Los Altos and Ziola feeling good after big win

By Aram Tolegian
The aftereffects of Los Altos’ season-opening win over El Rancho are still being felt this week as the Conquerors prepare to hopefully do it again on Friday when they play Bellflower. The Conquerors beat El Rancho on Friday to post the program’s first win since beating rival Wilson in 2009. It came under first-year coach Dale Ziola, who was beaming with pride over his team this week. “The feeling was great, are you kidding me?” Ziola said. “I couldn’t be happier and more proud of these guys, who had to deal with so much crap over the past two years.”
Los Altos had its chance to fold in Friday’s game. After taking a 7-0 lead, the Conquerors soon found themselves down 14-7. But the team battled back and eventually took a commanding lead before winning 49-36. “We got down 14-7 and a year ago or two years ago everybody would go `Oh no, here we go again.”‘ Ziola said. “That didn’t happen last week. We responded. All the things that were missing from the past were back last week. I couldn’t be happier.” With a win under their belts, Ziola reports his team has had a solid week of practice as it prepares for Bellflower despite the holiday and heat wave.

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  • Conq’76

    Baby steps are required on the road back to respectability and LA has taken its first…

  • LA father

    Go LA! The entire heights is behind you! Win or lose you have already taken the first step towards improving!

  • Wilson

    the heights is actully backing WILSON. look at your coaching staff compared to ours.. we are better.

    look at your football team who is small compared to WILSON who are much bigger.

    the question is WILSON going to beat los altos by more than 23 points.

    the answer yeah.. this year score will be WILSON 55 los altos 10..

    los altos sucks!!


  • LA Futbol

    @LA Father…

    Something tells me the “ENTIRE” Heights are not behind our boys. I think the Willies across the Boulevard would LOVE to see us go 0-10 every year!

    Well played last week gentlemen. Keep up the hard work and get a W this week! Don’t look ahead to rivalry week!

  • LA father

    Wilson…very classy! Typical Wilson response. This is about Los Altos just in case you can’t read. By the way, How did your D-1, all american team and coaching staff do last week against Bosco Tech? Seriously…that was Bosco Tech! With all the hype about all the D-1 players and your all CIF coaching staff, I was expecting Wilson to win by a landslide! Tell me what happened? Just the facts, no excuses!

  • LA Backer

    Please, please, please.. Don’t get sucked in by the negative posts. Let them do there thing LA people, and let our boys speak for themselves every game.

    If you’ve spent any time on the blogs you know how easy it can be for any program to be attacked. So why put give people like that any credibility by responding.

    I for one know what our young men are capable of. I wish the true Wilson football players good luck in their season. Except of course when we meet lol.

    As for now, just looking forward to tomorrow. Go LA

  • Entire Heights?

    LA father,

    Are you really that stupid, you invited Wilson bloggers when you decided to speak for the “entire heights”.

    You need to also realize that wasn’t the same El Rancho as last year, if you haven’t you will tomorrow night.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you still suck.

  • El Rancho Fan

    Los Altos beat us fair and square, and I believe we (El Rancho) have a BETTER team than last year, so I tip my hat to the Job Ziola has done in getting his team psyched up. I was intrigued by his midnight practice stunt, and saw that he got a rowdy student cheer section in place for the game. This is what high school football is about: emotion and motivation. I hope Los Altos goes on to surprise a bunch of other teams, to validate my points.

  • Entire Heights?

    El Rancho fan aka LA bloggergive it up that is so weak. You lose to a team by 40 one year and the next year you play them and beat them by two scores and that team was better than the year before.

    Give it a break, stop talking prove it on the field, haha

  • Busted

    Entire heights? Schreiman get off the blog! You are suppose to live in the lovely city of Pomona! Get Los Altos off your mind! You and mr Nelson are the only id1@ts who are constantly trashing LA! How about I make arrangements for you two to get together and I will pay for your first date?

  • Entire Heights?


    Trust me there a lot more than schreiman and Nelson that don’t like the la program. I find it amusing how you think the pomona’s qb’s dad is coming on this thread and defending wilson while talking crap about the la program, what an imagination.

  • football jones

    LA moving in right direction.

    That’s all that counts.

    Go Conqs !!!!

  • LA Grad

    I really enjoyed seeing both games. I am glad to see all the support they are getting from the Students and community.

    Hey, Baby Steps is exactly what is needed but so far they look pretty good. Tonight the tackling improved over last week and I am proud to see what is being put on the field.

    The biggest surprise for me was the excellent offensive scheme that LA has put together. I think its Burke calling the offense; if it is, he is doing a fantastic job mixing it up.

  • LA father

    Good job last night LA! One game at a time!

  • football jones

    Advice for LA,
    A bit of advice, just ignore the predictable Wilson negative comments.

    Even though their blogging leader (King of the Idiots) has moved on to more blighted pastures, theres plenty of stupidity, delusion, and poor logic on that side of the Heights.

    Coach Bert is a dignified man with 50 years of coaching experience, but unless he can block and tackle, theres only so much he can do.

    Wilson Bloggers vilified last years staff, blamed them for everything under the sun, and ran the evil doers out of townfine.

    Hey Wilson, how are things looking this year?

    ..PS – Next week things could get ugly.