Two-Minute Drill: Bishop Amat at Damien; Spartans have two chances, slim and slim

Aram and I discuss Damien’s huge home game with Bishop Amat, a game the Spartans want to show how much it has grown since last year’s blowout loss at Amat. Aram and I, however, expect more of the same.

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  • maybe damien should wear garfield jerseys, and it will be close

  • no step

    There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The good news is that when Damien goes behind by 35 points there will be a running clock. The bad news is that it won’t start running until the fourth quarter. But the good news is that the butt-kicking will be over sooner. The bad news is that next week they’ll have the same coaches.

  • Keep talking

    I am going to love it when all you Amat idiots eat your words, right around 9:30 p.m. Friday night. I really don’t see how you can be so confident knowing that your team is falling apart. From the injuries to the mutiny, I think Amat has a lot more to worry about them thinking they will be crushing Damien.

    Maybe this is our year, and maybe it isn’t. But I guarantee one thing, the point spread will be less than that Garfield score. We are a much better team this year, and we are starting to gel as a unit. Robledo and Aram are Amat kiss asses, so they will never be on our side. Yet when they see the results this Friday night, they will suddenly be quiet enough to hear crickets.

    Spartans Kick Ass !

  • reality

    hey talker – there are no two bigger fans of Gano than Aram and Fred. If they had any reason to go with him and Damien they would. Did you see how close La Mirada played La Habra – and look at what Amata did to them. Injuries didn’t hurt so much there. And there is no mutiny. The Lancers couldn’t be more on the same page. The only mutiny is form the haters that can’t take it. Amat by 3 scores

  • Witness

    Last week is was the Jalen Moore show, this week it will be the Rio and Uno show. 300yrds passing.
    Stock up the snack bar, the blue wave is coming to town!

  • socal

    Damien has the same chance Amat had against Servite 0 chance.

  • AMAT by 4 scores

    I agree that AMAt takes this easily. Also that Fred is a big Damien fan and would select them if he could. Problem is, Damien has not done that much to improve the team. they have brought in several busts to help the team but to the teams dismay, Castille ends up being the explosive offense they have. Sherwoods are only give the ball to run when they are inside the 25 yd. line. 2 kids from Paraclete arent productin much. Every team knows this. The big backs at Damien had are on the sideline. A small O-line (mostly rehashed from last years loosing campaign)and tiny secondary. man this spells disaster. I think the team was bigger and stronger last year. Damien whooped it up against Chaffey, now beginning with this game, Damien has to pay the piper. I would be suprised if Gano returns, he hasnt done much of anything since last year except increase his presence on the practice field to pretend he is concerned.

    Good luck Spartans. I’ll be rootin for you!

  • truth

    truth is Gano has to try to ride it out as long as he can because he wants the AD job when the old guy gets put out to pasture.

  • AMAT 73

    Keep talking,
    Care to elaborate on this mutiny you seem to have inside information on. Yes we have some injuries but the Moore injury seems to be taken care of which was a key factor. Shay with a concussion , doubt he will be back but Alcantara will be ready for our season if not sooner . Should be a better game than last years as the Spartans seem to be improved over last season . Good luck this Friday and please let us know about this mutiny you speak of . Not even sure you are a Damien fan as most of them proudly have some reference to Damien in their screen name.

  • Damien Alumni

    O.k. so if we use your reasoning ” reality “, how do you respond to Servite blowing you out, and La Habra losing by one score? Amat was manhandled, bitch slapped, and embarrassed…what happened?

    As for the Rio and Uno show. Amat has never been a passing team, and they have a QB that has been over hyped for 4 years now. He might be a good baseball player, but the pigskin is not round. He is not an elite QB in the SGV. He’s great at handing off, but I haven’t seen any real pass attack. Let’s see who passes for more yards on Friday.

    And ” socal “, you still have to play the game baby. Friday it happens in our house, not Keifer – dumpy field.

  • Spartan Fan

    I find it funny that you have parents and others attacking eachother on these blogs. Some of these comments are just immature and ignorant. The reality is you have to play the game on the field. Maybe Amat has had the best results recently, but Damien is ready to battle. We do not back down to anyone, no matter what the odds. We are a better team this year, and I am not talking size, I am talking talent.

    So keep making all the remarks you want, and let’s see what really happens this year come Friday.

