Roddy Layton’s quote of the season is what makes him fun, honest, outrageous and unpredictable

With Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar this week for the Mayor’s Trophy, The Brahmas might enjoy today’s press clippings after Diamond Ranch’s 21-13 win over Bonita. Take it away Roddy ..“We’re going to go out there and smack Diamond Bar, go after Walnut, take a break, have our bye week, go after Los Altos on our homecoming, beat Rowland to qualify for the playoffs and then beat West Covina to win a league championship Diamond Ranch coach Roddy Layton, Sept 30, 2011

There are anonymous commenters not that bold, but that’s Roddy, and why we like him. In a day most coaches stay clear of bulletin board material, he’s not afraid to stick out his chest. I’ve always thought it is his way of publicly challenging his players because he’s not always this brash. He picks and chooses his spots in the season to deliver the verbal throwdowns, and this was a good one. That’s why he’s good and why the Ranch fools us every year and flips the switch come league. Take a look at this week’s games, still looking for our game of the week…

This week’s schedule
Thursday’s games

San Dimas vs. Nogales at Citrus College, 7:00pm
South Hills vs. Los Osos at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at Venice, 7:00pm
Friday’s games
Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Rowland at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Walnut at West Covina, 7:00pm
Azusa at Bassett, 7:00pm
Ganesha at Duarte, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. La Puente at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Workman vs. Sierra Vista at La Puente, 7:00pm
Covina at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
Pomona vs. Northview at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Arroyo at La Canada, 7:00pm
Bellarmine-Jefferson at Mountain View, 7:00pm
Damien vs. JSerra at Saddleback College, 7:00pm
El Monte vs. Cerritos at Gahr, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Bell Gardens, 7:00pm
Temple City at Rosemead, 7:00pm

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  • Dan

    Bold? More like cocky, Layton’s starting to sound like some of those Monrovia bloggers before they started loosing. Lets see if this comes back around and bites him.

  • scarecrow

    wow, if I was his AD I would tell him to keep quiet. This is smacktalk and has no business coming from a head coach. The refs will really be coming after him now. You think some of them do not read this stuff.

    And he wonders why his teams are not disciplined on the field.

    Someone explain to me why he would make a statement like this. And please do not try to tell me its a joke.

  • SGV for 30 years

    Wow, I can’t say that I’m suprised that Coach Layton said that, to his team. But I can’t believe he repeated it to you knowig that it was on the record and that you would print it. I’ve heard coach Layton is a good a motivater of young men. The problem it that he just motivated every young man in the Hacienda League. I’m gonng copy this quote and send it to Lou Holtz. I sure Dr. Lou would have plenty to say.

    SGV430 Ouuuutt!!

  • CatParent


    You call this smacktalk? The only smack he mentions is on DB. The rest is just “go after”, and “beat”. What’s the big deal? He’s just mentally setting the path to the playoffs. The Wesco win may be a longshot, but if they win-out up to the Wesco game, they’ll be so confident, anything can happen. I’d love to have a coach with that kind of positive attitude.

  • Helen Watson

    Just because you beat Bonita you think you can take on the world, West Covina will leave you on the field in tears.
    Watch out it sounds like you are in trouble again Coach Layton.

  • Love it!

    Is it appropriate to make those comments in this day and age? Heck no. Doni love the steel balls he showed in saying it? Hell yea! I don’t have a dog in the rift and don’t know coach from Adam, but I love the toy schedule and how his team does work come playoff time. Good luck coach! Hopefully your players will be able to cash the check your mouth wrote.

  • M&G

    Dudes a clown. DR will lose two before West Co and then get pummeled by the Bulldogs.

  • M&G

    Dudes a clown. DR will lose two before West Co and then get pummeled by the Bulldogs.

  • M&G

    Dudes a clown. DR will lose two before West Co and then get pummeled by the Bulldogs.

