Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Bishop Amat finally claims top spot, but Charter Oak not far behind

1. Bishop Amat (3-1) — With a 21-point victory over a ranked Inland team we were questioning whether Amat deserves the top spot. Of course they do. They’ve beaten their three opponents by an average of 23 points while also allowing just 20 points against Garfield, La Mirada and Damien combined. That’s impressive considering Zach Shay and Adam Alcantara are injured, along with one of their best lineman transferring to Charter Oak last week. You want numbers. During coach Steve Hagerty’s tenure, the Lancers are 21-1 against non Pac-5 teams since 2008. Bottom line, they beat who they’re supposed to beat.
2. Charter Oak (3-1) — Charter Oak earned more stripes in a loss to Rancho Cucamonga that it would have in a 50-point blowout against a team nobody cares about. Still, the game is about winning, and when it comes to polls, moral victories don’t keep you on top.
3. West Covina (3-1) — The Bulldogs are taking the “heart of a champion” theme seriously. All three wins could easily have been losses. But they weren’t. That’s what good teams do, they win. Will it catch up with them late in the season? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t bet against them in the fourth quarter.
4. Claremont (4-0) — Of all the Sierra League teams, the Wolfpack have played the friendliest schedule. It won’t matter, because they will line up against everyone in the Sierra eventually. But for now, you have to respect the record.
5. Chino Hills (2-2) — Of all the Sierra League teams, the Huskies have played the toughest schedule and face another test against Redlands East Valley. Everyone knows, by the time league rolls around, they’re still the defending champs and team to beat.
6. Covina (3-1) — We should know more about the shoulder injury of Colts quarterback Billy Livingston today or later in the week, but when all pistons are firing, the Colts will be a hard team to beat the rest of the way. There is nobody in the division with the combination of athleticism, size, and they’re motivated.
7. Los Altos (4-0) — Did you know if they beat Walnut this week they would be 5-0 for the first time since 2003, when they won it all and finished 14-0. Good times are back in the Heights, but this is still September. If they’re rolling in October, look out.
8. Damien (2-1) — Hard to drop the Spartans too far after how well they played Bishop Amat for a half. The Spartans are improving by the week, and once they start catching balls that should be caught, their offense will be even better.
9. San Dimas (3-1) — The Saints are back in the top ten after their dismantling of defending champ Monrovia in Mtown. For all of you (and us) that wrote them off after the Smudgepot loss, that’s why coach Zernickow is the Wizard of the Wing Z.
10. Bonita (2-2) — Probably the most difficult team to predict, but consider that both losses were games they could have won. We’ll know a lot more on Friday when they meet Diamond Ranch at Ganesha.
The rest: 11. South Hills (1-2), 12. Glendora (1-3), 13. Arroyo (3-1), 14. Ayala (2-2), 15. La Puente (3-0), 16. Diamond Ranch (1-3), 17. Diamond Bar (2-2), 18. Rowland (2-2), 19. El Monte (2-2), 20. South El Monte (3-0), 21. Baldwin Park (2-2), 22. Pomona (2-2), 23. Rosemead (1-2), 24. Mountain View (3-1), 25. Azusa (0-3), 26. Nogales (2-2), 27. Duarte (2-0), 28. Walnut (0-4), 29. Workman (2-1), 30. Ganesha (1-2), 31. Northview (0-4), 32. Wilson (0-4), 33. Sierra Vista (1-2), 34. Gladstone (0-3), 35. Bassett (1-2).

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  • AMAT 73

    Can’t agree with the dropping of CO to number 2. Just as we didn’t lose the number 2 position after getting whacked by Servite neither should CO lose the number 1 position . Granted RC is no Cenntenial but they are an upper rated team in the Inland . What’s fair is fair and they should still be number 1. Just my opinion. Fred just a suggestion but how about putting last weeks ranking next to the teams in ( ) so we know how far they moved up or down . Most ranking do that to show the movement of teams.

  • Conq’ 76

    Certainly enjoying LAHS resurgence but not gonna’ compare them to the Harwell, Brown led team that beat OLU at the Home Depot Center in ’03. Just content that opposing coaches have to put some time in on their game plans against the Cong’s each week!

  • fjr-trippin

    Regardless of record Bonita destroyed San Dims what gives?

  • Go LA!

    LA…one game at a time! Good job! You have already exceeded expecations!

  • Withness

    @Amat73, I usually agree with most of what you say and respect your knowledge, but I think i read it on this blog that going week 4 is a gauge for where you team is and where you are going. Servite was to early in the season for Amat to use them as a gauge, more of a measuring stick.
    So, I think Amat should be #1 in the SGV without a doubt.
    I do with you that FredJ should put last weeks ranking next to the new one.
    Ps: Fridays tailgate is going to be super sized.

  • 12th man

    Amat deserves to be #1!! You cant compare apples to oranges..Rancho is no Servite!!..Enjoy the billing it could all change in a few weeks permanently~..& when its all said & done you mite have West Covina #1 at the end~

  • Witness

    Wow 12th man, you are so wise to make that prediction.

