Saturday Morning Quarterback: DRanch flips the switch; Amat, Charter Oak romp on; South Hills gets down in MTown and Walnut in a stunner …

For quarter updates of tonight’s games, click link.

“I told them everybody is doubting us, but we’re going to beat Bonita and everyone is going to say `Diamond Ranch did it again.’ “DRanch coach Roddy Layton

Today’s games and predictions
West Covina 35, Diamond Bar 17 — The Bulldogs jumped to a big lead and never looked back. Looks like the champs are ready to defend.
Covina 16, Pomona 14 — Much closer than many expected even with Colts QB Billy Livingston injured. The Red Devils, along with San Dimas and Covina, make the Valle Vista the toughest in the Mid-Valley. Sorry Olympic.
Bishop Amat 56, Cathedral 7 — The Lancers actually trailed 7-0 late in the first quarter before exploding to a 28-7 halftime lead. It’s what you expected, the Lancers winning on a night Loyola falls to Upland and loses RB Chaz Anderson to a knee injury; Alemany losing to Dorsey and Vista Murrieta beating Crespi. Oh yeah, Servite lost too.
South Hills 34, Monrovia 30 — With Vincent Hernandez not able to go with an injured shoulder, Jamel Hart rushed for 155 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Huskies to a come-from-behind victory. Wildcats RB De’Shawn Ramirez had just four carries for -2 yards.
Diamond Ranch 21, Bonita 13 –– I’m going to owe Roddy Layton lunch over this, he promised and delivered. Say what you want, already looks like the Hacienda could come down to West Covina and the Ranch.
Walnut 34, Los Altos 14 — The night’s biggest shocker by far is the winless Mustangs knocking off the undefeated Conquerors in the Hacienda opener. Yup, the season can change just like that.
Azusa 42, Sierra Vista 16 — Back in the Montview, the three-time defending league champs found their groove again.
Duarte 52, Bassett 6 — Continuing to impress and scoring at will, the Falcons improved to 3-0 and continue to show they might be a league contender.
La Puente 45, Workman 7 — The Lobos aren’t this bad. It says a lot more about La Puente, who will probably go 9-0 before facing Azusa in the league finale.
Northview 35, Baldwin Park 17 — Second biggest shocker after Walnut over Los Altos. Just when the Braves were starting to roll, the Vikings shock ’em.
Nogales 29, Wilson 14 — Not a surprise. The Nobles are improved and the Wildcats are heading south … quick.
Glendora 24, Lynwood 7 — The Tartans should enjoy it because the Baseline is next.
St. Paul 30, Ayala 27 — The Bulldogs had them on the run before losing late.
Damien 35, Temescal Canyon 21 — Jalen Castille had 110 yards and two touchdowns in the Spartans’ third win.
Rosemead 31, San Gabriel 21 — Panthers proving they will be a Mission Valley contender … Aren’t they always?
Charter Oak 49, Santa Fe 0 –– Best offense in the area? Not sure, but the most complete. This was over when they got off the bus.
South El Monte 41, Temple City 27 — Don’t doubt the South? That was the theme when they had it rolling a few years back. They’re doing it again.
Redlands East Valley 34, Chino Hills 0 –– What else to say but ouch.
Serrano 41, Claremont 0 — See the Chino Hills comment.


Coveritlive updates from Monrovia-South Hills, and scoring updates from Muir-Arcadia; Charter Oak-Santa Fe, Diamond Ranch-Bonita, Covina-Pomona, Diamond Bar-West Covina and more ..

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  • Colt74

    Edgewood? That’s Long Beach Poly……

  • SGV Athlete

    @Colt74 hahaha, you beat me to the punch.

    Yeah Fred, that is Poly…

  • 12th man

    Your always jumping the gun lol..You can clearly see the LBP on the sweater & pretty much everyone knows Cameron & Snoop Dogg attended Poly around the same time..Diaz(class of 1990) Snoop(class of 1993)..Im not familiar with the Edgewood colors but Im guessing that’s what through you off??

  • FredJ

    I know she went to Poly, I was having fun guys…But Edgewood was green and gold you know..

  • P-Town

    Colt 74,
    Good Luck tonight. Just wish Livingston was 100%. Best wishes to a speedy recovery, playoffs need him. Let the best team win.

  • Colt74

    Agreed. We have talked our smack, now it’s time to actually let the kids play. What a concept! LOL! Have a good game and let’s both come out of there with no more injuries.

  • Colt74

    $500+ for golf??????? Ouch!

    For $500 I get a whole week-end of skydiving and all meals and drinks….

    And besides, with golf I always have trouble with the wind-mills….

  • 12th man

    LA Times Article~

    Former Sherman Oaks Notre Dame kicker Chris Sailer has made a name for himself on and off the field. He was an All-American at Notre Dame and UCLA, and he’s considered one of the top private kicking coaches in the nation.

    And starting in December, there’s going to be the Chris Sailer Award for national high school placekicker of the year presented by Herbalife.

    The winner of the award will be announced at a banquet on Dec. 17 at L.A. Live.

    And long snappers, your day in the spotlight is finally coming. The Chris Rubio Award, named after the former Charter Oak and UCLA long snapper, will also be presented at the same banquet.

    Now that’s the night of the CIF state bowl championships in Los Angeles, so I can’t come to the banquet, but it sounds like a neat award for two positions that are definitely under valued in the game of football.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • Big Papi Chulo

    Who cares where she went, I WANT ONE!!! AYEEEEE!!!!


    Alright Coach Scherf; it’s been a rough preseason to say the least! The AZTECS should be HUNGRY for a win tonight and hoping you’ve iron out all the kinks.

    Had to wish you well and with LEAGUE commencing tonight, I wish you your team all the best!

    AZUSA has won the LEAGUE THREE YEARS in a row, and there were a few people saying that could’nt be done, but yet AZUSA has done that with a with a good coaching staff you’ve put together. Fred, doesn’t think so you’ll get this year. But will just have to wait and see!



  • Aram

    I’m sure Edgewood had a Cameron Diaz, too … only she probably wasn’t a blonde.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Some notable Edgewood alums,

    Jay Johnstone (MLB)
    Mike Powell (World record holder long jump)
    Steve Bogan (South Hills HC)
    Mike Maggiore (West Covina HC)
    Fred J Robledo (SGV Tribune)

    A few West Covina alums,

    Nia Peeples (actress)
    Tom Brunansky (MLB)
    Lawrence Philips (he transfered to BP after sophmore year/ NFL)
    Walter Thurmond III (NFL)

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV for well played and injury free games. To the Men in Blue , stay focused and do the work . AMAT WILL SHINE.

  • Panther Fan

    Result of Tonights Varsity game between Bonita & Diamond Ranch: Diamond Ranch 21 Bonita 13
    (just to add to Bearcat Fan’s ‘JV’ LOL update).

  • Curious Olympian

    La Puente rolls but may have suffered a setback. Nick Barrientos goes down with a knee injury.Sat the second quarter. Was walking on it in the second half but did not return to the game.Just and observation, he will be day to day and won’t miss a beat.
    With him gone the Warriors still were in charge with more threats then we knew they had.

  • The U

    Upland 35 Loyola 23 and it wasnt that close

  • Panther Fan

    “Conq’76 said:
    Panther Fan,

    You may indeed be right, but LA did not just “beat” Bellflower and Wilson, they pretty much dominated them. The same could be said about the El Rancho game as well. LA then beating Ayala demonstrated an ability to compete even when the competition stiffens. In other words, even though the competition was weak, they did what they were supposed to do against weak competition.

