Hagerty ready to roll with Ruiz for rest of season

“I’m glad he’s on our team. It’s unfortunate it didn’t work out for him because I know it’s something he really wanted to do. We were prepared to move on without him, but we don’t have to do that now. We’re glad he’s here. He’s one of our leaders and best players.”Amat coach Steve Hagerty

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
With Bishop Amat High School quarterback Rio Ruiz locked in for the entire season, Lancers coach Steve Hagerty is anxious to put the saga of his star quarterback’s playing status in the past and continue preparations for Friday’s showdown against Servite. Kickoff is 7:30 p.m. at Cerritos College. Ruiz was expected to miss Amat’s games against La Mirada, Damien and Cathedral so he could compete in the COPABE Pan American 18 and Under baseball championships in Colombia from Sept. 12 through Oct 2. But with the tournament now pushed back to November, Ruiz announced over the weekend he will be sticking with football. Ruiz came off the bench in Amat’s season-opening win over Garfield to lead two touchdown drives in the Lancers’ 14-0 win. With Ruiz not expected to miss any time, the chances of him being fully cranked by the time Serra League play roll around have greatly improved. And that also means any notion of Ruiz being rusty due to missing three games have gone by the wayside.
“The more time he puts in, the better he’ll be,” Hagerty said. “Every game Rio plays at quarterback is better for us. The more reps he gets, the better he gets.”

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  • Amat Bully

    Dang didnt you do this story already. you know there are other teams in the SGV

  • Andrea True Connection

    More, more, more….how do you like it? how do you like it?


  • Fred Robledo

    Amat Bully, you didn’t see the thread on Los Altos, the Damien Duo, on West Covina without Solomon, stop being a hater and take a deep breath, there’s room for everyone, and we certainly write plenty about the other schools. And BTW, if your sole purpose is like Notsince 1995 in continually bashing one team, taking cheap shots, insulting players and trying to hijack a thread with your putdown commentary, I will start deleting your comments, and banning your IP addresses like I have with Notsince. You’ve been warned.

  • Amat Bully

    SENSITIVE….and if you have been reading my post i haven’t been bashing anyone i only respond to others stop being so sensitive. you can flex your muscle all you want and do what you gotta do. And you say hijack dude look at the recent post I’ve made when i specifically ask can we keep the topic and stop talking about irrelevant stuff. LIKE I SAID THOUGH DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO.

  • smallcitymc

    Wow Fred! I didn’t think you had it in you. “Forty somethings” bashing a kid got old a long time ago. Perhaps we should send their writings to an FBI profile team… ah, forget that. We already know what the answer is going to be… narcissistic, loud mouth, doesn’t play with others, etc, etc.

    Great to have RIo back. Man I got to tell you, his leadership style reminds me of Sanchez when he was SC.

  • Amat Bully

    i have never once insulted a player on any blog, but im not into proving anything to anybody, so say what you want and do what you gotta do.

  • Amat Ban Hater’s Committee

    Sheesh it’s about time we put some Duck Tape around Bully’s mouth (or writing fingers)!! Enough of his whining and bitching!

  • Amat Bully

    Amat Ban Hater’s Committee
    Wouldn’t you love that. just like an Amat fan you hate to be challenged. Don’t worry you have a fan with power to do so, so if it happens “oh well” its just a blog. As a result enough of you Amat fans “whining and bitching please delete the bully please” or the fact that he gets upset because this story is similar to the story that he wrote on Sept 5, and i called him on it you Amat fans might get your wish. Just look at what another blogger wrote on that post, and then go back into the summer and see what another blogger had wrote then. Im just saying it isn’t only me that feels this way, but it is what it is i guess calling out King Robledo on his work is a no no.

  • Fred Robledo

    Bully, first, it’s not the same story, it’s the first story with actual reaction from Hagerty that finally ran in the newspaper today along with the Los Altos notes. I post all football related Trib stories here, have been doing in forever. But I do like King Robledo, that has a nice sound to it.

  • Poor Valley Guy

    Amat Bully spends 10x as much time bashing Amat than he does talking about Charter Oak who he claims to be a fan of. He needs to go as his intention is to bash and not challenge. There is a difference between both actions and his envy of Bishop Amat football and the media attention it receives is quite obvious. This has got to embarrass other CO fans.

    I guess it doesn’t help matters that the LA Times has Rio Ruiz and Bishop Amat as their top story on their Preps Sports Page. He must be burning with envy and unfortunately does not know how to handle such emotions, except to bash a world that he knows nothing about.

