Northview girls soccer coach Al Lorello not asked back after off-season allegations put him on administrative leave

Northview soccer player claims the coach photo-shopped her out of a team picture at the school’s soccer banquet ….

Parents and school district sources say they’re concerned that a soccer coach who was placed on administrative leave in the spring, during an investigation of his treatment of a student, has returned to teaching duties this week.
Northview High School girls’ soccer coach and teacher Al Lorello allegedly used digital editing to erase senior varsity player Jade Vehawn from team photographs and excluded her name from the team’s championship banner last year, Vehawn and district sources said.
Vehawn, who was selected to the first-team All-Valle Vista League, says Lorello also wrote her a four-page letter in which he criticized her maturity level, said he is not proud of her, and said her years on the team “were not that great.”

The Covina-Valley Unified School District placed Lorello on administrative leave in April and launched an investigation, according to sources inside the district.

Lorello began teaching again this week and continues to interact with student-athletes, according to school district sources who said they are are forbidden from making public statements.

Board members Richard White and Charles Kemp said they are aware of the allegations.

“I believe the matter was handled completely,” Kemp said.

White said, if true, Lorello’s behavior is inappropriate, but he reserved further comment until he is briefed on the investigation.

“There is still ongoing investigation, stuff going on,” White said. “There has been some appropriate action taken, but until that’s all completed, I couldn’t really comment on it.”

District officials referred questions to assistant superintendent of personnel services Bill Brown.

“We can’t discuss any specific details of any specific personnel matters, because employees are afforded privacy rights,” Brown said.

Covina-Valley Unified school board members Bill Knoll and Darrell Myrick did not return calls for comment. Board member Mary Hanes said she was not “up on” the issue and refused to comment.

Lorello also declined to comment.

A source inside the district’s athletic department, who was prohibited from making an official statement, said Lorello will not be asked to return to coaching this year, but he continues to hang around soccer games and “mentor” coaches.

Vehawn, 17, said she believes Lorello edited her out of the pictures and wrote the letter because she tried to avoid him after the season ended.

“I wasn’t disrespectful or anything,” Vehawn said. “I just didn’t talk to him.”

She said Lorello frequently criticized her and she became increasingly uncomfortable with being alone with the coach, who also taught her economics class.

“I feel that we were close. We went out to lunch,” Vehawn said. “It wasn’t really weird all the time. There was some times when it was just me and him, and it was kind of weird. I just got this weird vibe.”

Vehawn, whose adoptive parents are 85 and 89, said she didn’t want to get Lorello in any trouble and she “felt bad when he got taken out of school.”

But parents of Vehawn’s teammates urged her to come forward, Vehawn said.

Nilda Hernandez, whose daughter is on the team, said Lorello’s behavior caught her attention at a team banquet in April.

Vehawn started crying at the banquet when she noticed her name was excluded from the team’s championship banner and her face was edited out of a team poster.

“She was crying uncontrollably on the floor (in another room), so I sat next to her,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said she originally thought Vehawn’s name was left off the banner in error.

“We’re thinking it’s a mistake, it’s misprinted, he’s going to mention something about it, but he never did,” Hernandez said.

But, Hernandez said, she later came to believe Lorello deliberately excluded Vehawn.

“When we saw the picture was photo-shopped, we realized the banner wasn’t a mistake,” Hernandez said. “It was done intentionally.”

Vehawn said Lorello edited her out of several team pictures, including ones he photographed at the championship game and alumni game, and a group portrait of senior players.

“I remember being in them,” Vehawn said.

In one picture, Vehawn said her hands were locked with a fellow teammate’s, and their arms were forming the shape of a heart.

