Tribune Super 35: Amat, Charter Oak and West Covina dominant top three; Covina, Damien move to No. 4 and 5 respectively

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1. Bishop Amat 4-1 (1) — Amat is like all the other Serra League teams scheduling middle-of-the-road opponents with one or two big nonleague games. That’s why the league is 20-5 and everyone has a solid record. Can you blame them? They’re gearing up for a brutal month playing each other. In Amat’s case, say what you want, but they’re winning, and winning easy again.
2. Charter Oak 4-1 (2) — At this point, I do believe they will run the table in the Sierra. I didn’t think anyone would go undefeated a few weeks ago, but I do now. Who’s going to beat them … Chino Hills, South Hills, Damien? Not this year, offense is too good, and defense is good enough to get by.
3. West Covina 4-1 (3) — No problem in the Hacienda opener on the road against a motivated Diamond Bar squad. As the Dogs heal, they’re only going to get better. Come playoff time, who’s going to stop them? Aram keeps mentioning Arcadia. I’m not buying. With Solomon back to go with Frazier and Salgado, they’re unstoppable in the Hacienda and Southeast.
4. Covina 4-1 (6) — They took their foot off the gas before putting away Pomona 16-14, but a notable win considering they did it without quarterback Billy Livingston. Of all the Mid-Valley teams I’ve watched, the Colts are still the best.
5. Damien 3-1 (8) — The Spartans are improved, no doubt about that. But improved enough to finish where in the Sierra? That’s hard to answer. They got a solid win over Temescal Canyon, and if they can beat a Pac-5 Trinity League team in JSerra on Friday, then I like their chances of finishing top three in league and making the playoffs.
6. Chino Hills 2-3 (5) — What’s disturbing is not that the Huskies lost step-up games to Tesoro and Redlands East Valley, what’s disturbing is how bad they lost them, 27-3 and 34-0, respectively.
7. San Dimas 4-1 (9) — The Saints look like the dominant 2009 Saints since the Smudgepot loss and with a week off, they host Nogales on Thursday. I can’t picture the Saints losing to anyone in the VVL with the exception of Covina. Can you?
8. Claremont 4-1 (4) –– Serrano crushed Claremont 42-0, and like I mentioned last week, after a 4-0 start and with the Sierra schedule next, they will probably finish 4-6 or 5-5..
9. South Hills 2-2 (NR) –– The Huskies are an any-given-Friday team because their offense can score at will with the best of them. But they give up too many points, too many big third downs and that won’t cut it against the Charter Oak’s, or probably Thursday’s opponent, Los Osos.
10. Glendora 2-3 (NR) — Considering a new coaching staff, what players returned and the Tartans’ brutal schedule, few thought they could be 2-3. What’s more impressive is that they competed in all three losses.

The rest: 11. Arroyo (3-1), 12. Diamond RAnch (2-3); 13. Los Altos (4-1), 14. Bonita (2-3); 15. La Puente (4-0), 16. South El Monte (5-0), 17. Diamond Bar (2-3), 18. Ayala (2-3), 19. Rowland (2-2), 20. Rosemead (2-2), 21. Duarte (3-0), 22. El Monte (2-2), 23. Pomona (2-3), 24. Walnut (1-4), 25. Azusa (1-3), 26. Nogales (3-2), 27. Northview (1-4), 28. Baldwin Park (2-3), 29. Mountain View (3-1), 30. Workman (2-2), 31. Gladstone (1-3), 32. Wilson (0-5), 33. Sierra Vista (1-3), 34. Ganesha (1-3), 35. Bassett (1-3).

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  • VVL

    Since the Tribune has no clue what they are talking about let me give you some inside infor on the VVL. Covina will score on San Dimas defense but San Dimas is going to score at will on Covina’s defense. San Dimas has made some major upgrades on the offensive side of the ball this year. The Covina coaching staff like the Monrovia coaching staff lacks the knowledge to make the adjustments. At this point San Dimas is the #1 team in the Mid-Valley Division.

