2 Minute Drill: Rancho Cucamonga at Charter Oak; Robledo taking Charter Oak, Aram going with R.C.

Aram and Fred discuss this week’s big game between undefeated Inland Powers, Rancho Cucamonga (3-0) at Charter Oak (3-0), Friday at 7 p.m. Tomorrow’s two-minute drill is San Dimas at Monrovia, and on Wednesday, Bishop Amat at Damien…

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  • At least Charter Oak is stepping up and playing a big boy team Rancho Cucamonga. RC WILL beat Charter Oak but in a close one– RC 38-14
    Roosevelt is down by the way Fred….. Upland High would own Charter Oak too. CO has a decent QB— they may be a good team in the SGV but INLAND POWER HOUSE is gonna mow them down !!!! MUIR is weak as ever !!!

  • AMAT 73

    Big game for CO this week . It will give them a measuring stick as to how they stack up to one of the better IE , Inland teams that should be there at playoff time . Good luck to the Chargers and take it to the IE this Friday. Show those IE boys just how good our brand of football is in the SGV . Many of the SGV supporters, if not all, will be rooting you on to victory. True our game with Damien is a big game but this one should be on coveritlive as the game of the week . SGV vs IE .

  • PAC5 Fan

    I’m not a CO fan, but I will cheer them on. I agree a win over RC is a quality win….and that’s exactly what SGV teams need right now! A game against Amat would be ideal in the future, but I don’t think we will ever see that happen after 2 blow outs by Amat.



    I like that you tried to call out the RC bloggers and tell us that CO is not Muir. Glad Aram was there to let you know that everyone already knows that.

    We all know CO is a solid team and if they were playing in their old section would definately win the championship. The problem is they are not in the old section and have to play Teams like RC and others. They are 0-2-1 in three years playing RC. THey are stepping up to make a statement game, but I think it will be RC making all the statements on Friday night.

    I like how Powerhouse said close game 38 to 14.
    I think it will be closer than that, but RC will still win the game.

  • Pound-for-pound

    Muir is getting beat up on the blogs after getting beat up last Friday. If their fans were talking smack then they deserve it. But after taking a look at some figures I have come away with something.

    “POUND FOR POUND” they are the best public school team in the SGV.

    Before you guys call me the biggest crack smoker ever, just hear me out. Aram and Fred are always talking about enrollment, enrollment, enrollment. Why? Well because it means a lot. The more boys enrolled, the more athletes and linemen-types. It’s why Aram, Fred, and even coaches like Bogan, Farrar, are always pointing to the idea of “like schools” or schools being in “their own world.” It’s why the Sierra teams and the prep writers don’t want the Sierra to be in the Inland Division. Makes sense to me. So here are some numbers. Let’s take the private schools out of this.


    Charter Oak: 2000 students
    South Hills: 2070 students
    West Covina: 2880 students
    Bonita: 2000 students
    Glendora: 2350 students
    Arcadia: 3570 students
    Monrovia: 1660 students

    Inland schools:

    Rancho Cucamonga: 3040 students
    Upland: 3540 students
    Los Osos: 3230 students
    Corona Centennial: 2880 students
    Corona Santiago: 3850 students
    Norco: 2190 students
    Vista Murrieta: 3270
    REV: 2990 students

    So how about Muir? How many students does it have?

    1050 students

    As in half the size of Charter Oak. As in one-third the size of Rancho. As in almost one-fourth the size of Cor. Santiago.

    The fact is they are a small school. A very small school. They are the smallest school in the Southeast by far. By far. And they would be the second smallest school in the Midvalley in front of only Blair (excluding the privates from Olympic.)

    What they are able to do with such a small number of kids is amazing! So Fred is right, CO is not Muir. Not even close. Cut CO’s enrollment in half and they aren’t in the conversation. Cut Rancho’s enrollment by two-thirds and they aren’t in the conversation. Yet, when it comes to Muir the subject of enrollment is never mentioned.

    The Klitchko bros. would devour Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, and so would Bernard Hopkins. Why? They are much bigger. But which two fighters have been considered the best pound-for-pound fighters the last 5 years. Pacquiao and Mayweather. Just like Muir is likely the best “pound-for-pound” SGV public school.


    Come on, we have less students than you we cant beat you. Sounds like nothing but excuses. Good football schools like Charter Oak, Centenial, Norco, Upland and Rancho win, so students want to go there. Charter Oak has nobody in the area to compete with getting their athletes to come over to CO.. Rancho has 4 schools within 3 miles of each other and has to compete with all of them, plus Upland is only about5 miles or so from Alta Loma. Alta Loma does not win so 2 or 3 of the best players on Upland are from Alta Loma. Bishop Amat a very good football school gets the athletes, because they win and kids want to win. I bet their enrollment is down where CO’s is at..