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  • This article is targeting the wrong person. If anyone is to be blamed, it’s Principal Sims. The letter that Lorello wrote (I personally read it before it was turned into the office) constructively criticized Vehawn but did not “bash” her. I’ve witnessed Vehawn and Lorello’s interactions with each other. She was always just as blunt with him as he was with her in the letter. The quotes that are provided in the article are factual but are taken out of context. I am confident that Lorello will agree with those who say that writing a letter crossed the line, but that’s all it was….one single letter. Principal Sims should have professionally dealt with the issue himself instead of immediately reporting it to the district. The district will agree with me when I say that the investigation was a waste of their time because Lorello is completely innocent of any outrageous accusations made against him. Hence, the reason why he was allowed to come back to Northview’s campus.
    I find it interesting that, of all the things going on at Northview regarding interactions between its’ coaches and athletes, this is the case that is chosen to grab the public’s attention. What about the times when Northview’s coaches have their athletes living with them in their very own houses? Or what about the times when the coaches smoke and get high with their athletes? Call me crazy, but I think those are more serious cases to be concerned about than Lorello’s “mean” letter. I know that the cases I mentioned are not a secret to many of Northview’s students and staff. I guarantee that a lot of them know exactly who I am talking about when I mention those particular situations. I think it’s about time to point the finger, bash, and yell profanities at those coaches instead, shall we?
    I was at the banquet and the reports about the banquet are true, but Vehawn conveniently failed to mention she previously told Lorello that she didn’t want anything to do with him in response to him taking her out of a game for her poor attitude. (I was at the game and personally witnessed her attitude and demeanor). She told me about what she said to him after the game and also told me about the email she sent him a couple days later reiterating her strongfelt words of “not wanting anything to do with him.” With such a clear request from Vehawn, Lorello was simply giving Vehawn what she wanted at the banquet by not affiliating himself with her. (Although she did still receive her lettermans patch and certificate). Ofcourse she was upset. She’s a teenager with strong emotions who had to deal with the consequences of her actions. Still think her reactions were as genuine as Hernandez said they were? Ask any parent of a teenager and they’ll tell you all about their experiences with their children playing the “victim” card…and then come back to me again.
    The sob story of Vehawn is nothing but a story that is entirely blown out of proportion and taken out of context. I’ve spoken with members of the team, Vehawn, and others involved. I’ve witnessed his interactions with athletes and students. And as a parent, I still feel confident in his character. So, before jumping on the bandwagon and joining the “I Hate Lorello Club,” it is recommended that you personally investigate and get both sides for yourself. It’s unfortunate that those who know the truth are forbidden to speak about it… because I guarantee that parents, students, and staff would be put to ease. Those who have the privilege of calling Lorello their coach, teacher, or coworker need to not be so easily persuaded by rumors and false accusions. Don’t be sucked into the high school drama. It’s not worth it.

  • shawn hib

    I was the teacher/coach who brought Coach Lorello into coaching at Northview High School over 10 years ago. Those of you who KNOW him, KNOW his character, his heart and his passion for coaching and encouraging students. You also KNOW his generous nature and how much he has invested into the athletes and into Northview High School. Questioning him, his integrity and his motives is 100% wrong and repugnant. Anyone who KNOWS him knows his morals and his character.
    All of the (hundreds) of athletes he coached were equally the recipients of his giving nature. At any time during the course of the years of him giving to you, any of you could have said, “no thanks” or “I can’t accept this, it’s too generous”. To my in-depth knowledge that never happened. Why? Because all of his athletes knew his heart, motives and care for them was sincere, honest, moral and above reproach. And those of you who are now saying his motives or how he cared for you is “weird” should be ashamed. He is the same person today as he has been for the last 10 years.
    It is easy for people to judge based on miss-information or to “jump on the bandwagon” when something like this happens. My thought is if you want to know the truth, seek the truth by going to the source.
    Sadly, this article was horribly written, filled with out-of-context information, unprofessional, and was, in my opinion, hog-wash. The lack of professionalism and out-right misrepresentation of a good man, will cause me to NEVER buy another copy of the paper, and I will encourage others to follow my lead. It is simple stomach-turning.

  • ToTheContrary

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but Lorello is a weirdo, thus the “weird” comment. It’s an outright shame that good teachers are leaving our district and guys like Lorello are kept around. As for Sims, Youre actually surprised that he mishandled something. That seems to be the norm. Lorello and Sims should go.

  • Coach

    As a coach I am scared to death that something like this will happen to me, one angry girl, with a mean spirit – can kill years of work and dedication.

    In today’s culture an allegation is all it takes…..oh and crappy reporting!

