With more parity in Hacienda than a year ago, how will they finish in 2011

With the Hacienda League starting on Friday, defending league and Southeast champ West Covina is still the favorite, but the gap is closing and the race for playoff spots could change from week to week. Here is how I think it will shape up.

Robledo’s predictions
1. West Covina (3-1) — They will win league but not go undefeated. There will be a slip-up along the way against Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch, Los Altos or Bonita.
2. Los Altos (4-0) — I’m buying. I love a feel-good story and when you start winning, confidence comes with it. I love the fact they can run the ball, teams that run are built for the long haul.
3. Bonita (2-2) –– They might win games you don’t expect them to win, but they also will lose games you don’t expect them to lose. They’re still a playoff team, but not sure if they’re consistent enough to win league.
4. Diamond Bar (2-2) — This may shock some that I have Diamond Bar ahead of Diamond Ranch, but when you have a quarterback like Henry Omana, the best in the Hacienda, you should finish no worse than fourth.
5. Diamond Ranch (1-3) — These aren’t the Panthers of the previous years. They will not enter league and flip the switch. For the first time in the Layton era, they will miss the playoffs.
6. Rowland (2-2) — They could have a lot to do with the league outcome because they’re capable of big upsets. They aren’t consistent enough or good enough among this group to make the playoffs, but they will compete.
7. Walnut (0-4) — It’s going to be a long, long year. Don’t be surprised if the Mustangs finish 0-10.

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  • Cong’76

    Wow….appreciate the confidence you express in the Conqueror’s chances, but …….wow…..

  • Weapon-X-Blk

    Robledo, you are a fool if you think DR will miss the playoffs

  • Bonita Fan

    Yes, DR will be on the outside this year, they are hurting and should get bounced around by the top three teams in Hacienda, Bonita, WC, and LA.

    But I don’t see Dbar doing much better. Maybe Dranch gets past Dbar. I also think WC being challenged by us and LA for the top spot.

    It should be an interesting race. But Robledo, you have the top three programs in the right spot right now….Good Job…

  • TGee

    Hacienda League,

    All I can say is wow!
    I pulled out the prepXtra mag and noticed many players in the magazine
    are from the Hacienda League. Even though things change from week to week there were two teams in the pre season Top 10 WCo and DBar and 10 kids in 2011 preseason all-area team.
    Player of the year Chris Solomon has had a tuff start but the Hacienda has many running backs that should make it happen. Fraizer, Fa’aola and Ford. At Qb Henry Omana should be one to keep your eyes on along with Bonita’s sophomore Diebold will lead the Bearcats. 3 of 5 receivers representing DB’s George Katrib, BoHi’s Horine and DRanch Fisher. An impressive list of name that the entire Hacienda League should be proud of.
    Solomon, Meaders, Omana, Katrib, Horine and Fisher just to name a few.

  • lou garcia

    so fred are you saying los altos beats bonita, if you are saying that then i must give you alot of guts for making that statement. ive seen both teams and there is no chance in the world los altos can beat bonita. no way

  • FredJ

    Lou, if you told me that before Los Altos beat Ayala, I might have believed you.

  • reality

    Fred, It always looks like parity at the start of league play. If after game 1 of league play Dbar or Dranch win then parity will rule the year. If both win wow it will be a free for all for a playoff spot. If neither win then it will be business as usual with Bohi and WC ruling the roost again. I predict business as usual.

  • reality

    Fred, It always looks like parity at the start of league play. If after game 1 of league play Dbar or Dranch win then parity will rule the year. If both win wow it will be a free for all for a playoff spot. If neither win then it will be business as usual with Bohi and WC ruling the roost again. I predict business as usual.

  • Football fan

    Hacienda league once again goes through WC and Bonita. Everyone else stinks.

    West Covina
    diamond bar
    Los altos

    dranch, Diamond bar and LA will fight for third, but all three will not get out of first round if they make the playoffs.

  • Panther Fan

    Taking into account the calprep ratings of the opposing teams of Bonita and DR, Bonita’s competition was almost evenly matched where as DR’s competition had rating’s slightly more than double of DR’s. Both teams lost weeks 1 and 2 by narrow margins (7 points or less). Now that said, Bonita’s rating is double that of DR and slightly less than DR’s previous competition. DR to win 28-13, opposite of calpreps prediction. DR will go through league and battle WC for the League Title on November 10, 2011.

    LA is only 4-0 because of a very weak schedule, competition having 14.2 rating or lower, DB is no better. I don’t see LA getting past DB, and may not get past Rowland.

  • Panther Fan

    Results of DR vs. Bonita Freshmen game today

    DR 48 Bonita 0

  • Conq’76

    Panther Fan,

    You may indeed be right, but LA did not just “beat” Bellflower and Wilson, they pretty much dominated them. The same could be said about the El Rancho game as well. LA then beating Ayala demonstrated an ability to compete even when the competition stiffens. In other words, even though the competition was weak, they did what they were supposed to do against weak competition.

    Time will tell whether they can compete in the Hacienda, however, I think it would be a mistake to conclude they are a fluke.

  • Bearcat Fan

    Result of yesterday’s JV game between Bonita & Diamond Ranch: Bonita 35 DR 6
    (just to add to Panther Fan’s ‘freshman’ LOL update).

  • Panther Fan

    Result of Tonights Varsity game between Bonita & Diamond Ranch: Diamond Ranch 21 Bonita 13
    (just to add to Bearcat Fan’s ‘JV’ LOL update).

  • Bearcat fan

    Wow, Panther fan, you didn’t get the joke I guess.

    Good win though for your varsity, I must say. Defense looked great! I know quite a few parents, really cool people there.

    Cant wait for all your future updates on freshmen going forward. Give us badminton updates as well, shoot, throw in ping pong, chess club, cheer & dance, enlighten us with pointless scores and entertain!

    (I’m messing man, nothing serious, but congrats though, Hacienda looks interesting this year!)

  • Panther Fan

    @ Bearcat Fan – Yes I understood what you were getting at. I only posted the Freshmen score because there are some out there that normally don’t hear about them or the JV. Nice to have seen what the JV score was. Would not have known otherwise. Kind of gives an insight on what the following years teams may bring as far as the competion. I feel that it will be another tough year again next football season. My guess it will come down to Bonita and DR for the Varsity title next year.
    Yes the Varsity game was a good one. Good luck the rest of the season.

  • cool blog

    Tgee agreed 100%, u know ur stuff.

    Bearcat and Panther fan good banter, love it, and love hearing about the jv and freshman (seriously)