  • Amat Bully

    Poor Valley Guy
    Dude SHUT UP. i don’t even remember the last time i bashed Amat, if i wasn’t responding to a bashing of CO first. Like i said you Amat fans are big “CRY BABIES AND WHINING B!*$#@s”. And feel free to throw in the CO fans should be embarrass junk, like i said before i don’t care about no fans i stand alone if they are embarrass then it is what it is im not letting anyone bash CO. And i don’t care about Amat being the top story in the La times anytime you play the top school in California your going to get that attention from all over. (Good for Amat) And me envying Amat has to be a joke why would i envy a team that hasn’t won anything in a decade in a half whereas CO has.

    But look im done bullying Amat and its fans i dont want yall to keep calling on “Robledo” to delete me like yall been doing for the longest now only to prove how much of “whining B!@#$%s” yall really are. i enjoy the attention Amat gets its satisfying to me seeing Amat fall every year and the fans making excuses on why they failed.

  • jcaz

    To quote Theodore Roosevelt…BULLY !!

    Ordinarily I might be one of the few folks in here to defend your right to speak your mind on this blog. However…..

    The only problem with that:

    1. Your moniker is solely based on attacking one school and one school only

    2. You never talk about any of the good things that make Charter Oak such an outstanding football program

    3. You seem to always, and I mean always be the first guy on here to bash anything related to Amat. And just as Fred said in here, you are “Continually bashing one team, taking cheap shots, insulting players and trying to hijack a thread with your putdown commentary.” after a while that gets really old.

    Look dude, if you come in here and really wanted to contribute to this blog, then im sure that most people in here would embrace you, even with a few put downs on the Amat program every now and then.

    In fact, if you remember, there was a guy in here last year (Charter oak fan ?)who was always challenging the Amat faithful by really being articulate.

    The guy was really hated by the “faithful,” but man I have to say that that guy was really good. Anyway, maybe if you were more like him, then it wouldn’t be so bad.

    Give it a try why don’t you ?

    Anyway, off to Amat to see the Freshmen play Servite !!

  • Lance R

    Having Rio back without the baseball hanging over him is a good thing. I mean the young man committed to playing in the baseball games, was man enough to address the team and his coaches. It is not a fault of his they pushed the baseball games to November. Rio will now be 100% focused for the whole season and now those non league games will really prepare him and the team for the league games and hopefully beyond that. Losing a talent like Rios really can effect a team, not only with his talent but his leadership,Adding a player like Rio which they just did by him staying put is now a step up as the team will feel that energy and confidence of having their leader there full time. This worked out perfect for the Lancer team. I did not want to go there but Amat Bully we respect CO and their sports programs as well their parents respect Amat and their sports programs, as for you getting bounced here for immaturity, well you have only yourself to blame. When and if the host cuts you out as a blogger please do not sign up with a different name and if you do please come correct this time. Its about the sports programs not just football.

  • Amat Bully

    AGAIN YOU HAVE NEVER READ ME BASHING A KID……and i don’t only bash Amat i bash whoever bash CO. And again i don’t care about what people think as much as you guys do. look at all my post go back and read them i only respond i dont start the madness. And unlike you i would never try to be like another man, that would make me fake “HINT”. your just another whining Amat fan get over it. All i said was didnt you just do this story and now all you whining a$$ Amat fans gotta “open your mouth with a Mf-in opinion” Quoted by tupac. And i always mention how good the CO program is again go back and look at my post from other topics. and on the last post about Amat i wasn’t the first go check it out the post was Sept 5 when he talked about a similar topic as today so your always statement is a lie. COME WITH FACTS.

  • Amat Bully

    Lance R:
    Another whining fan begging for me to be cut. LOL

    Check what i first wrote there was no bashing in it at all.

    this is what i said to those who are just going off of the other dummy’s post instead of actually reading what was wrote first.

    “Dang didnt you do this story already. you know there are other teams in the SGV”.

    where is the bashing at. And like i said if he cut me cut me i don’t care its just a blog, DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO.

  • Lance R

    Amat Bully……….your name speaks for itself. Sorry you dislike our Alma Mater for whatever reason, football? Come on wise up and be the mature adult here (unless you are a kid). It is your opinion and your right to have one but if the host is going to can your name out of here then you only have to go back and read your own posts and see that you created your own firing from the Host. You may want to try another blog or just comment on the CO threads and leave the Amat threads to the Amat faithful who share positive insight with one another. I am sure us Amat faithful do not judge CO faithful for the one bad apple they have which is you.

