Thursday Final: La Puente takes advantage of El Monte mistakes in 35-21 win; Monrovia runs away from Glendora in second half and San Dimas and Duarte both win

El Monte High School’s football team showed it’s a force to be reckoned with in last week’s eye-opening win over Baldwin Park. But there are still lessons to be learned. Four turnovers and a costly roughing the kicker penalty late in the fourth quarter were too much for the Lions to overcome against host La Puente, which took advantage and posted a 35-21 victory in Thursday’s nonleague game.

Thursday’s results
La Puente 35, El Monte 21 — El Monte coughed up four turnovers and committed a huge roughing the kicker penalty in the fourth, but the Warriors’ offense played well too, getting 180 yards and two touchdowns from Nicholas Barrientos.
San Dimas 41, Azusa 16 — The Saints rebounded from last week’s 40-20 loss to Bonita with a win over the three-time Montview League champs.
Monrovia 29, Glendora 16 — Closer than the final indicated. The Tartans led 9-0 and gave up a late first half touchdown. The Wildcats took over in the second half with a pair of touchdowns from De’Shawn Ramirez.
Colony 14, Ayala 9 — Two big wins for Colony after holding on and defeating South Hills 30-29 last week.
Duarte 40, Blair 0 — The Falcons are back, running all over the Vikings in their second-straight win after breaking a 20-game losing streak last week

Our up-and-coming reporting sensation, Tyler Drohen, provided postgame highlights and video’s from Thursday’s Monrovia-Glendora game.

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  • Sierra League Fan

    You have San Dimas as having a 1-0 record might want to fix that.
    I don’t think Ayala will beat Colony but I hope they do. The kids deserve better than the coaching they received the last couple of years. Coach Reams is a good guy and I hope he has success (until they play Chino Hills of course). Maybe he can show the kids thee true “Bulldog Way” unlike the hypocrite they used to have as head coach.

  • Sierra League Fan

    You have San Dimas as having a 1-0 record might want to fix that.
    I don’t think Ayala will beat Colony but I hope they do. The kids deserve better than the coaching they received the last couple of years. Coach Reams is a good guy and I hope he has success (until they play Chino Hills of course). Maybe he can show the kids thee true “Bulldog Way” unlike the hypocrite they used to have as head coach.

  • MonroVian
  • MonroVian

    Hey GLendora ” Capital (L) for your loosing tonight!
    Good luck blocking this MONSTOR!
    “V” for Victory!

  • Pride of the Foothills

    Hey MoronVian,
    They do have spell check! It’s (Monster)not Monstor. Nice to see that Monrovia High School helped you! I hope you don’t have that problem when you deliver pizza!!

  • Pride Of The Foothills Mom

    Tell the truth now…when you delivered my pizza last night I had my reading glasses on. They made your Vienna Sausage look bigger. Is that what the V is for in MonroVian ( Vienna Sausage ) ?

    Please don’t riot and for Gods sake, don’t rob any of the Glendora fans tonight after we ROB you of your pride and a victory.

    I’m so glad I put an alarm on my car. I heard about the problems at Monrovia with break ins.

    And PS…Don’t hate me just because I laughed at you “sausage”.

  • Dan

    El Monte vs La Puente: La Puente hasn’t had a game yet, El Monte just blasted BP, I would think BP is as good as La Puente, so with a big win over BP and one game under their belt I think El Monte wins this by 2 td’s.
    Azusa vs San Dimas: From people I know who went to the smudge pot, San Dimas was unimpressive, Maybe Bonita is just that good, Azusa hasn’t played a game so that could be an edge for San Dimas, but I’m going with Azusa in a tight game.
    Glendora vs Monrovia: Glendora looked solid vs Charter Oak, can they sustain that level of play
    week in and week out or was it a game were they were pumped up for their rivals. This will be a good test to see if Monrovia is as good as the hype, Elis McCarthy looks like an unstoppable force, if Glendora runs away from him will the rest of the defensive front be there to stop a very good Glendora run game. Will Glendora have the capability to contain the likes of DeShawn Ramirez, Anthony Craft and all the other scoring threats at Monrovia, they were able to hold down a Charter Oak offense who may even be better than Monrovia’s, with one game under their belt and Monrovia not having played yet I call this a toss up.
    Ayala vs Colony: I saw Colony vs South Hills and they’re a good team with a nice QB and lots of speed, Ayala has an undefeated freshman class that are all still there and are now juniors. From what I read they had a pretty easy time with a Diamond Bar team that was hyped up to be much improved this year.I think this Ayala team could be comparable to the 07 team, and even better next year, with the Sierra appearing to be slightly down from last year, Ayala could be the wildcard in this league. I pick Ayala by 10.
    Blair vs Duarte: These are two teams who have struggled for a few years, it’s good to see they both started off their season with wins under their belts, which of the two will have win number two? I have no clue, I’m going to say
    Duartes blowout over a weak team is a little more impressive than Blairs close game with a team just as weak, Duarte by a touchdown.

