Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours …

Aram and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season with the loser buying lunch in December.
Last week: Robledo (13-5); Tolegian (17-1)
Season standings: Robledo (98-35); Tolegian (95-38)

Last week: Aram picked up four wins to cut my lead to three. He had a great week, going 17-1, missing only Pomona’s rout over Northview. I took a beating, taking Los Osos, Diamond Bar, Workman, Mountain View and JSerra.
This week: South Hills and Charter Oak could be epic with arguably the two best offensive teams in the area. But the reason I like Charter Oak is defense, they’re just a little better in that area than the Huskies, who haven’t stopped anyone except lowly St. Monica. Bishop Amat is in a must win at home and they owe Alemany. For Amat to make the playoffs, they have to win home games against Alemany and Loyola in two weeks. They will probably lose to Crespi on the road and have a shot at Notre Dame in the finale. My guess is they go 2-2, or 3-1 at best. But yes, I think they make the playoffs. Duarte will give Azusa a run for its money, but it’s not time yet. The Falcons will win a league title under coach Tip Sanders, but not this year. L.A. and Diamond Ranch is a coin flip, but no way I pick against Roddy’s Ranchers again.

This week’s games and predictioins

Azusa vs. Duarte at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Azusa); Tolegian (Azusa)
La Puente at Ganesha, 7 p.m. — Robledo (La Puente); Tolegian (LP)
Covina vs. Nogales at CDF, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Covina); Tolegian (Covina)
Glendora vs. Los Osos at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Los Osos); Tolegian (Los Osos)
Los Altos vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DRanch); Tolegian (Los Altos)
Walnut at Rowland, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Walnut); Tolegian (Walnut)
West Covina at Bonita, 7 p.m. — Robledo (WCovina); Tolegian (WestCo)
Arroyo at Mountain View, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Tolegian (Arroyo)
Rosemead at El Monte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (El Monte); Tolegian (Rosemead)
South El Monte at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — Robledo (South); Tolegian (SEM)
Gladstone at Sierra Vista, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SVista); Tolegian (SV)
Workman vs. Bassett at La Puente, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Workman); Tolegian (Workman)
Alemany at Bishop Amat, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Amat); Tolegian (Alemany)
Chino Hills at Ayala, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Chills); Tolegian (Chino Hills)
Damien at Claremont, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Damien); Tolegian (Damien)
South Hills vs. Charter Oak at CDF — Robledo (COak); Tolegian (Charter Oak)
Baldwin Park at Pomona, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Pomona); Tolegian (Pomona)
Wilson vs. San Dimas at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SDimas); Tolegian (San Dimas)

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  • Prediction

    I’m going with Alemany. That Amat offensive line is too small and they get pushed around easily. It’s amazing how Moore is able to get all those yards with that line in front of him.

  • contradiction?

    the football intelligence on this board is what is amazing.

    1-Amat offensive line is too small
    2-they get pushed around easily.

    *It’s amazing how Moore is able to get all those yards with that line in front of him.

  • Prediction

    Not a contradiction. If Jalen had a better line he’d be getting a lot more yards and TDs and he wouldn’t have to work so hard for them.

  • contradiction?

    Moore is great. but you’re talking like he’s Pac12 or something. kid leads the Pac5 in yards, or is close to it. sorry to burst your bubble but he’s not getting those all on his own.

  • amat!!!

    its funny how amat haters come on here and try to make sense out of whatever it is they are saying even if they make no sense at all. Football is a team sport, hello!!!! yes certain players shine,but only with the help of their team mates!!!!

  • Frank

    Amat has made adjustments to its line and they are doing better than they were in the first two games. It definitely has room for more improvement, but note that since the line got a little better Moore’s yards have improved.
    Amats toughest league games are the first two, alameny and Crespi. Amat must win one of these and they have a good chance to win the last two. Of course anything can happen. Amats best chance is the Alameny game, being at home. I’m picking Amat to go 3 and 1
    Surprise of the week Duarte beats Azusa!
    Co should beat SH easily. West co and Damien also win this week.

  • Witness

    Calpreps prediction

    Bishop Amat 28 Alemany 27

    This is the game we’ve been waiting for

  • Panther Fan

    My Pics

    Azusa vs. Duarte (Azusa)
    La Puente at Ganesha, (La Puente)
    Covina vs. Nogales (Covina)
    Glendora vs. Los Osos (Los Osos)
    Los Altos vs. Diamond Ranch (DRanch) 42-0
    Walnut at Rowland, (Walnut)
    West Covina at Bonita, (West Covina)
    Arroyo at Mountain View, (Arroyo)
    Rosemead at El Monte, (Rosemead)
    South El Monte at Gabrielino, (South El Monte)
    Gladstone at Sierra Vista, (Gladstone)
    Workman vs. Bassett (Workman)
    Alemany at Bishop Amat, (Alemany)
    Chino Hills at Ayala, (Chino Hills)
    Damien at Claremont, (Claremont)
    South Hills vs. Charter Oak (Charter Oak)
    Baldwin Park at Pomona, (Pomona)
    Wilson vs. San Dimas (SDimas)

  • LA Futbol

    LA v. DRanch Game of the Week?

