Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Charter Oak, Bishop Amat remain top two, Chino Hills making a push, and Los Altos back in top ten

Today’s feature on Fa’aola: Los Altos High School football coach Dale Ziola needs only three little words to describe what tailback/linebacker Justin Fa’aola means to his team. “He’s our guy,” Ziola said. “He is our guy. Justin is the one kid that when he’s not on the field, we’re a different team. I don’t know if the kids feel more confident when he’s out there or that they know they’re better, but it’s a night-and-day difference. He’s got that ‘it’ factor. When he’s out there, our kids feel good.”

San Gabriel Valley Tribune Super 35
1. Charter Oak (2-0) – The Chargers moved to No. 7 in the Inland after beating Roosevelt, yet some feel because Roosevelt had a few key players missing, the Chargers were fortunate, benefiting from fourth quarter turnovers to pull out the win. Well, they finally leave the friendly confines of home for an Orange County date at Esperanza Friday, a team also 2-0 with a 49-34 win over Whittier Christian, the same team that knocked Covina from the playoffs last year. However, Esperanza’s first two wins have come against Div. 11 and 9 opponents.
2. Bishop Amat (1-1) — Now that they know what Goliath looks like and feels like in a 49-14 loss to Servite, the Lancers need to show they’re capable of beating teams they should beat, like this week’s opponent La Mirada, and they need to show they’re tougher up front, a part that got exposed against Southern California’s finest. Otherwise, there is no way they get out of the Serra, not when Alemany, Notre Dame, Crespi and Loyola are already 2-0.
3. Chino Hills (1-1) — This is no down year for the Huskies, and despite ranking Charter Oak No. 1, the Huskies are STILL the favorites to win the Sierra. Look, they lost to a powerhouse from Colorado then beat Santiago. If, and I say if, they beat Tesoro on the road this week, maybe the Huskies deserve to be No. 1 in our poll.
4. Claremont (2-0) –– The Sierra League teams keep creeping to the top, and the Wolfpack are do different with wins over Kennedy and Bonita, the same Bonita that looked so good in thoroughly dominating rival San Dimas. With Walnut and Rowland next, no reason to believe the Wolfpack won’t at least start 4-0.
5. South Hills (1-1) — Say what you want, this is the sleeper in the Sierra as far as I’m concerned. If they beat West Covina this week everyone is going to say it’s because West Covina was all banged up, but I would have taken the Huskies at full strength anyway. They have as good an offense as anyone, and will find ways to get enough stops to win games.
6. West Covina (1-1) — They’re starting to remind me of Los Altos’ 2007 team with Bryce Mahmud-McBride that looked great until McBride got hut. After starting 3-0, they finished 5-5 and missed the playoffs. How well will the Bulldogs do without player of the year Chris Solomon, out with an injury? Fortunately, there is enough time to get all healed up, and my guess is they will be fine come playoff time.
7. Damien (1-0) – The Spartans took a lot of criticism on the blogs, and THEY won. I guess it wasn’t convincing enough for some folks. It doesn’t matter, once they take care of Chaffey and go to 2-0, it sets the stage for the mother of all games when Bishop Amat comes to town.
8. Covina (1-1) — Colts coach Darryl Thomas said they will not be defined by their season-opening 26-20 overtime loss to West Covina, and he’s right. The Colts are still explosive, and I don’t care if they’re ranked fifth in the Mid-Valley, I KNOW they’re the second-best team on paper behind Monrovia.
9. Arroyo (2-0) –– If you had to give the player of the year award after the first two weeks, it would go to quarterback Steven Rivera. He’s already thrown for 716 yards and 10 touchdowns. His passing yards are are nearly 300 more than anyone else. That’s incredible.
10. Los Altos (2-0) — Welcome back L.A. It’s only fitting the school with 11 championships on its resume should be in its local papers top ten. I’m buying when they’re doing and believe they will have a shot in the Hacienda. They crushed El Rancho and Bellflower, and both of those teams won their other games.
The rest: 11. Bonita (1-1), 12. San Dimas (1-1), 13. Pomona (2-0), 14. Ayala (1-1), 15. Diamond Bar (1-1), 16. Glendora (0-2), 17. Diamond Ranch (0-2), 18. Azusa (0-1), 19. La Puente (1-0), 20. El Monte (1-1), 21. Rowland (1-1), 22. Rosemead (0-1), 23. Duarte (2-0), 24. Workman (1-0), 25. Walnut (0-2), 26. South El Monte (1-0), 27. Wilson (0–2), 28. Northview (0-2), 29. Baldwin Park (0-2), 30. Nogales (1-1), 31. Mountain View (1-1), 32. Ganesha (1-1), 33. Bassett (1-1), 34. Sierra Vista (0-1), 35. Gladstone (0-1)

