MaxPreps still has Amat No. 1; Charter Oak No. 3 CIF Polls: West Covina and Bonita remain top two in Southeast despite losses, Amat drops to No. 7 in Pac-5 and Charter Oak No. 7 in Inland

It looks like the folks who vote on CIF polls are considering strength of opponent more than ever. How else do you explain Bishop Amat falling from No. 3 to No. 7 after getting blown out 49-14 by top-ranked Servite, yet the Lancers are still ranked ahead of unbeaten Crespi and Long Beach Poly. Look at the Southeast … West Covina got hammered by Loyola 35-7 , but the defending champs kept their No. 1 ranking. Even Bonita, losing on the road at Claremont 18-15, stayed at No. 2., yet Muir and La Serna are both 2-0 and ranked below both. Honestly, I love it, you shouldn’t be punished so harshly for losing to quality opponents.

Monday’s CIF-Southern Section Polls
Pac-5 Division

1. Servite (2-0), 2. Mission Viejo (1-1), 3. St. John Bosco (2-0), 4. Alemany (2-0), 5. San Clemente (2-0), 6. Santa Margarita (2-0), 7. Bishop Amat (1-1), 8. Crespi (2-0), 9. Long Beach Poly (2-0), 10. Los Alamitos (2-0).

Southeast Division
1. West Covina (1-1), Bonita (1-1), 3. Mayfair (1-1), 4. Muir (2-0), 5. La Serna (2-0), 6. Arcadia (0-1), 7. Santa Fe (1-1), 8. Los Altos (2-0), 9. California (1-0), 10. Crescenta Valley (1-0).

Mid-Valley Division
1. Monrovia (1-0), 2. Maranatha (2-0), 3. Village Christian (2-0), 4. Arroyo (2-0), 5. Covina (1-1), 6. San Dimas (1-1), 7. Whittier Christian (1-1), 8. Montebello (2-0), 9. Pomona (2-0), 10. La Puente (1-0).

Inland Division
1. Corona Centennial (0-1), 2. Vista Murrieta (1-0), 3. Upland (2-0), 4. Redlands East Valley (1-0), 5. Rancho Cucamonga (2-0), 6. Norco (1-0), 7. Charter Oak (2-0), 8. Chino Hills (1-1), 9. Roosevelt (0-1), 10. Damien (1-0)

The Tribune’s new Super 35 rankings will be released on Tuesday and there will be a shake-up after this weekend’s games. You might find the MaxPreps computer rankings interesting though, where Amat is still No. 1 despite its 49-14 loss to two-time defending Pac-5 champ Servite. Charter Oak, our preseason No. 1, will remain No. 1 in the Tribune’s Tuesday poll after defeating Roosevelt 35-28, but the computers don’t think so. In fact, if we included Monrovia, the Wildcats would be No. 3 in our poll, ranked ahead of Charter Oak. But how interesting is it that Bishop Amat is still No. 1 on Maxpreps, with Claremont No. 2? Look at Glendora, they’re still a top ten on MaxPreps despite losses to Charter Oak and Monrovia. I will post the CIF polls here when they’re released later in the day, and of course, you can share what you think our top ten rankings should be also.

1. Bishop Amat (1-1)
2. Claremont (2-0)
3. Charter Oak (2-0)
4. Chino Hills (1-1)
5. West Covina (1-1)
6. Bonita (1-1)
7. Damien (1-0)
8. Covina (1-1)
9. San Dimas (1-1)
10. Glendora (0-2)
11. Pomona (2-0)
12. South Hills (1-1)
13. Arroyo (2-0)
14. Diamond Ranch (0-2)
15. Ayala (1-1)

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  • CO Bully

    Claremont? really and why? Not being a CO fan i can actually state that they shouldnt be ranked above CO but wow!

  • Observantcat

    Fred, BA would not take a tumble in the Max Prep ratings by losing to Servite, If they were to lose to some else then I can see them take a huge tumble depending on the ranking of the team they lose to. Monrovia, Charter Oaks, Claremont are within a decibel of replacing each other in max preps polls.