    Time will tell whether they can compete in the Hacienda, however, I think it would be a mistake to conclude they are a fluke.”

    @Conq’76, Did Time tell yet?

  • Conq’76

    Yep, LA got spanked tonight but good. Walnut came to play and beat the Conquerors on both sides of the ball. I give the Mustangs all the credit in the world.

    I think LA believed its own press and assumed Walnut was going to lie down.

    I hope this LA team shows the same character Walnut did tonight by bouncing back after received a thorough thrashing.

  • Hummmmmm

    Interesting to see what Nut “n” Honey writes about the LP Game tonight!!!

  • NINEteen95


    Old Mrs DoubtFire 73

    La Puente also won big. Winning in La Puente is so common these days. Looks like the competition is getting too easy…!

    How about a STEP-UP game once in a while…


    But FREDJ will come up with another way for keeping you at #1 in the SGV for 2 more weeks.


  • NINEteen95



    Looks like your BishopNOMAS Lancers proved it again that they win the game that they are SUPPOSE to win…Didn’t they…!

  • trojans85

    Los Altos feel good story leads to major slump.

    also; EHS grad deserves shout out, Ron Roenicke Manager of Central Division Champs Brewers.

  • football fan

    That little number 5 does a lot for South Hills. Filled in at everything.

  • Colt74

    Pomona played tough. Props to them. They burnt us 4 times in a row with the same deep sideline pass. I won $5 telling my buddy after the first one worked they would do it again. They did. If it works keep doing it till it doesn’t!
    Coach Thomas called the most conservative game I have ever watched. Run it up the middle. Then run it up the middle. Then after that, run it up the middle. Passing was non existent. But he’s the one in charge. The fake field goal for the TD was sweet though.
    Electricity out and delayed game. And then the game decided by / over-run with penalties. Not how a game should be played.
    Closer than wanted, but a W is a W.

    Extremely impressed with Pomona’s #2 and #4. Very talented athletes!

    Again, Props to the Pomona young men for almost giving me a heart attack. Coach Rice is doing a heck of a job there.

  • HaterADE

    My Post from another thread…

    HaterADE said:
    LA will lose to Walnut this week!
    You heard it here first!!!
    September 26, 2011 1:06 PM


  • westco

    Los altos losing is not a shocker FRED you just don’t a lot about football.

  • lou garcia

    the defensive cordinator got out coached badly for bonita. all diamond ranch did was run run run. they have no passing game at all and the DC of bonita couldnt even stop it. this one is on you coach

  • Anonymous

    Call me crazy if you want to but i think the inland division 2 is better tan the Pac5 this year. if im not mistaking the inland 2 has a winning record against the pac5 so far this year and undefeated against the 3rd or 4th ranked toughest conference in the nation “Serra”. i dont know though i could be wrong, if i am please correct me.

  • P-Town

    Colt 74, ColtFan97, congrats. Pomona is not nearly as good as I thought they were. Your team has heart. And is WELL coached. Good for us Livingston was not in. Best wishes to him and your season. Peace Out.

  • Colts#1

    M.S. at least you showed class by admitting that pomonas not that good. The valley now knows that you have been ranting and raving over nothing.

  • coltfan97

    To P-Town,
    Thanks that is very classy of you to say. Both teams played really physical, and I thought that caused most of the penalties tonight. I would not be surprised if we see you guys in the playoffs. Good Luck the rest of the year. One more thing, Beat San Dimas for us!!!!!

    What was with the power outage?

  • The U

    Anonymous…You are correct, as of right now the Inlnad holds a 7-4 advantage on the Pac 5 with only 2 games remaining next week..Pac 5 should get both next week but in any case the Inland wins season series this year (first time ever)

  • P-Town

    Car accident, car wrapped around a poll.

    Colts#1 this is not M.S.

  • SaintsR4real

    Just a couple notes

    Freddy, sorry for the correction, but the Billycat, Huskies game was not a come from behind S. Hills win. The huskies were up the first qtr, up at the half. they fell behind by 4 in the third, then never looked back. The last touchdown was a gimme. real score 34-24.

    I understand your frustration, when someties coaches seem like they get into a zone where they keep repeating the same plays that obviously are not working. Then again, overall, they make up for it ten times over by WINNING!!

    Congrats Covina, Azusa, S. Hills, Arcadia!!

    Great week of football!

  • DR Panther

    Wow what a difference a year makes. Saw Bonita tonight and they look nothing like last years team. A huge drop off at thier Quarter back position from last year and thier offence is nothing like im used to seeing. I have no idea how they will score the rest of the year

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    FRED, they better break the “TOP 20” in your weekly rankings, that’s for sure. 😉

    SEMHS 41
    TCHS 27

    the tribune article puts the game in a good light. that’s the way it should be, but if you were there, the refs (YES THE REFS) were being picky about their calls. You had the backline judge calling flags that happened where the sideline referee was less than 5 feet away from the supposed infraction.

    it’s ok, with those things happening, SEMHS did not falter, nor did TCHS gain anything overall from those advantages.

    Halftime score was 14-7 in favor of SEMHS, by the end of the 3rd, TCHS was up 27-14, by virtue of only missing one extra point kick. Within minutes (including the kickoff return), SEMHS scored 2x, missing the 2nd TDs extra point as well, to leave it even at 27-27.

    SEMHS played hard, push came to shove, scored once more, and on TCHS’s ensuing drive – turnover on downs (or maybe it was a punt, sorry there was alot of “back and forths” in this game), one DB got frustrated with how a SEMHS Wide Receiver was on him, and when a play ended, got up and shoved him to the ground. Automatic 1st, and then 2 plays later, the long pass by QB (#17) Henry Mascorro (a 56-yard pass to Javier Machuca) which sealed it.

    SEMHS put the stamp on TCHS and the iffy refs, that reads, “Don’t Doubt The South, We Are Legit Because We Do Not Quit!”

    and thanks to the Tribune for giving the SEMHS Eagles the recognition they so richly deserve at this time.

  • oldschool

    The Inland is very good this year,the top 4 teams in the inland division are pretty even and can compete in the Pac five against most of the teams.but the top 3 teams in the Pac 5 are a different level than the rest of the Pac 5 and I dont think that upland,vista murrieta,centenial can compete with servite,mission viejo and santa margarita.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Edgewho? Let’s give some love to the ‘View! Nice win for the black and gold.

  • @Colts#1


    Your comment,

    “M.S. at least you showed class by admitting that pomonas not that good. The valley now knows that you have been ranting and raving over nothing.”

    The Score,

    Covina 16 Pomona 14


    If M.S. has been ranting and raving over nothing what does that make Covina beating Pomona by 2?

    Just my opinion.

  • The Answer Man

    “If M.S. has been ranting and raving over nothing what does that make Covina beating Pomona by 2?”


  • @Colt#1

    Weak 4-1 record,

    If Pomona is nothing then Covina has zero quality wins.

    El Monte

    The only quality team you played you lost to, right?

    Thats the problem with you guys you are pounding your chest over a 2 point win on a team that you should have beat by 30.

    When your coach grows some hair on his b@lls and schedules a few real teams in their pre-season schedule then come back with that 4-1 record.

    Based on the numbers to date CLEARLY San Dimas in the #1 team in the VVL with the quality win over Monrovia. There is no way after this 2 point win over POMONA you can rate Covina over San Dimas with their big win over MONROVIA, right.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    There were 2 of us who earlier this week said that Walnut would beat Loss Altos. HaterAid were we the only ones who saw this one coming? I don’t really call this an upset. I felt along that LA wasn’t as good as they were made out to be. They will be in trouble again as soon as they fall behind in games. Their run game was lumbering at best. Their passing game struggled mostly because of pressure and big hits from the Walnut defense.