  • Just curiou

    Dan, give me on comparison of Charter Oaks and player by player that gives you any clue to what you are talking about. If you think that Scoby is better than Ramirez you’re way off, If you think that any of their lineman are way off again, receiver corp. WAY,Way off. So who or what do you think makes Charter Oaks a bigger threat?…… Maybe to West Covina, but not Monrovia. To be honest I believe this is really a down year for Charter Oaks, they have lost a lot of great atheletes from a few years back. Santiago would be their saving grace, but without the help he will suffer in the stat area as well.

  • Pride of the Foothills

    Spell Check it’s “Moron-Vian”

    It’s Tater Tots and pepperoni pizza you stupid A$$! Trust me, I will not sneak into the game tonight. I will walk right by your sorry A$$! I do know one thing, at least I know who my mom is!!! Stay off the blog and go to the library. I hope you don’t work to late DELIVERING PIZZA, you might miss the game PIZZA BOY!!!

  • Trojan Man

    RIGHT ON Fred.
    Glendora WON THE GAME in my opinion .

    CO was WAY OVERHYPED with the exception of a few things , ADJUSTMENTS should have been made by C.O. coaches , They were having success on the RIGHT SIDE almost ALL NIGHT !

    Glendora SHOULD of pounded the ball ALL NIGHT , CO D Line was WEAK ! The defensive backs STRONG.

    #3 Herman Akins was ALL OVER !!!

    Fight On G Town !!!

  • MonroVian

    Ok, ok, I admit I took it to far! But Glendora you will leave tonight with a loss! I will man up and apolagize about all the Mom, wife and daughter jokes! Fred I love all the prep blogs, and I will have more respect from now on… With that said, Glendora you guys are going to have a hell of a time trying to stop our O and even more trouble getting through our D! Its not last year when you had jeffries, and yes we dont have El Bueno but we def have more impact players than Glendora. Pride of the foothills im sorry I hurt your feelings, will you forgive me? I Love you! Lets have dinner before the game… lol if not Ill get you some Nachos or a Burger at the game. I Love you tator tots!

  • Fred Robledo

    Thanks for cleaning it up, much appreciated, wish there were more like you that can man-up.

  • D-Mo

    Trojan Man, in “your opinion” who won the CO/Glendora game last year? Stat wise CO won both games…not including their turnovers (4 or 5 last year), and penalties (95 yards this year).
    CO was the better team last week. CO coaches always play very vanilla in the preseason, at least offensively speaking.
    I do believe G Town can take the game tonight. Good luck!

  • SaintsR4real

    At the half…… Sd 13, azusa 3

  • 12th man

    Edison leads Garfield 27-0 at halftime..Is Edison that good or should Amat’s offense be worried??

  • Outside looking in

    First game cobb webs for La Puente with all the penalties. They literally gave El Monte the first 14 points.
    Baldwin Park must be really down this year. To lose to El Monte like they did. El Monte is one of those teams if you get into their heads they piss and moan and hang their heads low.
    Oh well La Puente looked pretty good for it being their first game playing a team supposedly coming off a big win.Turns out that big win was a dud.El Monte is mediocre at best.Can they beat Keppel ahhh yeahhh I think so.
    And Azusa getting spanked! Wow.

  • Dan

    Just Curious,
    I concede, you got a pretty nice team over there in Monrovia, congratulations, and you guy’s are right about Ramirez, He is a stud.

  • anon

    Wrong Robledo: The game wasn’t close. Glendora’s score were gifts.

  • Fred Robledo

    That’s a good win for Monrovia, but I heard they were sluggish in the first half. It happens in first games. I didn’t see it, but heard Ramirez is everything he’s advertised to be…

  • John

    I don’t know how these kids were able to practice and play through this hot weather. Good job.
    I read Edison was up 21-0 at the end of the first quarter against Garfield! As previously mentioned by another poster, either Edison is really that good or there are serious issues needed to be worked out for Amat. It’ll be a moral victory if Amat can lose by two touchdowns or less but I see Amat suffering the worst loss under the Hagerty era.

  • Red Leader

    Glendora’s first two scores came off of special teams miscue on Monrovia’s side of the field. Once the coaches made 2nd half adjustments, the game was never close. Glendora’s last touchdown came late in the 4th quarter. I’m wondering why would you say “closer than the final indicated” if you weren’t even at the game?