  • TGee


    BOLD/COCKY its little man syndrome.

    would like your respectful story of your win over Diamond Bar.
    Who stood out on both sides of the ball and did your coach call out everyone in the Hacienda league? haha just kidding
    I enjoy your post and respectful comments of your team and competitors.
    Hope to by you a hamburger and see your Dogs sometime soon. Maybe against Diamond Ranch.

  • reality

    I heard that at DR’s next pep rally Layton is gonna take the stage and dance proclaiming a dynasty just like the Miami Heat did last year. My serious take is Roddy’s job is in jeopardy and he is trying to raise community support with his antics. I know alot of folks are fed up with his act, not all but alot.

  • Thor

    Dan, I saw DR during passing league and they looked like crap compared to BOHI, also watched the WC- SH game and was shocked at the drop off on both sides. It’s a crazy year. P.S. The Inland crappy division leads with wins over the pac 5 with head to head wins. Just because a guy who played soccer at Edgewood ranks you #1 don’t mean crap!

  • Colt74

    What is the difference between some anonymous blogger making a statement here or coach Layton making a statement to Aram?

    Coach Layton does not hide behind a log on and says his beliefs/opinions to someones face.

    The guy has a pair and he used them. I know it may upset some PC parents/fans but so what?

    You have your opinions and he has his. He believes in his players and you believe in yours.

    Cocky? I read it as confident.

  • Thor

    Colt74, I’m with you! Sick of the pussification of our country! Say it, mean it and own it you little PU$$IES!

  • halfback65

    Layton are you kidding me!!!…just because you had a little bit of action from Bonita last night doesn’t mean a thing… you won just because of your strongest player Fisher…show me somebody else that can bring it….you still have to get thru DB and the rest of the league to be champ….and i really don’t see that happening….get that monkey off your back that is leading you to self destruction!!! You represent DR show that you have a little bit of class and not ignorance…

  • butterfly

    I have to give it to you Fisher is a damn good player and he knows it….nor he isn’t cocky take some lessons Coach Layton.

  • Mike the Clone


    Just for the record I thrive on guys like Roddy!He reminds me of being with the guys in the college locker room and if any of you have been in one for an entire season you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    You haters have no clue!!!!


    Mike the Clone

  • JFR

    Love coaches who dont give the BS Obama speech day in and day out, kudos Roddy! Let”s get it on pac-5 or should I say looooooooosing record against the Inland, gargle my WHAAAAAAAAT!

  • champs

    So Layton means win championships like he has before? Oh wait, they have ZERO ever. West Covina will destroy them, it wont even be close.

  • X’s and O’s

    Mike the Clone,

    I suited up in a college locker room too and trust me I know all about talking some s***, but later in life I grew up. It doesn’t seem like Roddy has done much of that which is too bad since his title requires that of him.

  • Tool Shed

    Roddy is a TOOL. I know this, I am a Tool Shed and he has a matress here. I know for a fact that EVERY coach in the Hacienda cannot stand this dude. The way he ask is represented by his players on the fiels, they lack self control, they talk too much, and worry too much about how they look rather than how they represent their school. Good new for Roddy, The “WALNUT” Cowboys will be playing their games at the prison yard, aka the Diamond Ranch football feild. That means he doesn’t have to travel to recruit his players, and not risk getting caught talking, illegally, to underaged players. Predictions… the Diamd Bar game will be close, good luck to DB. I’m a Walnut supporter, i hate DB and I’m pulling for them. DR will beat Rowland and LA, DR will lose to Walnut and Westco. I know Roddy reads this because his big head, pink shirt wearing self cant help it. You, as a coach, are over rated, your game planning is suspect, your “coaching” staff are clowns, and it shows by the way your players conduct theirself on the feild. Stop using the twin clowns, FRED and ARAM, to hype yourself up. NO ONE CARES! See you later tonight TOOL.
    – Your Tool Shed

  • Whatever

    x o you never “suited up” anywhere except at a pop warner team and your false ego yo dumb but!

  • lou garcia

    a word of advice to the hacienda league, if you want to beat diamond ranch all you have to do is stop the run and rember this defensive cordinators just stop the run because they aint got no passing game at all. i seen that friday when they played bonita. just stop the run and you will win.

