Saturday Morning Quarterback: Ranch still the King of Diamonds and Roddy the King of predictions; Damien answers doubters again, beats JSerra; West Covina, Pomona, Covina and Los Altos win

For quarter updates of tonight’s games, click link.

Roddy promises and delivers: With the stands filled with rival fans from neighboring high schools, there were plenty of sounds echoing across Diamond Bar’s football stadium Friday night, not the least of which was the prediction Diamond Ranch head coach Roddy Layton made last week that his team would “smack” Diamond Bar. Layton made good on his prognostication as Diamond Ranch intercepted the Brahmas’ final two passes and returned one for a touchdown in a 31-19 win over its Hacienda League rival.

Your Saturday Morning prep results and game stories
Diamond Ranch 31, Diamond Bar 19— You have to give it to Roddy and the Ranchers, they went to Diamond Bar with all the pressure and came through with a win again. Maybe Roddy’s right, maybe they will run the table to set up a dramatic finish with West Covina in Week 10
Covina 26, Baldwin Park 18 — QB Billy Livingston didn’t start, but he made an appearance and the Colts did enough to win. It was nervous time for the Colts in the fourth quarter, but they pulled it out. Word is, Livingston took another shot to the shoulder, but we’ll see how he recovers over the next week.
Pomona 45, Northview 14 — Brandin Shreiman threw for 163 yards and three touchdowns and RB Sir-Darius Yabrough ran for 165 yards and three touchdowns in a thoroughly dominating performance.
West Covina 48, Walnut 10 — This is what everyone’s afraid of in the Hacienda and Southeast — the Bulldogs healthy and blowing out opponents.
Azusa 50, Bassett 0– The Aztecs haven’t loss a Montview league game since coach Joe Scherf took over in 2008.
Sierra Vista 19, Workman 15 — The Dons get a nice win over an improved Workman team.
Arroyo 23, La Canada 21 – If you’re thinking MVL title and deep Mid-Valley playoff run, this result is concerning.
Bell Gardens 24, South El Monte 14 — The Eagles finally lose their first game, but still a great first month.
Duarte 21, Ganesha 0 — The Falcons are one of two undefeated teams left in the East San Gabriel Valley. How do you like that? But, they face Azusa next.
Rosemead 35, Temple City 9 — Like Pomona, the Panthers are a team that can play with anyone in the Mid-Valley.
Los Altos 28, Rowland 12– The Conquerors bounced back after last week’s tough loss to Walnut, racing to a big lead and not looking back.
Damien 41, JSerra 39— What a great win for the Spartans, beating a Pac-5 team on the road to go to 4-1. I want to hear what the Spartans naysayers have to say now.
El Monte 41, Cerritos 0 — I watched them early in the season and still feel the same way, they can beat anyone in the MVL.
La Puente 33, Gladstone 9— The Warriors are the other undefeated team in the ESGV, and will probably stay undefeated for a while the way they’re winning in the Montview.
Bellarmine-Jefferson 20, Mountain View 14, OT — Eric Agaverdyan scored on a three-yard touchdown run in overtime for the win.

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  • Have the Leader Look

    In regards to the picture above come on coach be a leader wear your hat straight. Your not a kid anymore either that cut the bill of the cap off.

  • fan

    Snoops son and cousins are beast on the field, they’ll be getting bump up if Dbar makes the playoff. They combine for 4 Td’s at yesterdays freshman game, the cousin return a 90 yarder int to win the game…Watch Out! Parents will be complaining. No doubt!

  • Northview Fan

    Good Luck Vikes!!
    Welcome Home Alumni!

  • DB Fan

    “Have the leader look”, if being a leader was as easy as “having a look” then we would have a lot more leaders in the world. This picture was probably taken at the end of a long practice.

    I have known Ryan Maine since he was in high school and work with him at DBHS. Ryan is a leader by his actions, integrity, dedication to students and hard work. The kids love him, the parents love him and the staff loves him. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in as someone who knows him personally and witnesses him leading on a daily basis.

  • STG 54

    Have the Leader Look,
    really? having a hat backwards.. does that really matter? get a life bro!!

  • What?

    Leaders lead while pretenders worry about what a leader should look like.

  • Jefe

    I’m praying to Baby Jesus that DB wins the game and Coach Maine walks up and smacks Layton behind the head at the post game handshake.

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV for well played and injury free games tonight .

  • reality

    Not sure why Maine is getting pub. Considering the high pre-season rank, the teams results have been dissappointing to say the least. With only 1 decent win, another loss will be bad. The only way you can consider this coach a success is when you compare this team to last years. DB fan and others must be mom and dad because any praise has yet to be earned by this coach. That being said I would love to hear Snoop rap at halftime.