    Pound for Pound,

    That was a great analogy!


    We got your point you think RC is the gold standard of the Inland blah blah blah. Unfortunatley RC and you have a rude awakening. You guys are not the same team as last year you just dont replace 2000+ yard rushers like Sateki and 1000+ yard recievers like Harden. You guys still do not have a solid running back that has broke the 100 yard mark this year. Im pretty confident your going to be eating crow this year just like the Monrovia fans. Please just do us on favor and dont disappear from the blog once CO takes it to the house on RC.




    Whats this stupid talk about gold standard??? I mentioned at least 5 or 6 teams not just Rancho. I was trying to compliment the good teams everywhere, but you turn it into some smack talking blog for some reason.
    Teki was a special runner along with Harden being a great reciever.. I dont think you replace those guys individually, but as a team I think we are alot more balanced this year. If you look at our yardage per game we are averaging over 194 yards rushing a game and about 198 passing yds a game.. Very balanced!!! Our starters have played about 7 qtrs of football. Otherwise our stats would be doubled.. Our defense is twice as good as last year and for you to win you need to score and just dont see that happening. A few of your key players are gone from last year and tuff to replace those guys also. You talk alot for not beating us the last three years. After we smack you down!!!! I will definately be back on here..

    I see you guys average about 225 passing and rushing a game, but over 600 of those yards came against Esperanza.

    You have no idea what is coming eastbound on the 210 Friday night!! 4 days and the suspense will end for you all, along with your whippin!!!!!

  • Joe Amat


    Amat has about 1300 students compared to CO’s 2100 or so.

    But your take on other schools proximity and the effect on RC is a bit off as it pertains to CO. They too are effected just as much, and maybe more when you take Amat into consideration.

    Within a couple miles of CO they are surrounded by Glendora, San Dimas, South Hills and Covina – while not “Inland powers”, they are all relatively good programs for their size and their boundaries border CO’s on all sides. That’s probably one of the reasons the Chargers “leap frog” those areas and go to the other side of the 605 for their “imports”.

    i’m looking forward to following the results this Friday of what should be a good matchup. Good luck to both, but gotta root for the SGV.

  • progress

    SGV football you are a little off…

    Monrovia Fans eating crow, lol it’s only week two. We took one on the chin, but hey when you play a tough schedule for “our” Standards on the level of competition “our” team competes in, you risk losing. We could easily be playing el monte, or Azusa or Montebello or something, but we play tough teams, where if you play sloppy you can be beat. Thats why we go deep in midvalley playoff play along with San Dimas. There is not one paper, SGV, Star news, nor LA times, that does not have Mtown going to the finals… So we talk our stuff, and don’t run away. Monrovia is still here…and still talking..Still the favorites in the midvalley…despite any ranking, nor other teams wins against weak opponents. If the midvalley has a new champ, then we will be eating crow.

    Bishop Amat Lost already…they prove you can bounce back after a tough loss

    Chino Hills Lost Already played tough teams, but thats why they go deep in the inland.

    West Covina Lost Already…is their season over?

    Muir Has Lost Already …Still a southeast playoff team

    La Habra Has Lost Already…they will win their div…

    San Dimas has lost Already…Will find their way into Midvalley semis.

    Bonita has lost Already…podley will put it together…they will make the playoffs and be a tough out.

    Charter Oak has not, Rancho Cuc is going to be a nail biter. If either teams losses will they be eating crow?

    Last Year only 3 of the section champs were undefeated some had 1-3 losses. But if you notice, no matter who the divisions were, they played a tough schedule according to that particular teams level of competition.

    Rancho Fan, school size is huge, in the public school realm of football. Bigger School means Lineman, Lineman, Lineman. It also means depth depth depth. Which leads to better practices. If you have 1’s and 2’s pushing each other it makes your team stronger, it makes your special teams stronger. Most schools only have 40 players…they may dress 45-50, but those are jvs, bodys. The big schools have 60-80 players…they don’t need to have a lot of guys going both ways…and injuries are do not hurt a team as much. Muir’s 1000 student school, is killing their program…they lost a great dB in practice, and that hurt them more than it would have hurt a big school. Private schools can recruit, so they can get what ever they need. Wins are Wins, but don’t say that school size means nothing. the only reason why small schools like Servite, and De la Salle can compete is bc they are all boys schools too as well. Just keep it real.

