Snoop Doggs’ sons to Diamond Bar? Aram has the scoop on the rap singers’ sons transferring from Long Beach Poly to the SGV

Read the Scoop on Snoop, who I’m sure won’t be filing a hardship transfer: Corde and Cordell Broadus, sons of famous rapper Snoop Dogg, checked into Diamond Bar High School this week after playing football at Long Beach Poly this season. Corde, who played some special teams this season at LB Poly, is seeking to gain immediate eligibility from CIF. A decision on that won’t be known until after all pertinent paperwork has been filed.

Story with reaction from DB coach Ryan Maine:“They’re good, respectful kids,” Maine said. “On the outside, it’s exciting to have them here. But to be honest, we want to treat these kids like they’re normal high school kids. We want them to enjoy their high school football experience. So, there is some excitement to it, but on the other hand, we want them to be a part of our team. And that’s what they want, too. They don’t want the big spotlight. They just want to play football and be part of a team.”

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  • Cameron Diaz

    Come on Fred!! everyone knows Snoop went to Edgewood High with me

  • Joe Amat

    I’m actually certain, if they are applying for immediate eligibility, it will be on the basis of a hardship. There are plenty of unforseen, unavoidable, or uncorrectable events (non athletic in nature) that Snoop could claim. It doesn’t always have to be financial. The most obvious could be an issue of student safety. If there has been any documented evidence of an incident on LBP campus threatening the kids’ safety (which could be very plausible) that is almost a rubber stamp approval. CIF does not want a liabiliy issue should something like that be claimed, eligibility denied, the player stays to play, and something happens. The reality is Snoop was writing checks his kids couldn’t cash. Not quite, LBP stars, and shoulda went to some place local in the first place.

  • reality


  • VVL


    A hardship and immediate eligibility? Come on, the only immediate eligibility is a valid address change (T approval). A hardship takes weeks for the normal person. Let’s see if CIF has any b@lls and treats Snoop just like the rest of us.

  • Joe Amat

    I’m just telling you the rules.

    “Immediate” in CIF vernacular would be “upon initial ruling”. Who knows how long that takes to get to, because many transfers have multiple layers. The reason it “appears” many hardships take so long is transfers initially file for a transfer (T) and upon denial go for the hardship (H). The wise move is to do the hardship right from the start… if there is one that could be valid. And like I said, student-athlete safety is tough to turn down if it’s been documented.

  • xcrunner

    We applied for a hardship on September 9, 2011 for cross-country and have not received a decision from CIF-SS as yet, and it is October 6th.

  • VVL


    The normal time is about four weeks, I didn’t want to throw that out there, but since you are just about at five weeks, lets see what CIF does with Snoop.

  • patrick

    Then we ALL woke up! LOL Maine must really sit well with Calvin!!

  • oldschool

    diamond bar is where the kids should of went in the first place.Kordell and his cousin went to southpointe junior high in walnut /diamond bar area last year.

  • south pointer

    the youngest son is going to be a great highschool athlete.he plays both football and basketball.the story doesnt mention there cousin kenya bell who is also a freshman and a great nephews tell me he is very fast and big and also is going to DB.

  • Bob

    FACT- Wasn’t it not that long ago the STARTING QB at LA Poly transferred back to his home school in the Middle of the season (approved by the CIF ) then met LB Poly in the playoffs?? YES- From want I have heard don’t these kids parents (both) live in the Diamond Bar area (for years)? I think so. This will get approved by the CIF. Maybe Snoop’s kids are good ball players just can get good playing time at LB Poly, which they will get at Diamond Bar . If they come, OTHERS will follow to play with his kids (Snoop trail). It will be interesting…