  • Well Said


    Bloody Hell, it’s about time someone came on here and said it like it is… I dont care if his hat sits sideways, or the rest of his friends come on here and tell us how much they LOVE him. Coach Maine must produce. End of Subject.

  • bigdog

    Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack,Smack them tonight Roddy!!!!!!!!!!



  • Leader Look

    STG 54 said:
    Have the Leader Look,
    really? having a hat backwards.. does that really matter? get a life bro!!

    Only a guy from the hood would think it’s appropriate.

  • patrick

    Wait!! did i hear that his nephews are playing at DB too???

  • Warrior Pride

    La Puente had to find it’s legs in the first half but got it together in the second to spank Gladstone 33-9.
    The Warriors were of just a bit without Barrientos.Let’s just say they are deep with the speedsters in the backfield. Gladstone did have the Warriors number more than a few times. La Puente made some great pass receptions in the endzones for scores.

  • LOL to myself wondering what all the Rudy Ruiz fans and BA homers would think if Redlands East Valley beats MISSION VIEJO– Well mooks it has happened LOL- by the way I have to rag my own Corona Centinel only put up a 50 spot on Riverside North— bad coaching most likely by former BA coach Mark Paredies. LOAD UP THE KIDS MA– were headed east where all the videls taste better than the SGV

  • eastsider

    kordell and Kenya “snoops Nephew” are going to be great athletes at diamond bar.they also are good basketball players.

  • coltfan97

    To my Colts,

    Tonights game against an inferior B.P. team was horrible. Six personal foul come on Colts, that is 90 free yards. against a good they will capitalize on that. Plus the three turnovers horrible horrible horrible!!! We need to get better all around from being discipline to the coaching staff!! Livingston shouldn’t have been in the game regardless of the circumstance, and that is on the coaching staff!!! Yes we have a lot of injuries, but its football its going to happen!!!! We did win tonight, however we need to learn from this victory!!!

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    the Lancers of BGHS taught the SEMHS Eagles a lesson in humility tonight. Irregardless of referee calls, and questionable play calls by the offense, the Lancers brought it to the playing field.

    their continuous attack on the running plays was too much, and they caught the Eagles off guard on a number of pass plays, the Eagles would have 5-6 guys deep and still the Lancers got to their star receiver.

    yeah there was some bad ref calls, but nowhere near the amount to effectively shift the score to anyone’s favor, at least that’s the way I saw it.

    The Eagles offense was startled in the 1st half, and it was quite the opposite for the defense, as they held it together, and when it looked like it was time for the Eagles offense to be on par with their defense, things fell apart. Specifically on the long pass plays by the Lancers, those 5-6 deep DBs for South, would look at the area of the QB, wait for him to throw, not recognizing that 2 receivers were rushing to get by, and by the time they came to look at the catch, the star receiver was gaining ground on them, and they had to play catch-up for most of the 2nd half.

    That right there is what kept them from capitalizing on defense in the 2nd half, they had it right the 1st half, but faltered in the 2nd half.

    Overall, like Fred mentioned above, not bad at all for a great first month of football, now they got season play, and this loss should give them a good sense that they are always vulnerable, and have to be aware of that fact.

  • Colt74

    As soon as I sat down tonight I could tell that this was going to be one of those nights. Crowd had the blaaas…and so did the Colts.
    No excuse for 3 roughing the passer penalties. No excuse for the holding calls. This is 6 weeks of the same thing. Penalties killing drives. Penalties giving teams first downs when it was 3rd and 14.
    You would think that after a team burns you with a play you would catch on. No excuse for getting burned on the same exact play the next play. Shades of the Pomona game.
    No excuse for putting Livingston in. NONE. ZERO. The whole crowd was WTF??????
    Venegas and Ainsworth along with a few others saved our butts tonight.
    Very undisciplined tonight. Players and coaches.
    Baldwin Park wanted it and we seemed bound and determined to gift wrap it and hand deliver.
    To be a fan you have to be willing to be truthful.
    The truth is that Baldwin Park seemed motivated the whole game and we seemed motivated when we had to be.
    If Covina plays like they did tonight against San Dimas…we will get embarrassed.
    The coaches don’t need to watch the game film…they need to burn them.

  • Lancelot

    Who cares If REV beat MV and furthermore, who cares what CC put up on North, they didn’t put up Shiat on Amat now did they? I thought not!

  • Anonymous

    REV and CC will beat Amat worst than Servite did. the inland owns the pac5 this year check the stats out. little Amat wouldn’t stand a chance against CC or REV or Upland or North. North beat you guys defending champion REV beat the pac5 runner up Amat well who have they beat?

