Saturday Morning Quarterback: Charter Oak gives South Hills old-fashioned whipping, 63-28; L.A. knocks out Ranch and Bishop Amat’s playoff hopes in jeopardy after 26-21 loss to Alemany

For quarter updates of tonight’s games, click link.

Chargers roll: South Hills High School tried going toe-to-toe with Charter Oak, but the video-game-like efficiency of Chargers quarterback Travis Santiago was too much to deal with.
On a night Santiago threw for 325 yards and two touchdowns, and rushed for 54 yards and three touchdowns, his evening might be best remembered for scrambling out of trouble and running over a defender for a first down that few quarterbacks have the guts to try.
When it was over, Charter Oak had amassed over 500 total yards and ran South Hills off the field 63-28 in the Sierra League opener at Covina District Field on Friday.

Tonight’s results and game stories
Alemany 26, Bishop Amat 21 — For the Lancers to make the playoffs, they will have to beat either Crespi or Notre Dame on the road and Loyola at home in two weeks. Impossible? No. Likely? It doesn’t look good.
Charter Oak 63, South Hills 28 Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an area quarterback as complete as Travis Santiago. His legend continues to grow after throwing for 325 yards and two touchdowns, and rushing for 54 yards and three touchdowns.
Los Osos 20, Glendora 7 — The Tartans will probably get a win over Alta Loma next week, but that’s as good as it gets the rest of the way in the Baseline.
Los Altos 27, Diamond Ranch 14 — So much for Roddy’s Hacienda League predictions, the Conquerors are back in the playoff and Hacienda title picture.
Walnut 38, Rowland 26— Suddenly, the Mustangs are 2-1 and their only loss to West Covina and a win over Los Altos. Looks like they’re sitting pretty. Who do they think they’re, Diamond Ranch?
West Covina 38, Bonita 14— The Bulldogs are too much for everyone these days. Forget an Amat-Charter Oak match, I want a Charter Oak/Royal Oak vs. West Covina -Edgewood special. Only the old school folks know what I’m talking about.
Arroyo 42, Mountain View 3 — The Knights did what they’re supposed to do, but still have lots of tough games in the MVL left.
El Monte 31, Rosemead 28— For weeks I’ve been telling anyone that listens the Lions are the real deal and a real Mission Valley contender. Tonight they proved it.
South El Monte 13, Gabrielino 10— Another good win for the Eagles, but not sure if they’re as good as Arroyo, Rosemead or El Monte in the MVL.
Sierra Vista 21, Gladstone 20— The Dons squeeze out another Montview League win.
Workman 41, Bassett 0 — Not a surprise, seems like the Olympians are last year’s Duarte.
Chino Hills 40, Ayala 9 — Ok, so when is that Charter Oak-Chino Hills game?
Damien 31, Claremont 10 — The Spartans continue to improve by the week, and get an even bigger test at home next against South Hills.
Pomona 49, Baldwin Park 14 — Don’t sleep on the Red Devils. They will make the playoffs and make somebody nervous.
San Dimas 48, Wilson 10 — Finally, bring on Covina.

