Travion Boykins and Uriah Trailer ready to help Damien football; In other news, West Covina’s Solomon out against Loyola, and reaction from Covina and Diamond Bar’s losses

Damien’s Dynamic Duo: Travion Boykins and Uriah Trailer have specific roles on the Damien High School football team. They’re supposed to make big plays on offense while making sure they don’t give up any on defense. Their common denominator is speed, something that was notably missing from the Spartans last season. “When we found out we were going here, we started watching all the YouTube videos and saw all the big plays they got beat on (last year),” Trailer said. “They didn’t tackle very well and their corners weren’t very fast.

West Covina’s Solomon to miss Loyola: West Covina High School’s football team will be without running back/defensive back Chris Solomon this Friday night when the Bulldogs take on Loyola at L.A. Valley College.
Solomon, the reigning Tribune Player of the Year, left Saturday’s win over Covina in the first half one play after his ankle rolled during a carry. Bulldogs coach Mike Maggiore said Solomon injured himself after leaping over a tackler and getting caught in a pile.

More notes from Tolegian on Covina, Diamond Bar…
Colts ready to go again
Covina came out of Saturday’s battle with West Covina relatively unscathed. “We’re fine,” Covina coach Darryl Thomas said Tuesday. “Just bumps and bruises. We were tired, but we’re good.” After watching film of the game, two areas stood out to Thomas – Covina’s lack of a ground game on offense, and the defense’s inability to get off the field on third down. “After the first game, you look at the film and see the things you need to improve,” Thomas said. “We definitely need to improve the running game; we have to run the football, and that’s something we’re looking to do.”
Colts running back Gevontray Ainsworth was held under 40 yards against West Covina. Covina visits Gladstone on Friday night at Citrus College. Kickoff is 7 p.m.
“We’re still winless,” Thomas said. “The 2011 team, with all this hype, we still don’t have a victory.”
Brahmas look for answers
After a summer of hype, Diamond Bar laid an egg in its season-opening 32-23 loss to Ayala. “We came out awful. Awful.” Diamond Bar coach Ryan Maine said. “Everything went wrong for us.” Indeed. The Brahmas team bus got stuck in traffic due to a car accident and the team was 20 minutes late. Then the coaching staff’s headsets stopped working. And that speaks nothing about what took place on the field: an interception on the first possession, a bad snap for a safety and enough breakdowns to lead to an early hole. “Our film session on Saturday, you could hear a pin drop,” Maine said. “You take away our mistakes and it probably would have been a great game.”
It won’t get easier for Diamond Bar this week. The Brahmas take on a Wilson team that’s also 0-1 and has plenty of good excuses after blowing a big lead to Bosco Tech.
“We watched them on film and they have some very talented linemen,” Maine said of the Wildcats. “It’s going to be a true test on how we want to stop the run game. I don’t think it’s a must win until we get to league, but morale-wise, we can’t come out like we did against Ayala.”

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  • No “I” in TEAM

    Just a little unsolicited advice from an old Fart….”They weren’t very fast and they didn’t tackle very well”….Aren’t those guys your current team mates? Take it easy guys, you may need those slow bad tacklers sometime during YOUR upcoming season. I know it’s hard to do an interview when you’re 16-18 years old but key point…never put down the other guys around you or your team mates in general.

  • FredJ

    I don’t think it was a putdown at all, they were being honest and it was constructive criticism … Why are we always so sensitive when it comes to criticism, players are thicker-skinned than you think.

  • No “I” in TEAM

    You are probably right Fred but I still think as a general rule….never talk bad about your team mates…thick skinned or not. Everybody can take a joke when they are getting along but when they are not that same “Joke” will surface as a an issue. Anyway, if any of you boys are reading this (and I hope to hell you’re not!) just stay positive!!!

  • Sierra League Fan

    My question is “who are these kids to judge the athletic talents of other teammates?” These 2 were part time players @ a division 13 or whatever division school they came from. It is not like these guys were All CIF studs or even starters for that matter. I am with “No I i TEAM” on this one…….don’t knock teammates until you have proven yourself.

  • FredJ

    Sierra, you guys just don’t get it, these guys were so excited about football and the new school they were attending they started looking up youtube video and any info they could get on their new team … That’s positive stuff. Stop crying because they have an opinion, an opinion I completely agree with. In all my years on the blog not ONCE has a player ever complained of criticism on the blogs, it’s usually over-protective anonymous (parent) commenters.

  • Checking In

    For anyone to think that these two players, 5’6″ and 5’5″ in height, are going to be the “saviors” of Damien’s football team is just more media hype and another instance of reporters focusing on nonsense. As an alum, I’d more appreciate a story on this year’s offensive and defensive lines—where the game is truly played, rather than a story on some transfers who haven’t stepped on the field yet.