  • Amat Faithful

    I think this is the year that Amat is getting good competition in the SGV. If Amat played CO, it could go either way. But aside from CO, although there are a few good teams in the SGV, I just don’t see WC, CH, or Claremont really beating Amat.

    At the Damien game there were 5 starters that didn’t play for Amat( Shay, Alcantara, Carillo, Varela, Ajee ). 2 offense and 3 defense. And we also lost our best O lineman to the transfer. Tell me what team was 6 starters short? Yet the final result was a 21 point victory to a pretty good Damien team.

    Amat will have a tough test in league, as all 5 Serra league teams are ranked in the top 20 in southern california by both L.A. Times, and ESPN Preps. Aside from Trinity, what other league can boast that tough of a league?

    Amat takes a lot of crap from SGV haters each and every year. But the reality is we take the heat because we consistantly produce good teams that really compete year in and year out. Not all the publicity will always be nice, but the fact that Amat gets so much publicity shows the strength of the program.

  • just sayin’

    it is funny that when Amat played 3 SGV schools per year bloggers ragged on playing too soft a schedule. people here seem to think Amat needs to improve their schedule. it’s been documented that Amat is like 25+ and 1 this decade vs local teams, so what’s the point? The trade off is if there are no local games, there is then no direct comparison and those schools get to play the “we go farther in the playoffs so we must be better” card that gets quieted with logic when Amat beats those teams. It appears there’s no pleasin the Fish Bowl. Amat beats Charter Oak, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Glendora, Damien, Ranch Cucamonga, Muir, St Francis, and St Paul recently – and it’s not enough. But it does make a point – if you put your bias aside and be realistic. Regardless of record, if you rank them in order of who would beat who – Amat is at the top until proved otherwise

  • 12th man

    For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions.

  • Remember?

    Remember last time Charter Oak was thought to be better than Bishop Amat? There’s a reason why local teams don’t schedule Amat.

    Bishop Amat Puts It on Line
    High Schools | FOOTBALL ROUNDUP
    September 25, 2004|Dan Arritt | From Times Staff Reports

    Undoubtedly looking for improvement after an 0-2 start this season, La Puente Bishop Amat went to the right place Friday night.

    The visiting Lancers dominated every facet against Covina Charter Oak, gaining 260 yards rushing in a 28-0 nonleague victory.

    Bishop Amat, ranked No. 21 in the Southland by The Times, did not look anything like the team that had given up 84 points in its first two games and appeared especially porous in a 45-7 loss to Valencia two weeks ago.

    “My big thing is, we have to get better every week,” Lancer Coach Mike DiFiori said.
    Bishop Amat (2-2) took advantage of its huge offensive line — Michael Combes, Matthew Romine, Jonathan Soto, Jose Rodriguez and Matthew Ramirez average 260 pounds — as William Wagner rushed for 200 yards in 26 carries and scored three touchdowns.

    Soto said the linemen were challenged by coaches to put forth their best effort. “We took it personally this time,” Soto said. “We’re not losing any more games, that’s it.”

    Wagner had a touchdown called back on Bishop Amat’s first drive of the game, but he sprinted into the end zone on a 14-yard carry two plays later.

    Bishop Amat then took advantage of Jonathan Cornell’s 43-yard run on a fake punt to set up Wagner’s second touchdown, a three-yard run.

    Jeremy Gonzalez made the defensive play of the game for Bishop Amat late in the first half, intercepting a short pass from Manuel Ambriz in the end zone with 57 seconds left.

    The Lancers increased their lead in the second half on a nine-yard touchdown reception by Tony Valenzuela and a one-yard touchdown run by Wagner with 9:03 left.

    “The holes were just humongous,” Wagner said.

    Charter Oak (2-1), ranked No. 13, did not get a first down in the second half until only 7:34 remained.

    A similar penalty gave the Chargers a first-and-goal, but Wagner broke up a fourth-down pass in the end zone to preserve the shutout.

    –Dan Arritt

  • great for the sgv

    No surprise that bishop is #1, they should have been there from the beginning. Fred has thought all along that bishop would beat CO head to head, so it only makes sense that he has them #1.
    As someone mentioned expect West Covina to be #1 at the end of the season.

  • Frank

    1) Good idea to put previous weeks rankings
    2)Exactly why Amat should be #1 in the valley with 5 starters out and the loss of Hauser,Amat still won big.
    3) Great article posted by Remember! They like to forget that.
    4) Team for team, Only Co would give Amat a close game this year but I still argue after seeing both teams, Amat is the stronger and faster team, with more talent per position
    5) If the rankings were based on who beats who, no doubt about it Amat stays #1 all year. But wins and postseason will factor in and some teams may go further than Amat this year. In fact Amat is going to have to battle to make playoffs this year

  • NINEteen95


    You want numbers. During coach Steve Hagerty’s tenure, the Lancers are 1 – 3 against Pac-5 teams since 2008 playoffs. Bottom line, they can’t beat who they’re supposed to beat.