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  • Anonymous

    Haters will hate no matter what and if you win when a team has injuries so be it , injuries are a major part of football and no one can say would you have won if the opponent was at full strength or knock you for winning because no one will ever know but even if you did win with them at full strength they would still find a way to cheapen your win.

  • shycat

    hey fred you really think los altos is going to beat bonita in league, you are dreaming my friend. not to have bonita in the top ten tells me how much you really know about football. half of bonitas team was out last friday because of injuries and now you put los altos ahead of them. well let me tell you more fuel to the fire when they meet. you cronies have been pumping los altos for years and now that they have won 2 straight you put them in the top ten. what about pomona why dont you or arum give pomona any respect. oh yeah in 3 weeks when they face covina you will have no choice but to put them in the top ten.

  • busted

    Schreimen…shut up already!

  • Jason campbell

    Where is the love for Duarte? After having two bad years they look solid starting off this season.

  • PR or Idiot?


    Shows how stupid you really are to think Schreiman wrote that comment. Which also means you have to be an LA supporter. As far as Pomona goes, Pomona just knocked off Chino one of the top inland empire teams and proved all those haters wrong, including Fred and Aram. For Los Altos to be in the top 10 is a joke, this is a PR stunt for the tribune to create traffic on their website.

    What’s even funner is Covina at 8 and los altos at 10. This really has to be a mistake. The next seven teams after los altos would put 50 on them. I hope this is a PR stunt fred can’t be that stupid?

  • Sierra League Fan

    “Pomona just knocked off Chino one of the top inland empire teams”

    ….UH no, they aren’t….lol. Yes, they were 10-0 last year playing HORRIBLE teams….then they couldn’t make it past the second round of the playoffs. They are not even in the top 20 teams from the inland area. They might make the top 20 in the SGV though…… Can you say OVERRATED??

  • FredJ

    A P.R. stunt? Los Altos just whacked its first two opponents …

  • Everyone just stop and look at those rankings, LA doesn’t belong right, well guess what Fred also knows they don’t belong that’s why he has a picture of his #10 team on the top of this thread. Interesting how Fred ranked LA #10 the week of the Wilson/LA game. This is Fred’s weak attempt to stir the pot between Wilson and LA, either that or Fred fell out of bed and hit his head this morning. Either way my suggestion is Wilson fans don’t respond that’s what Fred wants.

  • Fred Robledo

    We also had a feature on Los Altos and splashed it across the front of today’s Trib, and Los Altos-Wilson will be our Tribune game of the week on Friday…But to your point, Los Altos is deserving of where we have them. They were also ranked eighth in the Southeast Poll, the first time they’ve been ranked that high in a few years…

  • Fred,

    Just want to make sure I got this right, you are picking Los Altos over Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch and Bonita?

    I dare you to put that in writing and then back it up during the week of those games. Man Fred do you actually proof read what you print.

  • Fred Robledo

    Nope, you got that wrong, and just so you got this right, picking Charter Oak number one doesn’t mean I would take them head-to-head over Amat or Chino Hills, it’s where they deserve to be ranked after week two. And BTW, the Hacienda shouldn’t scare anyone, Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch and Bonita do not look like world beaters….But I do think Los Altos will start at least 4-0, then we’ll see. Man, it must drive some of you folks crazy that L.A. is off to a good start…I love it.

  • Colt74

    “What’s even funner is Covina at 8 and los altos at 10. This really has to be a mistake. The next seven teams after los altos would put 50 on them.

    Funner ???

    50? Really? You think your Pomona is going to put up 50 against Covina? Now that’s funner!
    You certainly are entitled to your opinion. As am I. My opinion is that after we play it will be nothing but excuses from you. Let’s see who’s right after the game.

    Now keep talking..because everyone knows that the talk is more important than the game. The games don’t matter. Just what everyone thinks.