    Conq76 I have to respect the fact that you aren’t making any excuses for LA. Walnut did dominate this game in every way.
    Those 2 thuds we heard a couple of hours ago was Fred and Aram jumping off the LA band wagon. Thats 2 bandwagons for you guys this season. Everyone else is starting to see what some of us have known all along. You guys know “Feel Good Stories”, but not alot about football other than wins and losses. If I were some of these other teams around here, I would be posting armed guards just outside of my bandwagon to keep you to guys off.

    SGV430 Ouuttt!!!!

  • WC

    WC looked great tonight! Chris Solomon appears to be back at full strength! 17 carries for 160 yards and 3 TDs!

  • tDro

    Highlights/ interviews from Covina’s 16-14 win over Pomona in its Valle Vista League opener.. Colts were playing w/o injured star QB Billy Livingston, but still held on for the win surviving a furious fourth quarter rally by Pomona.. Will want to see Pomona coach Anthony Rice’s plea for more “balanced” officiating from referees… My unofficial tally had Covina pegged for 9 penalties, Pomona with 8.. Venegas w/ the strong run to close out the video in case you were wondering. Thanks guys! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @SGVtylerd Game story..

    — Tyler Drohan

  • Aaron

    Word was that at least two Bearcat players left the game with injuries one of them being starting MLB/C Nich Pichotta.

    Any idea on DRanch injuries? Veteran Receivers not helping out a young QB…get settled Cats!

  • football fan 2

    Number 5 is tiny for South Hills and kicks, plays receiver, punts, long snaps at times and now fills in at quarterback. That kid goes unnoticed and is all over the field last night. No one even knew he could throw the ball. Fans said he is a baseball player. Glad one of them is man enough to play football.

  • The Ghost of L.L.

    @Colt#1: Monrovia is 2-3 now and has lost 3 in a row, don’t know if it is still that much of a quality win at this point in the season. Maybe down the road it may look better but as of right now the polish is off of that win. Oh and the times that San Dimas played a team in a higher division this year they got waxed, Covina is 1-1 playing teams from higher divisions this year with a loss in overtime and a murdering of Walnut.

    Second thing Pomona is a decent team, they need to work some things out mainly keeping their heads straight in key moments. Also Covina won last night with a second string QB on the road, anytime you can do that it is a good thing.

  • @the game

    Attn. Lou Garcia

    I was there too. How bad was the DC when they only gave up 14pts? I thought the whole team was extremely flat. Almost weird that they were sooo flat for a league opener.Coach Layton ran the ball because Bonita was nooo threat on O.He went for it on 4th and 5 from his own 39 w/ a 8 point lead.No excuse,but BOHi is really banged up.D.Ranch is waaay more athletic.

  • Bob

    SEMHS FAN 3481 You sound like a bitter EX- HS football official. I guess you where perfect when you where working games??

  • Chino hills jury

    Stil in shock:lets just start by saying this is not the Chino Hills way!! This is what you get when you have a dumb@ss kid wearing a headset upstairs thinking he can run a offense just because you feel sorry for him, this is what you get when you have a circle of friends instead of putting the kids first and having a circle of great coaches! To have such a great program and just be careless and drive it into the ground without any dignity it dissapointing, what about the young men on the field that show up to win? Sierra league we still are the defending champ huskies and our boys will soon join and ralley away the bad and be ready to defend our status! Coaching makes all of the difference!!!!!!! Who cant respect a coach that will lead our kids on the field for battle and do what ever it takes to win?

  • TC SEM Viewer

    I went to the SEM vs TC game and from my perspective on the TC sideline, I can say that SEM played with tremendous heart and did everthing they had to do to win. I am not a Rams fan by any means nor an Eagles fan so what I say is an honest opinion.

    I saw a team with tremendous desire fight by jabbing, punching kicking and cheap shotting a very soft clueless team. Here is an example of what happened.

    The Rams block a punt by the Eagles and score to make the score 27 to 14. They then opened the faucet and the bleeding never stopped. TC misses the PAT and kicks off and SEM gets a return of about 65 yards and scores. The next kick off by SEM is caught on the 1 yard line and the returner kneels down thinking he is in the end zone. Ball now on the TC 1 yard line. Next play Dea almost gets stopped for a safety. Ball on 1/2 yard line. TC goes for a pass, the same roll out pass play they ran all night and the QB drops the ball im the end zone and the Eagles recover for a score. Here’s when it gets interesting. After the point after, SEM kicks off and the same running back does almost exactly what he did on the previous KO. However he goes to a knee and muffs the KO and gets lucky enough to fall on it in the end zone for an automatic touch back. TC drives for a while, sort of aided by penalty after penalty. They finally punt, SEM gets a good return then again penalty for holding by their TE, several times, this is what one of our other bloggers was talking about, but of course, SEM does no wrong, but it was so obvious the lines man must have been thinking about how can get out of here as fast as possible. Hoover Dam was cracking. on a 3rd and about 28 to go SEM runs a reverse and goes 63 yards for a score. Credit to SEM and their effort. They were quick and stood up to TC size advantage.

    Truly, what I saw, was a quicker, Keystone Cops team SEM, playing TC Abbot and Costello teaming up with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. They don’t get much softer. Hey TC what I saw would make Keppel CIF champs.

    My only complaint is the cheap shot artists I saw on the out of bounds plays, the punching and face mask pulling in the interior line and in spearing use of the head. these are definitely back from the Escamilla regime. Props to SEM, someone had to win and you found a way.

  • SH Fan

    #5 for SH is Danny Sheehan, he played second base and batted leadoff last year.

  • The U

    OldSchool…Your thinking may soon have an answer..Redlands East Valley play Mission Viejo this week and they are at best the 4th best team in the Inland..C.O. squeaks by Roosevelt, Rancho squeaks by C.O., Norco blasts Roosevelt and Upland Blasts Norco……SIERRA League Predictions…
    1.Charter Oak
    3.Chino Hills (could be #4)
    4.South Hills (could be #3)

  • The U

    What happened to all the talk about Monrovia playing for the Div 2 State Championship

  • coaching

    Pomona’s defense was shockingly very good holding us to only one T.D. all night. If it weren’t for the fake FG, we probably lose 14-10. True we didn’t have ” The Kid “, but film from their previous games made it a lot easier for our defense. We knew Anthony wouldn’t trust his air game until it was too late. ( He’s showing a pattern of this ) which makes him very predictable. We just stuffed the box and let him run himself out of time. F

  • joe

    What happen to los altos……..walnut really bounce back next week and all well be forgotten shit happens and diamond bar come on you got a great qb you need to get it done injurys is no excuse good coaches find a way to get it done.

  • what?

    football fan 2
    there are plenty of baseball players playing football for SH so don’t get your comment

  • Wartime101

    Keep up the good work Warriors. We won easily with many of our 2nd and 3rd string players on the field and two of our best players on the sideline. Most importantly our players understand that each week is an opportunity to improve and get ready for the playoffs. By the way, our freshman team is dominant and has some players who will be contributing on Friday night next year. GO WARRIORS!


    Good job AZUSA AZTECS.

  • oldschool

    @The U.mission viejo vs REV will be a good measuring stick.upland,vista,centenial and REV are pretty evenly matched teams this year.not like last year when corona centenial was above the rest.Upland will win the Inland this year.

  • WC keeps rolling

    West Covina:
    24 wins 4 losses in the last 28 games.

