PrepXtra Rewind: South Hills coach Steve Bogan mum on Canada’s injury, talks about Friday’s big game at West Covina

Miguel, Steve and I discuss this week’s big games, then our interview with coach Steve Bogan is at the 38 minute mark on the video…check it out.

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  • Inland Competition

    Fred please tell me why that interview turned into a pity party towards the end? Poor little South Hills has to play in the big bad Sierra and Inland… Another question, how is it that you talk about the Sierra league competing in the Inland and high CIF divisions and you fail to once mention Chino Hills?? They have been to the Semi’s 2 years in a row and both times lost to the eventual champions, Upland and Centennial. These school went on to say that Chino Hills was thier toughest competition and both games were well fought and close. Lets get the facts straight and keep the reporting/interview accurate with the true stories.

  • Fred Robledo

    Truth is, Chino Hills should be in the Baseline with like schools and like demographics. Glendora, which has no business being in the Baseline, should be in the Sierra. With Chino Hills resources, demographics and size of school, they should dominate the Sierra and compete in the Inland, but until there is league realignment in 2014, that won’t happen. So, Chino Hills better dominate in the Sierra in all sports while they can, because sooner or later, they will be asked to compete in a league like the Baseline with Inland Empire schools, not SGV schools.

  • AMAT 73

    Kind of sounds like you feel the teams of the Sierra other than CH can’t compete with the schools of the IE or the Inland . If you say Glendora has no business in the Baseline and belongs in the Sierra then maybe the Sierra has no business in the Inland. If so where do you put them ?