    Besides Rancho Fans, look who Corona Cent played, St Bonnies #3 team in state, Vista plays Crespi # 10 team in state, Upland plays pac 5 # 24(higher than Rancho Cuc). No Disrespect to Charter oak, but they are the lowest ranked opponent out of the top 4 teams in the Inland…so you all really have not played any one compared to your top inland foes. Do you think that’s why you lost in the Semis. I would believe the Rancho Hype, if you played at least 1 top 25 team in State, or at least one pac 5 team…you are looking down on the smaller SGV Schools, but you would not dare play bishop. You guys are good, but I still would like to see you schedule top 25 teams.

  • SaintsR4real


    The Monrovia eating crow part from SGV probably came from all of you fans chanting how Mtown was going to be undefeated and they belong in a higher division. Like you said, it’s only the third game.

    SGV gave his opinion as well as you. Does that mean you are also a little off??


  • trojans85

    The problem isnt that the Sierra is in the Inland but that South Hills and Charter Oak are in the Sierra. It is more a releagueing issue. The Hacienda schools banned CO and SH because they didnt really want to improve their athletic programs across the board. Its esier to get rid of the best schools. If anyone should be tossed over the hill to the Sierra its WC. They have the same enrollement as the Chino Hills schools and most the Inland. Glendora got hosed. Not just football but every other sport that has to travel east in rush hour traffic to complete and a weekly basis, ie vollyball, tennis, bb, and so forth.

  • Pound-for-pound

    RCFootball, no excuses made here my friend. Just responding to Aram and Fred’s video where they mentioned enrollment figures as to why the Sierra shouldn’t be in the Inland. I’ve heard this time and again from various sources: Fred and Aram, coaches, fans, bloggers, etc. Yet I don’t hear the same thing, when it comes to the small schools like Muir, San Dimas, or even Monrovia taking on the likes of much bigger schools.

    I’m not saying that is the only reason they lost to you guys or anyone else they loss to or will lose to, what I am saying is for a school that small to still schedule way up (using enrollment) and compete it should be acknowledged.

    You guys have to compete with other schools for kids, but all those schools still have tons of kids. “Progress” articulated perfectly why enrollment in fact is very important to a football program’s success, so I don’t have to add to that. And privates are a entirely different matter. Bottom line is enrollment matters, and it’s easy for a school with more than 3k students to say it doesn’t matter.

    Again, what Muir is able to do as the smallest public school in the SGV (besides Blair HS also in Pasadena) makes them the best “Pound-for-pound” public school team in the SGV.

    Right Fred?

  • AMAT 73

    I think the crow posts defintely have to do with all the hype by many of your fans during the summer. Much was posted on the fact of Monrovia being in the top tier and ready to take on AMAT and maybe being the best team in the SGV.It’s a vicious world on this blog and now due to the many posters and Mtwn comes to mind of that fact the hounds are on your tail. I agree it is very early in the season and Monrovia will rebound and most likely win league and go deep in the playoffs. What’s puzzling to me is you saying “when you play a tough schedule by our standards of competition our team competes in you risk losing”. I do recall many analogies by you and other Monrovia fans on the fact of AMAT being a shadow of it’s former self or something along those lines and Monrovia and others ready to move up and over AMAT . What changed that thinking because by that one line in your post you seem to have erased that theory. This is not a chest pounding post on the greatness of AMAT so please don’t take it like that just something for conversation because one loss to a good team does not mean one should be eating crow as many have put out there.


    Pound for Pound,

    I like the point of more students and you get more lineman and backups. Very good Point.. I hate to say it but I do agree with that point. Honestly our coach had 2 open dates and sent it out on to all high schools in So Cal asking for a game. Props to Muir for being the only one that stepped up and took on the challenge. Now some schools already had games those 2 weeks and could not make it happen, but most schools would not put us on the schedule. That is directly from Coach Baiz.

    Now someone earlier saying Co has to compete with San Dimas,Glendora and others. Now Co is the much better team out of all those schools and what I was trying to do is compliment Co by saying they are the best program in the area and the quality players that want to win will usually pick Co before the other schools.

    Good luck Friday night. Should be one heck of a game with RC and CO….

  • Pound-for-pound

    RCFootball, you’re right, finding linemen in small public schools is tough. And yes, CO is a good football school and families are attracted to its success. But they can’t compete with the big boys of the Inland. Give them another 1000 students and I betcha they could though!