  • tommykiss

    Here is the video highlights and interviews of the Diamond Ranch win over Diamond Bar for the inaugural mayors cup


    Highlights/ interviews from Los Altos’ 28-12 homecoming game win over Rowland. Conquerors’ first-ever Hacienda League victory snaps a 10-game league losing streak dating back to 2009. Quarterback Shane Virnala finished 10-of-12 passing for 109 yards and 2 TD’s on his birthday. Los Altos improves to 5-1 (1-1) while Rowland drops to 2-3 (0-1). Hear what Los Altos coach Dale Ziola has to say about his team’s win and what the Conquerors have in store in the Hacienda League with a big matchup with Diamond Ranch next Friday…

  • COChargerfan

    Exactly what’s to discuss? The scores keep PROVING that the Inland is better this year than the Pac-5.

    There goes the Pac-5 SOS arguments. Looks like it is time for Calpreps to reprogram their computers to use the Inland as the power division instead of the Pac-5.

    Now that’s really funny Lancelot. Heck, REV hasn’t put up any points against CO either…so what? Amat hasn’t been an elite team in the Pac-5 for many years (when is the last time you even got to the semi’s) and it doesn’t look like they are even close this year. But you’d still fare better against these Inland teams than the best teams this season in the division. Really???

  • Thor

    Kneelsalot, your starting to sound like a little whining BIATCH.

  • bobbradstreet

    Watch out Roddy, You’re used to be team was great.But…………

  • Transitive property

    REV 10 MV 7
    REV 14 Dorsey 12
    Garfield 26 Dorsey 32
    Amat 14 Garfield ZERO

    REV struggles with Dorsey. Dorsey struggles and comes from behind to beat Garfield. Amat shuts out Garfield.

  • Progress….did someone wake the sleeping giant?

    After to eating crow for 3 weeks straight, our Wild kittens have Finally got some resolve. I would have thought a chance at a state bowl would be enough, to have our kids playing out the gate…but noooo. They had to get punched in the mouth, kicked in the gut, and choked out to wake up..Monrovia got the spark we needed. After a last second win our kids were alive, no longer dejected, inspired, and taste for Blood(winning) is back. Once McCarthy and Starting middle backer Jones get healthy and back on the field….we will not be giving up huge chunks up the middle, and will pressure the qb. We made a few more changes on D last night too. Once that is tightened up we will get the stops we need. Missing those two guys really messes up what we like to do on Defense, and they might have something do with the 30 pts, SD and SHills, laid on us at home lol. Despite the horrible defense and confusion on offenses, the cats are average almost 30 pts. Against Paramount, A 33 pt explosion in the second half was just amazing to watch. there were some unbelievable plays and lots of speed. I really like our chances in the Mid valley again this year, things are lining up Just nice. Now that Maranatha, Covina, and San Dimas are front runners in the Mid valley, the pressure is off us, and we can just relax and play ball. All I can say is “Rocka bye baby”…go ahead and sleep on the Wildcats…When its all Said and done, the cats may win the whole thing again…

  • jimmy johnson

    first time i got to see this pomona team play and i must say they look very impressive. this kid schreiman has got a huge arm. i dont know people knock him as a QB but from what i saw this pomona team will go deep in the playoffs. it amazes me they lost to covina because pomona has lot more athletes than covina. pomona is loaded with D1 talent.

  • progress?

    Really? You get down 23-7 , pull one out in final 15 seconds over a questionable 1-4 team and you’re gonna come over here and pop off again? Didn’t you learn last time?

  • SaintsR4real


    You’re killing me!!
    You were supposed to win that game last night! The Wildcats, imho, should have dominated and won 42 – 21 and thats taking in consideration how they have been playing lately.
    The Paramount team is comparable to the Azusa Aztecs (no disrespect intended), so I’ll let you make an opinion on that.
    Congrats on your win, and lets hope it’s a sign of improvement, but yo ugot a long road and there are a couple teams in your league that are fired up to play you, so don’t fall asleep yourself!

  • SaintsR4real


    You’re killing me!!
    You were supposed to win that game last night! The Wildcats, imho, should have dominated and won 42 – 21 and thats taking in consideration how they have been playing lately.
    The Paramount team is comparable to the Azusa Aztecs (no disrespect intended), so I’ll let you make an opinion on that.
    Congrats on your win, and lets hope it’s a sign of improvement, but yo ugot a long road and there are a couple teams in your league that are fired up to play you, so don’t fall asleep yourself!

