• Joe Amat

    Pac5. Is. Crazy!

    …and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Good luck to all this week,

  • 12th man

    Perhaps the ‘Sleeping Giant” is awake now!!..Goes to show that the Pac5 is up for grabs..Anyone can win on any given night & you can never count out Mater Dei which excells during league & playoff time~

  • Dan

    Many thought Santa Margarita was looking like the team that would dethrone Servite, they still may, but you guy’s are right that Trinity/Pac is crazy, all it takes is an off night or a great game plan, or a mismatch or any given night and even the mighty can fall.

  • Lance R

    Sometimes the team you see play or follow in non league is not the team that shows up in League play. Pac5 football is the best in So. Cal. Coaches coach in non league but they really bring it all out come league play. Holding back some cards, oh you know it. Good Luck to our Lancers tonight. It’s in our house tonight so you know what that means. Big game, big crowd, Big Win.

  • Salesian Alumni

    Congrats to Coach Rollinson….gee now where did he get his start in coaching high school football….lol

    Never count Coach Rollinson out…btw any one catch the USC game….lol

    Rollinson still produces great players

  • BraveDad

    From the City of Bellflower: Bosco whips Mater Dei’s a$$, 24 – 3. robledo you’re know different thna the tool, i.e., you guys are both haters! How the h#ll do you give a score for a game last week between two OC teams, then when a team that is more local (at least from LAC) beats the sh#t out of one of the same teams the following week you write nothing. You guys can hte all you want, whatever, but I had to call out your collective stupidity!