Breaking News: Bishop Amat without Zach Shay and Adam Alcantara for Friday’s game with La Mirada, Jalen Moore game time decision

All purpose player Zach Shay (concussion) and safety/outside linebacker Adam Alcantara (knee injury) will both miss Friday’s game against La Mirada. Shay, who suffered his second concussion since fall practice started, will be evaluated week-to-week, but is not expected back soon. Alcantara will miss two to three weeks according to coach Steve Hagerty. Shay and Alcantara were both injured in the first quarter against Servite, and never returned. Even Serra all-league first team running back Jalen Moore is a game-time decision, Hagerty explaining that he was banged up following the loss to Servite as well. With Shay out indefinitely, junior Dionza Blue is expected to share the backfield with Moore, and will likely be the primary back if Moore can’t go. La Mirada may be 0-2, but they’re a good 0-2 having lost to St. Paul (24-7) and powerful La Habra (28-19).

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    I wish a speedy recovery to both!

  • Jefe

    Servite really beat this team up good.

    Hope the kids heal up quickly.

  • Colt74

    I can not remember a recent time when so many players from so many schools had this many injuries this early in the season.
    The kids are working their butts off in the off-season, in the weight rooms, to try and minimize the possibility of injuries but it seems to be having an opposite effect.
    It appears to me we are just building little studs with a weapon on their heads.
    A speedy recovery to all kids on the sidelines this and every week.

  • John

    Concussions are not something to be taken lightly and given the new studies and developments regarding the lasting impacts they have on the brain, it wouldn’t surprise me if Shay misses the rest of the season. He’s had two concussions in a span of a few months. Shay, his family, and the Amat organization need to place his future health above all.

  • anon

    CO’s sam backer Matt Cisneros dislocated his elbow in the 1st qtr last week, big loss.

  • 12th man

    Goes to show that not only does Servite have speed & size but they overwhelm & ware down oppents by hitting them hard throughout the game~…Theese non-league games just got a bit more intresting especially if Moore cant play..Amat cant afford another loss & expect to win league or come in 2nd for that matter..On a brighter note this is a opportunity for Rio to open it up & start passing the ball with a little more consistency..Coach Hags, start the aerial attack!! Its time!! No way Amat wins league or gets past the 1st round in the playoffs running the ball..Its just not going to happen..The O”line is just to small to compete with the likes of Tesoro,Mission Viejo,Long Beach Poly,etc..& any other powerhouse team in the pac5..One more thing start using trick plays!! Trust me you’re going to need them down the road when you face Crespi or Alemany..If you dont start practicing them now during your non-league games against lesser opponents…Its going to be more difficult during a crucial game against a better defense…Its unfortunate for the players who got hurt they love prayers go out to them for a speedy recovery..Zach’s injury should probbably keep him out the rest of the season..I’ts just not worth the risk..”Coaches Do The Rite Thing”~

  • 12th man

    When can an athlete return to play following a concussion?
    Although guidelines are useful, every case must be considered individually. The following guidelines are only a reference to consider–each patient who sustains a concussion must be evaluated by their physician before being cleared to return to activity!

    In general, athletes will be allowed to return to play according to the following schedule:

    For Grade I Concussions:
    The athlete can return if they are asymptomatic for at least 15 minutes.

    For Grade II Concussions:
    The athlete can return to play after one week, if asymptomatic during that time period.

    For Grade III Concussions:
    The athlete is removed from competition and transported to the emergency department. Length of time out of competition can be discussed with the physician.
    All patients who sustain a concussion must not return to play until cleared by someone trained in management of these injuries (e.g. the team physician). Foremost, any athlete should not return to play until ALL symptoms have resolved. Even a mild headache should exclude a player from returning to competition.
    Athletes who sustain multiple concussions must not return to play until properly evaluated. In general, athletes who sustain “THREE” concussions, no matter what grade, will be removed from competition for at least “ONE SEASON”. The dangers of multiple concussions are not well understood, but athletes, coaches, and team doctors must be willing to play it safe.