  • IloveSGVTribune

    CIF should realign the divisions again.. Divsion 1 now Pac 5 used to have the Redlands teams.. Bring in Centenial and a few other who deserve to be in Division 1.. I don’t know why they were dropped to Division 2.. They should be competing in the highest division in the state.. maybe it’s because of traveling.. but.. imagine a Pac 6!!! The possibilities.. And then Charter Oak can win in the Inland.. because with REV, Centenial, Upland and the rest of the Corona teams.. I don’t think they’ll ever see the Semi’s either.. 1 and done and then some blogger will come up with some name like “NotSince2009Division7”.. Great job to Damien by the way..

  • LOVE it!



  • Progress….

    Saints for real, Paramount is better than Azusa, they the Aztecs don’t have 6’4 300lbs everywhere. Paramount has horrible coaching, but talent. Like I said, I like our chances in the Midvalley… Go on the Record now, and say that if we meet again, San Dimas is going to win. Say that San Dimas is going to win CIF, and I’ll go on record early and say…if Monrovia and San Dimas meets in the playoffs, Monrovia will win….Like I said, Last year Looked a lot like this year…Maranatha is this years Azusa and San Dimas riding High after beating a injured Monrovia in preseason…. Oh my gosh Saint’s I can not wait til playoffs…I can’t wait for your consolation speech….make sure you save this thread, I will. Today is a great Sat morning to be the “Defending Midvalley champs”. GO Wildcats!

  • Valley insider

    Went to the Covina game last night. Wow!!!! Looking over the Covina’s roster and this needs to be the year Coach Thomas wins CIF. They have no depth. I understand why the coaches put Billy in. They need to win out the league for a good draw come playoff time. If they win out in league they will only have 3 more tough games to the title. ( Monrovia, Pomona, and San Dimas). I’ve seen Natha and Arroyo and they just don’t compare. The coaches panicked a little last night but, they need to make sure they win out. They can’t afford to play in a 1st round war……. The lack of depth may catch up.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Monrovia just might win the Mid valley again. With Livingston Banged up, and Maranatha untested, Pomona struggling in big games, and San Dimas humiliating the Cats at home, Monrovia seems like they have had the most adversity this year, The San Dimas victory over Monrovia with Super Recruit Ellis McCarthy in the middle, still leaves some room for question on who’s the better team. The Wing-T get easier to stop once you seen it. In a second Match up, It can be neutralized and shut down. San Dimas did not have Corona, but even with Corona, they still may not be able to run like when McCarthy is present. They are missing their best player, and a really good Linebacker and Starting Saftey and WR and they have been out since the 2nd qtr of the Arcadia game.No excuses, injuries happen and you take your lumps. It would be foolish to think That Monrovia is not a top 4 seed, and contender for the title. Realistically, without bais, they are going to be load come nov 17th, I got a feeling the Monrovia is working from rock Bottom up you ask me, that’s when they are at their, best…They have not found a way to win unless they have a chip on their shoulder. But guess what, now they do…Watch out.


    Great job AzusA, yes i know it’s Bassett, but every game you play, you get a little better. Good Job Coach Scherf and AZTECS. Focus on each game and don’t get to confident.

    Maybe playing the tough preseason just might play out in the end!

  • You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

    Here we go again. Monrovia gets a COME FROM BEHIND WIN WITH 25 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME over Paramount and now they are world beaters and going to win CIF again.

    You just can’t fix stupid.
    Here’s your sign.

    Thanks for the laugh though…

  • SaintsR4real

    Progress, Mid Valley,

    I’m not even gonna respond to your craziness!!


    See that’s the difference between you and logical people. You have to play and execute your game a few more times before you celebrate your destination, but go ahead and shoot your other foot while you’re on a row.

  • Progress….

    Right, Monrovia is not going to the playoffs lol….and you say I sound crazy….hahaha good ol San Dimas, gotta love it….. we will see…very sad, you are hoping someone else has to play us in the semis hahah….I hope CIF sets it up so we see you again…we are going send you home just like last season. You were the saying the same thing…Mark my words, the wing t will get shut down in the playoffs…

  • The digressing Wing z

    You notice how saints for real talks crap when this person thinks they have the upper hand, but then tries to be polite, if the saints lose. Saint’s for real new nick name is “two face”. It’s funny because they saints average big points in preseason, because it’s hard to stop a wing team if you don’t see that offense often. But then after the the mid valley has seen the Wing z, the second time around it becomes quite easy to stop, They will squeak by arroyo, and then get blasted By Monrovia only scoring twice….lol. We seen this before…come Playoffs, they will be doing pitch passes and trick plays all game, because they can’t pass… yeah, we know exactly how the Saint’s are going to develop. They scores start going down, when the play Covina, it will slow down, then pomona, it will slow down…then come playoffs 21 pts at best lol….yeah Kenndy better start throwing the ball to prepare for playoffs….BC the wing won’t win it this year.

