Saturday Morning Quarterback: Charter Oak works hard in 17-6 win … Amat squeezes past Garfield, 14-0 … Feel good wins of the night belong to Duarte, El Monte and Los Altos

Inland Insider’s highlights and interviews from Charter Oak, Glendora

For quarter-by-quarter updates of tonight’s games, click link.

Tonight’s results
Charter Oak 17, Glendora 6Travis Santiago threw for 168 yards and ran for a touchdown, and Kurt Scoby rushed for 81 yards and also scored in a tougher-than-expected win for the area’s top-ranked Chargers.
Bishop Amat 14, Garfield 0Quarterback Rio Ruiz didn’t start until the second quarter, but the good news is the Lancers’ much improved defense threw a shutout heading to mighty Servite next week. Ruiz was 10 of 13 for 90 yards and Jalen Moore rushed for 102 yards and a TD. Zach Shay also scored late.
Ayala 32, Diamond Bar 23 — Diamond Bar fell behind 9-0 early and never recovered. Not what the Brahmas had in mind for coach Ryan Maine’s opener.
El Monte 43, Baldwin Park 17 — The shocking score of the night wasn’t that El Monte won, but how impressive they did it.
Franklin 16, Northview 13 – Not bad considering many are predicting a long year for the Vikings.
Bosco Tech 28, Wilson 24 — The Wildcats nearly pulled off a big win in coach Bob Burt’s debut, falling a few points short.
Los Altos 49, El Rancho 36 — A dramatic turnaround considering El Rancho whipped the Conqs in last year’s season opener. This may give some in the heights hope.
Bassett 27, Keppel 6 — Big win for coach Aubrey Duncan, who kept telling me this year is going to be different.
Rowland 27, Nogales 7 — After so much discussion on how many players the Raiders lost to graduation, they come out rolling in the opener.
Alhambra 47, Mountain View 7 — Not a surprise, the Moors have a very good team.
Duarte 42, Marshall 27 — Give it up for Falcons coach Tip Sanders, his first win in his third year. The win broke the Falcons’ 20-game losing streak.
Arroyo 45, Ontario 12 — Steven Rivera was 19 of 25 for 276 and four touchdown passes. Oh, and he scored on a one-yard run too.
Bear Creek 36, Chino Hills 34 — Tough opening loss for the Huskies.
Pomona 41, Garey 6 – Maybe the Red Devils are going to be a force after all.
Claremont 24, Kennedy 20 — Solid win for the Wolfback.
Chino 41, Diamond Ranch 28 — Another season-opening loss for for the Panthers.
Salesian 49, Sierra Vista 0 — What else can you say but ouch.
Don Lugo 28, Walnut 14 – Now how Mustangs wanted to open at home.

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  • Smallcitymc

    Any word on the Amat JV and Frosh scores?

  • Yikes

    The Glendora JV team is huge up front I was totally surprised. They kicked our butts running and passing the ball. Will tonight be a different story?

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Somebody really should proof read these previews befor hitting the “submit” button.

    “Glendora, with games against CIF champions Monrovia and SOUTH HILLS.

    I know you guys always have Amat and South Hills on your mind, but this love affair is starting to affect your work. It should read “CIF champions Monrovia and West Covina”.

  • Nice

    I agree… that #6 for Glendora and that LB for them were studs…

    Could be interesting tonight!

  • Amat Scores


    The Amat JV team won.

    The Amat Freshman also won (42-0).

  • Amat Bully

    Hopefully this thread can stay on topic.

    CO will get off to a fast start tonight and finish strong CO will gain their respect back as a football team and show the entire IE and SGV that it doesn’t matter what division you put them in they will prevail……………….CeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOooooooooooooooooo

  • John

    Hey does anyone know if Amat vs. Garfield will be televised anywhere on the internet today? It was televised last year on IBN sports but I don’t know about this time.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – what IS the topic? EVERY team is listed with their games and opponents. That pretty much makes it a free fpr all – doesn’t it?

