CIF Football Polls: Diamond Ranch beats Bonita and both are 2-3, so why is Bonita ranked and the Ranch not? Amat No. 5 in Pac-5, Charter Oak No. 8 in Inland; West Covina still tops Southeast

La Puente and coach Brandon Rohrer are 4-0 and No. 5 in the Mid-Valley

Inland Division
1. Corona Centennial (3-1), 2. Vista Murrieta (4-0), 3. Upland (5-0), 4. Rancho Cucamonga (5-0), 6. Redlands East Valley (4-0), 7. Norco (3-1), 8. Charter Oak (4-1), 9. Etiwanda (2-2), 10. Yucaipa.
Fred’s thoughts: A Southeast coach and Aram argued today that the Inland is as good as the Pac-5 after what Upland did to Loyola and Vista Murrieta to Crespi. I wouldn’t go that far, yet.

Mid-Valley Division
1. Maranatha (5-0), 2. Covina (4-1), 3. San Dimas (3-1), 4. Arroyo (3-1), 5. La Puente (4-0), 6. Village Christian (3-2), 7. Monrovia (1-3), 8. Whittier Christian (3-2), 9. South Pasadena (1-0), 10. South El Monte (4-0).
Fred’s thoughts: I think Covina, San Dimas and Arroyo are better than Maranatha, but I have no problem with pollsters tagging the Minutemen No. 1.

Pac-5 Division
1. Servite (4-1), 2. Mission Viejo (4-1), 3. Santa Margarita (5-0), 4. San Clemente (5-0), 5. Bishop Amat (4-1), 6. Long Beach Poly (4-1), 7. Loyola (4-1), 8. St. John Bosco (4-1), 9. Orange Lutheran (5-0), 10. Alemany (3-2).
Fred’s thoughts: Amat might be the highest ranked Serra team in the Pac-5, but are they the best in the Serra? Hard to tell, looks like they can all beat each other.

Southeast Division
1. West Covina (4-1)
, 2. Arcadia (3-1), 3. La Serna (4-1), 4. El Rancho (3-1), 5. California (3-1), 6. Los Altos (4-1), 7. Bonita (2-3), 8. Mayfair (2-2), 9. Crescenta Valley (3-1), 10. Muir (2-2).
Fred’s thoughts: Does preseason matter? It does in the polls. Diamond Ranch beats Bonita and Walnut beats Los Altos, but the Conqs and Cats don’t fall far in the polls. I understand in Los Altos’ case, they’re 4-1. But hard to argue Bonita at No. 7 when they have the same 2-3 record as Diamond Ranch.

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  • Mike

    El Rancho ranked about Los Altos even though LA routed them in Week 0 and they each have one-loss?

  • reality

    Bonita has shown very little ability to move the ball consistently and besides Horine who they can’t seem to get the ball to, not much potential. They did beat up a weak Marshall team but from game to game they appear to be getting weaker and weaker with no fire in their bellies. Bonita is only ranked because of last years performance and the win against San Dimas. Even Bearcat fans can see the handwriting on the wall that this years Bonita team is a different breed of cat.

  • Full Circle

    Coach Brandon Rohrer,
    Please find your way back to Glendora next season and bring whatever your doing over at LP with you.

  • Warrior Princess

    Thank You Coach Rohr…. and Staff….It Takes Team Work To Run A Successful Program….Outstanding Coaches n Players….Much Love And Respect

  • Yorba Linda Rising

    You need a rival. DB has Walnut. Not you. Come on over the hill and play the new kids on the block. We don’t have one yet. Only been around a couple of years. Not much skill here in North OC. We would welcome a team that beat a Bonita team led by a young QB who is far from accomplished. No insult to that kid, I am guessing he will trash your team two years from now. Beat that chest hammering an average team by a whopping touchdown. We will be your Huckleberry.

  • 12th man

    I would have to agree about the Serra League..It’s too early theres no favorites at this point.. (A)Crespi 4 wins have come across teams with a combined winning record of 4 wins & 14 losses..(B)Notre Dame 5 wins have come across teams with a combined winning record of 9 wins & 13 losses..(C)Bishop Amat is rite there with them going against teams with a combined winning record of 6 wins & 12 losses..(D)Loyola played Upland tough & had a convincing win over West Covina they mite be a team too look for..(E)Alemany always looks very strong & athletic ..I would probbably consider them one of the front runners for the Serra league only because they are the defending league champions..One thing is for sure…In two weeks we will all know how strong or weak Amat is & if they can compete for the league title..This game could also have Playoff ramifications~(10/14/ Alemany vs Bishop Amat)

  • river

    *South Pasadena is 3-1, not 1-0.