  • Just Wondering


    I’m just wondering what makes Lorello a “weirdo?” Is it because he paid for all of his athletes’ team gear out of his own pocket (I know this for a fact because my daughter did not have to pay anything for soccer gear the past 2 years!)? Is it because he took his WHOLE team out to eat on many different occasions throughout the year? Is it because he went to dozens of club soccer games, dances, and events on campus to support various athletes and students? Is it because he cared more about his athletes than some of their own parents cared about them? Because if that is what makes Lorello a “weirdo” than I agree with you. That is weird for any coach, teacher, or administrator to go above and beyond like Lorello did. He is a good man and if he ever coaches again, that school will be lucky to have him.

  • Not affliliated with this situation

    I am not related to, friends with, or remotely involved with anyone that this article concerns, but just a couple of observations. First, I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt but as a parent of 3 athletes, I can tell you that I would be horrified to attend a banquet and find my child had been photo shopped out of ANY pictures! If that is true, attitude from the girl or not, that is completely outrageous. Secondly, to NVHS parent, I am sure all teens have their moments of “see me see me” or “I hate you” attitudes, but suppose she had told her English teacher ” I hate you, I don’t want anything to do with you” would you also recommend that her teacher stop teaching her English and not include her in class discussions or not accept her homework???? Again, if this is true, this man has some serious issues and needs to grow up!

  • What “good” teachers left the district? I can’t think of any. I was a student at Northview last year and Mr. Lorello was one of the only AP teachers who actually prepared me for the AP test. A lot of us in his class were sad he couldn’t come back until graduation. If he goes, Northview will lose one of their best teachers. They’re already losing one of their best coaches by not letting him coach again. He won countless league championships! I was friends with some of the players on his team and they never said anything about Mr. Lorello being wierd to them. A lot of coaches take their players out to eat or have team days out. Why aren’t they being called “wierd” too? Mr. Lorello did a lot of nice things for his team over the years and Jade’s parents never complained about it until he wrote the letter. Hmmm….now that’s what sounds wierd. It’s sad that he’s getting punished. I was at the banquet too to support my friends. If the banner and pictures were so bad, then why didn’t the other coaches get punished too? The JV coach was there and the Assistant Varsity coach was there too, so we all know that they knew about it before the banquet started. By the way, this article is written very poorly. I know I’m young and everything, but even I can write better than this “reporter” can. There’s a ton of run-on sentences, fragments, and skeptically short quotes. You can tell he just cut and pasted quotes to try to make them sound like they go together. It’s a sign that the story isn’t even true. I hope that Mr. Lorello doesn’t let this drama bring him down. He deserves better so maybe he should go somewhere else after all and get away from all the haters.