    The talk is the appetizer or the aperitif. It only adds to the meal. Be warned. The Nick Beast and the rest of the Colts are hungry.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    I am just trying to get an understanding of how these Trib rankings ( yours and Arams ) work or how you come about with the placement of teams. On Aram’s all encompassing he has Bonita at 20 and LA is nowhere to be found. Now on your’s you have LA at 10. I get the ITOW from Aram but I have no idea where or what you use for a base point after that . From 1-3 you guys agree,but after that when you pull out all the outsiders on Arams list the difference is unreal.
    Fred J Aram

    How when looking at the same teams and stats are you two so far apart. Maybe knowing yours and Arams criteria would help us out .

  • Fred Robledo

    That’s because Aram and I have two totally different ways of ranking teams, and I pay no attention to his when I do my rankings….Remember, Aram bases his rankings on “how they would do in their own little world.” I was sort of in a catch-22 because I do the Tribune rankings, but I let Aram start the year with the rankings for PrepXtra, and he started with Charter Oak No. 1. If I had done it, Amat would have been No. 1. I still think Amat could beat Charter Oak head-to-head, but I don’t they deserved the No. 1 ranking after last week’s showing. I try to rank the teams based on who I think are the best period, but also try to be fair to lower division teams that are having good years, compared to upper-division teams that have so-so years. It’s a tough balance, but I lean more toward rewarding who I think the best teams are, period.

  • AMAT 73

    To clairify my post Fred’s team are the first listed at # 4 Claremont and Aram’s teams are next to it WC and so on but I think you get the picture. I should have previewed the post .


    Fred, do you think Charter Oak would have faired better than AMAT did against Servite? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  • Joe Amat

    I’m all good with different “lists”. but if we’re going to call them “rankings’ – then we need to place them in some sort of order from best to … well… not the best.

    I would look at it as if making up an “All-Encompassing Post-Season San Gabriel Valley Newsgroup (or Trib in your case) Area Fish Bowl Tournament” bracket and seeding them, 1-35, accordingly – without those crazy, CIF rules that really eliminate the possibility of a true bracket.

    That way anytime anyone were to look at your list, they would know that YOU believe 1 could beat 2, 2 could beat 3, and so on down the line.

  • LA Fan


  • jcaz


    “Picking Charter Oak number one doesn’t mean I would take them head-to-head over Amat or Chino Hills”

    You know big guy, I just about spilled my gin and tonic when you said that, but……

    If I got this right, and I could be wrong, then a team ranked higher than another one would not necessarily be favored in a head to head game against a team ranked lower that they area ? Is that that a fair understanding of what you just put out there ?

    Wow, ok, that was confusing to say the least, however, I do completely understand and even agree with your point about “The last weeks performance,” and truth be told, I was actually so bitter about the way we lost, that I was even finding myself agreeing with some of the garbage that nonesense was putting out there (on both blogs this past week) and was seriously considering placing Amat completely out of the top 5 all together !

    But then reality set in, and I came to realize that even if you get you lunch handed to you on a sliver platter, that that still doesn’t mean that your not good at what you do.

    One last thing. Even though we have yet to hear the Menudo jokes or the racial comments under his new moniker, I am wondering how is it that nonesense gets banished form both of these blogs and is still able to post on these two forums ?

    Now, don’t get me wrong. If you two are giving him another chance, then cool because, I belive ion second chances just as the next guy, but, you know whats going to happen soon enough…..


  • Colt74

    Looks like the Football Gods did a CTRL-ALT-DEL

    Amat is playing La Mirada
    Charter Oak is back on top
    South Hills and West Covina are playing
    Los Altos is undefeated
    Jcaz has his Gin and Tonic

    and life is good…..

  • D-Mo

    Fred, since everyone is confused about these useless rankings, could you do us a favor and put CO at like no. 7? They only win because they play poor teams, or teams with hurt players, or they get lucky, or Amat would still kill them, etc, etc.

  • PR or Idiot?


    You misunderstood my point, reading it I understand why. I wasn’t insulting Covina, let me try this agian,

    My point, Covina as good as they are being ranked 8th do you think Los Altos should be ranked 10th that is a insult to Covina.

    Is that better.