  • Brea

    Yorba Linda,

    Make Brea Olinda your rival

  • Colt74

    Maranatha deserves to be number 1 in the Mid. 5-0 has got to count for something.
    But also remember this is CIF. It does not have to make sense.

  • Panther Fan

    Don’t be so constipated about the polls. There is plenty of season left to get it all straight. Remember, anything and everything can happen at anytime at these high school games. That is why it is fun to watch. Waiting for the unexpected (good or bad). It is always nice to see the school you go to or support be in the rankings. Especially when your school has upset another higher up the scale. Just relax and it will all come out in the end.

  • Panther Fan

    @Yorba Linda rising,
    according to Calpreps, Bonita was not an average team. Bonita is a tough opponent and last years CIF Division 7 runner up losing to West Covina by 4pts in the last 20 seconds of the Championship game. Bonita’s rating was 29.8 and DR’s was 14.2 prior to the game last Friday night. Either Bonita was over rated or DR was under rated. Bonita lost 2 of their previous games to teams with ratings in the low 30’s buy 1 and 3 points. Diamond Ranch lost 2 of its previous games to teams having ratings in the low to mid 30’s buy 7 pts. Calpreps had predicted Bonita to win by a score of 28-13. Bonita lost to DR by a score of 21-13 with DR at Bonita’s 15 yrd line (Inside the Red Zone) with a first down and just under 2 minutes left in the game. DR took a knee to end the game instead of running up the score.
    As far as the young QB trashing our team, that will have to be seen, but from what I have seen of DR’s Freshmen and JV it seems doubtful.
    If you want Yorba Linda to be a Huckleberry – go for it. DR has played Division 1 teams, Servite, Edison, Santa Margarita, Bishop Amat and Div 3 State Champions Oaks Christian and various other Division Champion teams.

  • trojans85

    Fred is right, the Inland beat the middle of the Pac 5 with their best. Now if REV beats Mission Viejo then the party is on.

    The Sierra may not be as over matched in the Inland as people think. Aside from REV the CBL is way down. Yuciapa has played no one and Redlands and Miller are average.

    The big 8 is really the big 3 with CC, JWN and Norco. Past Vista Murr dont be fooled by the records, Murr Valley is okay but TV, Mesa and Great Oak cant beat a team like Charter Oak.

    The strongest and deepest league is the Baseline. If the Sierra can somehow avoid them in the draw they will be okay.

  • BHS Over rated

    Bonita is very over rated. Truth is that the 2011 class was phenonimal…best in years…and there is now way that Bonita could carry that success forward. The 2012 class has a few really good players in Horine, Pichotta, Griffin, and Venegas, but has no depth and overall is below average. I think the 2013 class is average at best. The 2014 class is strong and that should be a good year. Bonita will not get back to a CIF final for years.

  • Fred, Without question totally respect you but your take on PAc 5 stuff vs. Inland is INCREDIBLE. Crespi gets drilled, Loyola takes it on the chin and you sit there and still defend the Pac 5. Catch a clue friend— CAL has Upland at 7th in state, MAXPREPS has Upland at 6th in state, Vista Murrieta and Corona Centinel and Riverside North are up there high too. Upland ranked 34th in country. I promise you this Bishop Amat (your team) will be lucky to be 5-5 this season with your boy Rio trying to carry the team on his shoulders.
    Wake up and smell the coffee and pay respect where it is deserved friend. Rancho Cucamonga drilled the best team in the SGV Charter Oak— whom wouldn’t stand a chance against any of the teams listed above. Great game this past weekend by the way by Claremont losing 42-0 to Serrano a week after Upland kicked the heck out of Serrano of Phelan.
    Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date with high school football.

  • Really?

    Inland dude – Wait! so the THIRD place team from the Serra gets beat by 1 of your top 2 teams, a non playoff Loyola team that has only made the playoffs ONCE since 2005 (who also smacked Upland 35-10 last season) and Centennial needed a 2 TD 4th quarter comeback to beat the THIRD place team in the Trinity the past two years, Mater Dei (who they’ve split with the last 4 years) – and Mater Dei just may finish out of tthe playoffs this year.
    So you’re gonna use THOSE results to claim Inland “dominance” really?