  • Football Fan

    “In all my years on the blog not ONCE has a player ever complained of criticism on the blogs, it’s usually over-protective anonymous (parent) commenters.”

    Aren’t you really just turning a blind eye to the real issue? These are kids who lack the life experience to defend themselves in this type of forum. How can these kids be expected to cope with (let alone respond to) anonymous attacks from cowards hiding behind usernames? I think you confuse ‘thick skin’ with ‘shell shock’.

    Just my opinion.

  • Fred Robledo

    Checking in …We had former Charter Oak great Jason David in the studio recently, he wasn’t an inch over 5-8 and played corner … That guy won a Super Bowl with the Colts … Amat’s Eric Bienemy wasn’t more than 5-7 and I believe De La Salle had a guy named Maurice Jones Drew, you may have heard of him, he’s 5-7 and in the pros too…Ever heard of the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover.

    Checking in, I get it. You would rather have a story on the lineman, maybe that’s a more personal angle for you, I don’t know. But from a media perspective, the two new additions are more interesting.

  • Fred Robledo

    Football fan, we live in a social media world, and coping with criticism is part of it. For any players who go on to play college football, the blogs and social media will only get bigger compared to our little fish bowl in the San Gabriel Valley. Maybe this is a good way to gain the valuable life-lessons you speak of, by learning how to cope with negative criticism in the social world. I know it’s not the way you and I grew up in, but it’s the world kids live in today. I ask the same questions watching all these reality shows, especially talent-reality shows and wondering how 15, 16 and 17-year-olds take so much criticism on national television and on blogs. It’s the world we live in today. That doesn’t mean it’s the wild, wild west on our blogs. We delete personal attacks or comments that cross the line, but fair criticism as far as what’s anticipated on the field or reaction to comments a player makes is ok.

  • Spartan Dad X 2

    Trailer & Boykins are exceptional young men with alot of smarts & they carry themselves very well. They are polite & well spoken & meant no harm in their statements about Damiens shortcomings last year. So you can try to stir the pot & create a problem. Bottom line, these kids are good boys so leave them alone. As far as their height goes, some of the best players Gano ever had were their size. Don’t confuse football with basketball, low man wins all the time except jump balls in the endzone. Our short guys can jump!!!

  • No “I” in TEAM

    Fred, I wasn’t “attacking” these guys and I wasn’t trying to make a social commentary on the mind frame of today’s athlete. All I was saying was someone should “coach” these guys in interview taking because you shouldn’t say negative things about your team mates…And don’t tell me it’s no big deal becasuse the wrong thing said in a locker room about a starting QB’s performance or a RB’s lack of heart can destroy a team/locker room. And you know this. It’s never too early to learn the ways of the world.

  • no-step

    No “I” in TEAM

    This is a tempest in a teapot.

  • The Double standard

    Here is the deal, Damien needed a mojo and these two kids brought them that. In preps, sometimes you have to be ahead of the curve, you have to be on the beat. There coverage has been about potential. If these two guys can come from a div 13 school, and walk on the Damien campus with this much attention, there must be a reason. Whatever Damien had over there was obviously not better than what they have now with these two. I never read anything about them being Saviors, I am just reading that they have some talent, and could improve the Damien squad. Is that so hard to believe. I am sure that Charter oak, Glendora, West covina, Covina, Monrovia, Bishop Amat or anyone else in the Valley would have loved to have these two show up on their campus! If they did show up at your school, you would hyping, pumping, Defending and praising them. Seems like these two young men understand the level of competition they are stepping into. If you “wear your heart on your sleeve”, then DON’T PLAY FOOTBALL. Coaches are going to get in your face, players ar going to call you out, and Parents are going to talk. It’s good for these young men to come in and be honest. Size wise, These two guys are going to grow. They really don’t have to be taller than 5’8 to go D1, if they are fast explosive and strong. In they Picture they look like they are put together well. If your players don’t set standards and don’t hold each other accountable, then you will have a losing program. You really think Damien liked losing to Bishop 42-7? This years game will be better, especially now Damien may have some real speed. This is perfect for Gano, he has two young players who will be around long enough to help transition his program into a top Inland team. Most schools get kids in their senior year. Now others will may be attracted to play with these guys. Damien is still a few players away, but this is a great start and much needed. These two guys you may want to follow. I get tired of people always pissing on schools, when they try to improve their talent, or entice kids to come to their school. Everyone is doing so…you got’s to chill..

    On a side note, All the Passing league hyped up teams didn’t get it done in week 0…This weeks first Victims, Diamond Bar and Charter Oak. Diamond bar was supposed to have the big time QB, WR’s etc…etc..and the first play was a pick. Charter Oak look so good this summer they were penciled in to beat Glendora big. Well they didn’t. All the so call big time athletes, did not impress. It’s one thing to run around, throw and catch in no pads, but put some linemen out there, and strap on the gear. Then add the hitting, people don’t fly around anymore…I expect the passing league teams to have more trouble as the year goes on…That’s what they get for thinking they could 5 yard slant their way to win. Last time I checked, you never hear about servite, or De la Salle winning any passing tourneys lol.