    2011 Schedule:
    Let me be brief. BishopNomas is a Has Been team trying to pump up their record by playing CUPCAKES like:
    Garfield — 0-4 — Rating of 21.1
    La Mirada — 1-3 Rating of 26.7
    Cathedral — 2-1 Rating of * 11.8

    11.8 rating?

    Where is the honor to the great Pac 5 football program that use to be?

    C’mon Man…Cathedral is ranked #383 in California. You know who is ranked at 381? Arroyo of El Monte! FREDJ, Would you ever consider playing Arroyo of El Monte? C’mon Man!

    This is the Cathedral beat a Pasadena team with a rating of -0.9*
    then Cathedral got a SERVITE like a$$ handed by West Adams of the City Division with a score of 27 – 7.
    And West Adams sucks! They’re 1 – 3 in 2011.

    1st you the Money, then you get the Power, and then you get the Women…

    FREDJ, AmNot has no Money and no Power…


  • joe

    Lol what do you know amat is the top spot……….. the amat prep sports sgvtribune lol too bad they wont win cif because they cant beat orange county teams go servite.

  • COChargerfan

    Rancho may not be Servite but they are much closer to them than say La Habra and Amat happen to be and unlike Amat, RC is very big on both sides of the ball and fast also…this isn’t the 2007 RC team that Amat beat…just sayin’.

    And what does Amat being better that CO in 2004 have to do with subsequent years? Nothing, that’s what. CO’s 2008 team was their best team in years and that year the game would have been a toss up.

    This year…who knows????

  • sgv fan

    noscrotum1995-You back again? I thought your tired, boring a$$ had left the boards? AMAT IS ALIVE AND WELL AND ON YOUR MIND, ALL THE TIME!

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    LecheroHillsHusky Super35 Rankings:

    1. Charter Oak (3-1)
    2. West Covina (3-1)
    3. Chino Hills (2 – 2)
    4. Claremont (4-0)
    5. Covina (3-1)
    6. Damien (2-1)
    7. Los Altos (4-0)
    8. San Dimas (3-1)
    9. Bonita (2-2)
    10. Bishop Amat (3-1)– When Amat wins a Step-up game, then they can start to climb. For now, FREDJ tell me one thing that BA has done that has made the SGV say “Wow, they sure are the best of the SGV.! Just one thing FREDJ!

    The rest: 11. South Hills (1-2), 12. Glendora (1-3), 13. Arroyo (3-1), 14. Ayala (2-2), 15. La Puente (3-0), 16. Diamond Ranch (1-3), 17. Diamond Bar (2-2), 18. Rowland (2-2), 19. El Monte (2-2), 20. South El Monte (3-0), 21. Baldwin Park (2-2), 22. Pomona (2-2), 23. Rosemead (1-2), 24. Mountain View (3-1), 25. Azusa (0-3), 26. Nogales (2-2), 27. Duarte (2-0), 28. Walnut (0-4), 29. Workman (2-1), 30. Ganesha (1-2), 31. Northview (0-4), 32. Wilson (0-4), 33. Sierra Vista (1-2), 34. Gladstone (0-3), 35. Bassett (1-2).


  • from the other blog

    Joe Amat said:


    Since you were so kind to point out *some* of Amat’s opponents and their ratings, in the interest of full disclosure, I thought I would finish the list for you.

    Garfield Rating of 21.1
    Servite Rating of 70.9
    La Mirada Rating of 26.7
    Damien Rating of 30.2
    Cathedral Rating of 11.8

    Now, since it appears you have some issue with that schedule, I thought it would be good to compare and contrast our “Number 1” Fish Bowl (on Arams list – #2 here) team and their schedule….I mean, since we want to compare them – which is what this list apparently tries to do.

    Glendora Rating of 22.1
    Roosevelt Rating of 22.1
    Esperanza Rating of 19.8
    Rancho Cucamonga Rating of 52.9

    and their upcoming opponent
    Santa Fe Rating of 11.7

    Wait? Lower than lowly Cathedral? It can’t be!

  • same same

    LecheroNINEteen –

    How can your #1 team schedule a team like

    wait for it…

    wait for it…

    Santa Fe — 1-3 Rating of * 11.7

    11.7 rating?

    Where is the honor to the great SGV football program that use to be?

    C’mon Man…Santa Fe is ranked #391 in California. You know who is ranked at 383? CATHEDRAL!

    C’mon Man!

  • Just sayin’

    In the year of the article pasted below Charter Oak was ranked #13 in the Times and #1 in the Trib. A .500 Amat team proceeded to lay that one on them. I think the comparisons to the recent ChOak teams and the much-improved, from that era, Amat teams are fair – and the results may be as they were in 2004

  • lechero hills husky Que Paso???lol

    Are you serious lechero?
    Damien before AMAT? LOL
    AMAt has to win a step up game?? Who has
    Damien played of any substance??

    The only reason we took a litle extra time with Damien was that we had a few injuries. Other than that, it was the rout we predicted.

