Injury Update: West Covina’s Chris Solomon and Jimmy Frazier probable for South Hills, Huskies’ Jamie Canada likely to sit out

With West Covina’s Tribune Player of the Year Chris Solomon missing in last week’s 35-7 loss to Loyola because of an ankle sprain, the Bulldogs’ injury bug continued against the Cubs, losing running back Jimmy Frazier to an aggravated hip flexor. However, coach Mike Maggiore said that both will likely suit up when the Bulldogs (1-1) play their (1-1) annual rivalry game against South Hills (1-1) on Friday at Thyberg Field. “Solomon should be back,” Maggiore said. “His ankle sprain was not severe, but we did not want to push it against Loyola. Jimmy hurt his hip flexor during two-a-day practices in the summer, and aggravated it against Loyola. He should be ready to go also.”
South Hills, meanwhile, may be without receiver/defensive back Jamie Canada, who is nursing a hamstring strain following Friday’s 61-0 win over St. Monica. “Our (Sierra) league is brutal so we have to make sure Jamie is full strength once league starts,” South Hills coach Steve Bogan said. “He might play, he might not, we’ll see how he progresses during the week.”

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  • Ese Loco

    Oh man, those sorry puppitos are gonna get their barking arses crushed by the REAL PERROS from West Co holmes!

  • X’s and O’s

    Let me throw this disclaimer out before the upcoming rant: I am not speaking directly towards the few individuals mentioned in this article, but for high school athletes as a whole.

    I hate to say it, but high school kids are becoming more and more soft. A guy like Mike McDonough never worried about getting hurt and would simply play his ass off. Why is it that so many guys are worried about playing both ways these days?

  • Colt74

    X’s and O’s,
    It’s a totally different time and mind set. Before it was go out and give it all. Now it’s give just enough but think about the possible payday down the road.

    I think that back in the day being relied on to go both ways showed the trust that your coach had for you and we looked at it as an honor. Do what is needed for the team.

    “You want me to go both ways? Lets see what my dads lawyer says first….”

  • sierra football

    Also heard that Ayala’s QB Wallace is out as well…

  • APach25

    Colt, You are absolutely correct, a huge number of HS athletes are SOFT these days. These boys dont play through a single ingury….errrr “pain”. It seems that all they want is a jersey number and a letter and that is enough for a lot of them. I understand actual injuries (broken bones, torn muscles), they happen and there is not much you can do about them, but it is the , “my neck hurts…” or the “I have a bruise on my foot…” that makes these athletes different from those who played before them.

    Thank you parents for raising such strong minded young men. I am sure that your constant coddling and “positive reinforcement” has gone a long way in ensuring that your sons will be completely worthless adults…

  • I agree

    Apach25 I totally agree with you, kids are very soft….They worry about scholarship only….Kids tap out going both ways..I remember when I was playing alot of guys going both ways…Also I heard the ayala qb got banged up in the colony game..what’s the word on canada, any word on the glendora guys being banged up…


    Apach25-I think the Athletes now a days are bigger, faster, stronger than back in the day. This may account for the lack of two way players and increases in concussions, injuries, etc, etc. I agree though, I believe in the old saying, “Are you Injured or are you Hurt?” Also in answer to your question on another thread, from past performance I think Alta Loma may be the team to get bounced BUT The Braves do have a victory this year right? That’s an improvement and hopefully more to come.

  • APach25

    I like seeing less “two way” players and I hope my comments did not portray the contrary. I was simply saying that boys today would rather not “practice” because they have a boo-boo. Almost the “superstar” mentality.

    As for the Baseline theories… One win against a Mt. Baldy team is a good start and of course an improvement on previous years. But we all know that the Mt. Baldy league IS NOT the Baseline league. And if the Glendora faithful are not happy about being there, with a solid program, how do think the Alta Loma faithful must feel? I do think Colony would be a good fit in the Baseline as they carry a lot of the same type talent as does Etiwanda and Rancho (Upland is in its own class i think). I have no problem with Glendora wanting out, they are just going to have to wait their turn I think.

  • AMAT 88

    Zach Shay for bishop amat is out and possibly out for season with 2 concusions within a month and his last one was bad which happened in the 1st quarter at servite


    AMAT 88 and ???? – FYI…There is probably a reason nobody from the Amat Family is speculating or posting about Amat’s injured…it is usually something that is kept “In House”. I’m sure it will be know soon enough but as far as my past experience goes with The Amat Family-Our laundry is done at Home. Just saying.

  • bobby b.

    so high schoolars are soft, huh? please bear in mind that they are’nt rams or raiders.I love high school football and don’t like to see any
    kids get hurt. go, bulldogs.

  • APach25

    Who said anything about “liking to see boys get hurt”? No one wants to see boys hurt or injured, the fact remains that there is a level of, yes “softness”, in these young men these days.

  • Dan

    X’s and O’s,
    Majority of kids playing today aren’t worried about getting hurt, but when it does happen, well it happens, nothing you can do about it.
    Even the mighty Mike McDonough would have to come out of a game if he sprained an ankle or fractured a bone. If a body part doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, you can’t stay in a game hobbling at half speed if you care about your teams success. Most highly skilled kids at the lower levels go both ways and think nothing of it, there are a few prima donna’s out there but for the majority, I think high school football is still played for the love of the game.