    Back to Monrovia. RUN the ball first. And if that doesn’t work, RUN it again. Stop trying to be fancy with all these pass plays and spread formation. You don’t have the same guy back there as last year. Simplify it. The front seven on defense looked great. Opposing OCs should start working on their sweeps and tosses cause there will be no power runs happening here.

    DeShawn Ramirez is the best running back in the entire SGV. Anyone that thinks different will change their mind after they see him play.

  • Fred Robledo

    From L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer … “Garfield people are saying Edison is better than last week’s opponent, Bishop Amat.”

  • Fred Robledo

    Red, I wrote it after speaking to a neutral reporter at the game. It’s all perspective, wasn’t one of Monrovia’s touchdowns a punt return that stretched it to a two touchdown lead late in the third quarter? Wouldn’t that be, as you stated, a special teams “miscue” on Glendora’s part? It works both ways.

  • Red Leader

    Yes, it is all perspective. I’ll give you that. But remember, Monrovia’s miscues was a shanked punt that netted maybe 2 yards giving Glendora the ball around Monrovia’s 20 yard line. The second one was Monrovia’s punter thinking he can run for the first down on 4th and 20 and again giving Glendora a very short field. But if you want to take away all the points from special team miscues it gives you a final score of 22-7. Still not close.

  • anon

    Spot on Red Leader. The CATS don’t have “the LEGEND” back there working his magic anymore. However, they do have the best running back in the valley……Use him!!!

  • come on now

    Fred really closer than the score indicated. Do you write this stuff the GHS can go celebrate there second lose. Well it good they are celebrating loses these days because there wont be many wins coming there way.

  • Real talk

    I hope Servite is drinking the kool-aid that that all the other people are that Amat is that bad which I doubt I think they know football much more then the people that think Amat had a played to there best capabilities If coach is doing what I think he is doing I have to give it to him he has most people thinking wow Amat is no good We will find out tonight what Amat has to bring to the table I’m not saying that they don’t have issues but to measure them on the Garfield game is a joke Go blue!!!!

  • Fred Robledo

    For the final time (tonight) .. I wrote closer than the score indicated because it wasn’t as if Monrovia raced to a 29-0 lead and Glendora made it close at the end. The Tartans led 9-7 at half, and it was a one touchdown game until late in the third quarter … Man, you all are hanging on every word I write …. relax, I wrote it was a big win for Monrovia and that Ramirez lived up to his hype…

  • Red Leader

    Dude, I’m as relaxed as Telly Savalas… not hanging on every word, just correcting you when you’re wrong. Good night. Who loves ya, baby?


    Highlights/ interviews from Monrovia-Glendora football last night. Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox, defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy, and Glendora coach Todd Quinsey talk about the game. UCLA Head Coach Rick Nueheisel, USC recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron, SJSU and Oregon St. assistants were out at the game with’s number-one ranked recruit Ellis McCarthy the focus. McCarthy shares his thoughts on the recruiters being out in full force…

  • New York

    I’m gonna hang on your every word. lol

    This really isn’t/wasn’t a ‘big’ win, not to people who know Monrovia’s potential. Yes, Glendora is a quality opponent who already had a game under their belts. However, this really isn’t a signature win that suggests Monrovia is playing at the ‘Cats full potential. You were correct with your pregame assessment, though, that Monrovia had no games under their belt and with a new QB qould be rusty.

    This game does show many positive things, though. It shows Monrovia has character to come from behind against a quality opponent. Character not to fold when it is apparent that we are not simply picking up where we left off last December. It also highlights our coaches’ abilities to make adjustments, our teams conditioning to play a strong second half, our talents to be able to break big plays as well as pound it in from a few yards out.

    Overall, this was a good win for the first game of the season.

    Good luck to Glendora and Monrovia the rest of the way.

  • mid

    Wait a minute. Duarte needs to play someone. They have played the 2 WORST teams in the valley. If they can beat La Puente…. then start talking.

  • come on now

    Fred,Of course we hang on every word that’s why you write it….correct? Look the Tartan are in trouble and just because you thought they look good in passing league it doen’t mean they are a quality opponenet. Our coaching staff is as green as it comes and has no answer for any adversity. Just look at the 2 post game interviews with coach Q. We should have been up in both games clueless.nothing to offer.

