CIF Football Polls: West Covina No. 1 in Southeast, Los Altos leaps to 4; J.W. North overlooked in Inland; Maranatha takes top spot in Mid-Valley and Amat comfy at No. 6 in Pac-5

Mid-Valley Division
1. Maranatha (3-0), 2. Arroyo (2-0), 3. Monrovia (1-1), 4. Covina (2-1), 5. Village Christian (2-1), 6. San Dimas (2-1), 7. La Puente (2-0), 8. Montebello (2-1), 9. Whittier Christian (1-2), 10. Pomona (2-1).
Fred’s thoughts: I get why Maranatha’s No. 1, but the top two teams are still Monrovia and Covina, but they were punished for losing to upper-level teams, Covina to West Covina and Monrovia to Arcadia. Arroyo probably falls back with a loss at Hart this week, but Maranatha could be No. 1 for a while.

Southeast Division
1. West Covina (2-1),
2. La Serna (3-0), 3. Arcadia (1-1), 4. Los Altos (3-0), 5. Bonita (1-2), 6. Muir (2-1), 7. Mayfair (1-2), 8. Rowland (2-1), 9. El Rancho (2-1), 10. Santa Fe (1-2).
Fred’s thoughts: West Covina is deserving, and showed why they’re No. 1 with a 35-33 win over South Hills. The real surprise is Los Altos at No. 4, but not a big shock considering Bonita lost for the second time and Muir got crushed by Rancho Cucamonga. Arcadia looks like the real deal at No. 3, and if I had to guess right now, Arcadia and West Covina should be considered the favorites to meet in the title game.

Inland Division
1. Corona Centennial (1-1), 2. Vista Murrieta (2-0), 3. Upland (3-0), 4. Redlands East Valley (2-0), 5. Rancho Cucamonga (3-0), 6. Norco (2-0), 7. Charter Oak (3-0), 8. Damien (2-0), 9. J.W. North (2-0), 10. Chino Hills (1-2).
Fred’s thoughts: How can you rank Charter Oak and Damien ahead of J.W. North, who took a shot at Pac-5 Division semifinalist Alemany and beat them 36-35 on Friday. You should reward step-up wins, and this was a major win not rewarded in the polls. Maybe they should have scheduled Chaffey. Other than that, I love Charter Oak taking on No. 5 Rancho this week, great opportunity for both teams. Also, Damien probably shouldn’t be in the Inland top ten yet, but a win over Amat would solidify it.

Pac-5 Division
1. Servite, 2. Mission Viejo, 3. St. John Bosco, 4. San Clemente, 5. Santa Margarita, 6. Bishop Amat, 7. Crespi, 8. Long Beach Poly, 9. Alemany, 10. Los Alamitos.
Fred’s thoughts: How is Servite No .1? Who have they beat? OK, kidding aside, Amat’s in a good spot at No. 6 with a chance to climb the polls with games they should win over the next month before Serra League play begins.

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  • Strange

    odd how Rowland is ranked

  • sgv

    Pomona 10, give me a break

  • Weak SE

    Wow, how weak is the SE so far this year?
    Los Altos @ 4.
    Rowland @ 8.
    El Rancho @ 9.

    No wonder the SGV gets no respect amongst it’s peers.

    Hopefully the cream will rise as the season progresses, and the wannabes will be left in the shake bag.

  • coltfan97

    Covina should be number one!!!! They lose to West Covina in OVERTIME, and West Covina (an upper level team) is number one in there division.

    I DONT UNDERSTAND THE RANKING SYSTEM!!! Can someone please explain it to me?

    By the way Pomona your ranked number ten in the division because you lost to a Bloomington team that is not ranked in their division!!!!!!

  • Colt74

    I gave up trying to figure out polls/ranking logic. On maxpreps Monrovia loses a game and drops 89 points. Covina wins 2 games and drops 47 points.

    Yeah, buddy!

    Monrovia loses to Arcadia who was NOT rated #3 in their division when they played..and Covina loses to WesCo in OT who WAS rated number 1 in their division and Covina gets punished more.

    Yeah, buddy!

    Screw the polls…just play and win……

  • Sierra League Fan

    Good to see 3 sierra league teams in the top 10. It will be interesting to see how Charter Oak and Damien do this week. If they both win, that will bring huge props to our league……..if not, it could be the same thing as last year come playoff time. Chino Hills has had 2 losses against 2 real good teams. The youth and inexperience showed, however they will get better. Tesoro was the real deal. We must play good against an improved Pomona team if we are to have a chance against REV.

  • APach25

    Enjoy it Sierra League… Damien and CO both loose this week…

  • braves are road kill

    hey apach25, or should i say coach pacheco, why don’t you stick to the ie blogs where you belong. if i where a coach at alta loma and my team was 1-22 (only win being vs. montclair) over the last 23 games, i don’t think i would ever open my mouth about anyones program or league. and by the way, don’t you think it’s a little wierd using your kids name and jersey number as your user name?

  • APach25

    I see, I dont agree with you, so you bash my school and my players. Never once have I said Damien and CO are bad, just said they wont win. But i get it, if I am from the IE, I am not allowed an opinion in the SGV.

    Personally, I dont mind being called out, tell everyone who I am, where I coach, who my son is… Not sure what you are trying to prove.

    I dont hide behind a screen name so no one knows who I am and I also dont bash young men who are playing a game.


    Apach25-Some people don’t get it, never will. I can respect your openness and also your integrity in being forthwith. Unfortunately it is sooo much easier to escape the confines of decorum, politeness, political correctness and accountability if you remain anonymous on the Blogs. As such, you get the kind of BS that you read most of the time here on our little SGV blog;which by the way, is only SGV in name. The last time I checked the internet was the WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB). I must admit…I do enjoy pushing the ocassional button of some of our more notorious and over zealous and bloggers : )
    Good Luck to you and your son this season Coach.

  • Can you say hypocrite

    @ Apach
    I seem to remember about a month ago you giving the Whittier area football teams a back handed insult by questioning them about not having any top running back in the area over 175lbs. So Mr. Pot can I please introduce you to Mr. kettle? Maybe if you spent more time focused on coaching up those kids at Alta Loma then blogging, you might be able to find your way out of that paper bag.