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat Bully, I’m not writing about the comment you made on this thread, I’m writing about the tone of your comments since creating your sign-name. It’s clear to me you want to continually bash one team, and ruin any thread that relates to that team. I’m not going to allow you to do that. I’ve been very patient with you, all I’m asking is that you tone it down, and yes, maybe show more support and dialogue for the team you cheer for than the team you despise…C’mon man, work with me, that’s all I’m asking.

  • Real talk

    @ Fred I don’t feel you favor Amat. When Amat comes up short you will say it and not try to make excuses for Amat. Fred why do you think there is so much hate on Amat in the sgv?

  • 4Dec

    Amat Bully

    In 2010, out of the top 10 most popular football articles written here at http://www.sgvtribune.com, 8 of those top 10 were about Bishop Amat. It’s not our fault that our fanbase is gigantic or that Amat is the sole SGV representative in the Pac-5. This division is always the highest ranked division in California and usually ranked within the top 10 in the United States.

    Bishop Amat has been competing at this level for FORTY YEARS. It is because of these FORTY YEARS that Amat has the number of fans that they do and why they get a lot of media attention. Bishop Amat only has to win one league game (like Crespi last year) to make the front page of Maxpreps.com.

    Would you have criticized Maxpreps last season? Bishop Amat is currently the lead story (NOT #1 SERVITE BUT BISHOP AMAT) on the preps page of the LA Times ( http://www.latimes.com/sports/highschool/ ) and was the lead story several times the past 2 years. Are you going to critize the LA Times? Of course you wouldn’t and you shouldn’t criticize the Tribune for their coverage on Amat.

    Again, 8 out of the 10 top high school football articles clicked on in 2010 were about Amat. There is nothing you can do nor say that is going to change this trend other than get yourself banned.

    Take some friendly advice and stick to your Chargers. They have a big game tomorrow night and you have yet to discuss Roosevelt. Perhaps some other CO fans will join you in this discussion.

  • jcaz

    Just came back for the freshmen game and all I have to say is…..

    “Other than that Mrs Kennedy, how did you enjoy the motorcade ????”


    True, the freshmen gave up a lot of points on turnovers, but man these guys really creamed the Lancers. In fact, the Friers even put in the second string at the beginning of the fourth quoter and on the very first play, the guy runs it in for a touchdown. OUCH !!

    Well, there was one positive out of all of this, and that was the fact that there were a lot, and I MEAN A LOT, of people at that game today. In fact, I can honestly say that there were as much people at this game this afternoon than I sometimes see in some of the other local Friday night match ups in the SGV.

    Lots of interest that’s for sure. Only wish that the game had come out a bit more differently

  • Extra Extra!!!


    Check out the 2011 Los Angeles Times TOP 25 football programs. Believe it or not Bishop has played 16 of those schools within the past 7 years. Out of those 16, BA has beat 10 of them at least once during the same time period.

    Whether or not you are a fan of BA, thats a history you have to respect and even admire. And I’m not talking about ancient history, folks. I’m talking about the most recent 7 years. I’m sure there would be plenty more if Maxpreps was older.

  • Amat Tested

    Good that Amat got Ruiz for season because that O-line and D-line are weak indeed. He’ll be chased around a bit but his arm will keep him out of trouble. Servite will win in blow-out the line will get brutalized.

  • fb102

    Jcaz, the Amat frosh got their lunch AND dinner handed to them.
    I think the Servite 3rd string was out there at the beginning of the 4th quarterRunning clock in the 4th quarter, it was THAT bad.

    TALENTWISE the Servite frosh was/is WAY better than Amats. Servite Offense did whatever they wanted to Amats defense.

    Question: WHY didnt the Amat starting QB get pulled when the game got out of hand? Please tell me there IS another QB on the frosh team.

  • Fred Robledo

    From L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer … “Garfield people are saying Edison is better than last week’s opponent, Bishop Amat.”