    Please don’t tell me it’s gonna be Amat!

  • ayala fan

    ayala and chino hills is gonna be one of the greatest games yet of the rivalry, both teams have strong junior talent so the players are very familiar with eachother which concludes that two years ago the ayala freshmen team went undefeated an beat the huskies 24 to 10 and the year after that losing to them by 2 for the jv leauge title game, this ones going to be a good one

  • AzusA

    Frank, yeah right… Fred has spoken! by the way you don’t know what your talking about.

  • more predictions

    Amat beats alemany.last years QB has graduated,he gave Amat problems with his scrambling ability.Amat beats Crespi,devin lucien has also graduated,he gave amats secondary a very hard time.both teams are just not as good as last year.Loyola and Notre Dame are a little better than last year and Amat could easily lose against them.Charter will go undefeated and make it to quarter finals.Upland will go undefeated and play in the division 1 state game.Servite will go win Pac 5 and play the open division.


    All im going to say is Steven Mitchell from Pasadena Alemany is going to be a nightmare for Amat your going to hear his name so much that if one Amat parent brings their toddler to the game the toddler first words would be Steven Mitchell, watch and see.


  • Frank

    @ AzusA, don’t get your panties in a twist, its just my game prediction. I could be wrong but looking at this new Duarte team, they have been mopping the floor with their opponents.
    @ warriors, or Mitchells dad. Pretty sad when you have to promote your son on here. Let his game speak for itself and he will get recognized.
    Amat/alameny will be a good game.

  • The U

    Amat had better win if they want to make the playoffs.. Loyola is the best team in their league…Not sure about ALemany, I have no Idea how they lost to North because frankly North is not very good at all

  • cat observer

    Remember last year when this game meant so much. Remember when the game could have gone either way. Not this year. The only thing interesting will be to see if WesCo scores 50 pts. Bonita has fallen on hard times and I dont see a recovery for many tears. My pick is WesCo 42-6. Bonitas Brandt Davis will hit a couple of field goals, but that will be all the scoring that goes on for the Cats.

  • AMAT 73

    Yes it is quite amazine just how in the hell Jalen gets all those yards behind that little tiny offensive line. It’s a little thing called execution and quickness off the ball and if you had any football sense you would know this . Stop reading the blog propaganda on AMAT and go out and see the offense in action, it just might change your mind.

  • I told you

    Cat, I tried to educated our dear friend Aaron before the season started. Bonita is only really good every 8-10 years. Otherwise their just OK. It will be another 8 years before they are worth talking about again.
    Side note to Aaron I told you the soph wasn’t ready as he bailed on Claremont and dont be surprised if something similar happens this week either before the game or early on.

  • Lance R

    This is what we all have been waiting for, League Play. Forget all the Non League games they were tune ups and that record of 5-1 means absolutely nothing. This has to be the toughest most balance Serra league this season then I have seen in the past. All five teams can win on any given night, this is a toss up. There is really not one team that you can honestly say is the clear cut pick to win this Serra league title. They are all 0-0 as of right now and Bishop Amat has just as good of shot to win this thing as the rest. Each game will be a battle for all teams, injuries play a role, turnovers play a role and of course coaching mistakes play a role. As far as the PAC 5 eventual champion, most are hanging their hat on Servite, I am not convinced by that. I think Santa Margarita is a team that will be playing for it all at the end.

  • Panther leader

    Don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so. Mark my words, we are going to bitch slap LA this week and Rowland next week, take our bye and then come back with our 2nd and 3rd team kids to punk Walnut. After that it’s Ship Week, when we are going to destroy the most over rated team in the valley, that being the Westco Puppy-dogs. Following that, we get a #1 seed in CIF and roll to the ring. There is not 1 team in the SGV that can touch us the way we are playing now, NO WAY NO HOW. Don’t worry peeps, I’m not going to say we take the state title this year, but that will certainly be in the cards over the next couple of years when our most talented class as of yet kicks in. Before all you Westco people get all crazy, know this, I’ve seen your game film and you certainly are not on the same level as Elsinore, Chino, or Damien, all games that we should have won.