  • AMAT by 4 scores

    wishful thinking Spartan Fan. I understand though, you are a fan. Damien is neither bigger or more talented. look at the stats.

    Gano has sold you all a bill of goods.

    youll see it a little better on Friday,

    Best of luck

  • Just Sayin

    Robledo you need a higher stool or something. You and Aram kinda look like Shrek and Donkey. Maybe Aram can sit on the floor or something. And thank you Aram for not waiving your Gigantor hands at the camera anymore, you were scaring all the little kids.

  • amat

    Is the game on fox sports west Friday?

  • Other just sayin’

    LOL! Shrek and Donkey! Reminds me of this press conference

  • amat fan 06

    is the game going to be online or is there going to be any game coverage where we can see it live?(not meaning play by play)

  • Lance R

    Amat Damien is always a good game to attend because it has that rivalry to it, not so much like playing St. Paul / Slime but pretty close. As far as outcomes… on any given day right? I mean Amat has beaten Garfield in a “1st game of the season” where the kinks still need some attending to, we get handed our lunch by a Servite team that is a little better of a team in a week 2 senario then a Amat, not to say playing Servite again in a playoff there could be different results as the saying goes it’s tough to beat a team twice. Amat La Mirada a blowout… La Habra could have blown them out as well but I think they were looking ahead to Servite so the score with La Mirada and La Habra to me is not a true score. This is the game where Amat shows what type of team it will be this season. Throw out the Servite and Garfield games for reasons above but if Amat comes into Damien and crushes Damien then this is a Amat team that will compete in the Serra for a league title or a playoff berth. If this score is close or for some reason or Amat should lose then the rest of the non league games as well as the league games will be close and hard to predict where Amat comes out. If this Amat team puts together back to back blow outs, look out Amat is going to put together another good season. This Damien Game really tells the story for this Amat team on where they are at and where they are going. It is game 4 and by now you can somehow gauge which direction this Amat team will be going this year. Cal Preps has Amat 28 Damien 21……..too close for me but as Fred J. and Aram see it seems like a blowout. Personally I am looking for another blowout by Amat, this will really jolt our Lancers on to another winning season. Good Luck Sparta may the better team that nite win. MIGHTY ARE THE MEN THAT WEAR THE BLUE AND GOLD.

  • AMAT 73

    Spartan fan,
    Wouldn’t be great if bloggers would come on here and discuss various match ups in this game . Talking all this nonsense about who’s gonna whip who needs some solid support as to what they see on the field or film.

  • Silence Amat Loudmouths

    come on damien. silence the Amat Loudmouths! Go Damien.

  • joe

    I seen amat aganist servite and they were a joke a overrated team and 9 is a average qb, these two banana heads have amat up there butts it makes me sick to read about amat all the time i hope damien rips them a new one.

  • GoBigBlue

    Really Joe, Amat’s a joke. Maybe that’s why LA Times, Max Preps, ESPN and CIF all have Amat as a top ranked team. Only the Tribune has Charter Oak ranked above them everybody else has Amat above them. So tell me Joe, what does this mean for all the teams ranked way below Amat, like Damien if Amat’s a joke.

    Next time you peel yourself away from your crack pipe to hit the blogs do us all a favor and stay on the crack pipe. We don’t need brain dead idiots like you and dumb#ss statments.

  • AMAT 73

    Seeing us against Servite was not a very good game to judge us on . They were a much better team than us and the best team in SoCal at that time. I will give you the fact that Rio’s numbers and performances are looking average but he is becoming very efficent . I look for him to have a break out game against Damien this Friday as he now has 3-4 solid weeks of practice and 2 full games under his belt.The one two punch of Rio and Moore will be a big task for Damien to handle but as they say on any given Friday night. I guess you’re not a true Damien fan but only a hater hoping “they rip us a new one” for obvious reasons .

  • AMAT by four scores


    We know this is desperation. Damien has invested alot in recruits and has done little to improve. As far as being more talented than last year, yeah, i dont think so. They are smaller and just as talented as last year, so that doesnt bode well for them.

    Pop warner size kids, predictable play calling,
    smaller faster, I dont think so.

    As for Cromagnum Joe, check the stats pal. Damien is way behind the curve. And not even in the same league as AMAT.

    Damien JV and Frosh should win, Varsity, not a chance.

    Hey Joe, play your Junior varsity team Friday against AMAT. You’d have a better chance. They are bigger