  • Observantcat

    Hey Miguel, just for that statement alone I would make fred take me out to lunch. As long as you have covered the westside Freddy has always put doubt in your mind about how good Monrovia really is. This time is no different. Sure Monrovia struggled in the first half of their first game under the lights but made plays when they counted. Our defense is only going to get better along with our offense. G5 put on a second half clinic with his passing and DeShawn and Marquis put on a fireworks show with their running game. Wingenbach, Williams & Craft became deadly weapons in the second half as our offensive made adjustments. As for Freds comment, sure everyone was sweating in the first half, but we knew that we had the kind of players that could come back in a flash and they did. Maddox took his foot off the gas late in the 3rd to give his stars a break or the game could have easily reached the 40’s. It was all Monrovia in the second half. As for tonight’s match-ups, Good luck to all of the SGV teams, may you all come out healthy going into your regular seasons.

  • New York

    Two more things. I know you watched Monrovia closely and were usually let down a lot from 2000-2008, but you can start believing now.

    Saying that the game was closer than the score, even though Glendora scored late in the game to cut the lead to two touchdowns is a bit questionable of an assessment. Monrovia reeled off 29 unanswered points to take a three touchdown lead in the fourth quarter! But it was close….

  • Fred Robledo

    Listen, I want Monrovia to be great, I really do. They’re finally keeping their talent in school, and they’ve always had talent. But I’m not making easy for them, they’ve got to earn it against upper-echelon teams. Funny thing is, when I was in Pasadena everyone accused me of being a Monrovia homer because I was at so many sporting events. I was there because in practically every sport they were competing for RHL titles. It’s the best sports school in the Star-News area….

  • New York

    You always do a great job of supporting the local schools wherever you are. Right now you quench your thirst with ESGV kool-aid, probably tastes similar as the drinks in the Edgewood cafeteria….

  • huh?????

    monrovia the best sports school in the star news area???? they have a pretty good football team the last few years and a decent baseball team and there the best sports school??? basketball??? track??? soccer??? water sports????that is not true at all fred. not true at all.

  • Fred Robledo

    Name one better in sports across the board?

  • Bob Anon

    Monrovia may be the most popular Rio Hondo League athletic program because they dominate in the most popular sport–football. Fred, don’t forget that other Rio Hondo League schools have recently won CIF titles too, not in football but in basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.

  • Fred Robledo

    The only other school that comes close, and you can make an argument for is La Canada … And I’m not counting the Pas Poly’s, Rio Hondo Prep’s, etc, that’s comparing apples to oranges…

  • progress

    It’s pretty silent in the valley today i tell ya. Anyone one who was at the Charter Oak vs Glendora, and Monrovia vs Glendora, can do their own Comparison. If Charter Oak can be number one, then Monrovia Should be number one. They looked better than CO against a common opponent. If you break down both teams, what makes charter oak better? The Only position they have a edge in QB, and that’s because the Monrovia QB is young. Here’s the deal, Charter oak struggled with Glendora in the Second half, and it was a close game. Monrovia dominated, and ran right past them in the second half. Coach Maddox did let his foot off the gas once he felt the game was in control. If Monrovia would have kept goin they would have scored 40 in that game, if it wasn’t for a late fumble, they were going to punch it in. We stayed healthy, and got the win. This whole summer we have been hearing Monrovia is a Midvalley team, and could not play with teams like Charter Oak and West Covina or even Bishop Amat. Well last night they showed that they can. Monrovia this season in my opinion would be #2 in the Southeast. Because the other top teams, have big games tonight, the rankings can go either way….

    if the top teams wins the rankings should be

    1. Bishop Amat-A win over servite would be the biggest win in the southland.

    2.West Covina-A win over pac 5 loyola without Solomon would be a huge win. A the Covina win was a great opener.

    3.Charter Oak-Wins over two Inland teams Glendora and Roosevelt would be fantastic, but after Monrovia dominated Glendora in the 2nd half, CO does not look as good as before.

    4.Monrovia-Great start, but the teams ahead playing really tough games, and I can not justify dropping anyone.

    5. La Habra-Beating up on La Mirada is not enough to jump any teams, Servite will be the test.

    6.Arcadia- Beating St Francis would be a great upper division win, Setting up the showdown with Monrovia..they are sitting right outside of the top 5, Beat St Francis, then Monrovia…you may be looking at a top 3 team…but that’s a big maybe

    If the top teams lose…

    1. Bishop Amat- if they lose to servite but keep it close, they are my number one. But if they get blown out, well Monrovia’s number one. Any team can play servite and lost by 3-4 TDs.

    2.Monrovia-Sitting at 1-0 the cats showed explosiveness, and poise. They will have to clean up sloppy play to be number 1. That first have would have cost them the game vs a top team.