  • unbaised looked at the Midvalley

    Monrovia came out with big expectations and a target on their backs, had a huge melt down of three straight losses, sparked the chants of”Overrated”. After losing Nick Bueno,Jay Henderson and Derrick Johnson… They should have known it was going to be tough to replace that kind of production so quickly. With addition to a transfer QB, the return of Ramirez, and a overhaul on the lines, they had their work cut out for them. A injury to McCarthy a difference maker, hurt them as well. However they manage to get a confidence boosting last second win going into league. With 5 straight victories, in league going into the playoffs, Monrovia will be at their best, and are still favorites to go deep into the playoffs, and possibly win. They have to the talent to do it.

    Covina lost the opener but since then have been on a winning streak. They were fortunate to get past Pomona, and Baldwin Park, but San Dimas is playing great, and they stand in the way of a league title. The injury to Livingston, could not have came at a worse time. With games still to be played, Covina will have to find ways to win. They may seriously have to think about letting Livingston sit out until the playoffs. It may cost them league, but if he gets knocked out for good, Their chances of going deep in the playoffs are not good. The San Dimas league championship game is going to be championship intensity… Can they win without Billy the kid?? With 18 returning starters this is the year. Covina will have to play their cards correctly, or they may be out early.

    San Dimas is playing the Best ball right now in the midvalley. However, they still have Pomona, and Covina on the list, they are not out of the woods yet. If they can win those games and have a 9-1 record, they will be the number one team in the Midvalley. They question is Has San Dimas peaked yet? How can they improve? Can they develop balance, and work on the passing game. They proven they can beat Monrovia, but without McCarthy playing, you can’t sign the check on that match up yet. Last years team had Brown, and Kolbeck to throw to, In the playoffs, they are going to have to mix it up…they won’t be running throw teams the whole time. Their defense is playing great, if they can keep that up, they may be holding up the trophy In Dec.

    Maranatha is winning games and undefeated. They have great leadership in Elfers. However, they have not been tested. They will be tested in league when they play Village Christian and Whittier Christian. If they win league, they will still have to play a tough team if they run into Arroyo, or Pomona in the playoffs, they could lose that game. Even though they are #1 now, some still think the likes of San Dimas, Monrovia, and Covina are better. They Must keep a chip on their shoulder and their eyes on the prize.

    Pomona is improved, but what concerns me over all the hype, is that they could not beat a Covina team who was playing the back up qb. Their defense lived up to the talk, but the offense has not been good against the really good teams. The good news is they can still stay in the hunt for a tie in league, if they can beat San Dimas and San Dimas beats Covina. The devils will be a tough out in playoffs, and can beat anyone.

    Arroyo has won some games, we will excuse the Hart loss, but struggling with La Canada is not a good sign, they are going to have create separation from teams like that, if they are going to make a deep run….I am not sure they can be counted as a top team in the division.

    Village Christian/Whittier Christion i don’t know to much about them, but they seem to be a good teams, and should make they playoffs.

  • Lancelot

    My point you lame a$$es IS….No one will know about this year because they dont play eachother!!!! so to SPECULATE as to who would beat who is futile. Guess, project and talk all the smack you want because it does not mean a damn thing because THEY DO NOT PLAY EACHOTHER!!!!!!!!! Live in the NOW as people often try to tell Amat followers, I guess it only applies when it suits the argument?

  • trojans85

    First of all too many good teams to put them all in the same division as sgvtrib lover wants.

    With REV’s win it shows the Inland is right up with the PAC 5. I never thought REV would win none the less they did and now the Inland champ who ever that is has a strong case for the state bowl. However if CC wins it the loss will hang on them to the end.

    West Covina’s loss will also keep them out of the DII bowl. If not a San Diego school (Oceanside or Helix) then possibly Rancho Verde, Cirus Hill or Cajon goes. Instead of playing a Venise or Loyola they need to directly challenge the other top DII programs.

    Good to see La Puente is more than a one player team.

  • jimmy johnson

    if pomona can control there players with all these personal fouls and etc. then i see them getting to the cif championship game. they also need to work on there offensive line. it seems to be the weak link in this team. but really i dont see how covina beat this team 2 weeks ago because on paper pomona has alot more talent than anybody in the valle vista. the pomona coaches need to step up there game or this team could self destruct.

  • Just Say No To Drugs

    ” but really i dont see how covina beat this team 2 weeks ago because on paper pomona has alot more talent than anybody in the valle vista. ”

    Put down the crack pipe and just say NO!