  • Nostradamus

    A fan will appear from the land of the Oaks
    to battle it out with Amat and their folks,
    This fan will praise all things about the tree
    while engaged with another that’s known as 73
    His logic it seems does not ring true
    why he hates the team of the gold and the blue,
    This child of the game has much yet to know
    But he’ll be set straight by another named Joe.
    His wits at times look as to be dead
    And he is chastised by the king that some here call Fred,
    It’s not too late to get back in the race
    before his IP gets flushed into space,
    You don’t have to agree when you read what we scribble
    Just keep your replies non personal and civil,
    Each has the right to be proud and not a jack-ass
    while comparing your team to the team of the jcaz,
    I predict he will alter and be here quite a while
    And while reading this post I hope you did smile.

  • Chargers Beat Bulldogs

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what Garfield people are saying. Edison scored most of their points in the 1st quarter…The very same quarter Amat was without Rio Ruiz and WR/SS Adam Alcantara. Edison was SHUT OUT the second half.

    Edison’s 19 yard interception return was a giant Garfield screw up. Something like this can be a disasterous blow to morale which always has a negative effect on gameplay…especially against a Pac-5 powerhouse like Edison. After regaining their composure, Garfield’s D stepped it up after half time.

    If you take away that interception TD gift, the score would have been 20-7, which is only a 13 point victory (compare with 14 point Amat victory). I’m actually surprised that Garfield was able to score at all on Edison but they did.

  • COChargerfan

    jcaz, I still read the blog pretty much every day but just aren’t compelled to be engaged in trivial nonsense. With that said, I never bashed Amat and, instead, outwarded supported them which, ironically, caused some of the “Nation” (ha, ha) to hate me even more.

    FredJ, I’m adding my two cents because I’m pretty disappointed that you as a representative for the Tribune have banned NotSince. While I didn’t agree with much of what he said, EVERYTHING he said wasn’t off the mark as he often provided data to support his opinion. Certainly, others continually take shots at CO with the latest being Nostradamus…but they are left alone. But that’s not the point…you have thrown the 1st Amendment out the window to appease a certain segment of your readership…disappointing to say the least and somewhat two-faced for a newspaper to engage in censorship.

    jcaz and Amat fans, good luck tonight.

  • Fred Robledo

    Co Fan, Notsince couldn’t make a point without some Burrito comment, or reference to Hispanics because Amat is in La Puente, and that’s putting it mildly compared to what he often wrote. And there were many other times he crossed the line in that regard. I agree he made good points, but the insults wouldn’t stop, he would sneak them in all the time and I got tired of babysitting it. Believe it or not, I have tons of things to do besides this blog, and I have been more than fair in what I allow commenters to write. But when I continually ask someone to please refrain from those type of comments and they continue to do it, what options do they leave me with?

  • COChargerfan

    FredJ, I’m certainly not privy to what you have edited out but over the past 6 months or so I don’t recall seeing any burrito or Kitty’s references and, instead, just the usual stuff about Amat’s playoff and big game failures. No doubt a broken record but no more so than some of the WC and Amat fans continual chirping about COs lack of guts vis–vis weak scheduling.

    Anyhow, good luck to all the SGV teams.

  • Blog Police

    @Nostradamus- NICE! Now that was good stuff. Off the top of your head in one take? Regardless, it shows a little talent there my man, props.

    COchargerfan-If nonsense95 wants to excercise his 1st Amendment rights let him start his own Blog. His take was the always the same and it was always about/against the Amat Lancers. OK cool, voice yourself you have the right, but the guy really brought the same food to the pot luck everytime (and it wasn’t good at the first pot luck). I believe Fred also has a right to look out for his readership. This Blog is run and monitored by Fred, if I’m not mistaken? Fred has the 1st Amendment right to say what he wants but “We” do not have the right to post whatever we want on HIS BLOG. That is why he is the monitor and curator of this Blog. You want to be responsible for everybody’s “right” to say whatever they want, then start your own blog, BUT be sure to post your name and picture w/it. This way, everyone knows who you are and where you work so they can associate your face with your “work/blog” and your acceptance of the views expressed therein as evidenced by your allowing of “Those types of posts” to remain there under your picture.

    Just my opinion….but just because you have the right to say it, doesn’t always mean that you should say it.

  • COChargerfan

    Blog Policefirst of all my comment was directed at FredJ so exactly what gives you the right to interject YOUR opinion? So let me understand, you have the right to interject your opinion into anothers conversation telling them what to say and when to say it but you dont have to take your own advice? Hmmis this your blogjust wondering? What you are really is the 1st Amendment gives the likes of you and your pal Nostradamus the right to spew whatever you feel but not so for NotSince and others like him just because YOU disagree with what they have to say? Go look up the definition of censorship and then get back to me.