    3.West Covina- Losing to loyola by a small margin without Solomon, is not so bad. They get him back, they are going to be right back in the groove.

    4.La Habra- They won’t lose to la Mirada, they move up a spot if everyone else loses.

    5.Charter oak, if they lose to Roosevelt, then the “overrated” Chants might start to get louder. They lose, they drop.

    6.Bonita A win over claremont would excellent. I am not sure with Soph QB, I could put them in the top 5 even with a win. As the season goes on Bonita will gain Momentum. They could end up in the top when its all said and done…but this is if Arcadia does not win their opener.

    I think this is Fair we will see what the tribue thinks.

  • Monrovia #1 on westside

    Monrovia does have the best Overall sports program in the west SGV. Lets go down the list…

    1.Football, Reigning CIF champs, #1 team.
    2.Baseball/Softball the cats are #1-2 in league every year, and go to the playoffs every year.
    3.Wrestling at Monrovia is really good. They have had players do well in CIF
    4.Soccer at Monrovia is good, however with la Cananda in your league, it’s tough to win it
    5. Track Monrovia track program is on the rise, the girls team is great, the boys team is ok, but they all play football.
    6.Basketball, La Canada owns the RHL. We still play them well.
    7.Volleyball, Monrovia girls team just beat bishop…. they are one the best teams on the westside.
    From top to bottom, Monrovia Athletics is the best.

  • just sayin’

    Fred – according to Aram, the Pas Poly’s, Rio Hondo Prep have a better chance to compete “in their world” than anyone else. That makes them the best. right?

  • Be Real

    Monrovia has 3 or 4 real players the rest look really really average at best.
    Glendora was already missing 3 of their best lineman then lost their 2 best defensive players in the 3rd quarter.
    Monrovia plays in an extremely weak league and are not a very good team.
    If Monrovia is one of the top teams in the SGV then the football being played here is pretty sad!!

  • huh?????

    idk how you can say that pasadena poly can’t compare. they were one of cif’s best overall programs in all of so cal. 2 cif champ (girls bball baseball) finalist in h20 polo, boys bball and football in semis, kids to colleges, calhi div 5 team of the year in california

    la canada had 12 league titles (in same league as monrovia), boys bbal cif champs and girls cif softball, individual swimming titles (CIF & Masters), volleyball cif QF appearance, wrestlers in cif masters meet,

    heck even muir had a bball cif finalist/state playoff, football qf appearance, girls bball playoff run, soccer playoffs, and individual cif track champ, and they send lots of kids to college on scholarships all the time esp. with the low enrollment numbers.

    all i’m saying is it is not the run-away your saying. monrovia is a great school with great tradition and pride, but take the popular sport of football out (in only the last couple of years mind you) and monrovia is right along with everyone else

  • class clown

    You know this blog is really not what it once was. A good example why isn’t anyone making fun of Glendora they really stink.I guess that’s what happen when your football team runs a close seconfd to your cheer program.

  • Haters

    For those who get on the Trib, Aram and Fred for not “spreading the wealth” look at this thread, its about El Monte and La Puente’s win and just one comment from that game, from Dan, a West Covina blogger. You guys always call them out for not covering “the little guys” and when they do, you’re like crickets. Trib, keep doing what you’re doing, supply and demand, that’s what it’s about.

  • anonymous

    Be Real and admit you are a disgruntled Glendora fan. Get over it, you have smaller fish to fry.

  • Warrior Pride

    Hey man we a La Puente know we aren’t going to beat teams like Monrovia, Glendora, Charter Oak but you know what? If we did we probably would go out and leave out there.
    We have pride and our kids love football and we should last year that Maranatha wasn’t all that when we played them close I dont care what any name striger tribune writer wrote that playoff game was close up until 8 minutes left.
    It ok let them talk about Monrovia and Glendora us Warriors just go about our business with or with the resopect we deserve.
    Thank you for bringing up your point too!

  • Be Real come on now…

    Hey be real, I was at the game, I didn’t see any guys injured..I saw all their guys there…which guys where injured if u say they where…

  • Be Real

    Be sides our middle linebacker and fullback Skylar Cral for the 2nd half and Saftey Jacob Rodiguez. 6’5″ 280lb DE and TE Christian Snyder and 6’295 Nose Guard and and Offensive Tackle Cameron Milostan.

  • Be Real Come on Bro

    I saw that middle backer and jacob in their..and in regards to those lineman guys I didn’t see anyone on the sideline hurt…so is that your excuse for why we beat you last week…that middle backer and jacob are good ball players how long arte all those guys out..i will say this you guys gave us a hard fought game…