Two-Minute Drill Specials: Bishop Amat vs. Servite; Diamond Ranch vs. Damien

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  • Aaron

    Food for thought: Chino’s HC Matt McCain was suspended last week.

  • Jefe

    First off, I know it killed you guys to pick Servite over your beloved Amat. The pain on Freddy’s face was crystal clear.

    I think it was odd that you guys admitted you don’t watch Servite (assuming because you don’t cover that area). Even though you’re both SGV guys, I would think you’d keep an eye on Servite or at least watch their games archived off IBN. I mean, they ARE in the Pac-5, last time I checked, so was Amat.

    Fred, your off-handed remark about watching Servite against DLS on tv last year was petty & silly. Do you think Amat would have fared better against one of the greatest programs in the history of California football? Doubtful…

    Lastly, I don’t think Cal Preps is that far off on their “calculated” prediction. I definitely think Servite is at least three touchdowns better than Amat at this point, early in the season. I’ve heard from more than a couple of people that Garfield was in that game up till the last Amat score & was right in Amat’s face. That has to be an eye-opener if you’re a Lancer fan.

    We sha see though. That’s why they play the game. I’ll be back to eat crow if I’m wrong.

  • I hope all players “leave a game feeling good about themselves” – particularly when they leave it all on the field.

    I also understand that you HAVE to hope for the best on this show since your audience is primarily locals in the SGV.

    Servite is strong in both halves. The second half can be more punishing on a less fit team.

    Bishop Amat will not score against the Servite Defense.

    Servite wins by 28+.

    Good luck to both teams

    PS – (and this is a suggestion, not a put down) why don’t you guys ‘dress up’ a little for this show and, for goodness sakes, sit up straight. Even if you’re not getting paid for it, you should look like you do.

  • Fred Robledo

    Jefe, yes I saw the Servite game last year in the state final against De La Salle, and no, I do not think the blowout meant De La Salle was THAT much better than Servite. If you remember, it poured all day and night, and Servite was the last game on a field that was in no condition to host a football game.

  • Fred Robledo

    Tom, that is us dressed up, but good point, we’ll check with the Trib’s wardrobe department and get back to ya.

  • smallcitymc

    I’ve asked for info on Amat’s line in the past and received no response. Fred/Aram, You guys mentioned the lines, but again no info. Other than looking at the team roster, we don’t have much info (there is possibly 1 Servite D-I prospect). The rosters show that Servite has the bigger line on average, which is no surprise, however, I know for a fact that Servite’s roster does not include all their players. Take for example a junior I know of that is 6′ and weighs at least 215… yes he’s pretty good as is Servite who Maxpreps ranks as the #4 team in the country.

  • John

    I say Servite wins by 17 making the game appear closer than it actually was. You forgot to mention you can watch the game online at

  • JohnnyDangerously

    Like your 2 Minute Drill. First time (not last time). OCConnect was the source.
    A couple things you should know about Servite:
    1) Strong and Fast in all positions.
    2) Break out skill players every season. Last year Felton. This year Felton x 2 = Moore (soph) and Etiaki – both big and strong. Just need experience.
    3) Def averaged 9 pts/game against. This year should be less. That means Amat must score 14 pts or more, and most likely turn overs and kicking game, which are pretty solid for Servite.
    4)Very disciplined and solid leadership. Pauu is the real deal Leader.
    5) Seldom a blowout. Once Servite’s ahead, and can manage the game defensively, they seem to shut it down. It makes the game appear closer than it really is.

    Amat’s always been solid, but Servite has a great program. I expect Servite to win by 10 to 14 pts. Amat will make some key mistakes, which will seem like they had a chance in the game. Really, it will be an excercise that will prove Amat worthy and tested for league play and playoffs – very similar to La Habra and their schedule.

  • SJB Parent

    Last year Servite was more loaded than this year. They have talent this year for sure, but that talent lacks experience. When we played them last year they did not wow me. They just looked like a good high school team, but nothing to be in awe about.

    The thing they do is stay grounded and play every play. They don’t make many mistakes, and they capitalize on the opponents mistakes.

    I believe that if Amat plays every play without mental lapses, they will not only be in the game, but actually win it. I know Amat has talent, I’ve seen them play.

    Just stay away from thinking Servite is more than they really are. They are not invincible, and they are not that dominant.

    Good Luck Amat !

  • Lance R

    Times write up.

    Now that the Rio Ruiz drama is over (he’s not leaving to play for the 18U national baseball team), La Puente Bishop Amat Coach Steve Hagerty wants everyone to focus on his team’s game against No. 1-ranked Anaheim Servite on Friday night at Cerritos College.

    “We’re facing one of the best defenses around,” Hagerty said.

    Eric Sondheimer
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    High school football season brings several story lines High school football season brings several story lines

    Last week, Bishop Amat defeated Los Angeles Garfield, 14-0, with quarterback Ruiz and receiver Adam Alcantara both not starting because they missed practice to play baseball.

    This week was going to be the last football game for Ruiz until next month, as he was leaving to join the 18U team for a tournament in Colombia. But that tournament was postponed until November, causing Ruiz to say, “I’m not leaving my team.”

    “We’re glad he’s going to stay,” Hagerty said. “We were all prepared and now it’s not going to happen. I just want to move on.”