    Conversely, if you give Muir, San Dimas, and Monrovia another 1000 kids and they would be on par with or better than the Charter Oaks, South Hills, and West Covinas. Hell WC has almost 2900 kids! Those are Inland numbers. They are up there with Corona Centennial. If Muir was given an extra 1900 kids they would not have lost to Loyola 35-7. Hell, they might have won, even with their bad coaching. Maybe that’s a bit much, but you get my point.

    When CO, WC, SH, Glendora, etc. lose to the big schools you hear the enrollment argument. Especially from the prep writers. When Muir loses, it is only about lack of discipline and bad coaching. When San Dimas loses it is poor decisions by Coach Z (mainly from their fans). But both schools have drastically low numbers compared with the other schools. And btw, I have never heard the coaches from either school mention it at all. Props to them both.

    Just for (a sports) argument’s sake here’s a Top 10 “Pound-for-Pound” Public Schools in the SGV. Again, this is just for kicks.

    1. Muir (1050)
    2. San Dimas (1250)
    3. Monrovia (1660)
    4. Charter Oak (2000)
    5. Covina (1500)
    6. South Hills (2070)
    7. . Bonita (2000)
    8. Diamond Ranch (1810)
    9. Duarte (1175)
    10. San Marino (1150)

    What do you think Fred J? Aram? How would you stack’em?

  • Size matters

    School size does matter to public schools that don’t recruit, but is irrelevant in the case of CO and SH. CO and SH openly and hand pick recruits from outside their areas just like private schools. Recruiting eliminates the luck factor in “playing with what god brings you” as Bogan likes to put it. I will say, however, that SH has been on the loosing end of the recruiting trail the last couple years to CO, Amat, and CIF. The recruiting issue is the reason that CO and SH were bounced up to the Sierra last year, it’s CIF’s way of leveling the playing field.

  • Fred Robledo

    Pound for pound, demographics play a big role too. San Marino, South Pasadena and Temple City use to be great football schools that won all the time. Temple City had that incredible run in the 70s. But the demographics have changed, not just in those cities, but several throughout the San Gabriel Valley. That’s why two of the factors to be considered is geographic proximity and competitive equity when aligning leagues, not just enrollment.

  • Pound-for-pound

    Fred, I understand that. And it makes sense for CIF to do that. Geographic proximity saves gas and creates strong rivalries. Competitive equity is more subjective though, and considers things like program strength, school resources, and the politically-correct term “demographics.”

    Demographics is a touchy subject and one where stereotypes can run amok. But facts are facts. African-Americans and whites make up over 98% of NFL players and just shy of that in college. We don’t have to get into why, it is what it is. High school is much more difficult to gauge, but this “concept” generally holds true to form (schools like Amat are outliers here, but again, they’re private).

    With that said, my opinion that Muir is the best team “Pound-for-pound” holds true, as only 30% of their population is African-American and 60% is Latino. A drastic difference compared to the past, shaped by the demographic shift you spoke of, which didn’t just happen in San Marino, South Pasadena, and Temple City, but Pasadena as well. A strong case can be made for San Dimas as the best “Pound-for-pound” as well.

    Enrollment does play a huge roll, just as “demographics” do. A school with only 1050 students is a very small school. Like I said, the smallest in the SGV, besides Blair. The bottom line is this, Muir and San Dimas do a great job with what they have. Monrovia does too. And when they face the big boys they don’t get the luxury of the “enrollment argument” that is bandied about when the COs, SHs, WCs, and Glendoras do when they lose to the bigger Inland schools. Props to all three.

  • Dan

    Why would WC’s season be anymore over than Monrovia’s.
    Pound for pound,
    Your only telling half the story, which is the reason your pound for pound list falls by the wayside. Enrollment has no where near the effect on a program that demographics has, along with transfers and recruiting. West Covina may have 2880 students but because of demographics, they may have no more football type athletes to choose from than a school like Muir or Monrovia, both which are located in the Pasadena area which is a football demographics haven, particularly for the speed type of athlete. Yeah the enrollment excuse is weak, try something else.

  • Pound-for-pound

    Dan, I see you posted this right after I expanded on the “demographic” argument, and likely hadn’t seen it yet. I’m not stating that enrollment is the end all be all of this issue. Demographics is extremely important as well, if not more important as you state. (And lets just be completely honest here and admit that “demographics” is just a euphemism for the word “race.”)