  • 12th man

    Amat should start the game off with a Double Pass or Halfback option pass…Something deep to open up the defense..They need to get off to a quick start & score early…Expect Jalen Moore to rush for 100-150 yards before the Warrior defense starts shutting him down..This game for Amat will have to be a more balanced attack for them to win…Rio will need atleast 150 yards passing for Amat to win~

    Keys to winning the game for Amat~
    1.Defense cannot allow more then 27 points
    2.Defense needs atleast 3 or more sacks
    3.Must win the Turnover battle~
    4.Offense will need 350 plus yards of total offense
    5.Special Teams cannot give up positive yardage or big plays
    6.Rio will have to make smart decisions!! (no picks or sacks) get rid of the ball safely or run with it for positive yardage..
    7.Use all of your recievers & tight ends to keep Alemany guessing
    8.Jalen Moore will need to be used effectively not just on the Run but short passes..same goes for Adam Sanchez
    9.Time of possession will play a big factor in the 1st half only to keep the game close before halftime
    10.Do something different (play calling or go to a no huddle) Alemany will be expecting Moore to run 60% of the game & will be stacking the box & blitzing on 3rd down~

  • Witness

    Great call 12th man, Let Rio air it out, that will loosen up the defense and keep the secondary honest.
    Go Amat!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Ayala Fan,
    Are you really bringing up lower level game history as if it has any relevance to a varsity game? LOL. That will have no bearing on this game. Chino Hills will be ready for this game against an improved, but still a ways away, Ayala team. At least I have respect for Coach Reams and his program……Ol’ Tommy Inglima took that program’s respect down the tubes. He and his “Bulldog Way”….he couldn’t practice what he preached.
    Ayala has only 1 threat #23……stop him and they are done. I predict Chino Hills winning this one 31-14. The tough chino Hills schedule will work in their favor. No one in the Sierra league will be as good as Tesoro, REV , or Bear Creek. Good luck to coach Reams and his Ayala team.

  • John

    I’m taking Amat to win but by no more than 10 points. Last year’s game was real close and their quarterback was just making amazing plays against a very young secondary. If anyone saw that game, they witnessed great offense beating great defense. There wasn’t much the Amat backfield could do better. This year’s backfield returns all their starters with the addition of Ruiz at safety. I think this backfield is the best in the SGV and one of the better ones in the PAC-5. Albeit, they did give up big plays to high caliber receivers in Venice but overall when the core of Montes, Daniels, Blue, Ruiz, and Alcantara are healthy, it is definitely a solid and talented defensive group.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know if Alcantara will be back? If he isn’t back for the league opener, his injury must be more sever than what was originally led on.


    Wishful thinking and im not Steven dad. Look Amat everyone has a chance to win the gam but your chances are slim to none and running the ball is not going to work

  • Calvillo

    Anthony Calvillo class of 1990 from LA PUENTE. Has become the CFL all time passing leader the game is on right now.

    Congradulation Cal on becoming the BEST QB in the CFL..

  • AMAT 73

    How right you are. Slim = Jalen but you misspelled a word, none . It’s Nine = Rio and with those chances I like the outlook for us . But in our case it will be Nine to Slim. The game is Friday so let’s just see how it comes out .

  • Calvillo

    Can we get Fred or Aram to interview my brother Anthony Calvillo cause i know he still has friends still in La Puente.

    Great Job bro. we all love you and you the greastest QB in CFL history.

    Mario Calvillo and family

  • Jefe

    I’ll be praying to Baby Jesus for an Alemany victory.

  • Calvillo

    MONTREAL — Anthony Calvillo has become pro football’s all-time leader in passing yards.

    With a 50-yard pass to receiver Jamel Richardson in the third quarter of Monday afternoon’s game at Molson Stadium, Calvillo surpassed Damon Allen’s all-time mark of 72,381 career passing yards.

  • Relax


    We got it the first time ……………


    Not only is Jalen going to get shut down but Rio will be a no show as well in this game Alemany is to big upfront for little ole Amat, running the ball against a d-line thats much bigger than the o-line= TROUBLE.

    Little vs Big and believe me this is not David vs Goliath its more like Wladimir Klitschko vs Nonito Donaire. Both are great but one’s to small and guess who the to small one is—–thats right Amat but i hope no one gets injured also i won’t wish you good luck because your going to need a lot of that. But like i said i pray no one gets hurt.

  • 12th man

    La Times Article~

    Predictions for the Serra League!

    I could spend hour after hour trying to figure out which three teams from the Serra League will make the Pac-5 Division playoffs, and they would keep changing.

    The five teams that make up the Serra League _ Loyola, Notre Dame, Crespi, Bishop Amat and Alemany _ start league play this week about as even as you can get on paper. Each has weaknesses but also lots of strengths.

    Every game could come down to a field goal or last-minute touchdown. This week’s openers include Notre Dame at Crespi and Alemany at Bishop Amat. You need at least two league wins to be in the playoff hunt. Three will guarantee a spot.