  • Fred Robledo

    Observant, I agree, though I don’t see Amat losing again until they start the Serra. Monrovia has two big weeks coming up, Arcadia and South Hills .. if they win both, you can already mark down 14-0, don’t think anyone will beat them, not even Covina…..That’s IF they win the next two weeks….BTW, the computer polls are fairly accurate I think..

  • Sierra League Fan

    Claremont…#2…really?…lol. They barely beat a horrible Kennedy team and they beat a beat up bonita team….they won’t even make the playoffs in the Sierra League. Chino Hills wins easily against an inland division opponent and they drop 12 spots in the the state rankings???? hmmmmm.

  • bigdaddy

    Since when did MaxPreps become the “see-all know-all” for the San Gabriel Valley? It’s obvious they know very little about our local teams. Even the Trib poll can be suspect most years in football and basketball. Media should not predict polls, coaches should vote on them. Why doesn’t the Trib use a coaches vote for the local polls. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

  • Riddler

    Wow why is glendora @#10….I hear they got some injuries, anyone know specifics…and damien is small, they might get smacked around by chaffey!!!

  • progress

    Observant/Fred, Amat is not out the woods yet, Cathedral is along the same lines as Garfield. Garfield’s defense is better, but Cathedral’s offense is better. Amat should win that game, but you never know.

    I think Monrovia would be 3 on this list regardless of the Maxpreps rankings. I think the Tribune rankings are more accurate than maxpreps, from what I’ve seen. The Trib has a better handle on things and in depth understanding of why teams are better or worse in the SGV However I think Aram is pushing Charter Oak a little more than he should. Bishop is still #1 in my book with Charter Oak #2 and Monrovia #3. I think this may be Monrovia’s last year in the RHL and Midvalley. If Monrovia can go 14-0, win The RHL by 30-40 pts per game, and Win Cif in the Fashion they did last year, and go to the state bowl D3 game, CIF would have no choice but to take Hoover, and Monrovia and switch them. Monrovia beat the Pacific champ in convincing Fashion last season. They have a great coach, and a great talent Pool, for years to come.

  • New York

    We have won just one game against a team that could go 0-10. I agree that we could go 14-0, but let’s not start a buzz that distracts our players. Every week is a one game season. During the next 9 weeks we play 9 teams that want some payback from last season.

  • Not Surprised

    Amat should stay right where they are considering Maxpreps has Servite is ranked…

    #1 Pac-5 Division
    #2 California (2nd only to Concord de la Salle)
    #6 U.S.A.

  • david rivera

    bonita last friday didnt have there starting QB and there all state place kicker and there right guard and right tackle and they still should have won the game. so how does anybody put claremont at number 2

  • bearcatreality

    i was at the bonita game last friday and i must say if bonita had there starting QB they would have won by 30 points. heck they didnt even have a place kicker to kick field goals. this bonita team was so banged up and only looosing by 3 points is incredible. bonitas defense is as solid as i have seen this year. let me go out on a limb and say bonita will get back to the cif championship again this year if there sophmore QB can stay healthy

  • Don

    Fred probably should have given you these numbers instead of this season’s records. The first one is today’s rank and the one in parentheses is the 2010 final. Kind of interesting how a team like Pomona can make a huge jump by beating a highly rated opponent like Chino (27.5) or even make a small advance like Amat did by just scoring against Servite who carried a (67.8) into last week’s game, (they are at 78 now).

    1. Bishop Amat 48.7 (48)
    2. Claremont 38 (33.1)
    3. Charter Oak 37.7 (30.8)
    4. Chino Hills 36.5 (49.8)
    5. West Covina 36.3 (46.9)
    6. Bonita 34 (40.9)
    7. Damien 32.4 (28.3)
    8. Covina 25.9 (19.9)
    9. San Dimas 22.7 (21.6)
    10. Glendora 22.1 (28.1)
    11. Pomona 17.7 (4.2)
    12. South Hills 14 (23.7)
    13. Arroyo 13.3 (10.6)
    14. Diamond Ranch 13 (22.2)
    15. Ayala 12.6 (12.6)

    Going in to week 2 of the season the MaxPrep rankings, (from the Ned Freeman formula), is based almost entirely on last season’s finish. These numbers don’t begin reflecting this season’s teams until the first or second week of league play and aren’t even a very accurate game predictor until the last couple of weeks of the season. Fun to argue about though.