  • reality

    All these Bonita, WC, Roosevelt etc. fans making excuses for their teams because of injury is so weak. Last year year Bohi lost their two best players for half a year and the other for the entire season. The TEAM sucked it up and won anyway. All teams experience major injuries, that is why a team is made up of 40-50 guys instead of 15. So cry me river about something else and tell me what adjustments the team is making. Bonita made zero adjustments on offense last week and paid for it with a loss. So coach Rivera quit your weeping, man-up, and coach. If you guys don’t want injuries try the chess team.

  • Fred Robledo

    JCaz, let me give you an example, last year Azusa was 10-0 and South Hills 3-7 at the end of the season. In my mind, South Hills would have beaten Azusa, and it wouldn’t of been close. But we ranked Azusa ahead of South Hills because we think it’s righteous to reward teams having winning seasons “in their world” as Aram likes to put it, something Steve Ramirez agrees with too. I don’t necessarily agree, but I’m a team player. I ranked West Covina number one at the end of the 2010 season because they won a championship, even though I thought Amat would have beaten them head-to-head after a 9-2 season. I have tinkered with the idea of ranking teams from 1-35 based on who I think are the best teams period, regardless of record, but people think I’m crazy. You could have teams ranked 4-6 ahead of teams 9-1? You don’t have this problem in major college football because teams are all in the same division. But imagine if you had to rank APU and USC in the same poll? That’s basically what we do with different high school divisions. There is no real system that works. But I’m listening, should I just rank teams based on 1-35 who I think is best and who would beat who, regardless of records, and let the chips and arguments fall where they may. Or should I try to find a balance between records, divisions, or as Aram says, comparing teams based on how they fair in their world. Even using Aram’s logic, I disagree with his top three all encompassing. He has Charter Oak, Amat and Monrovia 1,2,3. Based on his logic, shouldn’t Monrovia, a team with the best chance of going 14-0 and winning their division be No. 1. You have to ask him. You can make an argument for Charter Oak having a better chance in their world against the Sierra and Inland compared to Amat against the Serra and Pac-5. But what argument could you make that Charter Oak has a better chance of winning in their world compared to Monrovia, I don’t get it.

    For arguments sake, here is how i would rank teams based on who I think would beat who from the top on down.
    1. Amat (1-1)
    2. Chino Hills (1-1)
    3. Charter Oak (2-0)
    4. South Hills (1-1)
    5. West Covina (1-1)
    6. Covina (1-1)
    7. Claremont (1-1)
    8. Damien (1-0)
    9. Bonita (1-1)
    10. Glendora (0-2)

  • Anniversary of LA Wilson Mob Bowl

    This is the anniversary of the 200 plus L Altos students running on the field at Wilson during the game of two years ago. The players have not forgotten trust me. If this is the Game of the week, does that mean Fred or Aram will be there?

    And why is everyone SO confident that L Altos has already won, wilson won last year 33-10 and all of the playmakers from that game are returning, and Nelson has 500 yards in total off. 270 GM 1 and 220 against D Bar last week.

    thanks for the article today also about L altos, it was posted at the wilson locker room this afternoon

  • manny

    so arum has pomona 23rd in the valley, what a joke to see this team rank so low. this pomona team is the sleeper of the valley. im not even a pomona fan but i have seen them and talent wise there as good as anybody in the valley. come on fred are you serious putting los altos in the top ten. do you have any idea the pressure your putting on them now. just let them fly under the radar but no you have to put them on a pedistile and now they are the focus.thanks fred

  • AMAT 73

    What the village idiot has been posting is ok by me also . When he keeps it at knocking AMAT for the sake of knocking AMAT that fine. Where he crosses the line in calling out or berating players which he did last week in regards to Gener as to where he is going to school and so forth. He can call me and Joe and even you whatever he wants and as I said knock AMAT because of his envy great but knocking a whole community or a sly knock on a race of people is uncalled for and really has no place on this or any blog . Let’s hope he doesn’t get to that point again.
    Fred J,
    I can see the ITOW as a tool to gauge teams in rankings which by Aram’s explaination made sense with CO at 1 .Makes sense because how do rate an Azusa or a Walnut straight up against a CO or CH . The top 2 or 3 are a no brainer because they are interchangeable and no one would really have a beef . It gets tougher from then on down. But I just can’t get over you knocking WC down because of a loss to Loyola . Even with the injuries I would think they deserve to stay at 3 until this week when they beat SH and cement their place at that spot. Where was your logic in that slide .