  • Anonymous

    Just a general question, did Lorello talked to Vehawn’s parents/guardians prior to writing the letter and totally excluding her from the banner? Sounds like he took her comments too personal rather than understanding it from a business point of view. She was part of the team no matter what the circumstances. Erasing a person’s identity from anything that they have taken part in can be easily viewed as if he placed a number on their arm. He may be a great coach and teacher and if he is then he should have understood that his actions done more damage than what the young lady had said to him. If he did know this and followed through then he needs to leave coaching and teaching. We should not try to repeat history in shape or form!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve known Jade Vehawn for 3 years. I have also played for Northview’s girls soccer program for 3 years. Jade is the main person who helped me throughout soccer, she is one of the nicest people I’ve met during highschool. I know Jade very well and she wouldn’t just make an accusation like this for no reason. She isn’t that type of person at all. She has a good heart and always got along with everyone. It frustrates me to see what you ignorant people are saying about her because you obviously do not know who she really is. Anyone who KNOWS Jade, knows that she is not one to cause drama or even want to be involved in it. So for her to make a complaint about this is serious, not just for fun. None of you writing these comments were there everyday at practice from 3:00 to 5:00 and saw what goes on. Lorello showed favortism for certain players and it was very clear, everyone saw it. He wouldn’t treat everyone equally. Girls on the team would say how they didn’t like going to practice and playing because “it wasn’t fun anymore” or “all he cared about was winning” He was a good coach, but I’m not surprised by any of this. This whole situation could have been avoided if he would have stopped putting himself in this bad position. Taking students to lunch, being alone with them, being overly generous, you’re setting yourself up to look bad. It’s HIS fault, not hers. I personally have had weird vibes around him as well. It just always felt awkward, I never really liked talking to him or being around him. Seeing Lorello around campus is weird and awkward, he shouldn’t be there. He came to one of our soccer games in Pomona over the summer. NO ONE invited him or informed him about the game. All the girls on the team were confused and felt extremely awkward, including me. Jade was there as well, which is why I don’t understand why he stayed the whole game. Lorello is a nice person, but there was always something about him I didn’t like. I support Jade 100% because I KNOW Jade Vehwan, I know the type of person she is. And I know what she means whe she says she felt “weird” about him because I did as well. She would never act out like this if she didn’t have a good reason for it, she’s not a liar. If this was your child, would you think that it was a “sob story” or they just have a bad attitude or they’re lying? Just because he’s been coaching for 10 years? It’s easy to say all these things when it’s not your own child, but I guarantee you would all feel just as strongly as I do about all of this. The way he embarrassed her at the banquet was way out of line. She’s not just some teenager with “strong emotions” he really hurt her feelings and took the “not wanting anything to do with him” to the next level. Even though she said those things, she EARNED recognition at the banquet. She was a phenomenal player and he should have acted professional and acknowledged her for her achievements as a varsity soccer player and not let his personal life interfere. He was the one being immature and acted like nothing was wrong at all. It was really sad to see and you could tell that he didn’t care that he was hurting her feelings. I have NEVER heard of any coaches smoking or getting high with their athletes. News travels fast around school and I have never heard that before. I am friends with most of the athletes at Northview. This situation isn’t “highschool drama”. This is a serious situation that shouldn’t be ignored. Just because he is a good person and has coached for 10 years doesn’t mean anything. Even the most well known, respected people can turn out bad. You never really know who a person really is. I’m not hopping on the bandwagon, I’m just standing up for what I believe in. If you people keep thinking that this is just some sob story and pay no attention to it, something worse might happen. Yes, teenagers will play the “victim card” sometimes, but why would you take something like this lightly? If your child is having problems with another adult, you should be concerned, regardless. He is a shady person and from my personal experiences, I am not a big fan of him. Jade is a close friend of mine and I know that she didn’t just wake up one day and decide she wanted to get a teacher/coach fired. I’m not here to make people believe me, I am just simply telling the truth.

  • I normally don’t write comments on stuff like this but after reading the article and some of the comments…I just have to a few things to say. If my son or daughters ever said “I hate you” or “I don’t want anything to do with you” to a high school teacher or a coach, I would be incredibly angry! I raised my kids better and there’s no excuse for a 17 year old to say that for being taken out of a game. I wouldn’t be surprised if a teacher or coach was offended by a comment like that. He’s human! Yes, teenagers make mistakes. But from what I understand, he tried talking to her about it afterwards and she continued to ignore him. I don’t think that the “English teacher” scenario is an appropriate example in this case. It’s a teacher’s job to collect homework and help students in the classroom. It’s what they get paid to do. This was at a banquet. She was included and got her lettermans patch and her certificate award. Coach Lorello paid for the banner and the pictures with his own money. If one of my kids said that he/she didn’t want anything to do with their coach and ignored him constantly afterwards when he tried to talk about it…I would actually probably understand why he wouldn’t put her name on a banner or put her in the pictures. The girl had several chances to change her mind but she didn’t. It was her choice in the end.

  • ThisIsSad


    I am ashamed that I ever called you a teammate or friend. While most of the events of the banquet are true, you are not telling the whole truth. When did Coach L ever “criticize” you? When you were not working hard in practice? When you were not doing your job in the games? When you were being selfish and not a team player? That is called coaching and being held responsible not criticizing.

    Jade you are also lying about being disrespectful. I was there at practice when you would talk about Coach L behind his back. I saw you roll your eyes at him a number of times. You called him a “jerk” in front of the whole class. You disrespected him by not talking with him about why you were so upset with him in the first place.