  • 12th man

    ————————————————- vs OCEANSIDE (7 time defending champion)
    vs BISHOP AMAT (we all know BA tradition)
    vs LA HABRA (3 time defending champion)
    vs EDISON (lost to Servite in 09-10 championship
    vs BISHOP GORMAN (#1 team in nevada last 5 years
    vs ORANGE LUTHERAN (very good team this season)
    vs JSERRA CATHOLIC (can still beat many SGV team
    vs ST. JOHN BOSCO (ranked 56th nation)
    vs MATER DEI (elite football program with titles
    vs SANTA MARGARITA (will make deep playoff run

    One of the toughest schedules in High School football..If i was Amat i would not want a rematch as Servite will only get stronger towards the end of the season..

  • SaintsR4real


    Monrovia has won one game and you’re talking about CIF taking you to a higher competing division and a Bowl Game?? Really??

    Sounds like an attempt to jinx your boys. Believe me, they don’t need the pressure.

    Good Luck.

  • 12th man

    One more thing..Calpreps has Amat losing every league game…hmmmmmm! I wonder how much truth to that?
    Alemany 28 Amat 27
    Crespi 41 Amat 21
    Loyola 31 Amat 21
    Notre Dame 27 Amat 20

  • Relentless D

    Glendora @ # 10 after losing twice, REALLY! Also I think South Hills is underrated in fact I believe South Hills will take care of West Covina Friday and has a really good shot beating Monrovia.

  • jcaz

    12th man,

    Amat has always played much better at home than they have on the road. Two of those four games, Alemany and Loyola are at home.

    You can bank on an Amat win on those two. Only problem for them is that they play both Crespi and Notre Dame on the road, and that is where it gets a little bit dicey for them because losing both of those games may mean no post season unless there is a tie somehow.

    BTW, wouldn’t it be interesting if they got in as the third Serra league team and had to face Servite in the opening round ?


  • 12th man

    Calpreps also has the Amat 2010 team & the 2009 team beating this year’s Amat 2011 team..

    2010team-35 2011 team-22
    2009team-31 2011 team-21

    And finally the (2010) team beating the (2009) team in a close one 28-27…Just how strong is the (2011) team??? Could be a long season considering its the smallest line Amat has had in a long time..2 things you cant coach is size & speed either you got it or you dont~
    Just a little food for thought..Calpreps also had this year’s Servite team(2011) beating last years team(2010) 28-14

  • Yeah Right


    A Servite-Bishop NoMas wouldn’t be interesting, it would be boring!

  • progress

    Saint’s for Real, Here we go with the Mtown hate…Read this, then comment ok.

    This article will answer your question

    This one is for you.

  • progress

    Hey Saint’s here is More…

    I am not jinxing our boys….This is what they are playing for. They know.

  • Observantcat

    Please dont try and teach this guy anything beyond his famous Smudge Pot. Outside of that football in San Dimas is over, through, Done. The mere mention of a State Bowl has saints4real in some kind of cardiac arrest. Well the real news is that reality is what it is and if you dont like it So What! I suggest that Saint4real dig a little deeper into his own teams house and find out what coach Z is thinking. As for Monrovia and its fans we will just continue to root on our team and our coaches until it becomes void. No Hating on others just loving on ourselves. Try using that approach sometime it will make you feel better at the end of the day.

    PS…. Good luck against San Gabriel I have you guys winning that one by 2 td’s.

  • eastside

    @progress,any team that amat faces this year has a chance to beat them.I heard that cathedral did some heavy recruiting this year and have a freshman quarterback that is 6-2 200 pounds that could see some action on the varsity team.