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Everyone knows why DRanch isn’t ranked. The pollsters don’t like them. Why you ask? I’ll give it to you in a paraphrase. “We will smack Diamond Bar, then go after Walnut…..Them beat West Covina for the league championship”. DRanch has a huge achilles heal. There passing game. You can’t just chuck it and pray. Loss Altos at 6 is also kind of funny. I called the Walnut game last week. That loss was only the beginning for the Conqs. I’m not seeing anyone else in league they will beat. Walnut ran all over them and stuffed the LA run game. Here is the way I see the Hacienda playing out.

    1 West Covina- To much depth. They kept winning with Solomon injured. He’s ready to roll now.
    2. DRanch- They already beat Bonita. To much speed for the rest of the league. Their mistaked will cost them against WC
    3. Bonita- They should be able to handle the teams below them. Won’t be able to stop WC
    4. Walnut- They got a big confidence boost last week. The should win a close one vs DB. Not enough athletes to keep up with Ranch or Bohi
    5. Diamond Bar- Their lack of defense was exposed against Brea and WC. If Layton hasn’t fired them up this week that’s not a good sign. Word on the street is that their QB is having issues with the play calling.
    6. Rowland- Haven’t seen much of them. I know Ford is a stud, and Snyder likes to run the ball. They could move up as high as 4 if breaks go their way.
    7. Los Altos- While they are improved from the last few years. I’m not seeing enough quality. In their glory days it was their Defense that always kept them in games. I can’t say that now.

    SGV Ouuuuttt!!!!!

  • Really 2

    Inland Empire-
    And since you want to hang your hat on CalPreps, they have the Pac 5 ranked substantially higher than the Inland

    Rank Section Division W-L AveRating Ave Schedule Strength
    1 Southern Pac-5 (I) 71-23-1 37.7 28.5
    2 Southern Inland (II) 61-33 28.8 23.9

    And they have 9 Pac 5 teams in the State top twenty while there are 4 Inland teams.

    MaxPreps has 10 Pac 5 teams in the top twenty in the state and 6 Inland teams.

    Thank goodness former Amat HC returned to North to add another good team. now there are about 5 or 6 that can compete with the middle of the Pac 5. The rest do not compare

  • COChargerfan

    Trojans85the middle of the Pac-5, really? Because, prior to Uplands spanking of Loyola the latter per Freeman was ranked 8th in the Southern Section and 9th in the stateso exactly how is that middle of the road? BTW, prior to that game Upland was ranked lower than Loyola.

    And can someone explain to me why the Pac-5 is some far superior division in the southern section when Freeman has the D3 teams Oaks Christian, Westlake and St. Bonnie as the 1st, 4th and 5th best teams in the entire section?

    And before Crespi got beat by Vista Murrieta, they were the 3rd ranked team in the southern sectionhows that middle of the road? And how does one explain that both Etiwanda and Los Osos played closer games to VM than Crespi?

    Bottom line is the scores show that there isnt much difference between the Pac-5 and Inland.

  • Basic

    Bearcats will end up right about where most non-nostalgic fans figured they would, 3rd in the Haci…They are not last years teams but very few thought they were, although apparently CIF still thinks they are.

    The play calling is back to being predictable and we just do not have enough depth or athletes. Having said that, I still think they are good enough for 3rd and could have gone to 2nd but they have to find the switch and turn it on and the coaching has to step up period.

    I thought they could beat DR before the game (i had predicted a 21-17 game) and after the game I think they still could have, but again coaching was not there and again we seem to have a lot of trouble with athletic teams that play with attitude, which DR does, so the loss was not shocking but the coaching was. Yes we do not have the same athletes as last year but come on the coaching can not be this predictable on offense and get beat on D when the other team just seems to run the ball and have one player who they go through.

    So to me, both the players and the coaching staff have to step up, and the coaching more so because they don’t have the same kids as last year. But we as fans also have to understand this team is not last years teams and I think we make the playoffs but not much more…

  • Lancelot

    Inland Empire owner- C’mon man, I get that you want to Rep the 909 but….One game does not a history make. I’m sure Upland was SKY HIGH for their game against Loyola and believe me, that does matter. When teams like Upland land a game against a team like Loyola, you can bet that the coaches were talking up Loyola the school, Loyola the football team and the Loyola tradition all week! They were also talking up what a distinguished mark it would be on their record if they couyld pull out the win, etc, etc…Not really trying to take away from the Upland win (although I’m sure it does sound like it) because Loyola should have been doing their homework on a very good Upland program too. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that year in and year out the schools like Amat, Loyola, Servite, Mater Dei (even a down MD) Edison, Long Beach Poly etc, etc…play against better “PROGRAMS” on a year to year basis. Just my opinion and to say that Uplands one win over Loyola or the Serra’s losses to non-Pac 5 teams, Last week, indicates a degradation of the Pac 5 and Pac 5 Football is well, just insane.