  • jcaz


    I understand your point, and now that you have clarified a few things, then it makes it easier to understand where your coming from.


    It just like I said to Amat Bully. People may not like you because of your comments, but if they are fair (and to the point), then why cant you come in here and express your opinion ?

    The only problem was that, just like nonsense, his comments were way out of line.

    Look, everyone should be able to come in here and talk about their teams, so long as it doesn’t go way out of line right ?

    That’s why I also mentioned to Bully, that “COFAN” was a classic example of someone who had often come in here, and had gone toe to toe with some of the faithful.

    He had actually done quite well and even though you, I and Joe, may not agree with what he has to say, you have to agree that the guy does a kick azz job of saying what he wants to say.

  • Joe Amat


    Nice work on the “top down” list.

    I say you have a Wednesday AM *Tribune Power Poll* that ranks a Top 10 this way. You vote, AT votes, and whoever the guest coach that appears on Tuesdays PrepExtra Live also votes. It wouldn;t really put that coach on the spot, because you’re “polling” 3 sources and it would be fun to see it from week to week.

    If Miguel wants to get the Star News in on it, he can do one for his paper in the same manner.

  • Amat Bully

    Damn Fredj i see im still on your mind i haven’t even been on your blog but yet you still mention me………………..GET OVER ME FRED and please stop using me as an example.

  • Amat Bully

    My bad Fred i meant to put JCAZ……

  • Fred Robledo

    I didn’t have to say a word …. Who are you again?

  • Aaron

    Not so sure about where my Bearcats are right now…but for a fact that Pomona’s wins are much better than Los Altos’ wins.

  • Fred Robledo

    Joe Amat, good idea, a power poll would be fun. Actually, a poll with blog regulars would be better, you, Dan, JCAZ, Don, etc, etc.

    Joe, the hard part isn’t the rankings, it’s the all-area team at the end of the season. How do you compare Arroyo quarterback Steven Rivera’s numbers to Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago when picking an area first-team quarterback? People love comparing numbers, but it’s so difficult comparing numbers with the level of competition they’re putting them up against.

    There is no magic formula, just our eyes and instincts..

  • Colt74

    PR or Idiot?,
    You Pomona fans are relatively new to the blogs. Her’s some advice from someone that learned the hard way.
    1. Read the polls/rankings and laugh.
    2. Read the posts/replies and laugh.
    3. Anything other than 1 or 2 and you are taking it too seriously.
    4. Support your team/kids
    5. Respond to smack with smack
    6. NEVER forget the kids are playing the game. WE are NOTHING MORE than Monday morning quarterbacks. It’s a game and NOTHING more. The world does not revolve around High School Football despite what bloggers post.
    7. Respect ALL teams and their kids
    8. See Number 4
    9. Let the scoreboard speak for itself
    10.Win with dignity and lose with grace

    You WILL notice that besides my preseason spats with certain Pomona bloggers I have been one of the FIRST to come on here and congratulate you after your wins.

    Yeah, I think Pomona is rated too low too.

  • football jones

    Advice for LA,
    A bit of advice, just ignore the predictable Wilson negative comments.

    Even though their blogging leader (King of the Idiots) has moved on to more blighted pastures, theres plenty of stupidity, delusion, and poor logic on that side of the Heights.

    Coach Bert is a dignified man with 50 years of coaching experience, but unless he can block and tackle, theres only so much he can do.

    Wilson Bloggers vilified last years staff, blamed them for everything under the sun, and ran the evil doers out of townfine.

    Hey Wilson, how are things looking this year?

    ..PS – Next week things could get ugly.

  • dearest football jones

    at least i can agree with one thing, for the first time in 4 years wilson has a real coaching staff, if last year’s staff was so good, then why are they coaching this year at a team way below even wilson??

    since you seem very grateful that MS has departed with his son from wilson, when can we expect you to leave since you have no business being around either, that would be a great blessing

  • thetinman

    I’m trying to make some sense of your current ranking system. Maybe Aram can help us with this one? I’m not sure of the exact year I beleive it was 2003′ when Los Altos beat Olu in the finals D7 where was LA ranked in the SGV they would have beat bishop amat by 21 that year and probably should have been ranked #1. Just because a team is in a higher division does’t mean there the best. Horses rise from claiming to graded stakes all the time and win convincingly.