  • progress

    Eastside, I don’t think La Mirada can pull it off. Cathedral will score, but amat’s going to be fired up after the Servite baptism. They will come back big..but however Alemany,Sherman Oak ND and Crespi is a tough road. Last years line played better, but it was only week 1. I think their line will get better, but i don’t think they will come out of league play undefeated. You could very well see, a tie in that league, or maybe bishop finishes 3rd? If so that’s a tough 1st round game on the road, poly, edison, or santa margarita would be a bad situation to be in. Hey that’s the Pac 5. La times, just broke a article saying only 6 teams combined from the Serra and trinity will get in. No at large berths…Scary!

  • SaintsR4real


    Dude, do you love or hate me, your message is not clear at all. My comment was directed to Progress about how crazy he sounds, no hate on Mtown nor you. Are you his Daddy? My message had me questioning why he would be so ahead, as your co-fan New York stated brfore I. I don’t see you hating him. Evidently I pulled your chain, get over it.

    As stated on the East side, Monrovia will not play any of the top 5 SGV teams this year, so how good can they be rated as top 5?? By votes, like Aram does it??

    As I said, good luck as well.

  • progress

    Saints for real, As bad as we pounded San Dimas last year in the semi’s, I don’t know how you are not convinced that Monrovia is a top team in the area. Well week four is coming soon…just imagine the Azusa game, but replace Azusa with your team…That’s what’s coming! We will be at home, crowd rocking, the Big M lit up.

  • Yorba Linda Rising

    So, a very good Charter Oak travels to Orange County to play a very pedestrian Esperanza. Like your paper tiger Amat, they will lose. Best if you keep your teams safely ensconced north of the Puente Hills. The SGV brand of football is too slow to compete with teams from north OC.

  • Observantcat

    saints4real, it’s not about loving or hating anyone on this blog, it’s all about football. If San Dimas stayed in control of their destiny back in 2009 I would root them on in the past season to take it as far as they can, All Monrovia wants is the same respect. So Coach Maddox has high expectations from his team and so far he’s gotten the attention of a lot of major players in the game from league foes to CIF and now State reps. Nothing wrong with that. Now if the rest of the valley would take note they too will see that anything is possible and team in the area are not in some kind of a fishbowl. I respect Bishop Amat for just going down and playing Servite even though they took a tough loss I hope they bounce back and kick everybody’s butt they can. Monrovia, Charter Oaks, and several other so-called fishbowl teams can do the same. I’m just glad that Monrovia has made it known that it’s not looking past anyone but it has it’s eye on an even bigger prize. So no disrespect, just football 101. As you noticed no one from Monrovia gets upset when a Saints fan or Pomona fan says anything positive about their teams its just when people try and put down their competition without any realistic background or evidence to make a real point is when the guards go up.

  • Tustin Lover

    Tustin would cream most the SGV teams– Amat, CO, Glendora, West Covina, Monrovia and even Rim of the World —

  • so

    Tustin can’t beat La Habra.

  • go on the OC Register blog

    Hey yorba who cares..Esperanza allowed 38 pts to Whittier Christian, and tiny ol monrovia held a better version of that team to 8pts. You are right esperanza is a pedestrian team, so much for everyone in the OC being good. There are alot of crappy teams out there too, starting with yorba linda. How about this…The SGV is tiny compared to the OC…

  • insomniac

    this is a local blog….our bloggers are on here representing their individual school teams, then you are always going to have some band wagon fan come on here and take credit for what the whole IE or OC is doing….Rep your school and your own school only! if you are from Servite, coo represent or Mission Viejo or OLu its all good. Or If you are from rancho, or corona cool. Do your thang…But I smell some people on here just riding others coat tails. Start of by saying what school you went to, played for or follow, then speak and we can go from there. When you compare the IE or OC, you are talking about areas that 3-4 SGV’s can fit into. We don’t have one school in with 4000 students.