  • lou garcia

    well im not sold on west covina either, they got the same problem, run run run and no passing game. i think somebody from another league is going to win the cif this year

  • 1st And Long

    Roddy, I live in Diamond Bar and my kids go to Diamond Bar high school. I want to apoligize for the way our fans treated you when you were at Ganesha high. We were mean and acted very superior and it was not the right way for grown ups to act. The kids that went to Ganesha were every bit as great as the Brahma kids. I hope this makes you feel better and lets you let go of the bitterness that has blackened your heart for the past 25 years. You beat us last year, you may again Friday, who knows, Diamond Bar may never beat Ranch, and if makes you feel more of a man, even just a little bit then I’m happy for you. Again, Mr. Layton, we apoligize.
    Now you do understand that Walnut is our Rival and they always will be. You are much closer to Ayala and your school IS in Pomona, so make them your Rival. Take care Roddy! I hope this makes you feel better.

  • stiffy mcjealous

    1st and long, that may be why Roddy has such a ….. stif one? for Diamond Bar. It finally makes sense.

  • Weapon-X-Blk

    I’m a DR parent, and I believe it’s far to early to be chest thumping, but I will tell all the haters one thing our defense is not to be taken lightly, I’ve seen WestCo on film they are good but not great. Also don’t think for a second that Ficsher is all we have cause that mentality will get you beat. There are alot of cyber thugs on this blog talk real big hiding behind a keyboard, I’d love to see anyone of you come to DR and speak these same words, or better yet meet me at Grazianos and I’ll buy you a beer, but not one of you is man enough for that, so until then just be quiet and let the young men play it out on the field.

  • What Should he Say

    To all you sensitive people who are jumping on Roddy for making positive statements about his team: Just what SHOULD he say…that he “hopes to hang in there with this or that team?” Does that sound like a good pep talk for young men? If I were the D-Ranch AD, I’d be damned dissapointed if my coach WEREN’T saying the kind of things Roddy’s saying.

    The world is full of passive people like the ones who want to silence coach Layton. This is America; we stand tall and show confidence!

  • Panther Fan

    I don’t see what the fuss is all about. I made a similar prediction to Laytons the day before the game between DR and BoHi. I just didn’t put into specifics against each team. Here is the main part of my prediciton with the date and time posted on the blog.

    “DR to win 28-13, opposite of calpreps prediction. DR will go through league and battle WC for the League Title on November 10, 2011.

    September 29, 2011 9:22 PM”

  • jab after jab

    Did anyonr else catch the jabs Rodney was throwing in last weeks prep extra at Podely HC & OC. Saying that bonita has always been more impresive on defense. He intentinally gave Bonita credit in was of not giving Podely any. Then the we are not LA Marshall so they not putting 55 up on us comment. I think it is entertaining but a weak tatic from a head coach.

  • Mike the Clone

    Yea OK X’s and O’s!

    (rolling my eyes)


  • Attn. weapon x blk

    I’ll show if your buying. Which Grazi’s?
    Upland hopefully. Who is your fav. tender, Connie,Kari,Ang( my Fav.) the dude. Roddy’s comment was stupid. You never put that stuff in print. I’ve known him since our SAC days,he tends to get hyped and say things b-4 thinking. D-Ranch is a solid program….but like the others the have said,What have they ever won?

  • scarecrow

    @ 1st and long,

    Ask the kids who they want to beat the most, answer Dranch or Dbar not Walnut. No matter how much you write or the schools admin do not emphasize a rivalry, well it is. As an example, Texas has 2 rivalries, Texas A& M and Oklahoma.

    Yep, not much of a rivalry huh. Well from my few years reading here it seems that along with the amat faithful DBar and DRanch are passionate posters and fans of high school sports who want to win very badly for their schools. You see both schools get many athletes turned over to them and then do what with them??? Not much, hence the frustration of the local parents and kids. But if you ask the players and kids from both schools who they want to win most against, now, I would bet it is Dranch now for DBAR and DBAR for Dranch. But it is not the players doing the talking on these blogs. I will bet its the parents and high school fans that are, and they have no real feel of kids feelings.