  • COLT 76

    Are you kidding me VVL.The Colt defense will stuff San Dimas running game.Have you seen the size and studs they have.And to say the Covina staff cant make the adjustments is crazy.

  • VVL

    Did you see what San Dimas did to Monrovia, and sorry but your no Monrovia. Please don’t start with your record, who have you beat,Glandston, El Monte, Pomona and Walnut. You need to be honest with your self Covina is a very poorly coached team espically on the defensive side of the ball. You have talent, but to beat the quality teams you need coaching and that you don’t have. No adjustments will be made for the new package that San Dimas has installed, and you will lose by two scores.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481


    South El Monte Eagles are 4-0, not 5-0, because they did not play in Week 0. Bell Gardens is going to be great tough match up, but putting us at 5-0 might be wishful thinking. Just saying….

  • baby blue nutter

    Good thing the #24 team didn’t beat #13…otherwise I’d have to question the validity of these rankings. No explanation needed…I understand there is a related LIVE invterview coming up.

    I actually approve…nothing like a little extra motivation…

  • Colt81

    It never ceases to cause a shake of the head when somebody gets on this blog and starts bashing coaches. Every team playing high school football has dedicated individuals that spend long hours training and preparing our boys to compete. They’re there to show them how to win and to help them with the inevitable losses and disappointments.

    San Dimas may win. Covina may win. We shall see how all the hard work by the players AND coaches of BOTH teams will stack up against whatever the football gods decide to throw at them that night.

    It’ll be a good game. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Colt74

    As long as we are being honest with ourselves…let me take a crack at honesty.

    San Dimas lost by 20 to a 2-2 Bonita. Bonita’s rating is 22.2. They then played 2 negatively ranked teams and beat them. SURPRISE! Next they played this years Monrovia and beat them. But so did Arcadia and South Hills. And Glendora should have too. This is not last years Monrovia. I love it when the Saints beat Monrovia but lets be honest here…with South Hills also beating them it kinda takes the new car smell away.

    Now the Colts lost to last years Div. 7 CIF champs by 6 in overtime. WesCo’s rating is 34.7. Then we played a negative rated Gladstone and won. Surprise! Next we played El Monte ( positive rating ) and demolished a Div. 7 Walnut ( positive rating ) . Walnut…the team that gave Los Altos their only loss by a score of 31-14. Then we get to Pomona. A HIGHLY underrated team that I failed to give enough credit to. ( And if San Dimas does the same they will be in for a long night ). But WITHOUT Livingston we STILL came away with a win.
    So lets not down-play Covinas body of work for the sake of trying to claim yours is better. Neither team played all Pac 5 Div I opponents so far but we played who was on our schedule.

    Oh, and I guess the inferior coaching had nothing to do with where we are at right now, huh?

    You are predicting a 2 score Saints victory. That’s cool. I personally think it will be more like 35-7 Covina, but I guess we will have to wait and see. That’s the great thing about predictions. Until the game is played you are always right! I know one thing..If this year is like last years game..I’m going to need a crash cart standing by…

    I like San Dimas and like when they win. Right up to the point where they play us.


  • SaintsR4real

    I don’t believe you have come on here as a Saints fan in the past, but your comments seem logical to me if you actually have seen both teams.

    It doesn’t sound like he’s bashing any coaches to me, just stating his opinion. I do understand, I wouldn’t want to hear his opinion if it was on San Dimas coaches.

    We have a few games before we play each other, so let’s take o theteams we face week to week.

    Best of luck

  • SaintsR4real

    I don’t believe you have come on here as a Saints fan in the past, but your comments seem logical to me if you actually have seen both teams.

    It doesn’t sound like he’s bashing any coaches to me, just stating his opinion. I do understand, I wouldn’t want to hear his opinion if it was on San Dimas coaches.

    We have a few games before we play each other, so let’s take o theteams we face week to week.