    It could come down to matchups. Notre Dame and Bishop Amat can run the football. Crespi and Alemany can pass. Loyola has balance. Notre Dame has injuries on defense. Bishop Amat has been giving up a lot of points. Alemany has not lived up to expectations. Crespi was beaten in its only real test against Vista Murrieta. Loyola gives up too many rushing yards.

    So good luck on figuring out the Serra League. I just think every game is going to be a tough one. Just remember how last season ended, with Crespi beating Notre Dame on a miracle final play.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • AMAT 73

    Talk is cheap but good luck to your team on Friday and don’t believe everything you read on the blog as far as AMAT and their little linemen. Our Lancers will be ready come Friday night so we will just have to see how the game pans out . Do me one favor , save a seat for the jefer on you side of the field. You will be able to tell which one he is by the statue of the Baby Jesus he will be carrying in his arms. He is praying for your victory.

  • 12th man

    FS West will televise Friday night’s Trinity League opener between Orange Lutheran and Anaheim Servite at Cerritos College.

    The Vista Murrieta-Chaparral game originally scheduled for FS West will be shown on

    Other games broadcast live on’s Prep Zone on Friday night: Harvard-Westlake vs. St. Francis, Alemany vs. Bishop Amat and Lone Pine vs. Trona.

    The Time Warner Cable game of the week is Sherman Oaks Notre Dame vs. Crespi that will air at midnight on Friday on its Channel 101.

  • Wait -what?

    No one is televising the big ChOak/Shills game?

  • 12th man

    Mission Viejo’s defeat last week has enabled San Clemente to move up to No. 3 in the Pac-5 rankings, with Servite No. 1 and Santa Margarita No. 2. Bishop Amat is No. 4 and Mission Viejo No. 5.

  • Colt74
  • ayala fan

    me bringing up the lower level history is just to explain the relavence of the rivalry. as to your comment about 31 -14..i dont think so sierra leauge fan, its gonna be a lot different without the superstars chino hills had last year..ifo ekpre-olumu nate harris auston johnson scott calles brad bergen, those guys were monsters and i really do have to take my hat off for those guys but the scores have shown..last year you guys beat tesoro and rev..this year they were blow out wins for them, i will give it to you about strength of schedule but i dont see the score that way. ayala comes on top 28-20, its going to be a good game. put 2 defenders on #23 jordan robinson and he will still gain yards es easily one of the best athletes ayala’s had in years

  • WhiteFang

    If Mr. Moore is gaining so much yardge and scoring touch downs, the line must be doing something right!

  • bigdog

    Calvillo gets some ink but the all time QB MVP of the CFL hands down is Warren Moon Edmonton Eskimos with five Grey Cup rings. Sorry La Puente?

  • LP Warrior

    bigdog…no need to apologize, the Warriors are pretty proud of Anthony! See below:

    2011 Pro Football record all-time leader in passing yards (72,382 and counting)
    2002, 2009, 2010 Grey Cup Champion
    2003, 2008, 2009 CFL Most Outstanding Player
    2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010 East Division Most Outstanding Player
    2002 Grey Cup Most Valuable Player
    2002, 2003, 2008, 2009 CFL All-Star team
    2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 CFL East Division All-Star team
    2002, 2003, 2008, 2010 CFLPA All-Star team

  • bigdog

    LP Warrior,
    Those are some nice stats but its the Championships that people remember,also with a field that wide and end zones that big it’s hard to be realistic about passing yards?

  • You have to remember Anthony Calvillo is from La Puente. Born in East Los Angeles and raised by his mother never played tackle football until high school. Was 2nd string QB his freshman year at La Puente. his sophomore year 2nd string QB on JV but dress out for all varsity games. start summer camp his junior year 2nd string and after the first week of hell week the 1string QB torn his ACL. and thats when Anthony Calvillo got his chance and never looked back.

    Anthony Calvillo had to work for everything in Football.. So he is the BEST QB IN CFL HISTORY…

    He has even beaten cancer..

  • LP Warrior

    Ahhhh…you’re right bigdog! It IS only the championships that people remember. And how many of those have you won??? Oh, that must be why no one on this blog knows your name.

    But that’s cool big guy, you just keep on tearing Calvillo down. It makes you look so cool! Embracing a guy from the SGV that has set modern day passing records and collected multiple MVP’s is just lame…better to bad mouth him and diminish his accomplishments. I bet all your 12 ye old friends think you’re just the COOLEST!

    ASS! Hahaha…..

  • Calvillo Fan

    Calvillo …I think it’s a level of stupidity and jealousy endemic on this blog where cowards reign supreme. Congrats on your brother’s accomplishments. Interesting that he’s done so well over such a long many articles have The Tribune writers written about him…I guess that was your point…and it was a point well taken and unfortunately ignored by a ridiculous rimrod that passes for a human being.
    I like what your comment said about your brother…second string isn’t a reason to complain, transfer or get down…but to keep working harder. I’m sure he thought the NFL would call but yet he continued to be a CFL stud…your family has tons to be proud of…best wishes to your brother and his extended family of well wishers…no one does it alone and the seeds of determnation are set at home…Congrats to Mom. Would be nice if the Tribune gave your brother his props but I think he’ll survive. Thanks for the update…it’s always nice to hear about a local kid doing well.