  • Witness

    A few weeks ago somebody on the Pasadena Star News blog mentioned that the CIF officiating for many San Gabriel Valley games has been absolutely horrid this season. That said, I understand that there is a shortage of referees this season which has caused for some games to be moved from their originally scheduled dates and times. I have also heard from parents and coaches that many of these officials are new. I also completely understand that most CIF officials have regular jobs during the week and officiate for the love of the game or to make a few extra dollars. That said, as long as the human element is involved officials will occasionally fail to make a call because they did not see the infracton. One thing that is absolutely unacceptable is a referee not knowing the rules.


    Team A punts the ball to team B. The punt returner from Team B signals for a legal fair catch and is immediately hammered by a Team A defender. The referee throws a flag for interference on the Team A defender. Rather than assessing a 15 yard penalty for the infraction, the referee rules that team B has two options. Team B could take the ball at the spot of the foul (favorable field position) or Team A could re-punt the ball. Meanwhile the kid who was absolutely creamed has to leave the game due to his injuries sustained on the play.

    It is my understanding that the primary reason for the fair catch rule is to protect the receiver. A receiver directs his attention toward the incoming punt and cannot focus on the defenders running towards him, which leaves him quite vulnerable to injury.

    Did this rule change overnight or something?

    If it did, why have the rule in place? Why not just “blow up” the receiver on every fair catch if the only penalty is the other teams takes possession of the football at the spot of the foul.

    The referees are the only people on the field who have the power to enforce the rules to ensure the safety of these kids. Ignorance of the rule book not only jeapordizes the health and well being of these kids but the integrity of the game.

    The CIF must do a better job at ensuring their officials do their homework!

  • LA Conq

    You know, the problem is that Fred and Aram had never actually SEEN Los Altos play. They built them up based on record, second-hand accounts and “feel good” stories.

    Anyone who had seen LA play knew a few things:

    1) If LA can’t run the ball…they’re screwed!
    2) Any team that can successfully pass the ball is going to cause problems for LA. The Conqs have ZERO secondary!
    3) Along the same lines…LA has no offensive skill guys, just Fa’aola who is a bruiser. No big play options when they find themselves down.
    4) LA coaches make some seriously questionable calls. High risk, high reward I guess. Those risks worked out vs. Ayala (lots of questionable 4th down attempts that we LUCKILY converted). Last night…not so much! Shoulda kicked the field goal at the end of the half! Go in with some points! You get the ball back in the 2nd half down one score and it totally changed the complexion of the game!

    After a great start, this could be a long Hacienda League season…….VERY long. Rowland coaches were up in the stands last night watching this garbage (two of which used to coach at LA, Aguilar and Argumosa). Those dudes are gonna be ready to smack our ass next week if we don’t make some changes, and soon!

    Let’s see what kinda coaches we got!

  • FredJ

    I have a scenario from last night’s Monrovia-South Hills game. On Jamie Canada’s 100 yard kick return, he caught the ball near the one, then clearly stepped back and planted a foot in the end zone before taking off for a touchdown. One of the officials explained to a person nearby that you can step into the endzone as long as the ball doesn’t cross the plane. Is that right? My initial thought was a touchback…I was on the South Hills sidelines, they had the looks of someone who looked like they got away with something.

  • The U

    OldSchool, I like your thinking….Not that rankings mean anything but CalPreps released this morning moved Upland to #1 in Inland, #7 in the State and #36 in Nation…..Interesting, they also moved Vista ahead of Centennial.

  • D-Mo

    The ball must cross the goal line on a kick-off to be a touchback.

  • Damien Has No Defense

    I can’t beleive that Gano doesnt get it?
    the defensive secondary for Damien is so fricking small. they dont get the job done. They should have romped Temescal Canyon, instead, they allowed 21 points. Those tiny tots in the D-backfield cannot compete with the big boys.

    Couple of the tiny tots who double as receivers and Dbackfield are afraid to catch balls over the middle and get hit by the opposing team linebackers.

    Gano doesnt get it and has to go.

    Sierra league,

    Damein will do no better than 4th.

    Another dissapointing lackluster year with Gano
    at the helm.

  • John

    Maybe this NCAA rule helps. I couldn’t access the NFHS Rules which is used by CIF because you need to be a member of NFHS organization. Here is the official NCAA Rule explanation regarding this matter:

    SECTION 6. Touchback
    When Declared

    ARTICLE 1. It is a touchback when:
    a. The ball becomes dead out of bounds behind a goal line, except from an incomplete forward pass, or becomes dead in the possession of a
    player on, above or behind his own goal line and the attacking team is responsible for the ball being there (Rules 7-2-4-a and b) (A.R. 6-3-9-IV,
    A.R. 7-2-4-I, A.R. 8-6-1-I and II, and A.R. 10-2-2-XXV).

    The rule reads that the ball in the possesion of the player must be above or behind the goal line for the play to be a touchback. Therefore, the explanation you heard from the ref does make sense.

  • John

    Here is a better link explaining Fred’s scenario.

    I’ll just paste the explanation here:

    Kicks. Touchbacks occur most frequently on kickoffs. When a non-scoring kick goes into team Rs end zone in NFHS play, the ball is dead and it is a touchback when the ball breaks the plane of the goalline (8-5-3a). Under NCAA rules, the ball remains live and in play unless it touches the ground in the end zone before the kick is touched by a team R player (6-1-7, 6-3-9).

  • Sadly I must agree

    To Damien Has No Defense:

    I think the offense performed adequately, but sadly must agree about the defense. I can only take solice in the fact that the JV and Frosh teams do have some bruisers. The JV team is undefeated and the Frosh team is coming along well.

    Gano has had nearly four years to do something with the Varsity yet he hasn’t faired( no pun intended) much better than Morrison.It has however cost significantly more to achieve the same results ( transfers who have been a bust). At least Morrison stuck with the homegrown talent.
    And who continues to perform for Damien, Castille.

    I hope that the JV and Frosh teams continue to win, if it does, That is your answer against AMAT
    It took a homegrown coach, Jason Chavez, and AMAT Freshman coaches to improve Damien’s football endeavors.

    Congrats to the JV and Frosh teams. you boys are big, strong, Damien Studs!!!! Keep up the good work and Beat AMAT, you have the best chance next year.

  • never cease to amaze

    Damien fans,unbelievable! When you lost to Amat many posters came on here raving how Fair and Gano had the perfect game plan and called a perfect game. You beat Temescal Canyon by two touchdowns and Gano must go. What is wrong with you. Geez, and now you are talking about beating Amat next year, because “you have the best chance.” League hasn’t even started. Focus on the now! You folks give a bad name to Spartan Pride!

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    12th man, I am beginning to believe more and more that youve got coachs ear. Seems as if the Lancers were listening to you last night when they started to use more of a hurry up type of an offense as opposed to the usual time consuming, run to the side lines for the next play type of a deal that theyve been using for the last decade or so.

    However, they Still got called for delay of game, so all I have to say about this is that is that its cute, but boy, this team needs a lot more practice to get all the kinks straightened out let me tell you.

    Anyway, last nights game was indeed full of surprises. Beginning with those new look, white pants, all the way to the servite-esk attempt to call plays from the sidelines. I suppose that if youre going to experiment with something such as this, that a game against a team such as cathedral was a good a place as any to start.

    Sorry to say that but what a total mismatch last night. I just hate games like that you know..
    As for the game itself, well….

    All I have to say to you folks in here, is the same thing that I have point out time and time again over the years, and that is that while I am defiantly an Amay honk, I am certainly not a homer. That game last night was about the worst over all performance I have seen the Lancers participate in sense the Servite debacle, and thats only because I was out of the country the last two weeks and wasnt able to catch the Damien or La Mirada games.