    Finally, I was at the game last year and it was by far the largest crowd of the season for both teams. In fact I would bet that DBar had more fans at that game than they had at most of their home games.
    Sure does feel like a rivalry. Ask the schools for attendance figures SGV tribune and you will get the truth. Lastly, the posters are spot on Ranch has done nothing really, and DBar has done nothing in the last 10 years (ever since DRanch opened and they could not get their kids anymore).

  • On


    You’ve obviously never been to the Branding Iron game. There is more attendance from the DB crowd as well as more spirit, regardless of the outcome of the game.

    And about the players wanting to beat DRanch more than Walnut? You don’t know what you’re talking about. DR is a new face and most of the players that I know on the team don’t really know any of the DR people, rather, they played and grew up with the Walnut kids, like in junior All American. I know because I was a player last year, and none of us saw DR more than a team that we had to compete with in league.

  • pantherdad

    @ On

    I call BS!

    I was at both games last year and without a doubt there was a bigger crowd at the DB/DR game than at Walnut/DB game. Don’t care about the whole rivalry thing, for me DB is a means to an end (as I mentioned in a previous post), that end being the CIF Championship; whether we get there or not remains to be seen, but that is the goal.

    I would also say that more players at DB and DR played against each other/played together in their younger years than DB and Walnut…we can compare rosters and put a beer on it if you’d like.

  • regulator

    This coach is a damn puppet… amazing how you can quickly start calling out other football programs after a small win, but you must check yourself and remember that you have not accomplish nothing yet but 5 minutes of fame in the tribune and not for winning CIF but for illegal recruiting, not able to win the big one etc, etc.
    You better not take DBar lightly, your job might be on the line some of your “loyal” follower are in the wings waiting for you to self destruct.. watch out for the hidden cameras!!!!

  • pantherdad

    “amazing how you can quickly start calling out other football programs after a small win”

    Roddy made his comments BEFORE the Bonita win. Your analogy is a bit off base, seems to me the puppets are the ones that keep it PC, not the ones that speak their mind, right?

  • Weapon-X-Blk

    @I’ll be there

    Doesn’t matter which one, lol. I’ll say it again, It’s a bit early in league to be thumping our chest, and I’m not one of those DR parents that drink the kool-aid, for a coach to say he doesn’t care about winning every game on your schedule is down right pathetic and no real coach would ever make that statement.

  • Layton Fan/Gano Fan/Podley Fan

    I’m always struck by the Roddy haters who some how never forget to remind us all that they have never even spoken to Roddy Layton in person. A few years ago some idiot was doing the same thing and went as far as coming forward and meeting me on the Panthers sideline. After the gane I asked him if he wanted to meet Roddy and of course he said, “No”…yet I’m sure he’ll be on here again bagging on Roddy for all to read.
    The truth about Roddy is he’s an exceptional human being. He loves his players, works tirelessly for the parents of players and does as much as any local coach trying to secure scholarships or playing opportunities for all who ask. On top of all that he has great campus and community relationships all over the Valley.
    I got to know Roddy over the past four years and he’s always the same…doing what he does…giving it his all.
    Not a lot of people know Roddy’s personal history going all the way back to his days at USC and how he got there but it’s pretty remarkable in my mind given his size and personal issues at the time speaks to teh outsatnding character of the man. He’s clearly never had anything handed to him on the field, in the classroom or in life…the man is a winner in my book and I’m proud to say he’s my friend.
    I love coaches like Layton, Gano, Podley and others who are straight shooters and talk as easily to complete strangers as they do to their star player’s parents. I’ve never understood coaches who hide in an ivory tower smelling their own a** and somewho believe parents are the worst thing in life…except when it’s them…of course.

  • Dranchhhh

    Here we GO!! Hopefully this comment is not blocked by FJR like the last 9.