  • Warrior alum

    There is no need to clarify all of the accomplishments of Mr. Anthony Calvillo to the haters. Those who know who he is, know that he is a great player. As a resident of La Puente most of my life, I am very proud of my fellow townsmen. His family must be so proud of such a great athlete and all his accomplishments. Hopefully the Tribune comes out with an article that shows that hard work pays off in the end and the SGV does have great talent that can make it out there in the sports world.

  • LP Warrior

    Fred, Aram…

    Either of you guys gonna chime in on the Calvillo story? You too busy to give something like this your attention? Anthony is now probably the most decorated football player to ever come out of the SGV. Got anything to say about that?

    Do some digging here fellas and I’m telling you…you’re gonna find a great story! The kind of inspirational story that can impact people’s lives when they read it. I’ll look forward to it!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Ayala Fan,
    I agree Robinson is the best athlete you guys have had in years…he is a very skilled athlete….but that is all you have. Your defense is not nearly as sound as previous years. Teams have run the ball all over you guys and Chino Hills OL is by far better than anyone you have played. We are not as good as last year….That is why I am predicting a “closer” score. Chino Hills could have put up 60 on Ayala last year easily. As far as getting blown out by REV and Tesoro, that is true but the games were much closer than they appear. REV was 10-0 at the half (and CH should have scored right before the half) and Tesoro was 10-3 at the half. Both teams were VERY big and physical teams….something no one in the Sierra league ,including Ayala, is. It should be a good game and great atmosphere….what HS football is all about. Good luck to both teams and hope it is an injury free game.

  • Calvillo

    Everyone go and pick up a L.A. TIMES newspaper they have a great article on the greatest QB to ever come from the SGV and LA PUENTES ANTHONY CALVILLO

  • Anonymous

    How does a Tribskin pick’em thread turn into a topic about Anthony Cavillo. He already was on the news now get the HELL off the blogs ruining good conversations and predictions. Im pretty sure due to his accomplishments he has enough people on his D!%k so you LP jockers move on Congrats to Cavillo but you idiots are making some people dislike him WE GET IT HE DID SOME GREAT THINGS NOW SCRAM LOSERS…..

  • Sierra League Fan

    I guess if you are from La Puente, and have only ONE good thing…you have to hold onto it for dear life. Congrats to him…but give it a rest…it’s the CFL!!!!! Which means he wasn’t good enough for the NFL!……. You folks from La Puente- make a statue of him, have a parade, make him mayor, make pinatas in his likeness……enough already!

  • LP Football Alum 91

    Relax fool ANTHONY CALVILLO deserves all the attention. Hes from La Puente High School Class of 1990.. La Puente high has not had any professional athlete since the 1970’s. Andy Etchebarren play pro baseball ball in the 60’s. Efren Herrera in the 70’s..

  • Joe Amat

    Try not to take it quite so personal re:Calvillo. After all, it is the Canadian Football League. anyone ever heard of Brian Kelly? Quite possibly one of the best two wide outs in SGV history. here’s some tidbits:
    Brian Kelly
    High School: Bishop Amat High School
    Position(s): WR
    College: Washington State
    1979-1987 Edmonton Eskimos
    Grey Cup champion (1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1987)
    CFL All-Star: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1987
    CFL West All-Star: 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1987
    Awards: 1979 CFL Most Outstanding Rookie
    1979 Jackie Parker Trophy
    1987 Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy
    Honors: 1989 Edmonton Eskimos Wall of Honour
    Records: Eskimos Records
    Most Receptions Career (575)
    Most Receiving Yards Career (11,169)
    Most Receiving 1000-YD Seasons – Career (6) – (1979, 1981, 1983-85, 1987)
    Most Receiving Yards Season (1,812) – 1983
    Most Receiving Touchdowns Career (97)
    Most Receiving Touchdowns Season (18)
    Most Receiving Touchdowns Game (4) – June 30, 1984
    Most Touchdowns Career (97)
    Canadian Football Hall of Fame, 1991

    But again, no one knows because it is the CANADIAN Football League. maybe good for one of McConnell or Steve’s “Where are they now” articles , but not typical SGV Prep fodder. (then everyone would blame Freddie for living in Amat’s past : )

  • Frank

    How come nobody mentions Leakin Chimichuri, he played for The Tajikistan Malakas, football team. one of the top players to ever play in that league, staight out of so cal. I think he deserves more recognition since he played in Europe and Asia.