Highlights of West Covina-Bonita with TDro…

Charter Oak, ranked sixth in the Inland Division, improved to 5-1 and 1-0 while the Huskies dropped to 3-3 and 0-1.
Back to Santiago.
“I’ve only been doing this for 44 years, the competitiveness and toughness in that kid is up there with the best of them,” Chargers coach Lou Farrar said. “He (Santiago) makes plays with his feet that matches the ability of his arm.
“I don’t know what to say, I’ve seen a lot of high school football games and high school football players. His ability to compete, think and his football IQ is phenomenal. There can’t be a better quarterback anywhere around here.”
Sophomore Kurt Scoby was nearly as difficult to contain, rushing for 154 yards and three touchdowns.
Even receiver Aaren Vaughns contributed with seven catches for 121 yards, and Chris Gilchrist scored twice.
South Hills quarterback Vincent Hernandez threw for 234 yards and two touchdowns, and Jamel Hart rushed for 65 yards and two touchdowns to help keep the Huskies within striking distance, trailing 21-14 in the second quarter.
But the Chargers closed the quarter with 21 straight points to open up a 42-14 halftime lead.
“You could put them almost anywhere and that team is going to score points,” South Hills coach Steve Bogan said of Charter Oak. “They’re loaded. There’s lots of bullets in that gun and the bullets kept coming.”
And it didn’t take long for them to start firing.
After Gilchrist returned the opening kickof 74 yards for a touchdown, Santiago completed a 37-yard pass to the four, and took it in a couple plays later, scoring from a yard out for a 14-0 lead.
South Hills cut the lead in half on Hernandez’s 45-yard touchdown pass to Brayton Newton, making it 14-7.
But Santiago continued beating the Huskies with his feet too, scoring on a five-yard run to make it 21-7.
After Hart cut the lead in half again with a two-yard touchdown to make it 21-14, the Chargers broke the game open.
After Scoby scored on a three-yard run, Santiago showed his brilliance on the next drive, completing a 33 and 21-yard pass, then finishing the drive with a 16-yard TD run — the Chargers going 70 yards on three plays to go up 35-14 with 3:49 until half.
Scoby scored his third touchdown of the half to put the Chargers up, 42-14 at the break.
Santiago, who along with teammates Gilchrist and Vaughns started at South Hills before transferring to Charter Oak, knew there would be a lot of emotion.
“I was dedicated to this game,” Santiago said. “I was here my freshman year, but I came to compete with my team tonight and we played together as one.”
Scoby’s 16-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter and Gilchrist’s 31 yard touchdown reception put the game out of reach for good.
“Our kids were up for this game,” Farrar said. “It’s a neighborhood thing. It’s one of those games, don’t blink because anything can happen.”

BTW, why don’t all of you meet Mike the Cousin. Watch his interview with our newest correspondent, Cal State Fullerton’s Courtney Ponce, who asked Mike how Coveritlive works.

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  • Lmao

    the luck of the chargers : once again they get to play a team with no starting QB, i know that’s out of their control but what breaks….

  • Dan Fastrup(Bonita Fan)

    Well, Bonita is pumped for this one. The Bearcats house will be rockin’. What awaits is a great big upset. Greatness comes out of great opportunity.

  • Joe Amat


    That Coveritlive thing has worked out awesome and Mike the Cousin is running it like a pro. Who turned you onto that anyway? Great idea! 🙂
    Keep up the good work. SGV is lucky to have such a committed crew.


    Here they come Amat them warriors are gearing up and ready to take over. The Warriors are coming the Warriors are coming and there’s no where to run so Amat fans here’s your fear and its time to face them head on.
    Alemany 31 Amat 17

  • Frank

    Good luck to all Sgv teams playing schools from outside. If your playing a sgv rival good luck to both, let’s injury free.
    Best of luck to Amat. ” Warriors come out and play-yah”

  • John

    Doesn’t surprise me Dionza Blye is getting interest from D1 schools. This one supposedly from Colorado. The article requires a subscription account but here is the preview:

    “Dionza Not ‘Blue’ About the Buffaloes

    The two-way player from Bishop Amat High School (La Puente, Calif.) has been hearing interest from Colorado. But it’s the man behind the phone that’s interested him, Bishop Amat alum Eric Bieniemy.”

  • jimmy johnson

    horine is out today with a major sprained ankle. a uphill battle today

  • Witness

    Amat fears NO ONE!

    Warriors are gonna get smashed hard tonight!

    Great job Blye, your hard work is paying off.

  • John

    I meant ^Blue not Blye oops.

  • D-Mo

    CO had a terrible bye week off. I don’t think they accomplished much at practice either week. They don’t seem very motivated or excited about tonight”s game. Bad coaching. No fans. Boring.
    35-17 CO!!!

  • JW North

    Anyone else find it interesting that JW North (and firme Amat coach Mark Paredes) beat Alemany? Is that a good sign for Amat, considering Hagerty is a Parades protege?