    “BUT WE SCORED 56 POINTS” you might say ??? well, ya, your right, but come on people !! We were up something like 42 to 7 with more than 7 minutes to play in the third quarter and nobody, and I mean nobody was sitting there “POOPING” their pants, even when they were up by 7 early on. BTW, when your team is up big like that, why do you have to waite for the fourth quarter to bring in the second stringers ?

    Look, the simple fact was that most of those scores came on some pretty big plays last night. A break away run, a interception return and a few other big plays to set up some easy scores, but maybe because the scoring came so easily last night, there was little evidence (in my mind anyway), of any sustained drives or over all dominance that I was expecting this team to demonstrate last night.

    Frankly, the quarterbacking really sucked, and when I say really sucked, I am being kind. I was sitting next to some regulars last night, and just about every one of them were shaking their heads at the way this team was executing. Dropped passes, poor timing patterns were just an example of what im speaking about, and the fact that the referees were clearly on the home teams side last night sure didnt hurt.

    You know, I have to say that when someone come into this thread the next day and complains about the way a game was called the night before, I often tell them thats its never an excuse to say you lost because of poor officiating, especially if you put yourself in a situation where that bad call determined the result of that game. But that game last night was a real travesty as far as the officiating was concerned, and im on the side that got all the good calls !!

    For example, there was a play where one of our guys catches the ball, then runs something like three or four steps, gets hit, and fumbles the ball. Clearly a fumble right ??, so Cathedral should get the ball here but no, the refs end up saying that the guy never had control of the football. WHAT ??? And then later, almost the same thing happens when the refs give the ball to Amat deep in Cathedral territory. I mean WTF ???

    Anyway, about the only thing I saw last night that was incredible was that amazing catch at the far end of the end zone where our guy literally dove head first for the ball, and did a 360 acrobatic plunge for the score. Absolutely Incredible !

    Oh ya, mix in a few killer hits put on by our defense and it was a game that was over about the same time that the rains started to fall.
    BTW, did anyone happen to notice that all the people in the bleachers stated to run for cover when it started to rain ? I mean, where were they going to go where it wasnt going to rain on them anyway ?

    Anyhow, while I do believe that this team may in fact have some of the best over all skill players that an Amat team has have in quite some time, I somehow feel as if this team just isnt quite as ready as it should be.

    The fact that a lot of Serra teams got beat last night, was something of a surprise because maybe the Serra isnt going to be as killer of a league this year as I first believed. However, even with that, after watching this years version of the Lancers play, I have to say that I am a little bit more than concerned at this point.

    Anyway, let see how it all pans out right ?

  • Just askin’

    Jcaz – the trib article said Amat 1st stringers played only one offensive play in the 2nd half. Are you disputing that?

  • scarecrow

    To Bearcat nation:

    Besides the DC choking why would they not use Horrine more, like every play on offense. He should be running and catching the football at least 50%-60% of the time. Outstanding player that presents a tough match up for any cornerback. They only threw to him deep a few times. Terrible use of a great athlete.

    On defense he stopped even fischer so he has speed too.

    very impressive player.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Chino Hills Jury,
    “Chino hills jury said:
    Stil in shock:lets just start by saying this is not the Chino Hills way!! This is what you get when you have a dumb@ss kid wearing a headset upstairs thinking he can run a offense just because you feel sorry for him, this is what you get when you have a circle of friends instead of putting the kids first and having a circle of great coaches! To have such a great program and just be careless and drive it into the ground without any dignity it dissapointing, what about the young men on the field that show up to win? Sierra league we still are the defending champ huskies and our boys will soon join and ralley away the bad and be ready to defend our status! Coaching makes all of the difference!!!!!!! Who cant respect a coach that will lead our kids on the field for battle and do what ever it takes to win? ”

    What are you talking about? What kid in a headset calling the offense. You sound like you’re drunk in your post…rambling….. Are you a disgruntled parent? We need to support our boys and move on. This is not last year…we are rebuilding
    We are making to many stupid mistakes and shooting ourselves in the foot….How many 1st and 15 plays do we have to endure. We will see no one as tough as REV in our league that’s for sure.
    I don’t doubt our coaches dedication….it’s easy for us to blame it on them…I think it is a little bit of everything. Instead of bitching, be supportive.

  • Sadly i must agree

    Never Cease To Amaze:
    The now dont look to good pal.
    Damien parents already know that this
    year is gonna be a lost one since we
    beat Temescal Canyon by ONLY 2 touchdowns and
    allowed 21 points. that is not Damien football

    Short little pee wee players in your defensive backfield are not going to do the job. It damright embarrasing to see the size of the Defense on the field.This is football. smashmouth , kick ass, wear the other guy down football. these tiny tikes arent gonna get it done.

    Im not one of those Gano or Fair fans who claimed that either of these guys called a good game. As a matter of fact. it sucked.

    JSERRA has to be excited about this upcoming week.

    They will be romping and stomping all over Damien.
    more than AMAT, JSerra is gonna physically dominate these pop warner and Paraclete heroes.

  • jcaz

    Just Askin’…

    I did read that article just a few minutes ago and yes, I do in fact dispute that because I know for a fact that Rio was still in the game up until midway through the third quarter.

    Now in all fairness, they did indeed put in the second string relatively early, but not all that early I assure you.

    Anyway, my point to all of this was that even when they did put in the second team, they were still throwing the ball. WTH ??

    Football etiquette calls for running between the tackles at that point and not trying to run up the score weather intentional or unintentional.

    Look, I get it, I mean, the game had a lot of time left, and maybe they were just trying to get a good look at the how the second stringers would perform.

    But gezz la-weeze man, 56 to 7 at the beginning part of the 4th quarter is way out of line. Turn off the dogs already….

  • Relentless D

    I have to say South Hills had a BIG game and took care of business over Monrovia even with the Big fella Ellis on the field and without SH QB Hernandez. SH offense was on fire and I have to give credit to SH defensive linemen, especially sophomore #52 Oscar Perez that player is beast! The only recommendations for SH is getting a new kicker who only kicks field goals period and make some adjustments with their DB’s they allowed to many long passing yards last night. Other then that look out for South Hills to make an impact in the tough Sierra league. Good job Huskies

  • Colt74

    THANK-YOU for the coverage and the highlights video!

  • Witness

    @jacaz, What game were you watching? Amat did a good job against a weak team and the coaching staff played their starting players just enough.
    No need to split hairs here with a team like Cathedral, you should wait until Alemany to do that.
    Go Amat!

  • tDro

    Thanks Colt.. Wild game last night! Great crowd support for Covina..

  • A_Rod

    Isn’t the Bonita DC the same DC San Dimas had the year they played Oaks Christian in the playoffs?

  • 12th man

    Im glad to hear Amat is going to a different type offense or atleast experimenting…I shouldn’t take credit for the obvious..I trust the coaches are taking every precautionary mesures to find what’s going to work during league games when opposing defenses will start stacking the box to take away the run game..My only other suggestion would be to start using #11 on some deep patterns use his height(6’4)this will take away the double coverage Sanchez has been facing the last few games..#1(Sanchez) will determine how far Amat goes you have to find ways to get him the ball either on bubble screens or slants…I couldn’t watch the game last night i was at a softball team bonfire but I was telling a buddy of mine (Mike R.) that the Amat score would probbably be something like you can see i wasn’t too far off lol…Anyways i’ll be there next week to coach from the stands~ lol..