  • Sir Lance Alot

    @John-Bishop Amat looks to be at Full strength for the Alemany game. Should be a good one Friday night! Amat will be prepared as the Boys have a little payback on their minds. Alcantara is back at practice and hopefully ready to go. Just missing one piece of the “Payback Crew” Z. Shay. Hopefully he will be able to play Friday and the scenario is complete! Let’s crank it up on Friday Lancer Fans!!!! SEA OF BLUE this Friday Night!!!!
    Come early,
    Stay Late,
    GET LOUD!!!!!

  • bigdog

    Thank You
    Now lets stop talking about Calvilho

  • Anonymous

    Bishop Amat vs Chino Hills….week 0 next year

  • Sierra League Fan

    Yes, it is a 2 year contract. CH will be home next year and then Amat the following year. Should be a great matchup of 2 of the better programs in the SGV. I know there hve been a lot of people wanting to see this. They have tried to schedule this game for a few years but their were always scheduling conflicts…not this time. It should be a great game and hopefully a new rivalry.

  • prediction

    2012 & 2013 Amat will sweep Chino Hills. In 2014 Chino Hills will be good and all bloggers will proclaim “but we could beat them THIS year”.
    Just like all the others

  • AzusA

    Frank, is that all you ever do is critize? You’re JOKE! By the way do you have on your (TUESDAY PANTIES ON). Big old softy!




    Congrats to him on accomplishing that in the CFL!

    I will have to disagree with you on your statment of Calvillo being the best QB to come out of the SGV. I got one name for you Troy Aikman born in West Covina…

  • Sierra League Fan

    Prediction….hold your horses there big boy. Chino Hills is rebuilding this year and has had 2 very athletic freshmen classes. I think it will be a close game next year. CH will be much better next year. At least give credit to CH for scheduling the “mighty powerhouse” Amat Lancers… I think it is good for SGV football that the better teams play each other.

  • AzusA

    I don’t know if anybody mentioned this already, but the LA TIMES has the story about CAVILLO, playing in the CFL. Who needs the SGV TRIBUNE, when you have the LA TIMES which is nation wide!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Enough with these lower level legends!

    Al Bundy

    Polk High

    Four touchdowns in one game!

    nuff said.

  • Chino Hills

    ayala fan: dream on…..who was it you played this year????? CHills for the next 3 years will crush you guys in all divisions…..frosh, jv ….all around…what happened to your great start last year??? I predict the same this year you win 1 game if so, and that will be claremont.

  • LP Warrior

    Sierra League, Joe Amat,

    So let me get this straight…because the guy was in the CFL, his record should not be recognized by the Tribune, his hometown paper? Give me a break! So if one of our own went to a Division 1AA football school and broke the record for most passing yards EVER IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL, the SGV should completely ignore it because according to your logic the kid “wasn’t good enough” to play Div. 1? I guess Josh Gibson doesn’t deserve to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame with 800 HR’s because he didn’t do it in the MLB, huh? That’s just stupid.

    Guys, we’re not asking for a front page story with flashing lights and sirens. All we’re saying is the Trib should have done SOMETHING for this story. At least acknowledge it for Pete’s sake! Do a thread so we can get off your precious Pick’em’s thread and stop annoying “Anonymous”. That’s all we want, is some recognition for this amazing feat.

    And for the record…you’re a moron if you think Calvillo never had an offer to play in the NFL. They were just never worth his time. What rich, white NFL ownder is gonna take a financial leap on an undersized Mexican kid from the ghetto? I could name at least FIVE starting QB’s in the NFL right now that Calvillo would out perform.

  • bigdog

    Sierra league fan,
    Chino hills is not in the SGV ,not even close and will always be considered an Inland vally team?

  • LP Warrior,0,4685376,full.column

    For anyone who does not know Anthony Calvillo…read this story and then tell me whether this is a human being that you would want to be around your son? I don’t care who you are, you gotta say this story is inspirational. Shame on the Tribune for dropping this story.

    And for the record I am NOT a relative of Calvillo, but I saw his play at LP when I was a kid and I’ve never forgotten it. Give him a thread Fred! Write a story!

  • Really?

    LP Warrior

    Okay, you’ve done it. I officially hate this Anthony Calvillo kid, and I don’t even know him from Adam.

    I hope your happy.

  • WTF

    Dang! Get of this blog with your CFL dude. We are happy for him,but stop force feeding us his stats. This thread is about predicting this weeks important games. Now go away and go get ready for Ganesha.

    Anthony Cavillo: The Greatest QB to EVER play the game.

    Are you happy?

  • WTF?

    Hey LP Warrior:

    “What rich, white NFL ownder is gonna take a financial leap on an undersized Mexican kid from the ghetto? I could name at least FIVE starting QB’s in the NFL right now that Calvillo would out perform”

    How about Tony Romo?
    Mark Sanchez?
    Jim Plunkett?