  • AMAT 73

    Looking for the Men in Blue to come out big tonight against Alemany. To warrior, We fear no one and no team . Remember you are coming to our house this time and we will be waiting for you. The warriors will defintely not make it to Coney Island tonight. Also good luck to all the teams of the SGV for well played and injury free games tonight . AMAT WILL SHINE TONIGHT .

  • Panther leader

    Aram took LA over us, are you kidding me? The next 3 games we win by at least 30+ and then we smash those overrated puppy dogs over there in Westco for the ship and a number 1 seed. I don’t want to say I told you so about last week, but I told you so. I’ve seen far too much film on the rest of our competition and let me tell you, it isn’t really competition as far as I can see.

  • What Time is it WAR TIME!



    Watch the game at Keifer Stadium LIVE @


  • Conq’ 76

    And Panther Leader moves to the back of the line…this is THE game for LA this year as far as I’m concerned.

  • pomona

    Mid 3rd quarter 41 to 7 Pomona, JV team in.


    Pomona dont have a JV team, or Covina wouldve smacked them as well. So how can JV be in?

  • Colt74

    When I’m wrong I’m wrong.I failed to give Charter Oak the credit they deserve. TOTALLY dominant tonight.
    Congrats on the win and I’ll keep spitting feathers.

  • bbbbbb

    Panther Leader

    You got smacked by LA .

    Wake up kid .

  • DHS

    Damien wins! 5-1 baby.

  • great for the sgv

    So how did Alemany do in the SGV tonite?

    What a show put on by Charter Oak, was looking forward to a close game. I sure hope South Hills can bounce back from tonites performance.

    Keep up the good work Pomona-look forward to seeing you guys in the play-offs.

  • bigdog

    DR played terrible tonight!!! without Andrew Fisher didn’t help them either.Also thanks to Fred for picking DR

  • Conq ’76

    Thanks for giving LA some credit there bigdog…

  • DHS Alum 1981

    Damien beat Claremont, 31-10. Two late Damien TDs make the score seem more out of reach than it was. Overall, a decent game by the Spartans. Defense had a major lapse in Q3 which led to several first downs for Claremont. However, overall, a very good defensive effort. On the offensive side, outstanding ground game. Passing game needs some work, as does the play calling from Gano. Why are you going for the 35+ yard bomb on 3rd and 5? 3rd and 4 and you send the receiver 25 yards out? Sorry, but John Elway is not playing QB. Let’s stick with the 5 yard slant, 7 yard screen, etc… Enjoy the “W” tonight and let go get South Hills next week for Homecoming!

  • Panther Fan

    @Conq’ 76, Congratulations on LA’s win over DR. DR deserved to lose after seeing the lousy play calling by the DR coaching staff. The game would have been in DR’s favor if they had played more like last week against DB. Still shakin my head on rushing the kicker on 4th down, causing a penalty and giving the ball back to LA with only 3 minutes left to play in the 4th qtr. LA played much better than I had anticipated, they were more motivated. DR took too many chances with trick plays that didn’t work. They just didn’t give LA any serious thought. It makes the LA vs Walnut game look more like a fluke. Any way good playing by the LA Team, you deserved this win. Good Luck against Bonita, West Co and Diamond Bar.

  • Donut man


    Beat CO? SH? CH? Playoffs?, Claremont sucks! Your better get ready to play with these boys.


    LOL LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA HEY HEY HEY GOOD BYEEEEEEEEEE…..Dunn to Steven Mitchell i told you he even handed him the ball you Amat fans i don’t want to hear any excuses you got beat straight up at your house on your couch with grandma cooking in the kitchen i told you all that you had no chance it shouldn’t even had been that close but hey even when you fight with your little brother sometimes you let him hang with you just so he can keep his confidence…LOL

  • lou dobbs

    watch out mid valley, looks like pomona is the real deal. there starting to put up big numbers. if they protect schreiman hes as good as anybody in the valley. but the key is protecting him in the pocket. pomona will make it to the cif championship game.