  • coltfan97


    You all make a valid points on strength of schedule but I have two points that I want to make.

    1. Coaches usually schedule opponents 2 or 3, and maybe even 4 years in advance. So how can a team know how weak an opponent is? The point is that you can’t!!

    2. Plus strength of schedule does not matter because in the end in order to win CIF a team will play a great opponent.

  • oldschool

    I dont know why you say charter oaks game against rancho c was a step up was an even matchup.charter oak was even ranked in the times top 25 southern section list and rancho c was not even on the list.

  • AmoAmat

    I’m puzzled by the logic of LecheroHillsHusky. He has Damien at no. 6, Amat at no. 10. But I was there last week when Amat beat Damien 28-7. Apart from one bad line-up, Amat stopped every single drive of Damien, while scoring against them five times (don’t forget the touch-down run that was called back). Please explain how Damien should be four places ahead of the team that whupped them.

  • Witness

    All you small ponders must know something no one else does.
    ESPN says:
    Bishop Amat is ranked #25 in California
    Rio Ruiz and Jalen Moore were impressive and the defense was solid as the Lancers put together consecutive wins for the first time this season with a 28-7 win over Damien of La Verne. Riuz passed for three touchdowns while Moore rushed for 179 yards and a touchdown while being on the receiving end for one of Ruiz’s touchdown tosses. Looking to extend their winning streak and work their way up in the rankings, the Lancers (who lost their only game to No. 1 Servite of Anaheim) will next host Cathedral of Los Angeles on Friday.
    Im gonna go with ESPN and say that Amat is #25 in Cali and #1 in the SGV.
    The wise ones on this blog will SHUT IT, all other haters…please speak up.

  • GoAmat


  • P-Town

    Rankings? Yes as a Pomona fan its disappointing to see the 2 loses we have, knowing that we are a much better team than what our record shows. but to see Covina @ the 6 spot and Pomona @ the 22nd spot is a very, very, very bold statement especially since we play each other this week, and C. Q.B. is questionable. So what you are saying is with Q.B. C. Should win by at least 21 to 24 points convincingly. And without Q.B. they should still pull out the win by at least 10 to 17 points right? So when P-Town dismantles Covina I expect to see P-Town ranked 6th and Covina ranked about 28th since P-Town is so horrible.

  • SGV Pimp

    Fred once again gets to keep his Bishop Amat field pass. Charter Oak blew last weeks game and probably do deserve the number 2 spot.

  • fb102

    The rest of the pre-season Amats QB Ruiz needs too add a few ounces of touch on his passes. RR needs to learn that EVERY pass does NOT need to be a bullet. RR also lacks the ability to see the field/play developing. Too MANY times, RR locks on to his primary receiver[usually Sanchez]from the huddle to the snap and forces the pass without looking at other options [which TEND to be WIDE OPEN]. On the last TD vs. Damien, RR did NOT throw to Sanchez who was double covered[as he usually is], RR miraculously found a WIDE OPEN Patten for the Td. These plays are happening ALL the time BUT RR can not/does not see it/them.

    The lack of a running game at times is due to POOR blocking on the OL. Numerous times OL players are getting blown off the ball. In the Damien game JMoore actually ran into an OL who had been BLOWN up and knocked back into his path. The running game is Amat’s bread and butter and needs to be shored up in the next 2 games.

  • LA Conq

    Holy Crap guys! Why does everything have to be a pissing contest on this blog? This entire thread (and most of this blog) is filled up wtih people trying to claim they are better than someone else. Amat and CO…why can’t you just be happy for eachother? Why can’t you both say that you’re each great teams and let it go? Do you really think you’re going to convince anyone that the other is right? It’s childish. Comparing arbitrary rankings from a state website, showing scores of games 6 years ago. Really? That stuff matters to you? Is that what makes a team great? There are no BCS rankings, no bowl games. No one gets a glass ball for being ranked #1 in teh SGV.

    I bet your kids are embarrassed when they read this crap. All they want to do is play ball, not listen to daddy harp on Fred’s rankings. Let them play, let them be kids. It’s a game guys…just a game.

  • Rumor Has it……

    Chino Hills is trying to schedule a game with Amat for next year. They have tried before but the availability of both teams did not match. I think this is a matchup people have wanted to see for a while. I hope it materializes.

  • Well Said!

    LA CONQ; WELL SAID… and that’s the same stuff that’s on here year after year. IT’S OLD AND STALE.

    I mean lets talk about FOOTBALL, and what kind of offense or defense each high school runs. What works or doesn’t. Who’s the best QB, Halfback,recievers. You see were i’m going with this, all that bickering is no better then that fool not since 95 bull.


  • just sayin’

    Well Said – OK… you’re up. Contribute!
    The funny thing is if this blog was around at the turn of the century ALL we’d hear from is the Los Altos Conq crowd (with some obnoxious South Hills Huskies thrown in!). The blog exists for any and all discussion. read what you want, comment and skip the rest



    Contribute??? I mean I just listed some topics about what to talk about, so what else do you suggest? LA Conq, brought up a valid point about the constant repetitive nonsense about who’s freakin #1 and yes, I completely agree with him.