    However, when Muir faces a Rancho Cucamonga team, who has the same players demographically (if not more so considering they have whites and Pacific Islanders), the enrollment argument takes precedence. A pool of 3000 (1500 when subtracting the girls) should dominate a pool of 1050 (525 w/o girls). But I didn’t hear that after the game. When San Dimas loses to the big boys with similar demographics, I don’t hear that. Yet, when the Sierra schools lose to the big boys (and add WC in there too) I do hear that. In the video above they mention enrollment. Not demographics. Maybe they should. Though, they likely don’t for fear of the negative reaction that would ensue due to people’s sensitivity regarding race.

    As for my Top 10 Pound-for-pound, it could be a little off. It’s just a take. Your more than welcome to add yours. Maybe one that includes enrollment and demographics. I’m sure it would be well thought-out and enlightening. In fact, I’d like to see Fred’s and Aram’s as well.

  • Conqueror

    I think you guys are missing something. First of all yes, size matters in enrollment and I agree with almost all of you comments. However, when you talk about Cheater Oak you have to talk about recruiting!!!!! Whether they are from Pasadena, Monrovia South Hills or Duarte; if you take 1 or 2 of the best athletes from that area you essentially making an all star team. The half dozen or more athletes that they have stolen from other areas they account for 2 to 3 thousand in enrollment.

    If those kids stay where they are supposed to, I think you are talking about Rancho being 2 and 1 with a loss to Muir, South Hills beating West Co, Monrovia over Arcadia and Cheater Oak 0 and 3. The places where you say are weaknesses for Cheater Oak are the players that are supposed to go there!!!! The strengths are not Cheater Oak kids!!!!

    Should be a great game. Rancho by 2 pts. Just because I hate Cheater Oak.

  • Reality

    Conq – interesting point. i’d love to hear from the Charter Oaksters which of their studs since the championship years actually went to jr hi in the Charter Oak School District or lived in Charter Oak boundaries. Bet not many

  • Dan

    Don’t recall ever hearing the enrollment excuse used on behalf of West Covina, we can’t use it cause we have a large enrollment. This discussion is hypothetical, but when you insinuate that Muir, San Dimas, or Monrovia do more with what they have than schools like WC I disagree.
    I remember reading on here over the summer how Monrovia looked way more athletic than West Covina when they threw against each other in passing games, the same sentiment
    is expressed regularly about Muir and the athletes they have. If you line up Monrovia starters against WC starters Monrovia looks to have more size and speed, even their line’s are bigger than WC lines, yet I feel confident that in most years WC would win the battle in the trenches. Look at the D1 athletes that Muir puts out on a regular basis, you don’t see those numbers at WC, yet WC has a couple CIF titles and has been regularly amongst the top 5 in the SGV for the better part of the decade, so who really does more with less?
    WC is no less a pound for pound contender.

  • COChargerfan

    Pound for Pound, Ive been saying the same thing for several years. BTW, per the CA Dept of Education, last year COs enrollment was 1910 kids.

    Dan, youre wrong pal. Enrollment is by far the most important factor but there are exceptions, which is why the CIF also has the competitive equity tool. So, instead of attempting to deny that the best public school football teams also happen to be the largest in terms of enrollment at both the individual and district levels, you should thank your lucky stars that the CIF allows WC to play at a level that is contrary to their enrollment sizeso how is a 3000 kid strong WC getting more pound for pound than Covina High or San Dimas with that many kids?

    Missing in the discussion is that the COs of the world whom are single high school district dont have the luxury of Intra-District transfers. These types of transfers go entirely uncontested and, thus, are completely ignored by the CIF transfer police. So big school districts are able to pool talent into just a few schools without anyone raising questions, in essence, cherry pick the best talent from a large pool of in-district kids.

    Look at Diamond Ranch High School who is one of 4 high schools in the 6,500-kid Pomona Unified District. For years they were the football team of choice for the good players in that district so they excelled while the other 3 schools were pretty bad. With the resurgence of the Pomona High program, the talent is now split and mark my words Diamond Ranchs level of play will suffer greatly.

    Another example is Norco High, which is one of 8 high schools in the Corona-Norco Unified Districta district with around 17,000 high school kids. Before I go on, lets put that number in perspectivethe 8 high schools in Covina Unified (South Hills, Covina and Northview), Charter Oak, Glendora, Bonita Unified (Bonita and San Dimas) and Bishop Amat COMBINED only have around 13,000 students. Add Damien to the mix and were up to 14,000still 3,000 less kids than the Corona-Norco Unified District alone. Id like to see how many Corona Centennial players dont live within their boundaries. Actually, I recall that a summer or two ago the Norco blogger was talking about something like 8 players that intra-district transferred into their school from sister high schools. Im betting that this school shopping is rampant in the big school districts.