    Best of luck

  • coltfan97

    To VVL,

    I dont know where you get your information, but Covina has stop the run all year. From what I see San Dimas is a running team mostly. Thanks Colt74 you said it perfectly!!!!

  • The Ghost of L.L

    Would adjustments be something along the lines of being down 23-7 at half time at a game being played at San Dimas. Then after halftime out scoring that team 24-0 for a 27-23 win in the colts favor. I for one think that is pretty good adjustments.

  • football fan


    Colts and Saint Mom the POMONA dad is a tad LOCO

  • Colt74

    Covina and San Dimas have a FRIENDLY rivalry. I hope it stays that way. Good banter on the blogs..but with respect to BOTH teams and their players and staff.

    Either way and what ever the outcome this season. The Valle Vista League will be represented well this playoffs.

  • True or False?

    Right or Wrong? Charter Oak played one step up game this pre season, and they lost it???? Combine all their opponents wins and they end up just like Claremont just a little better….OvEr rAtEd! I dont care what you think roosevelt without Crone is like Charter Oak with out #2 he is their whole team..

  • VVL

    I understand the average blogger has no ideal what I’m talking about. Most coaching staffs are going to have issues dealing with this, and yes I believe Covina’s staff is one of them. San Dimas is going to break some big runs against that Covina defense. Maybe I’m wrong and not giving enough credit to the Covina’s DC but from what I’ve seen Covina plays a run and gun style of defense and that isn’t going to work against San Dimas this year, as Monrovia saw, that all I’m saying.

  • Colt74

    Westlake over Oaks Christian by 11 on Thursaday.

    Bet the farm….

  • SaintsR4real

    good post, makes sense, insight is always a step ahead of the average joe!

    My prediction to date….. Saints 35…Colts 21

    this will change, I’m sure.

  • coltfan97

    To Saints4real and VVL,

    Please don’t compare Covina and Monrovia they are very different teams!!! Are size will catch up to you maybe not in the first quarter but it will in the fourth quarter!!!! We have stop the run all year long what make the Saints so different???? The game will be close, and will be decided by two things turnovers and special teams!!!

    If Livingston is back by then (pretty he will be) then watch out!!!!

    Covina 38 San Diams 31

  • The Ghost of L.L.


    The average blogger won’t understand what you are saying, hell anyone who knows football won’t understand what you are saying. Anyone who knows a thing about football has never heard of a “run and gun” defense. Covina has given up 10.6 points a game, while also only allowing one back to go for over 100 yards no other back has even gotten over 50. Just to add one more point, the Colts run a defense similar to that of the team that blew the Saints out. I know that was week one but I have not seen much that would speak to a different outcome.

  • VVL

    @The Ghost of L.L.,

    You are correct “run and gun”? Your 3-5 defense with those hybrid linebackers that are designed to blitz is a high risk gambling defense, that is also the reason why you lost that game against West Covina. You had more talent on the field against West Covina but lost because of coaching. You actually gave a very good example of what I am talking about. The only difference is now San Dimas runs a similar offense but better than West Covina.

  • Did U Know that Stat

    There are 460 teams in the CIF-SS,

    SGV has three rushers currently listed in the Top 10 in rushing (as of this post)

    at 5 games:

    (2) Xavier Browne, Chino 140 – 893 yds 11 TDs
    (5) JR Nelson, Wilson 108 – 835 yds 5 TDs
    (8) Jalen Moore, B Amat 88 – 824 yds 11 TDs

    Top Passers:

    (5) Steven Rivera, Arroyo 88-145 1295yds 12 TDs
    (4 games)

    (7) Travis Santiago, C Oak 81-130 1231yds 9 TDs

  • The Ghost of L.L.

    I am going to make a few more points for you VVL, for you to think you are a better offense then West Covina is maybe the most absurd thing you said since “run ad gun” defense. You don’t have anyone on the field in the caliber of the three backs West Co has. Next you talk about Covinas defense, this is a Defense that gave up 15 points a game last year and this year 10.6 far from a defense that does not make adjustments or is not well coached. But if that is what it takes to make yourself believe you got a shot, then by all means continue.