    Here you come and try to be a downer, and you must enjoy the same over and over nonsense. You know your the type of person that strikes me as eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning for the last 10n years! Come on JUST SAYIN, COME OUT OF THE BOX ONCE IN A WHILE! Life is to short and changed the record once in a while! hahahahah…

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    FRED J Robledo –

    I called you out last night! C’Mon…Homes! Step out ESE…and answer my question!

    What is the one thing that your 2011 Bishop Amat Lancers have done this year that has made the SGV say “Wow…They sure are the best of the SGV…”?

    Just one thing FREDJ! MOST of the SGV (including Old Mrs DoubtFire 73) agree with Aram. Why are you so special?

    BishopNOMAS is 3-1 because of the CUPCAKES they have played. When Amat wins a STEP-UP game, then they can start to climb. For now, they should still be embarrased by that HUMILIATING, DEGRADING, and DEVASTATING a$$ handing that the other PAC 5 team “thee SERVITE Black Friars” gave them…!



  • just sayin’

    No Well Said(?) you offered nothing. so tell us. “what kind of offense or defense each high school runs. What works or doesn’t. Who’s the best QB, Halfback,recievers” (and remember “i before e except after c”) Start with anything. Go for it

  • LecheroHillsHusky


    Are you really proud that you beat CUPCAKEfield, LA CUPAKErada, and Damien…? C’Mon Anoos!

    When you win a STEP-UP game, then you can brag.

    You are just a participant of the PAC 5 (see SERVITE Black Friars 49 to 7 with a RUNNING CLOCK in the 4th quarter).

    That SERVITE HUMILIATING LOSS should have kicked you out of the Top 10. But, we all know that FREDJ will never let that happen. Don’t WE…!

    That’s why I’m at Aram’s blog now…

    Getting Aram all the hits…


  • just sayin’

    Lechero – here ya go. They shut out a Garfield team that was beating 3-1 Dorsey in the 4th and dropped 26 on them – after Redlands East Valley could only beat Dorsey14-12. Amat destroyed a La Mirada team that dismantled La Serna – who beat Aram’s new “favorite” for the Hacienda League (Bonita). Damine was a ranked Inland team who never really moved the ball against a depleted Amat defense. So Amat’s wins are against
    Garfield Rating of 21.1
    La Mirada Rating of 26.7
    Damien Rating of 30.2
    While Charter Oaks wins are against
    Glendora Rating of 22.1
    Roosevelt Rating of 22.1
    Esperanza Rating of 19.8
    Looks to me like Amats wins vs Damien and La Mirada are better than any of ChOaks (thanks to your info) And Garfield is pretty darn close to GHS and Rosie.
    Thanks for providing the info to help prove Fred’s point


    Okay, JUST SAYING i’m out of suggestions and will just keep seeing this…


    Are you really proud that you beat CUPCAKEfield, LA CUPAKErada, and Damien…? C’Mon Anoos!

    When you win a STEP-UP game, then you can brag.

    You are just a participant of the PAC 5 (see SERVITE Black Friars 49 to 7 with a RUNNING CLOCK in the 4th quarter).

    That SERVITE HUMILIATING LOSS should have kicked you out of the Top 10. But, we all know that FREDJ will never let that happen. Don’t WE…!

    That’s why I’m at Aram’s blog now…

    Getting Aram all the hits…

  • LecheroHillsHusky


    just sayin

    Old Mrs DoubtFire 73 said: September 27, 2011 9:38 AM (see below)

    “Can’t agree with the dropping of CO to number 2. Just as we didn’t lose the number 2 position after getting WHACKED (translation = Got Your A$$ Handed To You) by Servite neither should CO lose the number 1 position…What’s fair is fair and they should still be number 1.”

    What…? just sayin…you still there?

    Even Old Mrs Archie Bunker 73 knows that you are playing CUPCAKES…

    Oh…How the MIGHTY have fallen!

    NO RING in 2011…!


  • coltfan97

    To P-Town,

    Is your name Tattoo? It must be because your living in a Fantasy World!!!

    You think Pomona is going to dismantle Covina? Really, Really, Really!!!

    If the Colts QB is out we will still WIN (we beat Baldwin Park last year without him).

    Plus Covina is so PHYSICAL on both sides of the ball. Are physicality will wear Pomona down!!! Also, are defense stops the run very well, and we will stop your RB!!!

    By the way we have a lot of playmakers that Pomona will not be able to stop!!!

    Hynes, Padilla, Venegas, Ainsworth, and Mason these guys are playmakers!!! You won’t be able to stop all of them!!!

    We deserve to ranked that high were that good!!! You must be a Covina Hater, and your opinion on Covina’s Ranking tells me you know absolutely nothing about football. Especially, when most people rank Covina high!!! They must be wrong!!!