    Put the race card away sweetie we are all tired of it.

  • bigdog

    Lp Warrior

    Even people in Canada don’t take the CFL seriously? they no it’s the rookie league until the NFL starts. Why do think the CFL starts there games in June? because nobody would watch if it started the same time as NFL.There’s only one sport in Canada that stops the country at a standstill and thats hockey!!!!

    1. NFL
    2. NCAA College Football
    3. Canadien Lacross
    4. CFL

  • Witness
  • Rather be from Inland than the SGV

    You say that CH belongs to the IE and not the SGV like it’s a bad thing. SGV football is WEAK compared to inland football. The SGV MIGHT mave 2 teams…Amat & Charter Oak who would even crack the top 15 Inland valley rankings. So CH, be gld you are part of the IE….embrace it!

  • WTF?

    Actually the CFL starts later because it is way too cold to play football in December. I know from experience. Don’t put the league down. Most of the people on this blog weren’t good enough to play D1 football let alone in the CFL.

  • SGV Athlete

    Azusa vs. Duarte-Azusa
    La Puente at Ganesha-La Puente
    Covina vs. Nogales-Covina
    Glendora vs. Los Osos-Los Osos
    Los Altos vs. Diamond Ranch-Diamond Ranch
    Walnut at Rowland-Walnut
    West Covina at Bonita-West Covina
    Arroyo at Mountain View-Arroyo
    Rosemead at El Monte-El Monte
    South El Monte at Gabrielino-South El Monte
    Gladstone at Sierra Vista-Gladstone
    Workman vs. Bassett-Workman
    Alemany at Bishop Amat-AMAT
    Chino Hills at Ayala-Chino Hills
    Damien at Claremont-Damien
    South Hills vs. Charter Oak-South Hills
    Baldwin Park at Pomona-Pomona
    Wilson vs. San Dimas-San Dimas

  • Fred

    Alemany will embarrass Amat this Friday. Mark my word!

    Amat- 6

  • Dan

    Greatest QB to come out of the CFL?
    Kurt Warner wasn’t to shabby, he did win a super bowl, I would take him over Moon.
    Regardless, the Calvillo family has every reason to be proud, great milestone accomplishment for Anthony, records like that don’t come every day after all, and to his brother… Go celebrate kid! I would be on here telling everybody too just like you are, forget the haters.

  • Lancer Football



  • chino hills

    ayala fan: Keep this in mind, pomona rb had 600 yards rushing before they played us he had 1 yard rushing against us for the night. REV had both their starting rb’s not playing against mission viejo after playing us the week before. So you better have more then just a possible running game when we play this week.

  • AMAT 73

    WC Dan ,
    I though Kurt came out of the Arena league , Iowa Barnstormers. Drafted by the Packers then on to the Greatest Show On Turf.

  • What I Read

    Chino Hills,
    Over on the mid blog Mr. Pomona is saying that his kid put up 205 yards on you guys.

    1 touch down, 1 interception and 205 yards.


  • chino hills

    what I read: lmao tell hime to read the paper, he had -6 yards until the last series where he rushed for 6 yards i think so he had +1 yard rushing for the night. He might of had some recieving yards but thats it!

  • Pomona

    Chino Hills,

    What the Pomona hater is referring to is passing yards.

    Pomona went into that game with the intent to run the ball. We didn’t think that Chino Hills would be able to stop our running game. Chino Hills went into the game with the intent to stop our running game and they won.

    Now as far as the 205 passing yards 1 td. 1 int. that is accurate. Don’t believe me then check out page C3 of the Daily Bulletin September 24,25 2011. Those stats put Pomona #1 for the week. Overall we got our a@@’s handed to us.

    Now just my deduction I’ve seen Ayala’s passing game, or lack of and I have seen Chino Hills run defense it doesn’t look good for Ayala. Chino Hills 38 Ayala 0.

  • Frank

    @ AzusA, why do you say I only criticize? Obviously you have not read all my post in the past. Are you really that hurt that I said Duarte would beat Azusa. Every one on here talks trash and makes claims, thats part of what this blog is about. It’s not about bringing up side stories about players in leagues, that no one cares about. I mean the league not the player himself. Congratulations to Cavallo, but this is America and we dont care about the CFL!

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    I stand corrected, don’t know why but all these years I thought Warner was from the CFL, my bad.

  • Bearcat Fan

    Wow, Aram, I’m amazed at your prediction win this past week. Ya definitely caught yourself up to Fred. Let’s see how you guys do this week, I’m watching! At a quick glance, it looks like there are only 3 games you guys differ on… good luck.