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV tonight . Hoping for an outstanding and injury free season for all.

    To The Men in Blue ,
    Do the work needed for success and stay focused .Take them one at a time as always.



    IT’S OPENING NIGHT AT KEIFER! The tailgate scene at Bishop Amat is gonna be AWESOME!!! Get there early and bring your appetites!


  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’

    yeah your right im saying we don’t need to get into all the irrelevant arguments about the past lets stay on the topic and i guess wish good luck to the teams up there since they are part of the prediction part.

    (this is the topic)
    Friday Morning Countdown: Charter Oak, Glendora battle for Mayor’s Trophy; Amat looking to take care of Garfield

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    That is the best thing you have ever posted. Good luck to your Chargers tonight and keep those thoughts for the entire season.

  • whooo nellie

    amat bully, what the heck is going on here? it’s t-minus 3.5 hours til game time. i figured you’d be taking your game from defcon 4 to defcon 5, right about now. instead you sound as if someone spiked your water with valium. now get back on the blog and take this thing up to terror alert red.

  • goamat

    Lights camera action. All eyes on Amat.

  • Colt74

    Amat 38
    Garfield 10

    Gonna take the 3 underdogs

    El Monte


    Pomona by 3

  • Just sayin’

    I think Bully Boy is shaking in his Colorado hiking boots with the Glendora matchup looming. A loss tonight and all his smack talk foes right down the tubes.

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    Los Angeles Times
    By Eric Sondheimer

    September 1, 2011, 10:49 p.m.

    On a cloudless Thursday night in Oceanside, the No. 1-ranked Friars found some new players to contribute while relying on a tough, determined veteran in linebacker Butch Pauu to come away with a 20-0 season-opening victory over the seven-time defending San Diego Section champion Pirates.

    How Servite has been able to win consecutive Pac-5 Division titles was on display.

    The defense, which graduated some key secondary players, had a coach on the field in Pauu. He recovered a fumble and was hitting players again and again.

    As the game went on, he received plenty of help. Jherremya Leuta-Douyere had two sacks and Ainslie Johnson had another. Servite three times stopped Oceanside on fourth-down situations.

    The Friars finished with five sacks.



  • Amat Bully

    Subpar game tonight from the future champs defense looks awesome offense looks pretty good could of been better but hey this is just week one and a 17-6 victory isn’t bad Santiago looks good Scoby beast mode and Gilchrist nice hands.

    On another note did i read this score right Amat 14 Garfield 0……..WOW and then it took them until the fourth quarter to seal the game……OK Amat first week gitters but a proclaim King of the SGV shouldn’t struggle to such a low level team. (just my opinion)

  • eastsider

    Amat 14-0 but 2 touchdowns where called back because of penaltys.charter oaks win is not that impressive for a team that was supposed to have the best offense in the valley with the most weapons.winning is the most important thing on your first game,teams as good as Amat and Charter will only get better deep into the season.

  • Bulldog

    Garfield would kick the crap outta Glendora. Tough and solid team. Look at the teams they lost to last year, the scores and who they play this year. Legit

  • OC Rules

    Mission viejo wins big and on there way to face number one team of the nation next week Don Bosco Prep.OC where the real football is played!!

  • gralx

    Any of you Santa Fe fans out there???? I really questioned Santa Fe coming to Az to play Hamilton when the schedule came out earlier this year. It was a very ugly game. Running clock starting with about 3 1/2 minutes to go in the 1st half. Your QB actually looked pretty good until he got lit up late in the 2nd qtr. Hopefully he is alright. So Cal gets another shot at Hamilton next year in Ireland against S.O. Notre Dame.

  • Doink

    First off, Scooby from C. Oak is a straight beast!! Minus a few runs being called back for holding, one being a 60+ yard scamper..his stats are deceiving. The playcaller needs to run more plays then just the power, pull the guard.