  • bigdog

    Conq “76
    I just can’t give you guys any credit tonight,your just a very below average team with nothing special going on. And we looked like a very below average team tonight as well? Been following DR for five years now and have just come to the conclusion that they just don’t play well at home.We’re better off on the road.Layton would be the first one to tell you this.

  • Conq’76

    Panther Fan,

    I guess I have a bit of a “chip on my shoulder” when it comes to DR. 2 years ago I saw your coach pull a few trick plays, inside kicks and 2 point conversion attempts all after having the game won.

    “Back in the day”, LA had some teams that could easily have scored 60 or more on many of their opponents. Yet they rarely scored more than 38. Despain new how to win with class while seeking to preserve the dignity of his foes. I think teaching kids to win with class is one of the most important lessons they can teach their players.

  • coltfan97

    Hey Lou Dobbs,

    Remember you lost to Covina 16-14!!! Also, you were healthy in that game, and Covina was not!!! You still have San Dimas to play so watch out!!!!
    Only 2 teams in each of the mid valley leagues go to the playoffs unless your a wildcard team!!!

  • Pomona


    Our JV team the last two weeks has played 1/2 the third quarter and the whole fourth quarter. A matter of fact the JV coaching staff has taken over the coaching duties during this period of time.

    This Pomona team is getting better each week, and week 10 the San Dimas game will be the real test how we have improved as a team.

  • IE Fan

    charter oak is going to breeze thru the sierra league,but I dont see them beating any of the better inland teams.Amat played a closer game than last year so maybe they still can win the rest of the games.Damien looking pretty good and have a chance at second in the sierra. west covina plays weak teams so I dont see them losing any games. Servites defense is the best, saw them on fox sports and was impressed on how good they where,they could of scored way more but just ran it the last 6 minutes of the game.

  • Walnut Insider???

    Congrats to Walnut with their win over Rowland.
    As for Panther Fan… what an idiot. Butt kicked by LA!? So much for that talk from you or Roddy. And a fluke with Walnut over LA? obviously you haven’t watched film. DR will lose to Walnut and get killed by West Co.

  • Sierra league

    Ie fan: did you forget about CH? What are you smoking.?

  • SEMHS FAN 3481


    As much as this didn’t show that SEMHS may not contend for a shot at a MVL title, I think next week will be the true test of that, if SEMHS can get by Arroyo, then they SHOULD BE mentioned as contenders.

    A sloppy game by both SEMHS and GHS, and SEMHS Eagles Defense pulled them out of the gutter. The gutter in this game was the pin-striped uniformed men. Reminded of the 2nd to last time SEMHS played @ Gabrielino, SEMHS was tagged for about 13 flags/infractions, and yet they still whooped Gabrielino (the game was on November 06, 2009 – look it up on

    Now you can tell me SEMHS played poorly, which is right, because I recall about close to 4 turnovers, majority of them fumbles, but the key difference on those particular turnovers, Gabrielino did not score.

    It came down to defense, and whose defense would persevere, and in true fashion SEMHS Eagles Defense did it. All About Defense in this game, no matter how things played out on the field (other aspects of the game).

  • coltfan97

    To Pomona,

    I agree the S.D. game will tell you how far the Pomona program has come!!!!
    Pomona might be getting better each week, but is that because the VVL has three great teams and the rest are bad???? MAYBE!!!!! Also, Covina and S.D, will be better at the end of the season as well!!!! A lot depends on health!!! Livingston is getting healthier for Covina, and so is Corona from S.D.!!! I will tell you this, the VVL will be well represented in CIF!!! I am predicting an all VVL FINAL in the mid valley division!!! Anybody disagreeing with that????

  • saladays

    Any one know the bosco tech score??

  • coltfan97

    Bosco Tech plays sat afternoon

  • coltfan97

    Hey Aram,

    If I were a head coach I WOULD NOT go on your Tuesday show!!!!!! LOL!!!! This week you had Bishop Amat, Diamond Ranch, and Rosemead coaches on whose teams all lost Friday Night!!!!! This was not a good week to be on the Tuesday Prep Show!!!!!!! lol!!!!!

