Two-Minute Drill: South Hills at Monrovia in the Can’t-Afford-To-Lose-Another Bowl at MTOwn

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  • Frank

    Is Aram really serious with that tirade? Some of these Monrovia/Duarte kids, who I’ve seen, may look impressive but they are not as athletic as they may look. Dont get me wrong they are good kids and I wish them well, but they are not at that higher level of athleticism. This is why they are not succeeding this year. McCarthy is the real deal but as you said Fred his effectiveness is limited, he cant do everything for them. Prediction; Monrovia loses by 17 points.

  • SaintsR4real

    “In a Nutshell”…Monrovia is the Azusa of last year! Having alot of potential going into the playofss, but never showed at the end.

  • Overrated

    the monrovia homers are just finding out that you play the game of football with just 1 football. for the past 6 months all we heard from monrovia was how they had “too many” weapons for anyone to deal with. the only thing that they have too much of, are players demanding the ball and parents insisting that their kid should be the “go to” player. you win games in football by playing as a team not as individuals. all the preseason posturing of going 14-0 and a state championship game was a sure way to buzz kill your season. funny how i haven’t seen too many of the blogers posting on this blog the past couple of weeks.

  • Reality

    “Frames don’t win Games”

  • progress

    The real deal regarding Monrovia has nothing to do with athleticism. Deshawn Ramirez is a highlight reel. He will get it all back together. If you been to their games, you will see that Monrovia, is not executing, and somewhat feeling themselves. If you been to the games, you will see the Monrovia WRs are wide open, but not catching the ball, the Running backs are fumbling, and not being patient, The lineman are making dum blocks and holding. On defense, the players are not tackling. These are all things that can be fixed. If you remember last season, at this point Monrovia was 1-2. People were saying the same things like “They are not that talented” or they are not that good, They Can’t beat San Dimas etc.. etc…what happen next? Monrovia went on to Win the Midvalley. How dare you compare Monrovia to Azusa haha..In the last several years Monrovia has only been to the 2nd rd, Semis, Final, Finals. We lost and had injuries to Arcadia(South East power). We Lost to San Dimas(Great Program/Midvalley power). That’s why we play these games, to get exposed, get put in check, and grow. See Monrovia plays a lot people in preseason and league. Maddox loves to get everyone involved, so come playoff time everyone is better and ready to go. He’s brilliant, in trying all the funky combinations of guys to get the right fit..Come playoff time Monrovia will be a top four seed, and if not, it’s going to suck for team that has play us in the 2nd round.
    So bring on all the criticism we are using it as fuel. People love to jump the gun…people love to talk trash( especially us Monrovia Fans) so we will eat crow for a few weeks, but come playoff time… we know we will be their.

  • SaintsR4real


    yada, yada, yada!!

    So what is so different from Monrovia than all the other Mid Valley or SGV teams?? They can ALL improve, they ALL have opportunities.
    I’ll tell you what… It’s all the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve trash talk their fans shout.

    You guys need to sit back and enjoy the show!

    “Progress….. said: 8/2/11 (in the huddle)”

    “Aram Im not here to criticize you for omitted the Mtown receivers from the list as they didnt impress me either and one of them is my own son. My point here its hard to impress me and as a former receiver Im impressed by PLAYMAKERS I could give a flying FIG about stats or what some receiver did last year as last year has nothing to do with NOW., I only see three PLAYMAKERS on your list, and of course the PLAYMAKERS you left off the list from MHS.”

    So what part of the above statement was true?? NADA!! Let the kids play!!

  • progress

    Saints…you won… you kicked our buts… enjoy it, Monrovia made no excuses. Like I said, we have seen this film before…Monrovia losses to San Dimas early….yada yada yada. We know what we got and where we will be come playoff time…we will see what separation happens in the playoffs…We love it.

  • SaintsR4real

    progress said: 9/2/11 post Smudgepot.
    I sat a few feet away from you on the bonita side Aram. I Saw the same thing…The Saint’s look small, slow, and Kennedy is not a accurate passer. He had some chances to take some shots down field, and he missed them. They could have scored at least two tds that way. San Dimas is used to having one down hill runner like Evans, and Darlington, then scat guy like Taylor. This year they have neither. Brown was impressive, but has no help. Corona is just average to me…Turner looked better. After watching this, its clear to me how much Monrovia, and Covina have seperated themselves from the rest of the Division. Especially Monrovia! Covina is better than Bonita this year. I expect a similar score in that game. I also expect Monrovia to score 40 + points in that game. I expect them to finish 2nd in league, but I think once playoffs come They won’t sneak pass a Arroyo or Maranatha. Is it me or is coach Z look like he does not want to be there? There are a lot of schools in the area that would love to have him. Walking out I heard Sd parents bad mouthing him. I honestly think this years SD team should be running spread. They look like they have some guys who can catch. Kennedy can make the short to intermediate passes, thats where they had their most success. They don’t have the physical team to run the wing. They should also think about giving brown some Direct Snaps. Anything to spice up their offense. Over all you were right, They do not have the talent they have had in the past few years.

    Heyworth 10/ 27 (37%) passing
    Kennedy 6/10 (60%)

    Hey Monrovian, pretty quiet, where are you?

  • More please!

    Saints4real please give us more! There are so many Monrovia posts like this and they are so funny to read now! Please give us more! And this has nothing to do with the kids and the team, this is about their loud mouth fans!