    THANK YOU AGAIN FOR DISRESPECTING COVINA!!! This is the second time you have done that.

    Remember this Pomona the VVL TITLE runs through Covina, and we will NOT give it up!!!

    On Friday, Pomona (Tattoo) your fantasy of Pomona winning will turn into a nightmare when my COLTS blows Pomona out!!!

  • just sayin’

    Nothing Said – it’s easy to make suggestions. How about some info?


    JUST SAYIN, I mean that’s all you have are RANKINGS and the what if factor? All that matters is SCORE BOARD baby boy. Teams that never play each other and the only you THING you can compare are RANKINGS, is CALLED the X-FACTOR! Kinda like lecherohusky about AMAT! HAHAHAHAHAH…. ALL NONSENSE!

  • just sayin’

    Nothing Said – it’s easy to make suggestions. How about some info?

  • FredJ


    What do I need to explain that isn’t already isn’t in my comment explaining why Amat is No. 1. ….Besides, it makes to sense explaining reasons to irrational Amat haters, you yourself ranked Amat No. 11 in the Valley, so why explain a position to someone who is so far from reality?

  • AMAT 73

    lechronotsince1995darth and the many faces of you know who,
    Since you feel the need to use me as backup for your pathetic post yes I did not agree with the dropping of CO out of number one. Gave my reason in my post .Also never wrote we play cupcakes, that’s you lying as you tend to do when quoting me . These are Fred’s rankings and it his choice who he feels is number one just as Aram chooses his. But Fred does have a great point in you having AMAT at 11 below Damien who you stated would beat AMAT by at least 14 points. I think everyone’s problem with you except for a few of your lap dogs ( great for the sgv and a couple of other idiots ) on the blog is that you never and I mean never can contribute anything in regards to football. You are a follower of CO but never say anything on what you think they will do in their games. Is it your great fear of failure ? Also if one of the SGV teams you pick such as Damien let you down against AMAT or fail to live up to your expectations you throw them under the bus. Now we know all you have is the fact that Servite did whack us as I said (I am not afraid to admit the truth as you are ) and your predictions on the Serra league play . Maybe just maybe when you start explaining some of the questions asked of you Fred will answer yours. Until then you are just a cancer on this blog that should really be cut out . But since you account for about a 1/3 or more posts I cna understand why you are not even though you offer nothing in a positive way . You even went as far as wishing bad karma on WC because of the incident vs Glendora. Also I think you are losing it a bit because usually you use the milkman name for your battles with CH and not AMAT . Get it straight , when your hating on AMAT it’s notsince1995darthandacouple of others , when ahting on CH it’s milkmanhillshusky ok.

  • great for the sgv

    Calling me an idiot? HAHA!! Didn’t you learn punctuation, spelling etc..that expensive bishop education was certainly a waste. You will not be afforded the privilige to criticize me bishop boy! Now go back to your whining ways!
    p.s. bishop deserves the #1 ranking.

  • Joe Amat

    great for the sgv,

    The first rule of trying to be the “grammar police” is to proofread/spell check your own post. It rarely fails that when someone comes on and criticizes someone’s spelling or grammar, they bust out with something like “privilige”

    For what it’s worth, this is a blog not a term paper, so I worry a little less about that stuff as long as it’s somewhat intelligible. Oh, and thanks for the vote of confidence.

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks Joe, but remember those from AMAT are always held to a higher standard , whether on the field or these blogs. Even though fools ( is that better sgv ) like great for the sgv can write or spell in whatever manner they choose. Also you should be capitalizing Bishop as it is a proper noun ( particular person , place , or thing ) as in Bishop AMAT . You do remember that from whatever high school you graduated from or did you even graduate since you do fail to mention what school that is nor who you root for which probably is CO , but I will give it to you since you are not one of the higher standard. I do see you are finally coming to grips with who really is the number one team at this point in time . Another thing is you spelled a word wrong in your last sentence. It’s winning ways not whining .

  • My Pal Joey

    Joey consider this when comparing or instilling the Fish Bowl theory for your points.

    Apples vs Oranges.

    Comparing Damien to Loyola is tough but doable in education…comparing Bishop to Fish Bowl schools schedules is not.

    Sorry but Amat is it’s own animal and scheduling Garfield is a disgrace of epic scale…in my honest non hating always respecting opinion regarding BOTH schools.

    No need to get disgusting or stupid from Bishop backers but I’d be less surprised if Charter Oak scheduled Salesian than Bishop scheduling Cathedral.

    Hagerty needs to stop the recruiting circus and get back to doing what made Bishop great…”stepping” up

  • Center for Disease Control

    The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of neurosyphilis. The outbreak has been isolated to the San Gabriel Valley (specifically, Lechero aka NotSince1995 aka Darth Vader). The disease is contracted through the dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Only people with very small craniums and large rectums are at risk. Sypmtoms include illogical statements, uttering complete nonsense an using numerous aliases while blogging. This disease is contagious, but only amongst a small part of the population with extremely small brains or very low IQ’s. Please avoid individuals/individual known as Lechero, NotSince1995 or Darth until they can be isolated and quarantined. There is no known cure. Please pass on this message to avoid further outbreaks.