  • 12th man

    WOW!!~I just read the artcle on the game last night..Good job Coach Hags!!..start practing the “Trick Plays”(halfback pass) now~..That makes 2 games in a row…I know alot of you fans dont think that running trick plays is going to do anything? But you’re actually adding another weapon to your offense that the opposing team needs to defend..Could you imagine trying to defend a “No Huddle Spread Offense” that runs trick plays also? You could run draw plays all day on the defense as they would be expecting pass on each down Jalen Moore would have a field day~ Theres no way the defense could defend against the run if they cant make the subs due to the no huddle its called stamina.. & sooner or later your going to crumble….So keep running TPlays so the word can get out there to the Serra league & Pac5

  • BS


    Youre a real piece of work. Saw your comments on PrepXtra, with Aram. I will just address the two big ones. The personal foul that you state was obvious when he threw him to the ground and the on-side kick. You do realize these games are videotaped right. We will start with the on-side kick, the side judge on Covinas side called it, not the back judge. In watching the video there is no way this guy could see through all the Covina players. What you call an obvious call on video even in slow motion you cant see it touch a Pomona player. I guess it is obvious to a Covina fan, since it wasnt also obvious to any other official, that is why they had that meeting and no other official saw what you on that one other official saw. Now on the other obvious personal foul at the end of the game. First off he never threw the Covina player to the ground; you dont even know what happened on the play that is how clueless you really are. The official stated (the same official that made the call on the on-side kick) our player swung at the Covina player that is why he called a personal foul. Interesting I have friends on the Covina side none of them, including you saw the swing either.

    Piece of advice, if you are going to make up a bunch of crap at least get your story close to what really happen. But then again what would we expect from a Covina reporter. Thanks for the great impartial reporting that we all have come to expect from the Tribune.

    Colt74 sure would like to here from you on this one. Did you see the punch or any Pomona player obviously touch the ball?

  • Chino hills jury

    sierra fan: Did you see the game? Did you see the 3 different plays that were called all night? Did you see the halftime adjustment made? Did you notice the sense or urgency on the field to try to score any points? Exactly!! Im not rambling just calling it like everyone saw it last night, either we make changes or we will be the joke of the sierra league this season even know we have all this talent. Who’s bitching now?

  • Colt74

    BS said:
    I did not see the Pomona player swing at the Covina player nor did I see the Pomona player touch the ball on the kick-off. But I also did not see a pass interference call on us earlier also.
    I was sitting at the end of my row and spent half the game getting up to let people out or in. Plus the visitor bleachers are at the 20 yard line ?????????????

    The Pomona player that took the Covina player to the ground after the whistle was earlier in the game.

    I think the refs were a bit flag happy but that’s my opinion.

  • The Ghost of L.L.


    Well I am not sure who your sources are, or if they can even see cause both of those plays that you talked about were easy to see…I was on the Covina sideline and saw both of them, the kid did throw a punch and one of your players touched the ball at about 9 yards. Just as your coach is reaching in blaming the refs, Covina had more penalties then Pomona, you are reaching with your friends on the Covina sideline comment. It is time to move on Pomona cause if you don’t win out you won’t go to the playoffs.

  • coltfan97

    To B.S.,

    Its not are fault that we got those calls, its the referee’s fault they are the ones who called it! You didn’t see the pass interference where a pomona reciever had his hand all over a covina defender! You could not have seen it because it was on the covina sidelines. Don’t tell me you guys didn’t get any calls! Plus dont leave it up to the refs!!!!! Sounds to me like sour grapes!!!! Lack of discipline cost you that game!!!

  • BS

    @Ghost of L.L.,

    Are you related to TDro, your comments show that you also have no clue about what you are talking about.

    Six league in the Mid-Valley

    1st and 2nd of each league equals 12

    16 – 12 = 4

    4 third place teams go. I’m trying to keep it real simple for you.

    My question what happen to you guys beating us by 30 with or without Livingston. That was all over the blogs. I guess since Chino Hills blew us out and you beat us by 2 points your not as good as Fred and Aram think you are?

  • The Ghost of L.L.

    @BS or M.S. what ever your want to be called….like I said you better win out cause if you guys are going to hope for an at large bid with a 5-5 record (if you win your next 3 and lose to SD 5-5 is your recors….just keeping it simple for you) oh and with Livingston you guys do get blowen out its not even close….so pal Pomona is a very undisciplined team and it starts with its Head Coach, when the Head Coach is out at the 50 yard line having to be restrained how do you expect his team to act in a manner that shows respect for the game….and Covina may not be as good as some people are saying (not true, they are pretty dame good) but they were good enough to beat your team in your house with 2 offensive starters out one of them the best QB in the league.

  • Ghost Of Pomona Past

    “My question what happen to you guys beating us by 30 with or without Livingston. That was all over the blogs. I guess since Chino Hills blew us out and you beat us by 2 points your not as good as Fred and Aram think you are?”

    Throwing a little losers temper tantrum are we??


    1. Did Chino Hills play you without their starting QB? On the road? After a 30 minute dark delay? How much warm up time under the lights was there? So that’s moot…
    2. Covina is actually BETTER than Fred and Aram think they are.
    3. You think by trying thug tactics against a team it will work? How did that turn out for you last night?
    4. Lets turn that around…how about all the talking about Pomona winning the VVL? How’s that looking there buddy?

    Be a man. Accept your loss. Play instead of talk. Move on.

    Look on the bright side. You guys are ahead of Wilson!.

  • coltfan97

    To b.s.
    A win is a win is a win! It does not matter if you win by one or win by thirty! You better move on to the next opponent or you will lose that game!!! Well said ghost of L.L.!!!

  • coltfan97

    To b.s.
    A win is a win is a win! It does not matter if you win by one or win by thirty! You better move on to the next opponent or you will lose that game!!! Well said ghost of L.L.!!!

  • dan patrick

    what the heck is going on with wilson, the rumor has it burt is stepping down this week.

  • lou garcia

    to scaregrow, horine did not step up. actually he look very intimidated against the black athlete. this kid has alot of ability but dropping balls in a big game is not good for anybody.

  • 1st And Long

    DBar is getting better….they have zero depth however and lost their starting tailback again with ankle problems. You can tell coach Mayne is pressing and so is Omana, still the best qb in the Hacienda and maybe the San Gabriel Valley. That pick right before half was a killer. Got to throw the ball away sometimes. This gave West Co a cheap touchdown right before the half and they scored another with a minute to go in the game. Final was 35-17 and though they were never really in danger, it wasn’t the typical route either. DBar has a 6’6″ inch receiver that they won’t use over the middle for short completions. They have to learn to work the whole field, short, middle and long passes not just go deep 80% of the time. We will give ranch a game…and it won’t be a shut out.

  • dan patrick

    people are saying burt is going to resign this week. and it came from a reliable resource.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    Bob said:

    SEMHS FAN 3481 You sound like a bitter EX- HS football official. I guess you where perfect when you where working games??
    October 1, 2011 7:18 AM

    Well “Bob” you couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a graduate of SEMHS, and furthermore, I have been to about 90% of SEMHS Eagles Pre-Season Games and 100% of their Regular Season games since the Fall of 1994 (the first year they had a Varsity Squad)

    Let me go beyond that for a moment “Bob” and say, bad calls are bad calls, there was no excuse for the referees NOT discussing Sideline infractions with the Head Referees, no excuse for the backfield judge to call a penalty that was CLEARLY in line-of-sight of the sideline judge, and there was no discussion of the matter either, just the head referee “concurring” the call without, *what?* verification of course.