    Back to Norco, they were king for years with like 4000 enrolled kids that is until Roosevelt High opened around 6 years ago. Now, Norco has 2,200 kids and Roosevelt has 3,200. Does anyone really believe that this isnt going to negatively impact Norcos football team? History says sowhat happened to Chino High when Ayala opened and then years later to Ayala after Chino Hills High opened?

    Despite the allegations, CO, SH and the rest of these public schools get very few out of district transfers. Forget about CIF transfer/eligibility rules for a minute, a kid has to first get his old school district to allow him/her to transfer and this is getting harder and harder as schools face money problems and dont want to give up the revenue. What naysayers like size matters like to include as transfers are kids that moved into a new district like CO but thats just wrong because they are residents within the school boundaries. And size, the collective CIF didnt bounce CO into the Sierra and, instead, it was their former Miramonte League cohorts (i.e. Principals) that voted them out of the league. Thats the serious flaw in the systemwhen schools with a vested interest and bed-fellows are voting instead of it being done more fairly via some independent panel.

  • AMAT 73

    All in here on the pound for pound are making good points. I know many think AMAT or privates ( maybe more in the OC ) have a huge recruiting advantage and so forth but maybe not. But in this age of economic strife affecting everybody, AMAT cannot afford to hand out free tuition at the rate people think . All schools have the advantage of incoming freshmen being able to select a school of their choice. Plus add in the fact you can get a free education and a good one and also play on a very good football team at many of our public schools, so why pay tuition .Upperclass transfers are another issue of which AMAT does not have many . Look at AMAT’s breakdown demographically
    68 % HISPANIC
    11 % CAUCASIAN
    9 % FILIPINO
    Kind of shoots the demograph argument down or not as someone ( you know who ) will probably use it as ammo to say that is why we cannot compete for a PAC-5 title, so the question of who does more with less as WC Dan said is valid for all .

  • Dan

    Think again, the proof is in the pudding, CO is the perfect example, even though Charter Oak has almost 900 students less than WC look at the athletes that CO gets over there. WC could scan their entire 2880 campus and not find 4 or 5 D1 athletes like CO had these past couple of years, if you see the size of CO or Glendora lines they put out year in and year out, you don’t get that size at WC. We may have 1 or at the most 2 guy’s guy that size, not 3 to 4 like the schools in your area. The reason CO gets those athletes and bigger linemen is because of demographics and transfers and less because of enrollment.
    In 2004 when WC won the cif title the heaviest
    player on defense was a linebacker who weighed 225 pounds. He was bigger than our defensive linemen. On offense we had 1 kid at 250 every one else was 225 or less. But those kids knew how to battle and play hard and never gave up in a game.
    So again I would say that WC does well with what they have, the coaches prepare the kids well for a game and teach the fundamentals extremely well so these kids are ready to go on Friday night.

  • COChargerfan

    Dan, your mistake is making the assumption that what is true at WC is the same for ALL schools. Because it’s not which is why CIF holds the “competitive equity” card. And what you are also overlooking is that there is a much bigger pool of players to pick and more importantly more of them in a 3000 kid school vs. one that only has 1500. Thus, bigger schools have the ability to be deeper so 8 players don’t have to go both ways.

  • Dan

    Of course it’s not the same at all schools, but to put it bluntly, and sorry if this post offends anyboby, but I think it’s true for the most part. In general, as far as public schools go, the more afluent, or at least upper middle class area’s such as CO, or SH, or Glendora, or San Dimas will have more of the bigger, college or pro types of linemen than you find in less afluent areas. In general, you don’t have to comb through 2800 or 3000 kids to find these guys, the same goes with Pasadena or the inner city area’s when it comes to the skill positions. Muir or Monrovia doesn’t have to comb through 3000 kids to find the number of D1 caliber athletes that they get, yet you can go through schools like Alhambra, or Bell Gardens, or Montebello, or Schurr or El Rancho all of which have over 3000 students and you won’t find very many of the d 1 caliber players at those schools. Its because of demographics. You have to comb through a lot more kids of the Hispanic or Asian heritage to get the 6’4″ 280 pound lineman who can run a 5 flat 40. With whites and Blacks that size or caliber of kid is much more common to find than with the previous heritages mentioned. West Covina and Arcadia are kind of middle of the road when it comes that kind of athletic density. If they can continue to keep more of their district kids things will keep getting better.