    Santiago is a tough kid and threw some good balls. More balls need to be thrown 11’s way!

    Glendora had some size but other teams are gonna load the box because they have no passing game.

  • WC Parent

    Here’s an opinion. Instead of you guys shitting on eachother all the time, how about congradulating oneanother for the wins. Amat won and so di CO. Neither team seems to have played great, but a win is all that matters. First games always seem to be sloppy as the teams find their identities.

    You guys need to grow up and realize you do not play eachother, so you will never prove who is better. Face it, WC is the powerhouse of the SGV this year. Amat is a close second. CO, probably pretty good. The truth is we have some good football in the SGV.

    But you guys sound like imature twits everytime you knock eachother.

  • TDs Called Back




  • Blue & Gold

    WC parent – the reason you view yourself as “the power in the SGV” is due to who you DON’T play. Think back to the last time you faced either Blue & Gold

  • Blue & Gold

    WC parent – the reason you view yourself as “the power in the SGV” is due to who you DON’T play. Think back to the last time you faced either Blue & Gold

  • Blue & Gold

    WC parent – the reason you view yourself as “the power in the SGV” is due to who you DON’T play. Think back to the last time you faced either Blue & Gold

  • WOW

    WC PARENT, wow you lost to Covina last year and now you’re saying your better then AMAT. LOL… You know wc COULD NEVER BEAT AMAT!

    You better be worrying about Covina tomorrow, instead of THESE BOYS HAVING A PISSING CONTEST AGAINST EACH OTHER.


  • OKAY

    WC PARENT, wc lost to Covina last year and now your saying your the powerhouse of the SGV; LOL… wc could never beat AMAT period! By the way you need to stop worrying about these two having a pissing contest with each other and you need to be be worrying about Covina tomorrow.

    Go to bed because you got a big game TOMORROW.

  • SGV Dad

    I was at the Amat game tonight since my team had played last night. I think Amat needs to be concerned about their defensive line. Garfield was bigger, but they did push the Amat D line around. The secondary was solid though, and they saved the day more than once.

    I had never seen this kid Rio Ruiz. I’ll give credit where credit is due. The kid is the real deal. He moves great, and throws even better. I’ve heard the fuss and read all the stuff, but he definately backs it up.

    And I want to say thanks to the Amat families that fed me and my boy tonight. Wow, the tailgating is awesome. It felt like a college game atmosphere. Incredible support for the program.

  • Amat Bully

    WHERE ARE ALL THE CH FANS AT? i do not care about how any of you fans feel about what i have to say….CH you guys are BUMS all summer long yall bragged about how awesome you are how great you are and then you guys get your buts handed to you. yeah the score indicates a close game but at one point you guys were down by a lot. i think bear creek let off the gas to soon and thats how you guys got back in the game…….CO 1-0 CH 0-1 BA 1-0…..first game wrinkles showed tonight tough games for both Amat and CO but like they said you only get better as time go on but the main thing is winning which CH didnt do…..I wonder who’s going to be ranked higher than who now………….CeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOoooooooooooooooooo

  • WC Parent

    WOW & Blue & Gold

    The past is the past. Where in my blog did I mention the past? I said we are the powerhouse of the SGV this year. Yes we lost to Covina, but then we rolled and took it all. Can you say that….I didn’t think so.

    As for who we play, we can’t control that. But if we played Amat we would definately have a great game, and beat them this year. As for CHarter Oak, seriously? They aren’t even in the top 5 for the SGV this year.


    Your right on AMAT BULLY; Where’s OLD FART CHINO and that other IDIOT SIERRA LEAGUE??? KEEP THE CROW COMING BULLY,and make sure they get SECONDS!