  • what do you do

    Dang Servite Really put the hurt on BA. Those are two huge losses for BA. If Moore does not play, that really levels the playing field vs La Mirada. That is still a good program capable of winning a game. This should be interesting. Hag wants to win this game, but you really need moore in serra league play. Do you risk a long term nagging injury for the win Friday night, or do you trust your back up RB, and lick your wounds…Very interesting.

  • Depth

    Depth Has been a huge problem in the past few years. Back in the Day, it was a big deal to be a two way starter. First, you would have to be a stud, Second you would have to be in impeccable shape. You may remember a few guys who did it. Now, everyone is going both ways. Even if it is for a few plays, it still takes it’s toll, and increase the chance of injury. The more plays you have, the more worn down you get. Playing RB or LB is a task in its own right, and you have players doing both. I think it would be a good Idea for coaches to try to develop players so others don’t have to go both ways, that’s if you have the talent. Just playing the game a player runs the risk of getting injured. As long as you see all of these guys going both ways, you are going to have a higher number of injuries.

  • Preachingtothechoir


    My son plays on a varsity SGV team, and there are 8-9 players who go both ways. It definitely shows come fourth quarter when they are gassed.

  • smallcitymc

    Some, maybe many, folks will disagree with me, but as I’ve said in the past, playing really really good non-league teams makes very little sense to me. Yes, I know the “it makes you a better team” argument, but does it really?

    This is just one more reason why it doesn’t make sense.

    Over time, I’ve found that I don’t enjoy football as much as I once did and serious injuries are the reason why. Injuries are rampant in high school football and I believe there is very little that can be done about it. Although, I did read an interesting study by a major university recommending that players NOT use helmets. Yes folks. They recommended that helmets NOT be used. They did several studies and found that traumatic head injuries would decrease dramatically. It had something to do with humans natural instincts to protect the head and other factors. They pointed to rugby as a good example. Yes, there are injuries in rugby, but serious injuries are rare when compared to football.

    I don’t know if many of you heard, but a high school football player from back east died last week from traumatic head trauma.

  • Lance R

    Injuries are part of sports. All sports. Football is a contact sport so injuries are a little more frequent because of the contact. Getting our players banged up against Servite tells me how much they wanted it(the W) and how hard they were competing. In Shay’s case, true the human aspect is bigger then the game itself so sitting Zach for the season is the first thing you consider or hold him out of all non league games and let him walk thru practice no contact and see how he feels come the beginning of the week leading into game one of league play. Jalen Moore I am assuming will go and give it a try and should he sit Dionza Blue can step up, after all he is the next in line for that spot next year. Again when you do not have the beef up front and your line is not as big you can get your QB and RB hurt in a hurry on offense and your DB’s hurt on D as they have to make more tackles as your DL get knocked backwards off the ball because of size. I am wondering could this be Amats downfall this year as they have all the weapons to work with at the skilled positions but the line will not let that part function because they cannot measure up to their opponents larger size. We will have to wait and see how this situation get corrected or if it ever does. Two games and so far the line has not won a battle as Garfield seem to out muscle them and Servite well let’s not go there. Good luck to our Lancers this Friday and here’s hoping our Coaches get that line on both sides of the ball to improve.

  • reality

    I noticed the tactic of using your helmet as a weapon speed up in 2000. Especially the smaller D backs ind LBs think that hitting head first with their hard helmet is a way to level the size advantage. This tactic promotes injuries to both parties. The spearer thinks they are safer now with the air cushioned helmets, not true. Coaches as a rule do not forcefully discourage this kind of hitting because a good spearer is perceived as aggresive and a wrap up type of tackler as perhaps timid,again not true. At some point a helmet contact first type of tackle will be clarified and resricted more forcefully than it is now. Football as we no it will absolutly change in the next 5 years or many programs will give up the game. Just to many major injuries to young boys.

  • SGV injuries

    I hear the injury ug is hitting alot of teams..i hear glendora gots quite a few guys banged up, ayala, charter oak, chino hills, damien..dam this is not good for the sgv…

  • APach25

    Wish those boys a speedy recovery…

  • BAHS Fan

    Amat’s run defense was already hurting and these injuries don’t help. Gonna need some people to step up. Who is playing LB in Alcantaras place and does this mean Rio will be seeing even more time at safety?