  • Dance with the Devil

    I don’t think Pomona is Ranked too low, and they should not care. Pomona will have it’s chances to move up the rankings. They are sitting right outside the top 10. A win over chino puts them at least at #6 or 7. A good showing in a close game puts them smack at #10. Then they get Covina for the inside track to the VVL title with SD in the way after that. If they win those games, they will make a strong case for a top 5 team. They also will be #2 in the Midvalley. Ptown has a unwritten script, and their destiny in their hands. Despite, what’s been said regarding the tribunes relationship with Pomona bloggers, they are slowly bringing them up. You don’t really want to be rank too high too early, with games ahead. You wouldn’t want to be in the position Los Altos is in…they are top 10 now, but with hacienda league play looming in the future, they are almost certain to be out for good, in no time. Once you get the nod, with a high ranking and fall, it will be hard to get back up there. The goal is to end up at the top going into the playoffs. If Pomona handles it’s biz, the devils will be sitting pretty come playoff time.

  • Conq’76

    The story says Los Altos is hosting Wilson, isn’t the game at Wilson?

  • Conq 76 – @ Wilson

    Game is at Wilson but will probably not have a Mob Bowl II, not only will the District police be out there but was told today that the Sheriff’s dept will be on hand and standing at the gates on the Los Altos side, so no run on the field repeat, probably

  • Sierra League Fan

    Colt74……..Great advice!

  • Wizard of Oz

    TinMan –

    “As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart.”

    Those were great Los Altos teams but I don’t think you’re fully aware of Amat in 2001-2004 and the really good teams they had that were overshadowed in the valley by Los Altos, Charter Oak, and South Hills winning in Divisions 6,7, & 9.

    In 2003 after dismantling Lakewood in the opening game, Amat lost 10-9 to Loyola on a gutless 4th & inches coaches decision in the 2nd round. Loyola ended up beating Long Beach Poly in the finals of Division 1 that year.

    I’d make a pretty good wager head up and bet a paycheck if you spotted me those 21 points. There’s a pretty good chance with the way Amat ground it out at that time that Los Altos wouldn’t even score 21. But with Harwell – Amat might not either. It would have been a great game, but I think I’d make some money on this one.

  • ???


    I don’t believe that comment about the ranking of Los Altos and Covina was from a Pomona blogger. I understand when you thought it was degrading Covina, you thought it was a Pomona blogger. Now that you realize it was a positive comment about Covina why would you think it came from Pomona (haha).

  • We Are Taking The Wheel HOME ONLY …..

    Football Jones,

    I am confused, this year you are a LA supporter, last year you were a Wilson supporter and the year before you were an LA supporter. What do you support the team that you think is going to win the wheel each year.

    What is that the third or fouth time you have used that same comment on different threads its starting to get a little old. We at Wilson have one concern about winning the wheel this year, can you please clear it up ahead of time.

    You don’t come with the wheel do you?

    Please promise you are going to stay on the LA side?

  • football jones

    To: We Are Taking The Wheel HOME ONLY,

    It’s very simple, I root for whichever HH team has the less stupid bloggers.

    For past two years LA wins hands down!

    Now a suggestion for you – why don’t you join your fearless leader in blight-town and proceed to burn down yet another program?

    LA isn’t the only team with an unruly mob.

    May the best team win Friday….

  • Colt74

    Does it really matter who said it?

    (No is the correct answer)…..

  • Busted

    Here we go again…Schreiman talking out of his a@@ and Mr Nelson bragging about his all American D-1 prospect! The LA fans will be fine! According to last years sources, the Wilson fans last year were totally getto at all of their games! Now that’s a fact!

  • news flash to busted

    busted, Schriemann left wilson last year and nelsons dad is in europe, besides why would you care if you are not from wilson

  • askin?

    LOL. No internet in Europe?