  • Two sides of the same coin

    Fan of Many – interesting that you seem to be a Gano/Roddy fan in spite of their overt recruiting practices, yet seem to insinuate that the Bishop Amat staff did something that is not up to your standards. ‘splain pleez

  • Longhorndad

    @ Pantherdad
    Not only are you stupid but your also a liar. DB played Walnut last year on Oct 15th, while DRanch was playing Rowland on the same night / same time. Do you really think that anyone on this blog is going to believe that you skipped your own kids’ game to go to DB and count people in the stands? I call a big fat bullsh*t. Next time check the Maxpreps website to verify dates before you post your bs.

  • halfback65


  • yours truly

    Idiot huh? Do you actually read your posts? Did someone pour paint on my car? Did my kid quit football cuz of my mouth? Go wrap yourself around Roddys thighs Frank, you’ll be the only one by his side come seasons end. Call me if you have something else to say. But you won’t. You are unbelieveable.

  • pantherdad

    @ halfback 65,

    Genius comeback!


    Actually I did go to the game, stopped by there after work on my way to The Ranch, I know kids that play for Walnut, DB and DRanch – didn’t stay, but I did see the crowds at both games…and guess what, that wasn’t the only time I did that during the season. Now get back to CSI school, you obviously missed a class.

  • Weapon-X-Blk

    Ok here we go another punk wannabee cyber thug selling wolf tickets , I’ll extend the same face to face invitation to you, but I doubt you’ll take it. Don’t have to wine, but you clearly have nothing intelligent to say so please go away, lol CLOWN!!!!

  • Johnny B. Goode

    Diamond Ranch Football + Roddy Layton= ZERO CIF CHAMPIONSHIPS….

    what’s all the fuss about? This guy, nor the program, haven’t won anything!!

  • TGee


    If it walks quacks and looks like a duck it is a duck. Never said your Prin. or Ad had no class. I said I feel for them and good luck. For your coach who is a freaking grown up and a professional, should not be Blasting the league the way he did along with the rest off the clASSless few at DR thats all. WEEPeeONXBLK ha

  • Weapon-X-Blk


    That’s the best you can do, lol I’m done with you on to someone that can carry an adult conversation. I’m laughing at you

  • You can’t be serious

    @ Pantherdad
    You should have just shut the hell up once it became obvious that you got caught in a lie. But instead you come on here again and lie to cover up a lie. You must be one of those retards that thinks everyone around them is dumb, not knowing all along that you are the real retard.

    So let me get this straight, your late for your kids game so you decide to stop at db first, wait in line to buy a $7 ticket (because it’s a RIVAL game), and wait until the middle of the 1st quarter to see how many people show up for the game (because if you didn’t wait until atleast mid quarter you would not of seen any of the kids you went there to see and you would not have had any idea of how many people really showed up for the game). Then you leave the stadium, run to your car (parked at a distance due to a RIVAL game) and drive to Rowland high school (because the game was at Rowland not the Ranch), park your car (at a distance because your late) pay another $7, and get to your seat just in time to see the band play at half time? because watching your kids game is a low priority, right?

    Based on how you post, it’s obvious that your a typical hardcore, dranch coolaid drinking, idiot that would sooner eat cow dung then to miss one minute of dranch football action. In fact, I would bet a weeks paycheck that you get to every dranch game atleast an hour before kickoff time so you can watch your kid warm up and give him last minute instructions.

    You are a dam liar that was caught, now change your user name because you no longer have any credibility posting as pantherdad.

  • scarecrow

    This is crazy and everyone here took the powerbait which is colored royal blue and black with purple specs. The Master motivator offered up as bait for all of us. We bit and bit hard.

    Lots of fun posts here leading up to the game . Many people are talking about this game , now!!!!!!!! seems like a rivalry , hmmm riddle me this batman.

    Great job Coach Layton, now you need to win.

    @ on said, again half of The city of Diamond Bar students go to DBAr and the other half go to Dranch not WALNUT. No reasonable person would think either schools know more kids at walnut, period. Most of the athletes/students play all sports in Diamond Bar not Walnut, from njb to pop warner, to baseball, etc

  • baby blue nutter

    Has the apparatus you people use to measure attendance been calibrated recently? Sketchy.