  • Amat Bully

    WC Parent:

    you must of had a few pre-game drinks dont forget CO owned WC and the southeast just a few years ago and the only reason why WC is getting attention now is because CO is no longer in that division. and if im not mistaking CO is ranked ummmmm #1 this year in the SGV according to Aram rankings…….CO 5-1 over WC


    AMAT BULLY another good one. WC, your begining to sound like these obnoxious monrovia fans! Where’s Dan at so he can tell this WC fan that he’s talking to much.

  • WC Parent

    Amat Bully

    Again, stop living in the past. First off, Aram is a dumbass. Look at the real rankings like Maxpreps or Espn. Charter Oak is what 56 or more spots behind WC. And 60 plus spots behind Amat. The truth is we should be where Amat is and Amat where we are. I think they have Charter Oak ranked too high at 78.

    Remember, Bullies are really the biggest wimps hiding behind their bark.

  • Amat Bully

    WC Parent:
    that was a cute finish with the whole bark thing but if you haven’t noticed in the now red letter article above it say areas top ranked Chargers, i guess fred is an idiot to huh. But ok forget about the rankings
    those rankings are pre-rankings meaning before the season kicked off. Now that it has kicked off a few teams will not be ranked as high as they were believe me when you check the rankings out next week CO will be much higher and will continue to climb up. you say stop living in the past, ok fine i will but can i ask you one question what has WC done that CO hasn’t done? i can tell you what CO done that WC hasn’t done, and that is dominate a division to the point where CO was no longer allowed to play in it anymore meaning CO was too GOOD to stay in that division where WC resides at.

  • Seriously?

    Did somebody just seriously put up what the score would have been minus the penalties? Are you freakin’ kidding me? That’s pathetic. Knucklehead.

  • Will Routt

    The article reads that the Northview game ended on an interception which is incorrect.

  • tommykiss

    For all you night owls out there here is are the video highlights for the Charter Oak vs Glendora game

  • CO Bully

    Bully: you still a joke with your offensive power house having a hard time with Glendora??? Really??? and your up here calling us out?? Get some numbers up against a ranked team and then talk, my bad you guys dont play ranked teams until after preseason!! Bearcreek CO , do your Homework they are #11 in their state they have x2 receivers that are better then your whole team but no excuses we lost but we did realize we are a lethal offense and put up some big numbers but came up short. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger and we are coming for you so get ready!! Who do you play next the mc donalds jr olympic charity team? If so try to put up some points….lmao your still a joke!! we are all still laughing at you!!! Be careful what you ask for….

  • CO Bully

    Bully: who’s ranked higher obviously doesn’t mean anything here considering Glendora was nowhere on the the ranking list…haha we we can lose 10 games and still be ranked higher then you in the real world not your local daily bugle paper rankings…yep your right CH lost if i remember correctly Croak lost 6 games last season what does that make u? a joke!! ghfs6u

  • Reality

    Headline is funny. CO “works hard” for their 13 point win and Amat “squeezes past Garfield” for theiir 14 point win. Tells you all you need to know about expectations and who the real #1 team in everyone minds really is.

  • Tech Support


    Might have to do with the level of competition they played. I think Glendora is probably a higher level of competition than Garfield. I could be wrong, it is only Week 0 and you don’t know much until later in the season.

  • Dan

    Pretty good game by both Glendora and CO, I was impressed by Glendora’s heart and by CO’s talent.
    Glendora played tough all night, well diciplined and swarmed to the ball, their defensive pursuit to the ball was great, and is what kept CO from breaking the game open. Kirt Scoby for CO was impressive, you get the feeling he is about to take it to the house every time he touches the ball, very quick and strong, it takes two or three hits to take him down, he can flat out run you over or juke around you,
    fortunately for Glendora’s sake they always had enough guys around the ball to contain him most of the time. Santiago throws a beautiful ball and is a tough kid who can beat you with his legs as well as his arm, he missed a few deep passes that could have been scores but I think he will dial that in soon. Vaughns[spelling?] was a good cover corner, very fast and also had some nice runs on offense. The questionable area for CO was the run defense, Glendora was able to pound the ball on them for the first half, but CO made some adjustments and were tougher in the second half, if Glendora had a little more play action they may have been able to open it up more in the second half, but they were pretty one dimensional and CO was able to tee off on the run game.
    Another nice effort was by Cory Victoria for Glendora, who ran hard all night and was tough to tackle.
    GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!