    “Bob” I would like to here your version of events as they unfolded on Friday Night. Maybe you know those SORE LOSER FANS (the ones that tried to blend in on the visitor fan benches), who got up and left when the game was out of their TCHS Rams hands. As they walked past the SEMHS Eagle crowd, they pathetically attempted to get under our skin, and we all laughed at them.

    Those idiots are an embarrassment to TCHS, not only did they sit on our side, which they clearly had room on the home side, but in poor sportsmanship, they stroll out and pass by us like if their team was the one that won the game. The comedian George Lopez uses a phrase for people like that, and their initials are “M.P.!”

  • GoAmat

    Love you 12th man. We will pray for you. GO AMAT!!!!! We love you boys. Great job!

  • GoAmat

    We love you 12th man. God bless. GoAMAT. Good job boys!!!

  • @the game

    I’ve seen 3 people post how bad BOHI’s DC was now. He gave up 14 pts. I’d be more upset w/ kicking to # 3. YOU DON’T HAVE TO KICK THE BALL TO THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FIELD. Agree that Horine didn’t show. At least 4 drops. And like I said b-4…Why was BOHI sooo flat?

  • Sierra League Fan

    “Chino hills jury said:
    sierra fan: Did you see the game? Did you see the 3 different plays that were called all night? Did you see the halftime adjustment made? Did you notice the sense or urgency on the field to try to score any points? Exactly!! Im not rambling just calling it like everyone saw it last night, either we make changes or we will be the joke of the sierra league this season even know we have all this talent. Who’s bitching now?”

    Yes, I was at the game. I saw us try to run inside zone…stuffed, counter…stuffed,zone read….stuffed,QB follow… motion speed sweep…stuffed toss…stuffed, Stop route…dropped, screen….dropped, play action pass….sacked, combo routes….qb pressured… bootleg…QB botched play. SO “GREAT COACH FROM THE STANDS” what magical plays would you call?

    Looks like more than 3 plays to me. My son said “Dad, they just kicked our ass”. They have 3 O-linemen with Div 1 offers, 2 D-linemen with D-1 offers and #93 is only a jr and being recruited by all the top schools, a 6’4 230lb QB being recruited. What I saw was a team that was better than us. More physical and more skilled.You talk about “all of this talent we have”….who are you talking about? We have a bunch of hard working boys, but we are short on talent and experience.We have a defense that returns only 1 or 2 kids who played varsity last year. None of our RB’s or WR’s started a varsity game last year. We have maybe one D 1 kid right now ….Enriquez. Jack is has all of the tools, but is still trying to figure it out and Colbert is playing well and could pick up an offer.
    I hate parents like you. When things don’t go their kids way, they blame it on someone else. I plain and simply told my son he got his but kicked by a better team and needs to work harder to be at that level…..I didn’t get on some message board and annonymously act like a coward and blame “little Jimmy’s failure” on the coach. Could the coaches made some better calls? probably. But they can’t block, catch and tackle for the kids. They didn’t drop snaps, jump offsides or fumble the kickoff. So take a realistic look at your son’s performance and ask yourself…..did he play his best? If not, help coach him up. Tell him what you saw…good and bad. Be a parent and not someone who makes excuses for their son…..That is if your son even played. Maybe that’s where all of this is coming from. Your little boy not getting playing time.

  • jury

    sierra league : It all comes down to coaching, the players do what they are coached to do. If they can they shouldn’t be starting? wake up @ss kisser! So is it the employees fault when a company doesn’t suceed or is it poor management? Do the math coach! Maybe its not about my sons playtime im just as embarrassed with my daughter cheerleading and getting shut out.

  • Anonymous

    FYI-In your cover it live you merkin Danny Sheehan, his mom is an asst. Principal and dad Supt., and former Covina High Coach before Thomas.

  • Sierra League Fan

    “jury said:
    sierra league : It all comes down to coaching, the players do what they are coached to do. If they can they shouldn’t be starting? wake up @ss kisser! So is it the employees fault when a company doesn’t suceed or is it poor management? Do the math coach! Maybe its not about my sons playtime im just as embarrassed with my daughter cheerleading and getting shut out.”

    Ass kisser??? WTF are you talking about. I said the coaches could have probably did better too. When your starting QB drops the snap on the first play of the game and your best linemen jumps offsides the next play…..that is coaching? You replace them? ?? With who? LOL…dude you have been watching too many cheerleading competitions…..this is not the cheerleader daddy forum. You didn’t answer my question from the previous forum…What plays would you have called cheer daddy? When a team is bigger, faster and stronger…you get you ass kicked. So if Ayala went to the coliseum and took on USC and got their asses kicked, it would be the coaches fault? Wake up cheer pops. Again, you stated we had “all this talent” whom are you talking about..We have hard working kids, not much talent. My son said we have no one who runs under a 4.7 40…we are slow.If you are going to come on here and talk sh*t…..back it up. You spend too much time around cheerleaders…talking crap..spreading rumors. I think there are things our coaches could do better but that is their job. However, they can’t play the games for the kids. Instead of talking sh*t, I choose to support them and my son….not look to point the finger like little cheer girls do. You are just frustrated you have to watch all the twilight movies with your daughter and not play catch with your SON.

  • follower

    sierra mist: calm down coach your getting a little upset there now. bla bla, snapper can’t snap, qb can’t run, o line can’t block, rb can’t run,receivers can’t catch, dbs can’t jump. I guess your right its the kids fault. All i know is this is twice this year being embarrassed.

  • lou garcia

    just stop the run and you will beat diamond ranch. its that simple.

  • jcaz

    I’m a little bit surprised that no one has even commented on that picture that Fred used at the top of this thread.

    Love the color, the sun set in the background, and the action in that shot. It’s truly an amazing photo.

    Who took it Fred ?

  • Sierra League Fan

    “follower said:
    sierra mist: calm down coach your getting a little upset there now. bla bla, snapper can’t snap, qb can’t run, o line can’t block, rb can’t run,receivers can’t catch, dbs can’t jump. I guess your right its the kids fault. All i know is this is twice this year being embarrassed. ”

    Yes…I am getting pissed by small d*cked people like you who come on here and talk crap. What the hell does that do? You have no thoughts oh how to fix things and don’t look at the facts.
    We have been embarassed by 2 better teams. I don’t like sh*t talkers. If you think this years Husky team is as talented and those of the last 3 years, you are dreaming. We do not have an Ifo, Harris, Calles, Johnson, Rottler, Robles, Verdugo, Gonzales, etc.
    We have a young team that is not very athletic….FACT! We do not have any players that run a sub 4.7….we do not have any Division 1 caliber kids. When you play teams with that level of talent, you can’t make up sh*t with smoke and mirrors. Both teams we have been beaten by had better athletes across the board – period as well as being well coached, established programs. Bear Creek was a solid team we could have beaten. But even they were more athletic. We could play the Montclair’s, Chino’s, Chaffey’s of the world and be 5-0 right now. How does that help your team compete in the Inland division. We will not see a team in the Sierra league nearly as good as REV or Tesoro. Stop bitching about the coaches or the kids and face the fact. The best thing you can do is be supportive of your kids, their teammates, and coaches. Talking Sh*t on message boards fixes nothoing. If you recall, it is this same coaching staff that took our team to the Semi-finals the last 2 years. They want to win as bad as we all do. I am not a coach and I don’t really know them. I do know football and teamwork unlike some of the parents who get on here and say their crap without having any back up to it.

  • follower

    sierra mist : what’s the size of my penis have to do with anything here? You must be watching men in the restroom if that’s what’s on your mind! Im done with you now go back and watch some film wanna be coach!