  • just sayin’

    ChOakFan- same way to explain that Servite blew out Amat, La Habra struggled with La Mirada, Amat blew out La Mirada, but Servite didn’t blow out La Habra, then La Mirada blows out/shuts out 4-1 La Serna, etc

  • COChargerfan

    Not defending the Inland or for that matter bagging on the Pac-5 but, instead, am providing a FACT CHECK for those that are interested in looking at teams and divisions objectivelyanyone want to argue that the Freeman Rankings arent objective?

    Guys like Lancelot and just sayin will use rankings, strength of schedule and other stats when it serves them but ignore them when it doesnt. And come on Lancelot, those really are lame excusesLoyola knew who they were up against and got their tails kicked. You guys have this selfish need to believe that every year the Pac-5 is the best division in the state when the reality is that on any given Friday the top teams from the Pac-5, Inland and Northern Divisions can all beat each other and, this year, the scores are proving that some of the elite Inland teams are better than their Pac-5 counterparts. Both Loyola and Crespi were ELITE Pac-5 teams and not from the middle of the pack, both were favored in the games vs. Upland and VM and they BOTH lost.

    Since its inception only 5 years ago, the Pac-5 has been top dog but the scores are stacking up that the Inland is the better division this seasonit is what it is for those that have their eyes and minds open.

  • just sayin’

    ChOakFan – this is form your Freeman Rankings – if you read below

    they have the Pac 5 ranked substantially higher than the Inland
    Rank Section Division W-L AveRating Ave Schedule Strength
    1 Southern Pac-5 (I) 71-23-1 37.7 28.5
    2 Southern Inland (II) 61-33 28.8 23.9

  • just sayin’

    objectively speaking, of course. With open minds -and hearts.

  • Wartime101

    Keep up the excellent work coach! The LP community supports you and thanks you for beleiving in our boys. I know we have some studs coming up the ranks too. GO WARRIORS!

  • Lancelot

    COChargerfan- Not saying that Loyola didn’t know who they were playing, they just don’t play them often and I think they underestimated them due to last years relative ease in defeating them. Upland is a solid, very good Inland team. Should that game contract continue, I bet Loyola will have a much “higher” respect for them too. It happens and nobody is above taking a team too lightly. I’m also not really tryig to offer up an excuse for WHY Loyola got beat “I’m just sayin”….shiat happens. I think, in my opinion, they got caught with their gaurd down while riding that undefeated season going into the game. And for the record, STATS are stats and they can be used to shape any arguement, mine and yours too. My personal opinion is that “On any Friday” a team can be beaten. That’s why I say, beat me/us The Lancers and you got bragging rights, if not don’t chirp because all you have are what if’s and when we do’s…Want to shut an Amat fan up about the I.E….LOS OSOS! Can’t say Shiat! Scoreboard! Don’t like it but it is what it is. League starts soon…..Go Lancers!

  • COChargerfan

    just sayin’, you’re using averages for the entire division and I’m talking about a different animal…the top 10 teams. The Pac-5 is deeper, hence the higher average. So what because neither the 15th ranked team in the Inland or Pac-5 is going to the make any noise in the playoffs so what’s the point? Do you really think it matters that the 15th ranked team in the Pac-5 is better than the 15th one in the Inland? How about the 20th, 21st…blah, blah, blah.

    Top 10 in Inland can ball with anyone in our section…anyone doubt that Loyola and Crespi would argue otherwise?

  • COChargerfan

    Lancelot…I know all about Amat’s record against Los Osos..don’t I just sayin’? But Los Osos had good teams those two years especially in 2008. That’s exactly my point, these big Inland schools have the enrollment to put together high quality teams that can play with the Pac-5 elite.

    And Lancelot the Amat loss that really hurts is in 2006 vs. Valencia (2-8 record)…ouch…Los Osos was not even close to that one.

  • Point counterpoint

    That Amat team that lost to Los Osos (which was one of the top teams in the Inland that year) and Valencia was 3-7 and about the worst team in history with the worst coach and as far away from the Pac 5 playoffs as could be. so just the Inlqnd best beat the middle of the Pac 5 – again.

  • I will go out on a limb— AMAT will be 5 and 5 this year. Loyola will win the division and rest will be history. JUST SAYING !!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Point counterpoint…Los Osos lost in the semis to Rancho Cucumonga who went on to win the title…in the Central not the Inland. That year Corona Centennial won the Inland…and the State Bowl game against De La Salle.