    The only where paper that pomona would have a lot more talent on would be toilet.

    But keep trying M.S.

  • jimmy johnson

    covina is the most over rated team ive seen this year. i gurantee if they meet in the playoffs pomona will crush covina. as a matter of fact im picking pomona to get to the cif championship.

  • Dan

    Jimmie J.
    Your Quote… “but really i dont see how covina beat this team 2 weeks ago because on paper pomona has alot more talent than anybody in the valle vista.”
    The answer to your quote is in the previous sentence you wrote before your quote, here’s what you wrote… ” they also need to work on there offensive line. it seems to be the weak link in this team.”
    As the old saying goes, the battle is won in the trenches, you may have a little more talent when it comes to skill players but after having seen Covina my guess is they have more talent on the defensive and offensive fronts. Thats probably where Pomona lost the game. Now if Covina had Livingston they probably put up 30 + points in that game.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    Save yourself some time. It’s laughably obvious who jimmy johnson is. Pretty much every post on these blogs that involve Pomona in some way come from the same guy.

  • Just Say No To Drugs

    M.S. said:
    “i gurantee if they meet in the playoffs pomona will crush covina. as a matter of fact im picking pomona to get to the cif championship.” (sic)

    Lets see:
    1. Pomona will go undefeated in preseason
    2. Brandin will have 3000 yards
    3. Pomona is going to smash Covina

    NONE of your previous guarantees came to fruition
    now did they???????
    and now:
    4. Pomoma is going to get to the CIF Championship

    Why not start small with say…I guarantee the sun will come up tomorrow and build from there….

    But if you don’t get to the championship game ( 99.99% chance you don’t ) PLEASE have coach Rice cry on another video of how the refs are screwing you guys. I can never get tired of watching that.

  • @Everyone

    Jimmy Johnson isn’t a Pomona supporter he is just another Pomona hatter. As you can see the last couple weeks Pomona supporters have been staying away from these blogs. There is no point in a 3-3 Pomona to be making comments like these. It is obvious that this is a Pomona hatter just trying to stir up the pot. So please ignore these comments.

    The Pomona supporters have come to realize that its a battle they cant win with Aram leading the Pomona hatters. I would like to point out that even Fred in PrepXtra this week asked Aram why he was hatting on Pomonas qb. Dont believe me watch the video, its the first topic and all Aram is doing is hatting on Pomona while Fred is reporting on the game. Look at Arams title on the thread this PrepXtra video is in,

    PrepXtra Live Postgame rewind: UNREAL interview w/D-Ranch coach Roddy Layton, Fred praises Pomona and saves his blog from The Devil (at least for a week) and much more …

    How many times have you seen a reporter refer to a parent in his thread The Devil, personally I think this is Arams attempt to bring up his own hits and start the war back up with Pomona bloggers. Which I would like to point out failed. I have personally called the three other Pomona bloggers and they made it very clear that they didnt make these comments.

    Please ignore these comments they arent coming from a Pomona supporter.

    Thank You

    Pomona Supporter

  • What’s wrong with calling “a” “Pomona fan” The Devil? They are the Pomona Red Devils, aren’t they? So sensitive … hey, haven’t heard anybody calling out Wilson this year.

    They’re what now, 0-5? 0-5 and the heat was hotter last year. Why would that be?

  • DBar Daddy

    So, interesting videos…first the pregame dude on the dranch vs DBar says tht dranch is trying for their seventh straight victory after winning the las six vs DBar…then in the post game interview, the dranch running back makes the same statement…HUH? this was the second meeting ever between the schools for football. dranch won, but it was a nervous win…lol…not the same as the 41-0 debacle from the year before. then your hosts, what the hell is all the talk about Snoop’s kids and how they may want to transfer to dranch? you idiots must have said that five times in Roddy’s interview….get off Roddy’s nuts..all you do is point out how DBar doesn’t have size or skill players and we get a couple that should really help Roddy’s rivalry, and you think they should transfer because of a 31-19 win that was in doubt until a twice tipped pass was returned for a touchdown to seal a game?! Remember DBar had a thirty yard run called back that drive and the play before the tip Omana just missed Katrib who was open over the middle for a possible game winning touchdown. DBar did not get “smacked”. Snoop has a home in DBar’s school district and he used to talk about his kids education on his reality show. Using that as a criteria, DBar is the perfect choice…Football getting better with enthusiastic new coach and an academic program second to none in the valley. Don’t believe me, check the Newsweek top 1000 high schools rankings. DBar – 79, Wison – 121, Arcadia – 133, Bonita – 406 and Rowland – 448. The only schools in SGV that made the list. Last but not least, DBar won both underclass games in close hard faught games. Martin is gone…no one is afraid of dranch…Go Brahmas!