  • VVL

    @The Ghost of L.L.,

    You talk about your numbers on defense, but who did you play.

    West Covina put 26 points on your defense.

    Pomona (2-3) put 14 points on your defense in the 4th quarter

    Walnut (1-4) put 6 points

    El Monte put 10 points

    and how can we forgot Glandstone put 0 points

    Do we want to talk about level of competition. You guys really scheduled Glandstone and El Monte, are you serious. Even Walnut whom was added to your schedule last season when your coaching staff already knew that they were going to be terrible this year.

    Next year you going to drop West Covina and add Bassett?

    Look at what you have really done year to date, you lost to West Covina by 6 and beat Pomona by 2 points. San Dimas will beat Pomona by at least 21 points. You will be out by the second round of the playoffs again this year.

  • The Ghost of L.L

    This is comical….you are bringing up schedules?!?!?! How about 0-4 Azusa, or that all time step up game of 1-3 San Gabriel, you are hanging your hat on a 2-3 MTown victory that looks less impressive every week. Let’s talk about the game you did step up in, what happen oh that’s right they put 40 on you. Once again you continue to prove your level of things you speak about is very low, Walnut has been on Covinas schedule for almost a decade.

    So what, Covina beat Pomona by 2 with 3 starters including the best QB in the league out, if those kids play the game is not close, many Pomona bloggers have admitted that. But it was close and it still was a victory. SD may beat them by 21, SD had a bigger margin of victory last season as well but what happened when SD played Covina 27-23.


    VVL, The Ghost of L.L, coltfan97, Colt74,

    I wanted to chim in your little debate you guys have going.

    First off Calpreps has Covina winning 28-21.

    I will give the nod to San Dimas even if Livingston plays for the following reasons:

    1) Covina became one dimensional against a bad Pomona team without Livingston. San Dimas coaches have taken not of that.

    2) If San Dimas can take livingston out of the game they will win this game and I don’t mean hurt livingston!

    3) San Dimas run game has not been stopped by anyone this year. Not even Bonita and Monrovia could stop them.

    4) I will have to say that both teams have really soft schedule with the exception of Covina having West Covina and San Dimas playing Bonita and Monrovia.

    5) All in all I see Covina losing in a close game but the run game of San Dimas will wear the Covina line down similar to the CO Rancho game.


  • Colt74

    I’m only going to comment on one of your comments. The rest are your opinions and you certainly are entitled to them.
    “Covina became one dimensional against a bad Pomona team without Livingston. San Dimas coaches have taken not(sic) of that.”

    If you were at the game you would have seen that Covina came out with a certain game plan and stuck with it. They did not “become” one dimensional. They wanted to run and pound the ball and they stuck with their plans.
    I also hope the San Dimas coaches took lots of notes and 8×10 glossies. They will need all the help they can get.

    And a “bad” Pomona team? Hold that though.


  • OldMan in Chino

    Those who follow Chino Hills knew that this season would be a rebuilding season for them. Replacing Ifo, Nate, Scotty and Auston has proven to be a monumental undertaking and playing the same teams they played last season in a rebuilding year has resulted in two blow-out losses. Remember last season CHHS beat Tesoro by 1 point on a last minute field goal and REV by 11. Both Tesoro and REV were down last year and did not field their usual level of talent. REV Coach Bruich is quoted as saying “They (Chino Hills) don’t have the weapons that they’ve had so we felt pretty comfortable we could stop them. And really, that allowed us to take some chances.” I feel confident that CHHS will do well once league starts on Oct. 14th and hopefully they will earn a play-off spot. As to how long of a run they will have is based on the draw they receive. All the teams in the Sierra League have the capability to beat each other on any given night, and it is a well balanced league.

  • BulldogsFTW

    West Covina is better than just a good offense, when Chris Solomon gets fully healthy and starts running the way he knows how, they will be unstoppable! Need proof?