Bonita not the same since Smudgepot win

By Aram Tolegian
Bonita has headed south since its season-opening rout of San Dimas in the Smudgepot.
The Bearcats have suffered through injuries and errors that have led to losses to Claremont and La Serna, both of whom are undefeated. The combined final margin of defeat in those games was four points. “We’ve been doing suicide by Bearcat,” Bonita coach Eric Podley said. “It means we’re hurting ourselves with mistakes, fumbles, turnovers … we’re doing it to ourselves. La Serna had 14 points as a result of our fumbling. We missed an extra point and a field goal.”

The missed kicks aren’t something one would expect, but Bonita has been without All-Area kicker Brandt Davis for the past two weeks with a quad injury.

Quarterback Tanner Diebold also missed a start against Claremont but will be back under center Friday when the Bearcats host Marshall of Los Angeles.

“This week, we need to not make mistakes,” Podley said. “I don’t know if it’s critical, but it would sure be nice to win this week. We need to get our mojo back.”

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  • Basic

    Loosing by 3 to Claremont without our starting QB is not bad, but it does say we need more players, one guy can not make the team. Not saying that Sunshine is the team but he makes such a huge difference so when he is not there everyone else has to step up including and maybe specially the coaches.

    The loss to LS was all about penalties, I think both teams are pretty evenly match and both fan bases can say the same about penalties. However, I am somewhat “glad – not really but” that they are playing with a little bit of chip, and are trying to get rid of that “SOFT” persona that they seem to be labeled. Now if they can play with that attitude “mentally” (play tough football)but not have the dumb penalties for playing with that chip, then I think this will be very helpful in the end…

  • Dan Fastrup

    First, Bonita is playing well on the defensive side of the ball. The two losses can be blamed on one thing turn overs. Penalties has slow us down but turn overs has killed us.
    Second, Basic is right The defense is playing with attitude. The leader of the bravado this year is Senior Garrett Horine. Horine is a beast and his leadership by example is filtering down to the rest of the team.

  • reality

    The same guys making plays on defense are for the most part the same guys turning it over on “offense. Podley seems stuck in neutral on offense as he refuses to challenge his QBS showing little or no confidence in them which is leading to very predictable play calling. I’am not that smart but I was able to predict 100% of the time what play was coming the last two games which I was’nt able to do at all last year. Podley is coaching scared. Playing not to lose rather than playing to win thus taking away his teams mojo as he says. Somewhat disappointed in the senior leadership also, with the studs not willing to go 100% unlike Huth and the boys last year. I would not even mind a loss Friday night if the boys played intense and at the same time loose and had some fun. With 2 or less turnovers they win the game easily. Also rest your two-way guys more even if it means you don’t have the perceived best team out there. It will pay=off by league.

  • Pendleton

    Hey bloggers lay off my coach, he is by far the best coach in high school football period, now for the players keep playing hard and limit the turnovers, keep working hard everyday, and keep faith in yourself the team and the coachs cause they know what they are doing, work hard everyday and every practice and you guys will be just fine. Now go out this friday and go kick some butt, and shut all the haters up

  • reality

    Pendleton, Offering a critique of a coach is not being a hater. I believe “Your Coach” is probably a good guy but he certainly seems that he’s gotten away from doing the things he did last year.While your loyalty is admirable to a degree, just give yourself sometime at Cal. Lu. watching the game from the bench and you’ll find yourself having different opinions than that of your coaches. When you do don’t be afraid to speak up. Good luck BTW, I enjoyed watching you play.

  • Are we talking about 1-2 Bonita here

    Well I have to say I really don’t care about BOHI’s Offense or the Defense or the Coaches or the Seniors or former players or if they win or lose. But I do thank God Almighty that kh’s kid graduated and he has decided to crawl back to where ever he crawled out of. Now if you could just get Aaron to crawl in there with him, the blog would be eternally grateful.

  • BHS fan

    I love how we lose 2 games ( by 4 pts total) and people are so worried. The blogs are ranking Los Altos above us, when they win a game to Wilson (no offense to them) and fans are forgetting that we have had several injured players that will be returning by league. I think everyone needs to get a grip and stay true to the green and white! Go Bearcats!

  • TGee

    And I thought I’d never hear KH again. I also thought I was the only person that believed they were both crazy short man syndrome kooks. Is Riverside Community College D1 baseball school? hahahahahah

  • Basic

    AP & BHS,

    First I don’t think any one is “Hating” or “worried” other than “1-2” and “T-G” hating to KH but that “hate” is not for the team. Anyway, like ‘reality’ stated, it’s critique and mainly of the coaching where it should be.
    1. Without Sunshine the offense looked pedestrian and I would put the blame on the coaching staff, you have to be better prepare and have a different game plan when you don’t have your starter.
    2. The offense IS predictable and I’m sure the coaching staff know what they have, they see these kids everyday, so maybe that is the best they can do what with they have, but it does make it easier for opposing teams to stop them when almost every play can be predicted. So, yes that is critique but warranted.

    Dan fast… I agree the kids is a stud and his attitude seems to be flowing to the other players which is great BUT they have to play smart too…

  • X’s and O’s

    As I’ve stated before in other threads such as the Damien thread on Aram’s blog, you guys and your critiques of coaches are absolutely ridiculous. As Jim Mora once said, you think you know, but you really don’t. You guys really have no idea about the intracies of this great game, it is unlike any other. Those of you complaining about play calling really have no clue the amount of thinking that goes into one play call. You have to take into consideration where the ball is on the field, the personnel, the opposing defense and what they’re doing. This all must take place within a 25 second time span, not to mention the fact that the teenage guard might be more worried about what his opponent told him the previous down and the tight end keeps thinking about his girlfriend in the stands.

    Pendleton, you are a stud on the field and a stud for coming out and defending your coach. Take it from a guy who played at the college level, the lessons your high school coach teaches you will stay with you for a lifetime. I still admire all of my high school coaches.

  • Basic


    I did not say it was easy, as a matter of fact I said they see the kids all the time so they have a better understanding, however, I did state MY OPINION “they have to have a better plan when the starter is not there” is that really unrealistic???

    Secondly, if WE as fans can tell what the call is (by the personal, formation, where they are on the field and what down it is), what do you think the other coaching staff can do? AND if that is the case does that not make it more difficult to accomplish what you want accomplished? So how can we not critique it??? BTW, I did not say I could tell 100 but I was probably at 80%…

  • Aaron

    Alright…I’m guilty of being a homer and a honk.