  • Panther Fan

    @DBar Daddy, You seem to have left out the DR TD called back by a holding penalty, plus the 130 yds of penalties against DR that totaled more than the 120 yds passing by the DB QB. Or the fact that the DB QB was sacked more than 6 times (I stopped counting after 6 it got boring). Plus the muffed fair catch punt deep in DR territory that DB was lucky to recover, yet was only able to capitalize with a 3 point field goal. Yet DR still managed over 300 yds rushing and Two interceptions. DB improved over last year but not enough. Division 8 looks like the next step for DB. Going from Div. 2 to Div. 7 wasn’t far enough down for them.


    Funny how DR fans are still talking smack, even after the game is over. Throughout this entire period with the week leading up to the game, all I see is smack talking. Hell, there was even a Facebook event where some DR kid called the “Battle of the Diamonds” involved many many MANY DR students talking smack on DB, this includes some of the players as well! Even after the game, some DB students cars were vandalized by DR kids with condoms!

    DR, control your kids! Teach them some class!

  • DBar Daddy

    panther fan: Or the fact that the DB QB was sacked more than 6 times (I stopped counting after 6 it got boring).

    Theres that number six again! Is that the limit of dranch counting ability… It’s funny how you didn’t address anything I said in my comment…everything you said is true, and the fact is that with all of that, with all of those mistakes and everything else you said, DBar had the ball with five minutes to go and a chance to win the game…your diatribe seems to be a little desparate…like you see the end coming and you don’t like it…People react like you when they are afraid of what’s ahead.

  • DBar Daddy

    Roddy, are you Panther Fan? or did someone else from N. DBar have to go to Ganesha and get butt hurt by the holier-than-thou S. DBar crowd? Just asking…..LOL

  • WTF?

    Pomona Supporter:
    Who are the Pomona hatters? Is there some special group of fans wearing Pommona hats that we should be made aware of? Or do Pomona fans have hat parties at the games like everyone wears hats to the Kentucky Derby?
    I was going to leave it alone but noticed hater was spelled hatter EVERY time. Really has a negative impact on your credibility, especially when not a typo but actual spelling of a very easy word.

  • @WTF,

    Everyone that reads these blogs can now see Aram’s dislike for Pomona. We can also see his one or two followers that will chime in when every possible to take a jab.

    Like I stated that is why we don’t comment on our program. Notice when Aram replied in this thread he didn’t even address the comments in reference to his comments on the video. Aram made his position very clear on that video.

    Now how ridiculous do you sound stating that misspelling a word has a “negative impact on your credibility”. How does that impact the credibility of my comments, please explain? I based all my comments on Arams documented comments.

  • patrick

    @ DB dad, im with you and just to think , your hard earned tax dollars had to go toward building that romperoom of a school!! I say get pissed , and demand NO more tax dollars for Dranch HS…or close it down!! LOL

    and pssst…i wouldnt worry about the smack talk, cause their days are numbered as we speak!

  • Athletic Supporter

    Pomona supporter:
    Just how credible are you to post about Pomona under one log on…and them come back and tell everyone to ignore “YOUR” earlier post just to create another post about POMONA. are soooooooo much smarter than the rest of us.

    Give it a rest M.S.

    You have single-handedly taken a low key team and turned them into a team where people celebrate with a block party when they lose. Congratulations.

    And you are so out of touch with reality that you think that is Arams fault.

    Aram started a cult in secret. It’s called NO PHAT…..


  • DRanch Man

    I was wondering why Diamond Ranch was not allowed access to the stadium team room at halftime of last week’s game. I thought it may have been due to the large number of band members present in the end zone, but I was wrong. Turns out DRanch was denied access by a Diamond Bar Football staff member and were told to “Climb the hill and go to the Gym”. I was curious if this is the way the Brahmas treat all their visiting guests.