    You are also lying about feeling sorry that Coach L got taken out of school. I heard you brag about how you got him fired and that you are happy that he was not around and that’s what he gets. If you were truly “sorry” you would have not gone to the paper and started all this up again. The TRUTH is that you have to be the center of attention and this is your way of being the victim and being in the spotlight. Jade you have fooled a lot of people, but you haven’t fooled me.

  • GettingWhatIsDeserved

    I personally know Coach Lorello and he is a good man. He wants only the best for his athletes and students. He is generous to a fault. While I do not condone his actions at the banquet, I do understand why he did the things he did. He did everything in his power to make sure that Jade was taken care of and when she wanted nothing else to do with him (for no apparent reason and her own decesion) she was cut off. This is what I know he did do for Jade.

    He purchased team gear for her every year because she and her family could not afford it. He gave her lunch money. He always got her a birthday gift because he genuinely cared. He purchased customized cleats for Jade her senior year. He bought customized captians jackets for all 3 of his soccer captains. He gave her a ride home whenever she needed one because her parents were not responsible. He wrote numerous letters of recommendation for Jade for various scholarships. He went to a number of Jade’s club soccer games on his own time. He contacted college coaches so that Jade might be able to play soccer in college. And that is not even including all of the awards she received because he nomimated her.

    Jade and others are complaining about how she did not get the recognition she deserved? Or how she was treated unfairly? Or how favortism was shown to certain players on the team? Yea it looks like Jade was the one being favored! As far as awards go just remember a coach must nominate players for awards in order for that player to receive them. Even though Vehawn was intentionally ignoring Lorello and not talking to him, he still nominated her for All-League, to be a Div 6 All-Star, and All-CIF (all awards that she received). At the banquet she received a coach’s award, a championship t-shirt, a cif playoffs patch, and a league championship patch (all paid for by Coach Lorello). What else does this young lady want?

  • Whatever

    To Anonymous Friend of Jade,

    Since when does anyone need an invitation to attend a soccer game? You should be honored by the mere presence of Coach Lorello and that he showed up even after all this went down. Besides the only reason you were able to play over the summer was because Lorello got the team into that summer tournament. You can be certain that he will not be going to anymore games 1. because that would be a waste of his time because the team is going to be terrible this year 2. why would he want to support coaches and athletes that have turned their back on him when he did absolutely nothing to them? This whole ordeal is between Ms. Vehawn and Lorello…no one else.

    As for Ms. Vehawn being in attendance at that soccer game points to her immaturity and unwillingness to move on. Why was she there? Doesn’t she have any college friends to hang out with? Is it true that she still frequently visits the Northview campus? While Lorello is trying to move on with his life, it is quite clear that Ms. Vehawn is all about the drama and is quite happy stirring the pot. Like another poster said, she NEEDS to be the center of attention.

  • great for the sgv

    I believe alot of our questions would be answered if the four page letter was published. Any responsible adult/parent would not a student’s complaint about a teacher/coach fall on deaf ears. That letter would shed some light on the coaches thoughts about the young athlete. And as demonstated by the coach, teenagers aren’t the only ones that act immature at times.

  • One More Thing

    To Anonymous Friend of Jade,

    What I don’t understand is that if Lorello was such a “weirdo” and “all he cared about was winning” and “practice / soccer wasn’t fun anymore” than why didn’t you and Vehawn quit? Why didn’t you stop playing for such a demanding, inappropriate coach?

    The truth is you also cared about winning and you enjoyed being a part of the team. You loved getting all the “free” team gear (which I’m sure you still wear now). You had fun going out to eat and being a part of the soccer family atmosphere that he created in his program. Coach Lorello made you, Vehawn, and your teammates winners. It was his coaching and his ability to get the most out of his limited talent that enabled Northview to win its first ever league championship in soccer.

    So when you start complaining about how your current coaches are nothing like Lorello, when you have no team gear, and when you are losing nearly every game, no one will care because you said winning is not important. This is truly when soccer will not longer “be fun.”