  • Rob

    This sounds like the best Damien team since the Mark Mendrun and Travis Eschardies led team that won the Sierra league in 2006.

  • patrick

    @ Double standard,

    Since when does “ONE” game make or break a whole season??? Thats flawed logic to me! Now if you are wishing them to have a bad season, thats another issue, but geez, the first game?? and the season is over already??? Sounds personal to me!!

  • double standard

    Patrick, I am sorry, but you are thinking in a box. When both are parochial schools, it’s a big deal. If you are a SGV parent looking for a Parochial school to send your kid to, you are paying attention to this game. They compete for the Same kind of players. If you look in the Trinity league in the pac 5, when Mater Dei plays servite, that game is huge to the kids in that area…When Santa Margarita plays J serra, its for the kids in that Area. Why do you think Mater dei has had ten down years, it’s because Kids are not locked in to MD any more. They have the option of Servite, or private christian School Orange lutheran. When those teams beat Mater Dei, it open them up to a whole class of kids. Gano could have 5-5 season, and lose his job. If he goes 5-5 and beats or stays with Bishop he would have a little more security. You would be crazy, if you think that is not one of the most important games on the Damien Schedule. Now if the were a inland contender, that game would not mean that much. But if they are going to be a bottom finisher in league…a Win against the Parochial power house Bishop amat would be huge…Even a win against J serra would be big…here is the deal, if parent is looking for a good education, and football school in the SGV people think Bishop. Gano needs them to Think Damien.

  • wormseyeview

    So, let’s get to the real story here.
    “After a summer of hype, Diamond Bar laid an egg…”
    And who perpetuated the hype all summer?
    Seems to me your hype laid an egg.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Well, Well, Well, All that hype that we had to listen to all summer long. NoDBar did what they have done for the past 4 years. Not stop anyone when they need to. I do believe coach Maine will get it together given time. It just won’t be this year, Not for a league championship anyway. I don’t see the Brahmas finishing any higher than 4th in the tough Hacienda league. Don’t get upset DB fans. You do have a shot at getting the Branding Iron back. Your Walnut game will be a play-off game for both teams. The winner gets in, the loser goes home and turns their stuff in.

    SGV430 Ouuuuttt!!!

  • sierra lookout

    since when: since when do 2 fast corners make a losing team turn to a winning team? I think maybe after another 20 transfers they will earn a spot at the top but as of right now??? What is it that we missed??

  • skipped one

    how come the transfer from charter oak wasnt included in this article?

  • DontBascared

    Sierra lookout you need to look a little closer Damien was 6-5 and 3-2 the same record as CO so you shouldn’t your fear fog your thoughts. I know your worried about Damien being upgraded this year and you should be…lol

  • DontBascared

    Sierra lookout you need to look a little closer Damien was 6-5 and 3-2 the same record as CO so you shouldn’t your fear fog your thoughts. I know your worried about Damien being upgraded this year and you should be…lol

  • spartans at practice

    Seen both these guys at practice. Besides being tiny, they arent much at tackling and not all that impressive at defending their own team.its easy to run fast and strut at practice. Proof will be in the pudding. With the first game being tonight, we will see how they do. Probably another one of Gano’s busts.

    I hope this is Gano’s last season with the Spartans. I miss the Larson days when kids were coached, not recruited.

    Gonna be a long season for the spartans

    Games are won on that offensive and defensive line. Damien has the same band of losers as last year.

  • Agree Wit You

    I agree with you my friend.
    I stopped contributing to the Damien Boosters because of exactly this. I am paying them money so they can recruit these busts on full tuition?
    Tuition is 690 a month, these guys Gano brings are getting a free ride, and they dont seem to perform.

    Ill waste my money some other way.

    Until the recruitment stops, ill not spend anotehr dime with the boosters.

  • OMG Damien WTF??

    What happened tonight? I just read this fantastic article about Damien recruiting a spark to the team!!! Is this the Gano explosive offense??? Diamond Ranch is that good? Or is Damien that bad?
    Damien 13 Diamond Ranch 6 ???? Are you kidding me?

    How did Damien ever get a number 4 rank?

    Alex Hernandez was the best pick all year. Where is the article on him. he played great today. The Gano Superstars either went down injured, or didnt perform!!!

    This is gonna be a long year. I think the Freshman and JV should play the varsity games and lets call the Varsity SparBabies. Gano has them playing like a buncha milktoasts.

    And guys, dont try to act hurt when the chips are down, play harder and get it back.

    Wow, Good luck guys.