  • Although I was unable to see the scrimage between Upland High the 14th ranked team in the state and Bishop Amat — I was told that Upland owned them without having 5 players even suited. Runningback that is bound for Colorado and Fullback bound for Boise State or USC didn’t even suit up.
    With that being said– Time to take heed and try to understand why the Haden to McKay days are OVER !!! Rio to ?? Rio isn’t really the leading type just a great baseball player. Stop worshipping him like a Saint. Too much pressure– Even his own lineman ae bolting for other schools LOL


    That’s right AMAT HATERS, we are all in your HEADS! Sure I’ll take the CUPCAKE WINS, they are WINS! Your weaka$$ arguement falls apart when you look at opponents strength of schedule rankings vs. AMATS. All I can says is thatnks for the HITS! Thanks for the constant posts regarding AMAT! We love our LANCERS! We LOVE that you HATE us! And just a fact….EVERYBODY LOVES CUPCAKES!!! YAAAHHOOOOO! CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE!!
    B I S H O P A M A T !!!!!!
    B I S H O P A M A T !!!!!!

  • 12th man

    Article from the LA Times~

    There’s no turning back for Los Angeles Garfield, which continues to play tough nonleague opponents even if the Bulldogs struggle.

    Coach Lorenzo Hernandez said Garfield has signed a contract to open its 2012 season against Ventura St. Bonaventure, one of the top football programs in Southern California.

    St. Bonaventure replaces La Puente Bishop Amat on the Bulldogs’ schedule after Bishop Amat declined to continue its series with Garfield.

    Garfield is 0-4 this season after losses to Bishop Amat, Edison, Dorsey and St. Paul. Hernandez believes scheduling tough opponents will better prepare his players for the Eastern League and City Section Division I playoffs.

  • just sayin’

    I guess you can add St Bonaventure to the list of stupid schools (Amat, Orange Lu, Edison, St Paul, Colony, Dorsey) that schedule cupcakes and add Todd Thieren to the list of know-nothing coaches like Steve Hagerty, Jim Kunau, Dave White and Marion Freakin’ Ancich that duck competition and don’t understand how to prepare for their league. They certainly need to read this blog to get some advice on how to schedule.

  • P-Town

    To Coltfan97,
    Is your name “BlowPop”? Because your a sucker!!!! You fell in easier than expected. Everyone expects Covina to beat Pomona. But I just wanted u to commit to a win with or without Livingston. And since you jumped in like I anticipated,let’s get it started. If we lose no biggie we are ranked in the twentys anyways. But if you lose (Mr. #6, Mr. Covina will shut down P-Towns R.B., Mr. Covina has more talent) then you will be the biggest laughing stock of the season. And to add insult to injury you will have to come on this blog and bowdown to P-Town and give up your number 6 spot to us, and drop into the twentys for a loss to a weak Pomona team Well that’s if the rankers have the guts to post it.

  • Spadra

    Dancing with the devil ???? LOL!

    The only dancing Covina is going to be doing come Friday Night is on your season and your dreams.
    But don’t worry, I KNOW the Spadra grave yard has room for you to bury your pride along with Saturday’s copy of the Tribune.

    Covina 42 – Pomona 6

    Another mass exodus of P-town fans by half-time.

  • CO Bro

    “but remember those from AMAT are always held to a higher standard” These are the kind of remarks that make me cringe. I do not understand why BA people THINK they are held to a HIGHER standard then everyone else in the SGV. This CO vs BA stuff will never end, and I don’t know why. Well okay maybe I do, it’s because of a few fans from each school continue the hate. Is this what this blog is meant to do? Maybe, I’m sure Freddy LOVES the hit count whenever CO & BA are compared. And I still have trouble why people try to compare the two! It’s apples to oranges, CO = public school (even though we get our fair share of transfers), BA = private school who’s student population comes from anywhere parents choose to live. It’s a fricking moot point! Give it a rest already!

  • AMAT 73

    CO Bro,
    I totally agree with you on that point. My posting of the higher standard which you are referring to was really tongue in cheek to the post of great for the sgv’s post of my grammar,spelling and the waste of money that my parents spent sending me to AMAT . You have the valley guy aka AMAT bully a known CO suppporter who really butchers the language and grammar but yet no cries of foul but let someone from AMAT make a mistake it’s like you tanked the SAT.What does proper spelling and grammar have to do with this blog. Really we all lived thru the KH years with no problem. When you have the 2 top programs in the SGV you are always going to have the banter back and forth. I have nothing but respect for CO their coaches and program . Yes there are a few over zealous fans who go overboard on both sides but as you wrote “hit count” plays into it I believe also. It is what it is and it will probably never change but I like you do wish there was more football talk on here other than just blasting a school or fans of a school for the sake of it . Good luck to CO this Friday and hopefully you take it to the IE in the palyoffs as it would be a great thing for the SGV.

