Two-Minute Drill: San Dimas at Monrovia; Here’s a shocker, MTown Miguel says Cats will lose

Pas Prep editor Miguel Melendez may have picked against MTown for the first time in history. I’m not buying it, and neither is Aram. San Dimas is improving, but the Cats should bounce back from Friday’s humbling loss to Arcadia.

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  • SD MOM

    GO SAINTS!!!!!! 2-2 anything goes!!!!!! just be safe to all the boys playing!!!

  • Dan Fastrup

    The Saints look better than Monrovia. Have seen both play and there is no doubt that San Dimas is the better team right now.

  • SaintsR4real

    What do you mean you haven’t seen Monrovia play this year?? The number 1 team in the ESGV all summer long and you don’t have time for them? You’re playing us, right??

    Aram, you’re a reporter right? Did you not think to ask why DeShawn only got 8 carries all game long, since you were there? Dude, put down the NACHOS and do something!!

    Freddy, the Saints are piling up major yardage right now, if they could muster up, lets say half the yardage/points they did agaist the past two teams, they should be good for 25 points.

    I’m not even gonna try to predict this game.
    All I know is if our Saints plan on coming out victorious, they better leave it all on the field Friday night in the Big City of Mtown!!

  • Colt74

    Good luck to the SAINTS on Friday. Stay healthy – Stay Hungry!

  • SD Has a ?

    Is it true that McCarthy is out for Fridays game?

  • Colt74

    I would not believe it or count on it. Prepare like he’s going to be there.

  • stevo

    I agree Colt74, lol, sound like b.s. to me.

  • Mtownclown

    2stevo nott b.s thats my nephew soo i know hes out for fri 4 sure

  • stevo

    mtownclown, sorry to hear about your nephew being hurt. Thats not what anyone wants! Hope he has a speedy recovery. See you all across the stands friday night!

  • progress

    Monrovia’s problem has been penalties, and turnovers, and play calling. If the cats play a mistake free game, and get Ramirez the ball 20 times they will beat San Dimas.

    I think this 2-2 thing is being viewed wrong. In the first preseason game Monrovia blew them out. In the first Championship San Dimas won, but it was very close. In the Second preseason, the Cats lost but it was a close Game in overtime. In the Semifinals game, the cats blew out the Saints. Wins are wins, but San Dimas has not Dominated the Cats in any game, but the cats have Dominated the cats in 2 of the four meetings.

    So if you go off of history, it’s either going to be Monrovia Losing a close one or a Monrovia blowing out San Dimas. We May see a new chapter to this with San Dimas Blowing out Monrovia, or Monrovia winning a Nail bitter…

    We will miss our big studs, but the Cats are equipped and due to explode. This could be the game.

    I have Monrovia 30 San Dimas 24

  • Just sayin’

    If I’m either team I’m rooting to lose. The regular season loser has come back to beat the other in the playoffs and wina chamoionship.

  • Sdpride

    Word on the street is for SanDimas Dillon Corona #5 is out …

  • SaintsR4real

    not true….minor setback