    I think there might be 2 kids from DB pop warner on the Walnut team…I used reliable finger counting for this estimation.

    Scarecrow nailed it. If you look at football attendance throughout the Hacienda…even the SGV…it’s not what it once was. I don’t claim to know the intention of his comments, but what’s wrong with adding a little drama to the league. If it puts people in the stands that’s a win win for all. If Roddy can convince everyone in Walnut to hate DR and show up for the game…works for me. Create 10 rivalries if you can…throw a can of soup to winner. Tradition takes a back seat when it comes to making money…ask Major League Baseball. 20 teams will be in the playoffs soon.

    I think the term used to describe Roddys antics is Peacocking.

    DDDDrrrrannncchyou used to provide us with some fresh insight into the local players and teamsnow…reduced to defensive posts against the trolls and getting banned? Shake yourselfyou been around whileand know these haters may be sitting right behind you.

    Weapon-X…if you are going to properly thug it up on the high school sports blog…you need to mention that you are 6’5”…250…former cage fighter…and drive a Corvette with a personalized license plate. Nobody is scared when you say meet me at…Grazianos? Cant go wrong with Hometown Buffet. You know people are scared of that…you keep your head on a swivel at Hometown…

  • halfback65

    @ weapon x blk

    I thing regulator and the rest of the bloggers have said enough. You’ve been called out several time already. But if you like give me a day and time I will meet you at the “G” then no longer will either of us have to hide behind cyber…and drinks on me while you BULL S!@#$%&*. MAN UP!!! IDIOTS LOVE SHIT TALKING!!!

  • Weapon-X-Blk


    Your the only idiot, and no one has called me out, all I see are punks running they mouth,the way I was raised is grown men speak face to face, but clearly I’m not dealing with grown men. Thursday night, 7:30.
    Now you man up!!!!!!

  • AGib

    Brotha, you know better than to act like this don’t let these fools get you out of pocket, You are a better man than that.


    You haven’t said anything relevent, you seem to have alot of hate for Roddy and DR, what did he and or the school do to you. It amazes me that so many of you despise Roddy so much, I’d truly like to know why?

  • Football Tiger

    Weapon-X-Blk said

    I re-read a comment that you made,
    ” I will tell all the haters one thing our defense is not to be taken lightly, I’ve seen WestCo on film they are good but not great. Also don’t think for a second that Ficsher is all we have cause that mentality will get you beat. There are alot of cyber thugs on this blog talk real big hiding behind a keyboard, I’d love to see anyone of you come to DR and speak these same words, or better yet meet me at Grazianos and I’ll buy you a beer.
    how can you call anyone a hater when you are hating on teams (Westco) yourself. you too are also using a key board to type your messages therefore I believe you have untrue statement too that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. No one is afraid to make these statement in front of your face, who are you NO ONE is afraid of you, nor do I have to have a beer to tell you wants on my mind if this is what you and Layton is calling being a man then you both need a few lessons tune into The Morning Show each morning and learn a lesson about being a man.
    GET REAL if this is what our youth have to look up to Lord help them.
    L.A. knocks out DRanch – Ficsher was out hurt so what happen to the rest of your team, you should always have players that should be able to step up, you don’t have ONE PLAYER who can walk in FICHER’S SHOES.

  • football tiger

    JFR said:
    Love coaches who dont give the BS Obama speech day in and day out, kudos Roddy! Let”s get it on pac-5 or should I say looooooooosing record against the Inland, gargle my WHAAAAAAAAT!

    if he was half the person/man that Obama is, then we would really have some postivate feed back

  • SupaMan

    DRanch will lose to West Covina period… Mentally X Blk claims he’s seen them on film and says the’re good not great… What are we throwing Tony the Tiger commercial drops in? Well watch them in person tomorrow night and see how great they are, when they smash on Dprance… Respect the Southeast Defending Champions!!! Bulldogs, Let em know who you are.. I’m Out!!!