  • Reality

    Tech support – yes, you are wrong. All you need to do is look at Garfields results from last season to realize that, while most people in the fish bowl view them as Basset or El Monte they are a rely good CIF City section team – ranked #8 in last years playoff. It was about the same result as Amat had vs them a year ago and Garfield followed u with a similar scor vs Orange Lutheran. next week they take on Edison.

  • eastsider

    a win is all that matters in the first couple games.both Amat and Charter oak will fine tune there teams and do fine in league play.C.I.F will be impossible for Amat with mission viejo and Servite being as good as they are this year.both of those teams are even better,bigger,faster and more skilled than last year.Charter could have a chance but will see how good corona centenial will be without michael eubanks this year.Those top OC teams our just way to superior for any valley teams..

  • Football Fan

    Props to Los Altos Football. Hard work this summer really shows. Good offense, tighten up the defense and they will win some big games this season.


    Amat-Garfield interviews from last night to supplement game story! Coach Steve Hagerty and quarterback Rio Ruiz touch on the physical play, Rio not getting the start and the marquee matchup with Servite next week!

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bully:
    Sounds to me like your stressing over there. if im not mistaking your a CH fan and if so LOL im surprised you would come on here and still talk madness. Colorado football REALLY man look i use to live in colorado and believe me it isn’t anything like So Cal football up there. hey its first week gitters and under the pressure form it being the first week CH CHoked. good luck next week believe me your going to need it.


  • Amat Bully

    CO Bully:
    man i just fully read your post and i started laughing so hard, i can’t believe you would still bring up last year and the new year has started. DUDE relax its ok its just one lost. then you go on to say who CO play next week i think you need to check your schedule you muts play Santiago CO plays Roosevelt a team that went 9-3 last year compared to a 4-6 team Dude your just making yourself look really bad right now just accept your lost and move on stop with the excuses. especially since you’ve notice how high flying of an offense CH has even though they lost its just week one CO came out a little better and so far this week CO has bragging rights, don’t worry i don’t expect CO to be perfect they might fail and then you’ll have your time to brag. CO 1-0 CH 0-1 lol

  • Overrated

    That’s all I have to say about Diamond Bar.

  • nerd bully

    r u freekin kiddin me bishop amat fans…first you let some punk co kid get in your head and have you on here scrambling justifying wins and now you wanna brag about that garfield win…guess what they posted the video of the game…garfield looked like santa fe…embaressing, insecure,and so on..

    glory days r ovvvvvvvvvvver…the fact that u even jump up when someone says charter oak shows your insecuirty…go bulldogs lets do work tonight!

  • AFA

    Los Altos’ thick Samoan runningback looked pretty good. As an Alum from the good ol’ days (late 80s) Let’s hope they can get a few more.

  • AFA

    Wins that is.


    WC Parent,

    Do you really think WC would have won the Southeast last year if CO was still in the division? Just the thought of going for a three-peat would have discouraged WC greatly. CO would have beat WC last year and CO would beat WC this year.

    Dont forget you lost to a Midvalley team last year and a midvalley team took you to overtime this year!


  • TheRealDB

    Overrated said:

    That’s all I have to say about Diamond Bar.

    :Interesting considering they are always on your mind!! Havent seen you say anything concerning other teams in general….Your a stalker!!

