South Hills’ Danny Sheehan more than just a back-up QB; next up mighty Charter Oak

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
Danny Sheehan’s role on the South Hills High School football team is a week-to-week thing. Need him to fill in at quarterback for injured starter Vince Hernandez? No problem. Need him to play wide receiver when Hernandez is healthy? No problem. Need him to hit the game-winning field goal as a place-kicker? Consider it done.
All this from a senior who strongly considered not playing this season because of a serious concussion suffered last year. For the Huskies’ sake, though, thank goodness football is in Sheehan’s blood.

“We’d be in a lot of trouble if we didn’t have him,” South Hills coach Steve Bogan said. “He has a Jim Thorpe-like quality; multi-talented and can kick, throw, play baseball, play football. It’s not surprising to us that he can step in and play any role we need filled.

“We’re grateful, but we’re not surprised.”

The original plan this season was for Sheehan to handle kicking duties and serve as a nice No. 2 receiver next to standout Jamie Canada. Due to Hernandez’s shoulder injury, that plan has been scrapped. Sheehan is the quarterback until Hernandez returns. His foot is also the one South Hills turns to when the Huskies are in a close game.

Thursday, Sheehan’s job was to drive the Huskies from their own 20-yard line into scoring position to break a 28-28 tie against powerful Los Osos in the final two minutes. Sheehan did just that, then hit the game-winning 27-yard field goal with 10.1 seconds left to send South Hills to a 31-28 victory.

“I’m just going to do whatever Coach Bogan asks me to do to help our team win,” Sheehan said. “If he needs me to play quarterback, I will play quarterback. My team needs me to step up, so I do it. It’s not like I also play defense.”

Sheehan’s game-winning kick Thursday took the sting off of a potential game-tying extra point he missed earlier in the season against Colony. In that game, the Huskies scored near the end of the game, decided to go for two, but a penalty pushed the Huskies back and they decided to kick the extra point. Unfortunately, though, Sheehan missed and South Hills lost, 30-29.

“That one hurt,” Sheehan said. “I felt like if we went into overtime, we had the momentum on our side and we could have pulled through. I felt like I really let the team down, but they helped me and picked me up and helped me push through it.”

So when Sheehan again got a chance to help his team with his leg, he wasn’t about to pass it up. South Hills had blown a 21-0 lead against Los Osos, but had a chance to eek out the victory with a field goal from Sheehan. But things started eerily similar to the Colony miss as he set up for the kick.

“It was kind of deja vu because we had a false start again,” Sheehan said. “I was thinking I was going to nail it because I didn’t want that taste in my mouth again. I had all the confidence in the world. I didn’t want to let my team down again.

“When I hit it, I was super excited. It was a good team win.”

Handling multiple roles on a football field is no surprise given his bloodlines. Sheehan is the son of former Covina coach Dick Sheehan, who is now the Superintendent of the Glendale Unified School District.

Before that, Dick Sheehan was the principal at Northview.

Danny Sheehan also has two uncles who played football at South Hills.

“I know the game,” Sheehan said. “I grew up around football with my dad being a coach.”

Despite the family lineage, baseball is Sheehan’s first love. He’s a second baseman and leadoff hitter for the Huskies’ strong baseball program. And because baseball is Sheehan’s biggest endeavor, his dad gave him the OK to give up football, especially after last year’s head injury.

“I was deciding this year whether or not to play football again,” Sheehan said. “I really figured that down the line I would miss it if I didn’t because I come from a football family.

“My dad was originally pushing me and pushing me to play, but when my senior year came he said I didn’t have to because baseball is where I’m focusing.”

Nobody even envisioned the Huskies needing Sheehan and his wealth of skills this much. But when Hernandez went down against West Covina, Sheehan was pressed into action for South Hills’ next game against Monrovia.

Sheehan stepped in and guided the Huskies to a 34-30 victory over Monrovia. When asked what he remembered most about the game, Sheehan didn’t need long to respond.

“That Ellis McCarthy is a stud,” Sheehan said, referring to Monrovia’s 6-foot-5, 300-pound five-star recruit. “I was gone before he had a chance to get to me. As soon as I saw him coming, I was running.”

With Hernandez still a question mark this week leading up to Friday’s showdown against Charter Oak, Sheehan is waiting and ready to resume his role as quarterback. He’s already started two games and won them both, so what’s another?

“They’re going to be the toughest team we’ve played so far,” Sheehan said of the Chargers. “We don’t know about Vince yet. If it’s me, the coaches aren’t expecting me to go in there and throw for 300 yards. They just want me to keep us moving along.

“It’s a new season starting on Friday. Anybody’s previous don’t matter because this is when it counts.”

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  • lmfao

    too much: Good job Dan the man but Los Osos is no where near a powerhouse this year…..

  • Powerful Los Osos???? Really??

    Fred…come on….you can’t be serious….LOL…Los Osos will be the 5th place team in the Baseline behind Glendora. They looked TERRIBLE against South Hills. South Hills is better than last year, but they are still not a force in the Sierra League. This game will be for 2nd place. I think Chino Hills is still the best team in the Sierra. I watched them beat a good Santiago team. I have seen South Hills and Charter Oak as well….I think Chino Hills is the best team in spite of their record.

  • Aram not Fred

    I made the same mistake in the past, Fred started the thread Aram is the author.