    1st and long

    Maine is doing a dam good job. Unfortunately there has been many injuries. But saying Maine is pressing and so is Omana thats a crock of bull. Maine and his 1st year staff are trying to do their best. You talk about a cheep touchdown after the interception. It was a broken play, Omana was pressured from the snap scrambling to his right avoiding a sack for a loss and throwing a perfect pass hitting his receiver in the chest and bouncing off into the WCo defenders hands. That was an unfortunate INT. Maine will use a 2 foot receiver if he could catch and run a hard route every time. It may not be a shut out, as a fan you should hope for one and cheer your team on to victory

  • WTF?

    To Sadly I must disagree. Jason Chavez coukdn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. He has no work ethic and is a backstabber.

  • Unreal

    So is Anthony Rice always that big of a whiney little b!@+*h
    Whqt a crock. 9 penalties to 8 and “they’re getting calls and we’re not”?!?! Making excuses? I’m lookimg forward to San Dimas kicking their @$$ too. My onoly hope is someone else gets by them and they finish out of the money. Would serve him right!

  • Panther Fan

    just stop the pass and you will beat Diamond Bar. its that simple.

  • Sierra League Fan

    “follower said:
    sierra mist : what’s the size of my penis have to do with anything here? You must be watching men in the restroom if that’s what’s on your mind! Im done with you now go back and watch some film wanna be coach!”

    Follower…Aka Jury,
    By bitching about a coach and program without giving any great wisdom how to change things, you must be compensating for something. You can be done with me and crawl back into your little negative, hate filled world. Didn’t mommy and daddy show you enough love as a child so now you hate the world?
    By the way, I did watch the film with my son. We pointed out the things he did good and things he needs to improve on. REV dominated us physically. You could have had Bill Bellichec coaching the Huskies and it wouldn’t have made a difference. So instead of spitting your ignorant hate, try to help your kid get better and support them…..oops, I forgot, you are a cheer daddy.

  • CO Bro

    Agree with jcaz, that is an awesome picture! Love the DR fan in the background “Touchdown!”

  • pantherdad

    DB is not the team they were last year…they are not billing this game up as just another game on the schedule…like they did last year (especially having lost their league opener).

    They aren’t confused about who should be at QB, like they were last year, and their coach is far from flat…

    Hope The Ranch and Roddy realize this is going to be a fight, I am looking forward to a hard hitting competitive game!

    Can’t wait!

  • OldMan in Chino

    Chino Hills ran into a buzz saw when they played REV. Last season was a down season for REV and CHHS caught them when their level of talent was not what it normally is. Last few years, CHHS had strong teams and replacing players like Ifo, Nate, Scott and Auston from last years team has proven to be difficult. CHHS is playing the same schools they played last season apart from their first game this season, (they played Mayfair instead of Bear Creek). There is no shame in being beaten by a better team and REV was the better team. Could they have played better; most likely but remember that their inability to put together a consistent drive was due to the superior talent of REV. Chino Hills is in a rebuilding year and who knows what the end result of this season will be. Chino Hills will continue to play hard and hopefully they will place well enough to make the play-offs. They open Sierra League against cross-town rival Ayala on Oct. 14 after a well earned bye week. So Huskies keep your heads up and play hard and never give up on yourselves. Remember success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Old Man in Chino,
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Huskies are working hard and still having fun. They can take solace that now that they are in league, they will not face a team nearly as talented as REV or Tesoro. They should still be able to compete for the Sierra league title and gain a playoff berth. It all starts with a game against rival Ayala. Keep you heads up Huskies….keep working hard.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Sierra League Fan:

    While CHHS may earn a spot in the play-offs, my fear is that given it is rebuilding year for them, they may have a short run in the play-offs. The Big VIII and Baseline have tough teams and even Alta Loma has won a few games. Upland steam rolled Norco, so you can see that even Norco is having problems this season. I guess the loyal fans of CHHS have been spoiled by long play-off runs and while I do not necessarily see a long run this season, CHHS has a strong talent base and it is only a matter of time till they once again become a strong play-off team.

  • Gano Fan

    As some one who’s actually at prcatices and sees the games with out having to lobby for my son’s playing time it’s comical to hear teh Gano bashers have their say. A few years ago, pre-Gano Damien’s linemen looked like this:

    Malady 6’3″ 255
    Miller 6″4″ 245
    Schmitty…6’6″ 330
    Rabe 6’5″ 295
    Luiten 6″4″ 290
    Walsh 6’6′ 230
    De La Torre 6’1″ 275
    Scherer 6’1″ 245
    Okafor 6’3″ 270
    Sipple 6’2″ 275
    Salter 6’2″ 270
    Hale 6’2″ 305
    Polonio 6’4″ 295
    Pucci 6’4″ 250

    DB/WR…Freddie Brown, Thompson, Harper, McMahon, Matthews, Pertusati, ect ect ect.

    Now what has Gano had to work with? LOL

    Give credit where credit is due…the KV’s and Freshemn has size, speed and toughness…all’s good on the homefront and as far as the transfers go…all been outstanding individulas.

  • jcaz

    CO Bro,

    Wow, your right, I never even noticed that guy.

    You know, it’s almost like an “Art 101 class” where you look at a painting or photograph very carefully and see a great deal more than what you originally thought was there in the first place. For example:

    1. The player falling
    2. The ref trying to keep an eye on the game and all the action in front of him, but at the same time looking not to step on the guy who just fell
    3. The score board showing the time, and the score of the game, not to mention the flags on either side of it. Two flags on one flag pole and one on the uprights
    4. The amazing contrast in colors in that photo beginning with the subtle blue of the evening sky at the top, transitioning all the way down to the sharp greens of the field at the bottom of the shot
    5. As you pointed out, the guy raising his hands on the sidelines, but did you also happen to notice the player who was also raising his hand in triumph behind the player in the far right of the picture ?


    You could probably teach an entire semester of art just on this one picture alone.

  • reality

    Lou Garcia AKA David Rivera. Still seeing scary black players in your dreams huh? Ruined Wilson on the blogs and now doing the same to Bonita. What do you hope to accomplish by dumping on Medina, oh I know.

  • WTF?

    WTF? says to Gano Fan:
    Gano Fan , this is mrs. Gano right?
    Are you Mrs. Gano? Cause you have to be high on this guys nutjuice to say all is finein Sparta.

    You mention the size of previous smashmouth Damien linemen ( the good old days) the reason this idiot has nothing to work with ( and im suprised because you purport to be at all the practices) is because HE set up the smaller, faster, stronger mindset. That is this idiots philosphy. Primarily so small kids like yours get to play if Daddy has enough bucks. Lets take a look:

    Sherwood tikes- Ganos relatives- pop warner heros havent produced.

    Paraclete Babes- neither have produced.

    Pucci- mediocre results.

    this idiot brought in these little kids to compete with MEN. When Jserra gets ahold of your Sparbabes, you are gonna see that besides being afraid to get hit ( like the AMAT game) these kids are gonna freeze up and get thier butts kicked. Running windsprints and trying to be johnny hustle aint gonna do crap to further your cause this year Gano man.

    JSERAA are big hitters.

    Smaller and faster ( Gano forgot stronger) aint gonna cut it.

    I predict you are gonna get a Chaffey like beatdown yourselves this week. Good thing it will be at Saddleback college where most of the DHS fans wont have to see it.

    Damien 7 JSerra 42


    What you got to say about that Frank ? WTF just threw it down . Bueller ,Bueller , anybody , anybody ?


    Gano fan aka FC,
    looks like that post on previous players is making excuses for Gano on the upcoming season.