  • Anonymous opinion

    Here is what I gather from all this, yes the coach was wrong to photo-shop a player out of a picture and exclude her name on a team banner — very wrong, and he should face disciplinary action. Not saying he should be fired or banned from teaching, but he should be removed as the girls soccer coach for his behavior. As for the “weird” comments, not putting much stock in that. It sounds to me from the comments here that he went above and beyond for the team. Helping with team gear, pizza parties, taking players to lunch. In my day that wasn’t a big deal at all, but in 2011 if a coach looks at a player the wrong way, it can blow up into something like this. There is no evidence of inappropriate behavior with any kids, just what he did at the team banquet. He’s paying a price, now let it go.

  • one missing piece

    I just want to remind everyone on this blog that no matter waht you have read or heard about Lorello, he is a stand up guy. It only takes one interaction with him to know that he is genuine, sincere, and wants the best for those who he cares about. He has never publicly trashed Jade Vehawn and he has accepted the consequences for his actions without trying to justify them.

    The only thing he is guilty of is being human or caring too much. It is clear that he cared about Vehawn and wanted the best for her and did everything he could over the 4 years that he knew her to make that happen. Then all of a sudden she says “I don’t respect you anymore” or doesn’t talk to him without an excuse or explanation and he gets hurt. It is a natural human response. According to the paper he wrote a letter that put her in her place. Is this any worse that what you hear every Friday night at football games coming from the coaches on the sidelines? Or stories you have heard from students about what teachers have inappropriately said to them in front of an entire class? You want inappropriate, go sit in on a NHS closed door wrestling practice and listen to how those coaches talk to their athletes. I’m not justifying bad behavior with pointing to other bad behavior but Lorello’s main problem was writing it down in a letter – nothing more, nothing less.

    There is another angle that the paper decided to neglect (as usual) and other bloggers have commented on it. It is common knowledge that Jade did not talk with Lorello for the better part of 3 months, even when she had him as a teacher and was on the soccer team finishing out the season. He made numerous attempts to clear the air but Jade did not want to deal with it. Lorello asked his assistant coach to talk with Jade…nothing. He asked Jade’s counselor to speak with her…nothing. Lorello finally had a conversation with Jade and this is when she said she had lost all respect for him and didn’t want to talk to him ever again. So what did Lorello do? Write a mean letter? Photo-shop Jade out of some pictures? Not exactly.

    Lorello went to administration and asked that Jade be removed from his class. It was administration who said it would be best for Jade to remain in his class. Are you kidding me!? A coach / teacher askes that one of his athletes be removed from his class and administration just shrugs it off? Talk about lack of leadership. To my knowledge, no one in administration ever even attempted to speak with Coach Lorello concerning why he wanted Jade out of his class or what happened at the banquet, instead deferring to District personnel. This is a shame. This whole mess could have been avoided if Sims would have stepped up and addressed the situation. Now a good man’s reputation (and possibly career) is ruined, and Northview’s administration is left looking like a bunch of morons who have no idea how to handle issues professionally.

  • great for the sgv

    Until that letter is made public one can only guess as to why a teacher/coach would write a letter to a student. Maybe he should have submitted a written explanation to the administration or the district office if he felt so strongly about getting her out of his class. When I read that he wrote her a letter it struck me as odd. With all this he said/she said that letter still sticks out. Odd situation that could have been avoided if the adult in this situation would have used his head a little better.

  • i am sooooo glad that coach L can finally be defended! finally we can all hear the truth! all of the stuff that people wrote about jade not being innocent is true. to jade’s friend (i’m pretty sure i know who wrote it too), yeah jade is nice… your face. lol i’ve heard her talk trash about so many people. she even sent out mass text messages to the teamates just to cause drama. the other people are right when they said that jade likes to be the center of attention. she’ll gossip and lie and brainwash people into thinking stuff that isn’t true. i just never wanted to say anything to anyone about it because i was afraid she was going to do the same to me. she was just jealous she didn’t get all the attention. yeah, jade was good but so were a lot of other players on the team. all the stuff about him helping her financially are all TRUE. her parents never helped her or showed signs of even caring about her success on the team. there was no favoritism on the team. we had a star forward and you know it. our forward got asked to play for a really good team in college, so obviously she was worth whatever “favoritism” you’re talking about. jade hated her because of it and put all these negative ideas into the other players heads about her so they would take jade’s side. we won because coach L was our coach…it’s that simple. if you wanted more playing time, you should’ve just dropped down to jv!!! the jv coach had a bad temperament and cussed in front of the team…but hey, it’s not about winning so you would have gotten all the playing time you wanted. on the other hand, varsity IS about WINNING. varsity coaches put their best players in the games and praise the star players. i didn’t get as much playing time as some of the other girls either but i get it. championship teams become champions by having their best players play as much as possible. the other people were right when they said this year’s team is going to suck because he’s not there. gooooood luck!!!