  • GoBigBlue

    Upland will kill Amat? Dude lay off the crack pipe. OK Max Preps has Upland at #16 and Amat at #32, ESPN has Amat at #25 and Upland NotRanked, LA Times has Upland at #20 and Amat at #16 and Cal High Sports has Upland at #20 and Amat at #18. But that means nothing and sounds like the making of a good game. I was at the scrimmage you mentioned and we were also missing players and Upland could not move the ball until they did their goal line package where we were able to move the ball and score on offense. When it came to goal line Upland scored easily. What you don’t know is that we were rolling out a new defense and there was a lot of confusion which led to the scores. Based on what you did in the middle of the field you wuld have never gotten to the goal line, so what you did on the goal line means nothing. Let’s see how you do against Loyola before you start mouthing off.

  • Respect isn’t just given out, it’s earned.

    CO Bro

    People hold Bishop Amat to a higher standard because Bishop Amat has been playing in California’s highest level of high school football for over 40 years.

    When Charter Oak moves to the Pac-5 and stays there for 40 years, perhaps they too will be held to the same standard.

    So what is this standard?

    Take a look at the current top 25 teams by the Los Angeles Times. Let’s compare who has played who within the past 7 years…

    BA has played 14 of of these schools. Out of these 14, BA has beat 9 at least once. BA has also played and beat all 3 schools that just dropped out of the top 25 (Mater Dei, Chaminade, Charter Oak).


    Charter Oak has only played 2 (BA and RC)and is 0-5-1.

    Do you understand now what people mean by “higher standard?”

  • CO Bro

    Respect isn’t just given out, it’s earned. The quote I was referencing was not about football. As I previously stated, Amat fans are the ONLY ones who THINK they are held to a higher standard, that’s okay if you want to believe that, more power too you. But don’t think everyone else in our fish bowl believes that for one second. This is just one mans opinion so no reason to make it bigger then it is.

  • great for the sgv

    Good job bishop boy. I give you a grade of “c” for your effort, I can understand what you are trying to convey a little better. Although it’s all the same and bishop does not deserve anything until they earn it. The best thing you do is whine, wehther tongue in cheek or foot in mouth.

    Respect isn’t just given out, it’s earned
    You make an interesting point on bishop playing in the pac5 for the last 40yrs, but playing in a certain league doesn’t make you a great team year in and year out. How many titles during those 40yrs? Where have they finshed in the last few years?
    Your LA Times(no disrespect to Fred Robledos Super 35 Rankings)references are interesting, but of those teams from the last SEVEN years how many were ranked when the game was actuially played? I think the last 2-3 years would be a bit more accurate if you are going to make comparisons, unless you have some players from seven years ago suiting up and playing.

  • Witness

    To all my Amat haters out there,
    Its so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say.
    Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, confronted by none.
    Amat haters are Amat motivators.
    Go Amat!

  • AMAT 73

    great for the sgv ,
    Glad you have a better understanding on what I meant in my post . Now don’t you realize by that post you actually are one of a few who has different standards for us because we make a mistake on spelling or grammar. Look at yourself in the fact you wrote whehther instead of whether ( good thing your writing instead of speaking because we would have trouble understanding with that foot in your mouth ) and your continued failure to capitalize Bishop ( hidden slam perhaps as in the no respect) . Kind of like that old saying , the pot calling the kettle black . But I got your point. As far as your “Bishop does not deserve anything” , there are many that feel entirely different . Going forward I do have respect for CO’s program as have I stated so why don’t we leave it at I’m an AMAT honk and you’re a CO honk and until it goes down on the field we leave it at that . No need to wish us well nor root for us against outside of the SGV foes but keep it to football. As always good luck to CO tonight and enjoy the game.

  • just sayin’

    great for the sgv – since you asked, the last 4 years Amat has beaten the following schools that were ranked at the time: Orange Lutheran, St Bonaventure, Mater Dei, Dominguez, St Francis, Alemany, Crespi, Loyola, Notre Dame, and St Paul when they were the Division 3 champions that year. They’ve also lost to Lakewood, Carson, Servite and in the final minute to Los Osos on an amazing play by UCLA’s present starting QB and Long Beach Poly – who was the top ranked team IN THE NATION at the time. Not to mention sweeps of SGV ranked teams West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Muir, Damien, and before that Charter Oak and Glendora. Two seasons ago they were the league champions of the 4th best league IN THE NATION and last year they were undefeated and played for that same championship on the final day of the season in a down year for the Serra League when they were only the FIFTH best league in the nation.
    Any more questions about recent history?

  • great for the sgv

    Hip hip hooray for the bishop Nation!!!

    Good job 73 you are(you’re but not your)bISHOP educashion is paying off. You are now at a c+.
    Privilige/privilege do a little research bISHOP Joey.

  • just sayin’

    great for the sgv – I noticed you ignored the answer to your question. be careful what you ask for

  • great for the sgv

    Hip hip hooray for bishop Nation!!!