    And what makes you (erroneously) believe that FredJ and the Tribune take responsibility for each and every comment that is made on this blog? Come on, they let some of the lamest, inaccurate, insulting, moronic posts go throughheck, they let you comment and Id venture to say that unlike yourself FredJ understands the meaning of censorship.

    Heres the deal, Im not defending a single individuals (e.g. NotSince) right to free speech but, instead, EVERYONES right to express their individual opinion (subject to limits of good taste, of course). Unfortunately, I doubt you get the difference.

    BTW, you forgot to post your name, photo and place of employment.

  • Blog Police

    cochargerfan-I have the right because Fred and the Tribune say I can! Because if this blog were to get way out of hand and become more trouble than it’s worth, FJR and the TRib could shut it down-MORON! Which is my point…IF YOU want to be responsible for what goes on on YOUR BLOG- START ONE! YOU have no say so here (and niether do I) However, I DO APPLAUD Freds right and his past decisions, to exercise discretion (in your vocab, I guess censorship), when someone is abusing the BLOG that he is running and “allowing” MORON’s (there’s that word again) like you to post on. AND ALSO since when did YOU get appointed “The Defender of the First Amendment on all Blogs”? You know what’s really funny Mr. Defender of the right to say whatever you want…you’re still anonymous! Makes it a lot easier to say what you want huh? Tell me when your ready to be a freedom fighter that we can recognize. Keep up the good work Fred and when cochargerfan wants to start his own blog, then he can make the RULES. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING!!! INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO TALK SMACK ON ANOTHER MANS BLOG!

  • Amat Bully

    Clearly Fredj your against anyone who’s against Amat. the Amat fans steals every topic to talk about how great they are and how they play the toughest schedule or how they’re in the pac5 and everyone is beneath them. Every time i bash Amat is because they bash CO you automatically go against anyone who returns fire on Amat. then you allow the Amat fans to continue there bashing and never say anything to them. Then you state lies to make your argument sound good. NOTsince haven’t made any racist remarks toward mexicans in a long time i would know i check the blogs everyday. and i have never bashed a kid on any blog. Yes i bash Amat but only after an amat fan bash CO. (its proof in the previous post) Check your recent ones about a week ago i clearly asked in my post if we can keep the topic, but you goes on to say i steal the topics and turn it into arguments. (LIES) you have yet to say anything to anyone of the amat bloggers on this blog alone when technically my initial post was directed toward you. I said nothing about Amat. SO IF YOUR GOING TO DELETE ME GO AHEAD AND MISS ME WITH THAT YOU’VE BEEN PATIENT JUNK LOOK AT ALL MY POST I GO LOOK EVERYTHING UP AND POST IT AND I NEVER STEAL TOPICS. DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. so hide behind your blog and satify the Amat nation and block me thats what they want and im sure you do to.

  • Nostradamus

    To those amongst us that they be a Charger
    These insights are meant for the picture that’s larger
    My words are not to belittle or berate
    The team from recent times once noble and great
    The past can haunt when all others are down
    And you alone sit high with the crown
    Some words back then full of loath and condescending
    Ring fresh in old ears and seem from some never-ending
    Those days of past glory have all faded from view
    You now must build again in this league of year two
    I wish you success and may your foes wear a frown
    But if you be victorious yeah not act like a clown,
    Celebrate like you should take it in very fully
    And try to rein in one as known here as the bully
    When you win be glorious and do so with class
    Do not point at others and laugh and be full of sass
    All teams of the valley have heart and a soul
    We love our football here in the fish bowl
    This season my wish is in your quest you be great
    And if others do good please show them no hate
    The top of the mountain you’ve been there before
    I have no doubt you’ll return there once more
    Be victorious tonight against Roosevelt
    Best wishes by me are truly heartfelt.
    And to the one that thinks I am here just to spew
    You really are lost and have not a clue
    Its funny you think that I’m here to attack
    But quiet you were when others talked smack
    You talk of others rights being trampled by some
    And you have no problem with things said that are hurtful and dumb
    To you it seems it’s ok to be vile
    When the one that you defend refers to others races and people with no style
    Why doest tho so protest for the one that was banned
    He’ll just return again with his old log on in hand…

  • Amat Bully

    Then you say i only target one team in Amat. dude i go against CH way more than i go against amat the difference is its CH and not Amat you don’t care when i go against CH.

    but i guess like the “blogpolice” say which is just another amat fan, its your blog you get to choose what gets through and what don’t. in my opinion singling certain people out (people against amat) and blocking (people against amat) is your way of proving yourself to the Amat nation that if anyone goes against Amat King Robledo will be there to make sure they can never say anything bad about amat again. But hey how much is my opinion is worth on the SGAmat blog, my bad Robledo’s blog.