  • I was also in Mr. Lorello’s class with Jade and it was really annoying . But it wasn’t annoying because of Mr. Lorello. It was annoying because of Jade. She was always interrupting, talking, fake laughing, rolling her eyes, walking around the classroom, called him names, and being rude to him. He even had to make a seating chart for all of us because of her and she STILL kept doing what she was doing. I even later asked him to transfer her out of the classroom. He told me he already asked and the counselor said no. UGH. So frustrating! I almost went to the office myself to tell a counselor to get her out of the class. I never had a problem with her until I had that class with her. She was so immature. And now I find out she was like that all because he took her out of a game!!! Oh and by the way, I know what coaches that person was talking about who get high with the players. My boyfriend was on one of the teams haha. One of the coaches actually came high to class on the first day of school. It was so obvious.

  • Coach Lorello Supporter

    Well I am not exactly sure what else I can say in support of Coach Lorello that has not been said by the bloggers on here already that do KNOW, SUPPORT and APPRECIATE all that he has done for not only my daughter but for the many Northview Students and Athletes that he has taught and coached over the years. I know him as the most kind hearted, caring and understanding person that only made the bad choice of writing down his thoughts and feelings about Jade Vehawn.
    I hope those of you that think you really know Jade honestly dont. She most certainly is not and was not the person she tried to say she was. There are so many examples I could point out but as another blogger said she did send out text messages to the soccer team trying to put down a player and have them side with her, she was indeed jealous of another player because she wasnt getting the attention that the other player was. Maybe Jade that is because winning was not what mattered to you but to the other player(s) it was. If you want to just have fun then go play AYSO where they have to play you no matter how good or bad you are. Hard work pays off that is why you all won as you did because the players that wanted to win did what it took to win.
    I certainly cannot believe that this whole thing even made it to the paper when it has been dealt with and I thought was over with months ago. As some people in fact have said Jade is hanging around NV or at their soccer games I think Jade needs to grow up already and move on. If she feels so uncomfortable being somewhere Coach Lorello is then she can make the choice to not go there or to leave. Why stir the pot with involving the Tribune? Seriously Jade grow up already and move on. I think in life if we make a bad choice or mistake and we have been reprimanded for it that we deserve the chance to move on and make better choices in what we do in the future. I dont think anyone wants to be condemned for the rest of their lives for one bad choice. Maybe if the parents on the soccer team that are so against Coach Lorello were not so quick to judge and took the time to find out the truth and didnt go upon rumors then you probably would feel different. Northviews administration needs to be taught how to handle the things that go on at their school more professionally and this all could have been avoided when he approached them the first time about removing her from his class. The disrespect she showed him in his classroom in front of the other students was just simply ridiculous.
    Coach Lorello even if they dont let you coach at Northview ever again you have done a great job in coaching and it shows with the results of the sports that you have coached. You have made a difference in so many students and athletes lives and I am sure most of them appreciate it and will never forget you. You have so many people that do support you whether they write on this blog or they approach you for the truth. I wish you nothing but the best in the future and Jade, well I hope you are happy now and can move on and grow up already! At least Coach Lorello could stand up and tell the truth unlike you still to this day by what you said in the Tribune article. But hey you got your name in the newspaper though right?

  • Fred Robledo

    There are recent posts that crossed the line and were deleted, and after reading all the back and forth on this thread, enough has been written for both sides to state their opinions, so I’m going to disable the comments.