    The question is whether Bishop Amat is prepared to take on the Friars and all the challenges they present. Servite opened its season with a 20-0 win over Oceanside.

    “Every team is different,” Hagerty said. “We’re still in that phase trying to figure out who we are. I think we’re going to be a very good team. I just don’t know when.”

    And facing Servite in the second game of the season will force his players to play well or face the consequences.

    Hagerty said the two-time defending Pac-5 Division champion Friars under Coach Troy Thomas have accomplished big things in the weight room and as a team.

    “There’s a thing in high school sports about owning a kid’s spirit, and I think he’s got those kids in the palm of his hands,” Hagerty said. “They’ve bought in, and we’re all trying for that standard. Sometimes it’s about family and kids connecting, and that’s what they are part of.”

    As for what Bishop Amat must do, Hagerty said, “You have to play high school football and play as a group and see them for who they are. We’re going to have to deflate the image a little bit.”


    AMAT is taking on the Big Bad Servite Friars of The O.C. and an AMAT win against the #1 Servite Friars would do a lot for our Fish Bowl and the brand of football we play here. Also, C.O. is battling the I.E. (Rosey) and a win there would be just as sweet. Good Luck to all SGV Teams but a huge shout out to my Bishop Amat Lancers AND the C.O. Chargers!!! Rep us well Boys and bring home the “W’s”!!!

  • Frank

    Game against Garfield was really not that close, Garfield was only in red zone one time and were never much of a threat. Amat held a lot back, you will be surprised this week.

  • 12th man

    This game will be won in the trenches..& of course time of possession..Amat will have to be flawless in the Turnovers & Special Teams dept..One thing is for sure Amat will put up a battle no matter what the final score reads..Im concerned with the play calling im not sure BA was holding back on Garfield i think Amat generally starts off slow during non-league games anyways..They really didn’t start putting it into gear last season until the 4th game..I am so NOT looking foward to that play Amat runs when they are near the goal line & they quickly go into a no huddle run up to the ball give it a quick snap count & hand it to one of the three backs…Everyone in the Southern Section already knows that play…It use to work about 2 or 3 years ago..but that was when Amat had a more physical O line..Last season that same play costed them about 3 games..Once during the League championship vs. Alemany & again during the playoffs vs Tesoro… I say bring out the Trick plays thru out the game..Keep Servite defense honest..Amat needs to establish the passing game first b4 the run IMO..Otherwise Servite will stack the box on 1st & 2nd & blitz on 3rd down..High School Football is not like D1 College, players will bite on the Double Pass, Halfback Pass, Fleaflicker,Hook & ladder…Its time for AMAT to come out of there comfort zone & step out of the box…

  • BABlues

    Bishop Amat Article in the LA Times:

    Love them or hate them, this is one of the reasons why you want to play football at Bishop Amat!

  • just askin’

    12th Man – you must be an old flag-football coach. I love “exciting” football and all the boosters in the stands too, All those plays are nice every once in a while. But tell me – when was the last CIF champion that lived on a steady diet of those?

  • 12th man

    just askin,
    The previous last pac5 champions whithin the past few years have had stellar defense & were averaging 12 points or less.. I dont see BA with those types of numbers…Sometimes you got to do watever it takes to compensate your weaknesses (defense)..If you can recall the playoff game vs Long Beach poly (2008-2009) when they were ranked #1 in the nation it was the play calling in that game that kept BA in it to the last minute of the game..Amat dropped 17 points on a defense that was ranked #1 in allowing just under 9 points a game that season..2 trick plays during the game both would eventually lead to scores….Its called the element of suprrise~ That same year Amat ran trick plays 3 games in a row leading to the playoffs..So yes you can live on a steady diet of those if you execute them at the rite time..

  • Johnny Dangerously

    SJB is another one of thos that just doesn’t get Servite tradition. Good luck Amat!

  • BraveDad

    @Johnny Dangerously, I cannot speak for “SJB Parent,” but I can say that Bosco and its football program totally gets, understands, respects, etc, Servites tradition. One would have to be a fool to say they are a HS football fan/follower and not acknowledge Servite’s tradition and success. That said we do not fear that tradition. Those are two very different things and any football program that fears another is going to fail against the other program every time – right? Negro is working hard and the belief on the team is that we can beat Servite. We have not fared well against Servite recently, but last year’s game could have gone either way. Until we get over the hump, hats off to the Friars. Can’t wait for the showdown on Oct 28th; come early and bring plenty of money to spend at the concession stands.

  • Johnny Dangerously

    @ bravedad and others….
    I remember a 20 year stretch against MD, so I get you. My point is Servite now plays the game for a “W” versus many other programs play for a blow out. Servite would rather take a knee on the 2 than put another 6 on the board with 30 seconds left – and that’s with 3rd string who can’t wait to score. Servite had more 2nd / 3rd string playing minutes than any other team last year and still averaged 9 pts against the D. I respect Bosco and good things will come soon. I support all of OLu except how they run their sports programs – too much separation from the school. This will be a great year and the best team that day will win.

    BTW – Servite’s JV and underclass completely dominated Amat – like 106 to 6. This will be a good test tonight for both teams.

  • Johnny Dangerously

    What? No more comments? I commend Ruiz on stepping up and playing a sacrificial game with questionable play calling by the coaches and having to run a marathone for each play call. This kid played both ways and has a hell of an arm! #28 pounded the ball – cudos!