  • Fred Robledo

    Bully, almost all of what you write gets through, I’m just asking you to tone it down, it makes for better blog conversation, particularly with people like yourself who blog a lot. And it’s not just about Amat, I’ve banned other bloggers over the years when it pertained to Wilson, Los Altos, Damien, Bonita, to name a few. There are a lot of blog regulars who have been here from the beginning who give insightful opinions and stay on topic, but they get tuned out when the same person continually hogs a thread with putdown after putdown. I don’t mind occasional comments like that, there are always going to be those. But when I see a pattern of someone repeating the same negative things, particularly toward the same team over and over, I don’t think it’s good for the blogs.

  • Amat Bully

    ok Fredj i get what your saying but im hoping thats directed to some of the amat bloggers who constantly puts down CO with the same remark every time as you directed toward me. but i guess its your blog your rules no more bashing amat ill tone it down. And i haven’t been stealing any topics and you know it.

  • Unreal…


    Quit it. If Fred decides to ban you it won’t mean a thing to the Amat Family (We aren’t a Nation).

    I’m sure most of us have already banned you by completing overlooking your post. They are repetitive. I do have to give you credit, you never sunk down to the level of NotSince.

    More than anything, I think you take being a HOMER to another level. Your HOMERISM (Probably not a real word) is annoying and totally kills any thread that has Amat or Chino Hills as a subject.

    For example, CH lost to a very respectable program from Colorado and you proceeded to downgrade all Colorado High School Football programs by saying they don’t play good football in Colorado. If they were so bad, why doesn’t ChOak schedule them? Are you insinuating that Glendora is that good? CO had a great run but it was against weaker opponents in a weaker division. I’m sure an Inland ring will shine brighter on Big Lou’s hand that any of the Southeast rings he won. Trust me, CO will win one the program is too good not to.

    Tone down the Homerism and I’m sure everybody would appreciate it.

    BTW… ChOak should beat Roosevelt. I think, based on Roosevelt’s injuries, that they are the underdogs.

    GO AMAT!!!!

  • Unreal…

    Don’t stop talking trash just tone it down a bit. I like the trash talk when it’s fresh and in good taste. I talk trash about CO but in the end I know they are a classy program. They have to be, Ms. Wiard (My former goverment teacher at Amat) is running the show over there. šŸ˜‰

  • Amat Bully

    i only stated facts about Colorado football (im from colorado) go look at what i brung up about Bear Creek. those Ch fans are more obnoxious then you bragging Amat fans. and really i don’t care about what people would appreciate “some” people says things and expect not to get a response because of who they are representing or who they are speaking about. And by all means downgrade CO rings quoting that they got them in a “lower division” and that a ring in the inland would look better. I thought the point of playing any sport is to compete and win it all no matter what division your in. No one talks down on WC after they won it all in the same division CO dominated, they get praised and ranked above and considered better than CO after they won it. But did CO get that respect from yall NO all CO heard was you guys played nobody but CO did it in back to back years, No matter what division your in the odds are almost a million to one to repeat as champions. Same goes as for monrovia when they won it all of a sudden yall had them above CO. But you guys never mentioned or took away from them like yall did CO. And your right CO will get another ring one day in the inland but im afraid when they do its not going to be good enough because it didnt come out of the pac5.

    And please stop saying i steal threads i haven’t done that since last football season when i first changed my name to Amat bully from Valley guy.

  • Amat Bully

    the victory over Glendora was a big victory for CO, maybe not in CH eyes or Amat but to CO that was REVENGE lets not forget they beat CO last year and im sure if Amat got another chance at Tosoro who we all know amat was better than last year but was just out played, even if Tosoro was 1-7 going into the Amat game you fans would applaud yourselves as if you won it all because they beat you previously and REVENGE taste so sweet.

    Believe me when CO beat CH you might see 100 post back to back of the same thing posted by me so that every CH fan will see it.




    Games on channel are as follows:

    St. Bonaventure vs. Corona Centennial
    Santa Margarita vs. Tesoro
    St. John Bosco vs. Lakewood