  • AzusA

    Frank, whatever and that’s all you got!You don’t have a clue about the game. Like I mentioned before all you do is come in here with your smart a$$ ATTITUDE and post. Here you are still putting down Cavaillo. What kind of stats can you put up on yourself??? Yeah GOOSE EGG!


  • ???

    Bearcat Fan,

    Note what one game he got wrong, Pomona. Pomona was up 45-0 in the middle of the thrid quarter. When they put in their JV team on both sides of the ball and the JV coaches were running the team from that point on. The second string players were playing in the second quarter. Image if Aram wasn’t hating on Pomona it would have been a perfect week.

  • snoops

    Snoop Dizzle in the Hizzle,
    We calling out all credible applications. Too bad that Schreiman kid from Pomona is a Sr. His father is a celebrity on the SGV blogs. He has fans, followers, and even haters(Aram). Not to mention his popularity. That qualifies him as a celebrity. Now back to business. What’s my name (Snoop Doggy Do-a-og). Ni@@a you know I’m gonna bring a QB, that’s foe shizzle my nizzle. N I’m finna git some Hogs upfront. We finna be the shiznit. We finna have the happiest crowd “PuffPuffGive “.

  • pomona alumni

    Until this year Pomona people have never come on this blog. Its safe to say that once the Qb is done
    playing you wont hear all the bs about Pomona. With that being said those fools that claim to be Pomona
    people are not from Pomona.It upset me to see a low life speak on a school or city that he is not from.Good luck to all the rest of the season.

  • saaay what…

    Pomona Alumni, I wouldn’t worry about to much, BECAUSE i can’t understand a word he’s saying.

  • AzusA

    Frank, one more thing. You should have taken off your Tuesday panties, because they’re probably soiled and you would want your Wednesday’s on, you know the BRIGHT RED ONES!LOL…


  • Witness

    LA daily news
    Bishop Amat-Alemany
    HS FOOT: Alemany faces tough road game at Amat
    Alemany has a tough one on Friday. Not only do the Warriors have to win in unfriendly confines at Bishop Amat in La Puente, the team also has to figure out a way to slow Bishop Amat’s Jalen Moore, one of California’s top running backs.
    Moore has rushed for 1,012 yards – one of the few in California to reach 1,000 – and last week he carried 38 times for 213 yards and three touchdowns in a win over Venice.
    “Jalen Moore is really good. He’s the heart and the soul of that team,” Alemany coach Dean Herrington said. “He carried 38 times last week, so obviously they want to give him the ball. But they pass the ball well, too, so it’s not like we can just zero in on him.”
    Bishop Amat draws big crowds, and the stadium’s tight design includes end zone seats occupied by home fans.
    “It’s a fun place to play, a pretty rowdy crowd,” Herrington said. “There should be a lot of people. It should be fun.”
    The Big Blue Crush!

  • Frank

    @ AzusA,
    Wow, I must of really pissed you off. Does it hurt that bad to hear someone say Duarte is gonna whip your little Azztecs. I told you, I have nothing against Cavaillo and wish him the best, but most people don’t care about CfL. Why are you hating on Leakin Chimichurri, who played for Tajakistan Malakas.Why can’t you give him props as well. Just because he played in Asia/Europe? Or because he’s not Hispanic? Everyone knows how Azusa people are, and why they hate to lose to Duarte. You can’t stand to see Blacks, Hispanics, whites and asians united. That’s the real truth, and why your so angry!

  • AzusA

    Frank… What the HELL did you just post? LOL… You know that’s one of the most stupidest post i’ve have ever READ! Did you notice I didn’t reply to your message right away, because as you can see your stuck on stupid. What you said about AZUSA folks is just WAY to fuuny;WOW…

    Is this the first time you’ve blog in your life, and you get off with your STUPID comments? You my friend are a CORN BALL! Oh by the way who’s angry, because I can’t stop laughing!

  • Frank

    @ AZusa, one must learn to laugh, becuase anger kills the soul!

  • AzusA

    Oh Frank, now you think your confucius, or dear Abby. I think your more like dear ABBY, because she knows it’s Thurday, and she should have her THURSDAY PANTIES on. Frank don’t you worry your little self about my soul, because you my friend are the tortured soul.”KILLS”,frank now that’s a angry word and becareful what you write, because you might just get booted from the blog!

    Frank,frank, your down to what, one sentence? Come on Frank, you can do better then that! Remember Frank when you come here with your style of post,AND TRY PUTTING A TEAM, CITY down remember my key board buttons are probably just like yours! I strongly agree with your post and if you think i’m not goig to rebutall your post, well, here I be!

    By the way Frank, they’re called the AZTECS!

  • AzusA

    My bad Frank,i meant to say “I STRONGLY DISAGREE”.

  • Frank

    @ AzusA, Your mistake is called a Fruiedian slip. Also a wise man speaks less, and allows the fool to speak more.