  • COChargerfan

    Yorba Linda Rising…apparently you missed last year’s game…you lost 35-20 and it wasn’t really that close. And your team took a physical beating with multiple kids being helped off the field (the game was stopped more times than I can remember).

    Every year is different and perhaps Esperanza is improved but I can guarantee you that as a team CO is a lot better. We’ll find out Friday night.

    And jcaz is right, Amat always finds a way to win and this year will be no different. The sky isn’t falling just because they lost to one of the best teams in the state/country.


    Hey Esperanza,

    Please stay in your box, You beat a Santa Ana team that has lost 13 games in a row. Beat Whittier Christian that plays in Div 8 or something. I am not from CO, but I will tell you they are always big and physical and very well coached. I think you are in for a rude awakening Friday night. I have watched both teams on film and I definately give the edge to CO. Until next week CO, when we play and hopefully both are 3 and 0..

  • Steve Ramirez

    As far as rankings go, most computer rankings systems – and I’m assuming the MaxPreps and Cal Preps sites are – only take into effect who you played – strength schedule – and whether you won or lost. That’s the weakness in computer rankings, whether it be for high school or the BCS. Most computer rankings don’t include margin of victory, which is a good barometer to explain how you played, which in my mind is always the key to whether a team moves up or down. That’s why the human factor is best, because it can give each team the eye-ball test and it usually outweighs any biases that might be implied. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if Team A is better than Team B? But if Team B wins and Team A loses to a higher-ranked team and loses by a bigger margin of victory than you thought, then they have to be flip flopped in the rankings.



    Who cares about rankings..They mean nothing just something to talk about. That is why there is a playoff system in High School, so in the end there are no questions. You win and are the champs or lose and go home, the beauty of High School football. Max preps is all out of wack anyway and the computers are not always right. So lets play the games and see who comes out in the end.. Love High School Football!!!!!

  • Joe Amat


    The key part of the Freeman Rankings used is that they not only take into account the record, but who you played, who they played, who they played played, and each of the results of those contests go into a teams strength. Anyone in the future who plays a Mission Viejo, for example, will benefit benefit – even though Mission Viejo is 1-1 because MV lost to the #1 team in the country – who also play a great schedule against teams who also will win a number of games against great teams.

    If someone were to watch the Mission Viejo game vs Don Bosco, I would guess they looked pretty bad. The number of sacks, turnovers, and miniscule offensive production would “look” bad – but the “world they live in” (to use Aram’s term) is much different than the Fish Bowl (to use mine)

  • Don


    MaxPreps ratings and Calpreps ratings are the same; both based upon the Freeman Ratings which are based on formulas developed by a guy named Ned Freeman.

    MaxPreps have another set of rankings, the MaxPreps Xcellent 25 which includes some subjective data in their assembly which would ordinarily thrill you guys at the Trib but sadly, they don’t have anyone closer than Bishop Gorman listed with De La Salle as the only California school. I know we’ve been over this before, but sometimes when I see what you or Freddie have written, it seems like you have forgotten.

  • BraveDad


    For the most part you are correct about rankings; they are simply a water cooler topic. That said, CIF rankings are huge come playoff time.



    Exactly, that is why if you keep winning at the end the rankings will take care of themself.

    Now is it better to beat some middle of the road teams and stay perfect?

    Or play a couple powerhouses and lose?

    what do you think?

  • BraveDad


    I think it’s a balance of both; but, if you can get away with scheduling a season of powerhouses, e.g., see Servite’s schedule, and come out unscathed, then you will surely be high in the CIF rankings at the end of the season and have playoff home games against the lower ranked teams in your division. That said, most teams are not Servite and are better off with the aforementioned balance. In my opinion the Trinity league teams have the luxury of creating such a balance because their five league games are tougher than most programs full schedule. Finally, Servite still has to prove they can make it through the schedule Coach Thomas has put before them and so far they’ve done so. However, there are still 8 games to go and every week will be a battle. Believe me, if we make the playoffs youll witness one of the biggest parties ever on Bellflower Blvd gotta believe baby. This has to be the year of the Braves!