  • Dan

    Charter Oak will give CH a run for their money, should be a good game, CO stronger CH not quite as strong but still a good team. Last years CH team would have had a close game with Tesoro and at least came within a couple of td’s of REV instead of losing 34 to 0. I think CO will have too much speed for CH in the end, but the game will come down to how CO’s line holds up against Chino Hills. South Hills is improved but hard to gauge. Like Fred says if they don’t shore up the defense they won’t beat the CO’s and CH’s. West Covina had over 400 on SH. Los Osos looked big and talented but the qb had a terrible night, will be interesting to see what they do in the Baseline. I think SH will battle Damien for third place with Ayala at fifth and Claremont at the bottom.
    1 Charter Oak
    2 Chino Hills
    3 South Hills or
    5 Ayala
    6 Claremont

  • FredJ


    Los Osos is so bad they lost to Orange Lutheran by only 14 points, and played undefeated Vista Murrieta to a 30-21 loss…..Or put it this way, Vista beat Crespi by twice as much as it did Los Osos….Don’t forget, South Hills’ two losses basically came on missed conversions, one against undefeated West Covina….If you ask me, on paper South Hills has looked as impressive as anyone.

    But will they beat Charter Oak? They can, but I don’t think they will. But don’t play it down and say Los Osos is terrible, that win alone is probably as big as anyone’s win in the SGV this year…..

  • Fred, did you see the game?

    Los Osos looked horrible. Their QB was bad and they couldn’t do much against a suspect South Hills defense. If they play like that in league, they will come in 5th.

  • FredJ

    Ever think maybe South Hills had something to do with them looking bad … I heard Covina didn’t look good against Baldwin Park … so should we say Covina is overrated?

  • InlandEmpireFan

    Ok Guys,

    Let me say first of all Charter Oak will roll South Hills. I would say at least 35 to 21.

    Los Osos is down a little this year and they also played without their best player. He plays defense and offense. He is suspended for some bad decision he made at the homecoming dance.

    Final scores are tough to go by, because at the end of games alot of times 2nd teams are in and defense is played differently at the end of a game with a lead as you all know.

    Sierra league finish.
    1. Charter Oak
    2. Chino Hills
    3. South Hills
    4. Damien
    5. Claremont
    6. Ayala

  • Fred, Covina is overrated

    Come on, they only beat Pomona by 2 and Baldwin park by a TD. They lost to West Co. a team they beat last year when West Co was much stronger. Covina is a “good” team, but not one of the top 5 in the SGV


    Anyone know the status of Livingston for this week. I hear the back-up is out for the year. if Livingston is not healthy where do my Colts go?

  • sgvfan

    Congratulations Danny, what a great kid! Couldn’t happen to a nicer, harder working person. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  • Sierra League Fan

    What’s the deal? Aram is writing all these stories/threads on your site, but nothing new in 3 days on his site…… are you 2 actually the same person??….LOL ……nope, same size clothes wouldn’t fit you both!

  • Dan

    Vince Hernandez didn’t “go down” against West Covina he played the whole game, remember we knocked down his pass on the 2 point conversion try at the end of the game?
    As for Sheehan I’ve seen 3 SH games this year and the kid has been big in all three. I thought I had worked with his older brother a few years back but turns out I was confusing him with another kid named Mckeehan… Sheehan, McKeehan, must have been the “eehan” that was getting the best of my memory.

  • FredJ

    I was out of town for four days Sierra, trying to catch up.

  • Joe Amat


    Sheehan/McHeehan…CFL/Arena League…. Are we seeing a trend?
    They say the mind is the 2nd thing to go.

    I forget what was the 1st!

  • My Pal Joey

    Well Joey…first it’s the stomach…then the legs…then the hair….and finally the mind. Seen Dan and he’s still got all three so the mind isn’t gone quite yet…he’s just still celebrating WC’s Championship….otherwise known as a Championship Hangover.

    Boy was that an intersting game last year or what?

    Speaking of games…wow…Alemany vs Bishop….ouch ! Well Joey we “beat” Alemany my senior season 28-0 so if Salesian can do it why can’t Bishop right? Seriously…what gives.

    Having seen both play I’ll put my money on the Catholic school to win going away. Just to much discipline and dedication to lose.

    See Joey…I still got it…lol

  • Relentless D

    First, I don’t know why people are down playing South Hills win over Los Osos! Secondly, Danny Sheehan is not only player on the SH team. They are others key players on the SH team who are also standouts and impact players, who worked as a team that lead to 2 big Win. As of this fridays matchup SH vs CO i think it’s going to be a very close game. The winner of this game will be who ever makes the least mistakes.

  • Dan

    Lol, I can’t remember what the first was either, must not have been important, good luck with that Alemany game.
    My Pal, [Frank]
    Been a while, good to hear from you, actually the hair is getting a little thin on top but the legs are still working and as for my stomach, no six pac abs but I can still hold down my food so two out of three ain’t bad.

  • SH Fan

    Sheehan is not the best player but he has stepped up to fill many roles. The colony game was his first game kicking ever. There are bigger, stronger and faster on the team but it is nice when the Tribune highlights other players. What he adds to the Huskies is almost like a coach on the field because he is so smart. His cheering section is huge with all his family members. High schools are built on great families like the Sheehans and every school has them. Thats why high school football is so much fun.

    SH two losses are by a combined 3 points. A missed kick and a missed two point conversion. A little luck and they are undefeated.

    SH better play flawless football because Charter Oak is the better team.