  • Panther Fan

    @DBar Daddy, No this is not Roddy. I’ve been a Panther Fan long before he became the Head Coach at DR. I’m also a Panther Fan of my alumni from the Marine League (LA City Section). Interesting on how you pick up on the no. 6, must be the same number you can count up to, my reference was coincidental so you could keep track on your own fingers (I left you with four extra to count on) plus ten toes, Didn’t want you to be overwhelmed.
    I also did not understand why the commentator mentioned six previous wins either. Both he and the running back must have been thinking ahead to the Los Altos game this Friday. Los Altos is the only team left from the Miramonte league that DR has beat over the last six years. Just goes to show the confidence DR has about not letting DB get in the way.
    I don’t care where Snoop sends his kids, that’s his business, therefore I didn’t comment on it. By the way DB is not the perfect choice, it is only a choice.
    CHANCES don’t win games, action wins games. DB had a couple of chances to get a TD but was allowed only field goals. DB had 1 chance to get a first down in the third quarter but was not allowed to, their only possesion was 3 and out. DB had the ball with five minutes to go and a chance to win the game, and as games go the chance was taken away with the first interception. The game was sealed with the second interception. The game was not a nervous win. Like I said before DB was a little more improved and DR was helping them with the 130 yards of penalties…your diatribe seems to be a little desparate…like you see the end coming and you don’t like it…People react like you when they have seen what has been done are afraid of what’s ahead.

  • Well Said

    @DRanch Man

    Let me get this straight, Diamond Ranch talked a lot of Smack in the press and on the field during their warm up. Yes during their warm up before the game. The DB football players werent even on the field. Who were they trying to intimidate the Cheerleaders? Yes, I said the Cheerleaders because they were the only people next to them on the field at that time. And you expect what, the team room? I would agree with DB, with all that Smack talk it was war and you do what you need to do to get in your opponent head. Wasnt that the purpose of DRs interviews? COMMON DR MAN, if DR was told to Climb the Hill and go USE the Gym, common sense would tell you to USE the stairs. Dont take it so literal.

  • jimmy johnson

    look im not MK and people need to stop blaming MS for all this blogging. i am a neutral fan with no connections to any high school football team. i am just saying that pomona has from what i see more talent than anybody else in the valle vista league. dont be surprised to see at least 4 kids from pomona going to D1 schools in the future. i dont see anybody from any other team in the valle vista going anywhere. so please dont say im MS im a fan of football period. pomona is going deep in the playoffs just ask the northview coach

  • WTF?

    Hey Athletic Supporter:

    I want to start a group called the Pomona Hatters. Every one will ashow up and tailgate with different Pomona hats on and we’ll give out prizes to the best and most creative. Then, after we are done, we can go watch some mediocre football together.

    Oh Pomona Supporter:

    When you are writing your opinions and have a tough time spelling a simple word like hater it hurts your credibility. I thought I explained that but I will try one more time only sloooowwwerrr.

  • DRanch Man

    @Well Said
    Im not sure what you consider “smack” talk but if you consider Coach Layton’s comment that DR would “smack” Diamond Bar as smack talk, well he did use the word “smack”. You failed however to see the point of my post which was to find out if Diamond Bar treats all their visiting guests with the same classless act they pulled last Friday night. It had nothing to do with climbing stairs. As I understand CIF rules, visiting teams are to be provided equal access and this was not the case Friday night. Reading for comprehension apparently is something they do not teach you at DB. No worries though, I was just curious. See you next year at our house where you will be treated the same way we treat all our guests, with and dignity and sportsmanship, the same way your team was treated last year.

  • Well Said

    @DRanch Man

    In my post I did not think that I had to convey to you that I understood your point as I would a child so here it goes.. I did understand that you were highly offended that your team was given the Gym on the upper level for their half time meeting. I do understand that you wished for someone from Diamond Bar to come on this blog and answer to what had been troubling you over the weekend since the game. I also understand that from your last post that you possibly feel that you are posting to a student at DB hence the do not teach you phrase. Lets be clear I am an adult that did not attend Diamond Bar nor am I from Diamond Bar as you should have comprehended in my post when I said that I would agree with DB. Now I comprehend that you seem a little upset an annoyed with me in your post. And now your anger towards me has fueled you to bring up CIF rule 5.5 regarding Equal Facilities.

    I was commenting on the tit for tat that was going on between both schools in the spirit of what football is and has become. It has been of the opinion on this blog from time to time that this is football, and that players and parents should stop whining and crying about everything all of the time. Others think that these coaches and young men should follow the rules and show sportsmanship. I ask which category do you fall into. The Shut up and Suck it up crowd or the We should all follow the rules crowd. As it appears to me IMO you are of the 2nd category but only when it benefits you and your team.

    I would direct you to the CIF Constitution and Bylaws 2011-2012. On page 88 Titled Coaching Staff it states Coaches bear the greatest burden of responsibility for sportsmanship. Their influence upon the attitudes and behavior of the players, the student body, and the community is unequaled. In order for good sportsmanship to become a reality, it is essential that coaches subscribe to the values of sportsmanship and teach its principles through WORD and DEED.

    If you are of the 2nd category then you should realize IMO that BOTH Coaches failed.

    As I have stated many times and will continue to state GOOD LUCK to both teams the rest of the year.