss for the Huskies.

  • Sierra League Fan

    So Much for Canada being the WONDER boy @ South Hills………still waiting for him to live up to the hype everyone has built up around him. Coming back from ACL surgery is not easy. I wish the best of luck to the kid.

  • aram/fred

    Hey Boys,

    Im shocked that you guys wherent their…since both of you guys where jocking the 3 headed monster…..I was at the game, hart had a pretty decent game, but was banged up for most of the game….Canada didn’t exist, he dropped balls, and missed tackles….And #7 the wonder boy did ok…Colony had some pretty good athletes, they were pretty fast on offense and defens..both teams looked a little nervous at first to start the game, after a while they both settled in…IM just shocked that you guys didn;t do a write up since you guys where jocking this south hills team….

  • Aaron

    I was honestly expecting a win, I wasn’t sure if the defense would be as good as I knew they could be…but with a Horine on your team you’re usually good. Offense was alright, for Sunshine’s first start he was pretty good…I mean think about this they put him back in when they put the gas back on.

  • SaintsR4real


    Great coverage Fred!

  • SaintsR4real

    Questins for Coach Z.

    Why not score with field goal and put score first on score board?
    why try for 2 instead of a for sure 1 with corona early in the game?
    Why didn’t you attempt a field goal last play, first half, instead of running clock down? Nothing to lose!

    SAINTS NATION, we know you left it out on the field, but we got our work cut out for us!!

    Congratulations Bonita, you brought it!

  • Dan

    It was bad defense, South Hills had a couple of blown coverages, it looked like the DB’s bit on the sweep play action and recievers were left uncovered on Colony’s first two td’s.
    It almost happened a third time but the Colony qb overthrew the ball. South Hills Jacob Farias kept them in the game with 2 kickoff returns, the second one was to the house and on the first one he was caught deep in Colony’s redzone. Canada had no returns because they kicked away from him the whole night. Farias is who accounted for most of the 168 yards in return yardage. Those returns kept South Hills close enough in the game to allow them their 4th quarter rally.
    Overall I thought South Hills did not look as physical as I’m used to seeing from them. the defensive front got pushed around pretty good by Colony and They had trouble with Colony’s speed, if they don’t improve they will have another tough year in the Sierra. Hart looked good but he was cramping up as was Canada, as for Canada, he was either rusty from not playing for two years, or maybe he felt a little pressure from all the hype that surrounded him. It just seemed like mentally he was not ready for last nght, with a couple of dropped passes and no catches, he really had little effect on the game, as he gets a few more games under his belt maybe he will come around to his game.
    The Claremont QB who left for Colony should have stood at Claremont, he will not be playing much this year cause the Colony starter #7 Bryan Harper, is a stud qb who can run and throw darts like Michael Vick, very athletic and has a gun for an arm, the kid was impressive. Vince Hernandez, the South Hills qb is a good qb and a scrappy player who made some nice plays under pressure, and also had some nice runs for the night. Suprise players for South Hills last night were Jacob Farias on kick return and free safety, and a good little reciever named Danny Sheehan who had some cluth catches when the game was on the line.

  • Just wanted to say

    To whatever

    May I apologize for not writing the correct term for you. It should have read “CO WOULD still kick them up and down the field”. My bad for not remembering the grade point average of some who read this blog. I will try to be more careful.
    Thank you for your comment.

    Love Dumb A$$

  • whatever

    To Just wanted: You might be right about CO, but, then again, CO WOULD kill the ‘aints and Bonita DID kill them and that is all that matters right now. Have a nice long season. You guys are not even close to Bonita anymore in any of the major sports.

  • BHS #50 2011

    How pathetic that Zernickow says Bonita has more to choose from. Bonita has like 1800 kids and san dimas has about 1600. Bonita played west covina last year in the championship and they have almost 3500 kids and the whole covina area to recruit. I didnt see Podley making that excuse. This smudgepot victory marks the change of a new era. San Dimas wont be seeing the smudgepot for a long time. Medina has got the wing T on lock down finally and with a sophmore qb there only gonna get better.
    At the end of this game Zernickow honestly just needed to find the quickest excuse he could come up with. Playing for Bonita I learned to Never back down from a challenge and never quit we were always the underdog and always smaller then every team we faced and still managed to win.

    “The theory of evolution says only the strong will survive but the theory of competition says just because they’re the strong doesn’t mean they cant get their asses kicked”- Nike

  • Dan

    Your facts are wrong, West Covina has a little over 2800 students. Where did you get 3500?