  • seeking help

    Hi, my name is Mark Schreiman and im addicted to blogging… as everyone here knows, I have no horse in the Wilson-Los Altos game but i just cant help myself from blogging and try to stir the pot. Maybe i do it cause i have no life , or maybe just cause when I was in high school i wasnt good enough 2 play any sport so now I just need attention,so i’ll continue doing it… Now we are @ Pomona and instead of letting the kids earn the respect of everyone, I come in here and try 2 shove Pomona down everyones throat by blogging with all kinds of different aliases. Even my son thinks i’m an embarrassment 2 out family cause i Belive that Pomona can beat Servite any given Friday.. Im sorry jst cant help myself :'( If u can help me pleas call me @ (626-909) 555-JERK

  • M&G

    South Hills will be sub-500 this year again. Not understanding the love for them ealy this season?

  • M&G

    South Hills will be sub-500 this year again. Not understanding the love for them ealy this season?

  • M&G

    South Hills will be sub-500 this year again. Not understanding the love for them ealy this season?

  • Fred Robledo

    I’ll explain the love. If you’re suggesting South Hills will be sub. 500 again, I say that if any team that I have ranked below them played the same schedule as South Hills, they wouldn’t fare any better than whatever South Hills does this season.

  • news flash

    News Flash!
    Just heard from my kid that Wilson fans defaced the entire Los Altos High School campus! What is this world coming to? It’s just a football game!

  • Whateva

    News Flash!

    Really, the WHOLE campus? Please, stop trying to stir the pot with false info.

    Next you’ll be telling us that the LA kids hung a dead cat from the Wilson goalposts………………………………………………………………………………………………. Oh wait, they already did that two years ago, didn’t they?

  • M&G

    Fred, let me start by saying you guys do a great job covering prep sports and I enjoy the blogs, but I don’t see where that much has changed from last year with South Hills. The 1st two games are no indicator of how good they are. It just seems like you are rushing them up the polls without merit. I think they lose the next two.

  • M&G

    Fred, let me start by saying you guys do a great job covering prep sports and I enjoy the blogs, but I don’t see where that much has changed from last year with South Hills. The 1st two games are no indicator of how good they are. It just seems like you are rushing them up the polls without merit. I think they lose the next two.

  • M&G

    Fred, let me start by saying you guys do a great job covering prep sports and I enjoy the blogs, but I don’t see where that much has changed from last year with South Hills. The 1st two games are no indicator of how good they are. It just seems like you are rushing them up the polls without merit. I think they lose the next two.

  • News flash

    Whateva…you obviously know more details than I do. Could it be you were there last night?

  • Whateva

    News Flash!

    Details? You’re the one who said the whole campus had been laid to waste. I just said you were full of BS, and quit trying to incite hate towards Wilson.

  • LA Futbol


    I wasn’t there last night, but I WAS there this morning speaking with a teacher. I saw the damage done to the school. It was brutal. Spray Paint on walls, paint on floors, demage to windows, etc. It ALL OVER the campus, not just in one area. So sad.

    News flash isn’t trying to incite hate…he/she is just telling the truth.

  • About Time

    I personally think its great, for years LA has been trashing Wilson with no consequences. Now LA finally gets a taste of the other end.

  • LA Futbol

    “personally I think it’s great”


    Hey moron, who do you think pays for this stuff to get cleaned up? It comes out of OUR KIDS’ school budget! The money spent on cleaning supplies, machinery, and custodial overtime is money that should be spent on OUR KIDS’ athletic budgets, science labs, instructional aides, libraries, etc.

    No wonder our kids do stupid crap like this, their parents are just as moronic!

  • About Time

    Funny didn’t see you on here the last two years complaining. Now since it happen to LA you are concern. News flash this has been going on for decades, I’ve seen way and I mean way worse than what happen last night.

  • LA Futbol – now there is that ‘home’ feeling at LA

    with graffiti and trash, for a lot of LA students, things should seem to be a lot like home

  • Ryan

    1. Bishop Amat will not make the playoffs.
    2. Chino Hills will enter league play with a 2-3 record.
    3. Ayala will upset at least one Sierra League foe.
    4. The Sierra League title will be a three way tie.
    5. The Sierra League, though admittedly quite strong from top to bottom, is the fourth best team in the Inland Division (The Big VIII, Baseline, and Southwestern leagues are all stronger, especially at the top).

  • LOL


    You’ll be eating so much crow with Damien. The talk about Gano is not if he’s going to be fired as to when? No game baby, he s@it is over…

    After Chaffey, they might beat Ayala and Claremont.