  • CO bully

    a Bully: maybe you should go back a few blogs and look for the one where you called us out and guaranteed a win this year? your a clown no wonder your own CO alumni are embarrassed by you….the last i checked bragging rights are when one team has a better record over the other either beating them or common opponents, so right here right now you have a empty deck of cards look me up one of these days if you actually beat us….we had 500 yards of offense Friday and still missing some key players so good luck Roosevelt don’t play soft! !their QB is the real deal too…

  • Amat Bully

    CO bully
    When it comes to CO football im always going to say CO is going to win especially against the newly rival CH. And dude stop mentioning the fact that CH put up 500 yards of total offense without key starters, when you lost its pathetic. as a matter of fact this is what we’ll do we’ll say CH is 1-0 in the stats department does that make you feel better, at least you won something this weekend besides the actual game. Better luck next week against a very weak opponent CH should win its practically a given.
    I bet you wanna take back that CO plays a “mc donald jr Olympic team” when you guys play against the local Middle school flag team, watch out i heard they’re letting the lunch monitor play.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Chino Hills lost it’s first game to a good Bear Creek team. The Huskies made many key mistakes that led to them being down 21-0….but they quickly came back to make it 21-14 at half. QB Andrew Chavez is going to be a force to be reckoned with…..much bigger , stronger & faster than last year. He threw 3 TD’s to Jack Austin. That kid is a BEAST 6’3 220lbs. The Huskies will be ok. They have a very tough 3 games ahead of them. This week they play a much improved Santiago team who beat Dana hills 54 -14 then they play @ Tesoro who is ranked #9 by the times…. then a game against Pomona…They finish pre league with REV. This schedule will make they battle ready for the Sierra League.

    Look at Bear Creeks nat’l ranking (#746..#11 in Colorado) compared to Glendora’s (#2178 )…LOL. Also, Roosevelt would have been a tough game but their QB Aaron Crone who is a STUD was injured in their scrimmage and won’t be playing….they will be average at best.
    What happened to CO’s EXPLOSIVE oppense we heard so muc about???? only 17 pts …against Glendora…REALLY?…Hmmmmm. Can’t wait to see how well you guys do against Rancho….that will really tell if you guys can play with the big boys. If you beat them, I’ll give CO props. Don’t worry, Chino Hills will be more than ready come week 10!

  • 12th man

    I still cant figure out why Fred would predict Keppel over Bassettt…There are some games that are easy locks & you could actually bet the house down on it..”That was one of those games”..if you’re looking for a upset or a sleeper team the Aztecs from Keppel arent your team~ You should do more research before you start predicting upsets or try making more highly educated guesses lol..Good Luck on next week’s predictions…
    Keppel??? REALLY???? LOL…

  • Sierra League Fan

    Hmmmmm. How many of CO’s opponents are on this list????? I see none. Chino Hills play #9 & #12. I don’t see Glendora, Santa Fe or Esperanza on this list do you? Chino Hills does play Pomona (they suck) but that is the only weak team on our schedule. We beat both Tesoro and REV last year, this year could be tough. Those games will make us better. We could play 3 weak teams like CO but that won’t help us.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Hmmmmm. How many of CO’s opponents are on this list?????,0,6380136.story

    I see none. Chino Hills play #9 & #12. I don’t see Glendora, Santa Fe or Esperanza on this list do you? Chino Hills does play Pomona (they suck) but that is the only weak team on our schedule. We beat both Tesoro and REV last year, this year could be tough. Those games will make us better. We could play 3 weak teams like CO but that won’t help us.

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League Fan
    Again stop it with this schedule junk. 1st week kinks needs to be worked out thats one of the reasons why CO offense wasn’t to high flying but CO offense still looked pretty good, i mean good enough to win. Put it like this thats just one pay back that CO took care of and counting. Please leave the ranking junk alone until mid-season and then you’ll see it all unfold. Why do you Huskie fans come up with so many excuses when you lose? just accept your loses and move on to next week. pre-season rankings means NOTHING just check out what happen so far in college football and high school football some that were ranked were not as good as their ranking.

  • Bully cracks me up

    CO is ” working out the kinks” but Chino Hills “got their buts handed to them”
    CO’s offense was “good enough to win” but Amat “only score 14 Pts”