  • As I see it

    Conq 76

    Don’t give me that “back in the day” crap about Despain and how he would preserve the dignity of his opponents by not running up the score on them BS. I was on an 1977 Edgewood team that was down 35-0 at half and lost 56-0. Hurdle – the starting quarterback played the whole game!!!! Maybe he didn’t throw the ball a lot in the second half but he certainly didn’t call off the dogs. Zellmer – starting middle linebacker hit me so hard in the fourth quarter on a late hit I thought I was going to piss blood for a month. Not exactly something you ever forget. Let’s not even get into all the trash talking and laughing his players did during the game in which Despain did nothing about. You won tonight great game now move on and lose the history lesson.

  • Must-see highlights/ interviews from West Covina’s 38-14 win over Bonita in a rematch from last year’s CIF championship game… Bulldogs led 17-0 at the half. Bearcats responded with consecutive touchdowns to cut the lead to three, but reigning Tribune Player of the Year Chris Solomon took over after that. Solomon had two second-half touchdowns with Frazier adding a third and the Bulldogs improve to 6-1 overall, 3-0 in the Hacienda. Bonita drops to 2-4 overall, 0-2 in league… Interviews with WC coach Mike Maggiore, RB/DB Chris Solomon and Bonita coach Eric Podley! Take a look! Thanks…

    Follow along on Twitter: @SGVtylerd

  • 12th man

    “Deja Vu”
    The Lancers give up a Touchdown rite before halftime with seconds left which would prove to be the winning score~…Just like last year when Amat gave up the big plays before halftime..I cant understand why there was single coverage down the sideline with seconds left before the half..Alemany has the ball deep in there own territory with just over a minute left in the half you know there going to start passing for yards…Go into prevent defense!! You cant give up big plays like that & expect to win…One more thing..I mentioned earlier that Sanchez would somehow need more touches on the ball~ I think Rio threw to him once maybe twice..but that was it! You have to give your playmakers a chance..Jalen tried his best to carry the team but it was only a matter of time before Alemany defense would start closing in on him…This game was doomed from the start..I have never been to an Amat game where the energy level was so low before the game…as soon as i sat down the stadium lighting went out then it was quiot for the remainder of the pre-warm ups..I felt like i was sitting at a Laker game in the front row where the fans dont cheer..then i look up and see the dogg-pound (endzone student faculty seats)..half empty..I have never been to a Bishop Amat home game where it wasn’t a capacity crowd especially in the “pound” during league games..Anyways the game could of gone either way..Alemany didn’t look too sharp in the 1st half..but Amat looked even worse in the second half or should i say “The Defense” did for that matter..dont know if it was the physical size that finally wore down the defense or if Amat just gave up..but they could not come up with a stop in the second half if there playoff hopes depended on it..Something needs to give when ur giving up 94 & 91 yards scoring drives in under 7 plays..thats just too easy…

  • 12th man

    1. Charter Oak
    2. West Covina
    3. Bishop Amat
    4. Covina

    Next week things could change..Covina has a chance moving up to 3rd possibly second???

  • Sierra league

    S Hills? did you not get the memo? Get to the qb win the game! Contain the qb win the game! Wtf!! CO hasnt yet played a team with fast hard hitting LBs yet ,then all things will change!

  • Chino hills

    Sgv tom kiss: since you love the sgv so much why dont you move there? Why is it you live in chino hills and dont represent the city you live in? Your new name out here where you live is Tom the trader! I know a few real estate agents if you need some help. You shouldnt make it too obvious and dont try to show up just for the CO/CH game either your pass has been revoked!

  • Conq ’76

    As I see it…

    Sorry about your experience, I played with the Hertel brother you’re talking about in JAA. Randy went on to be CIF player of the year if I remember right and set all of Rice University’s records which were later broken.

  • Jefe

    Amat loses to Alaemany AGAIN & Roddy Layton gets “smacked.”

    There is a God.

    Thank you Jesus.

  • Dranchhhh

    Fisher is out for the season (broken collarbone) at least from what I heard they lost two senior linemen starting linemen against DBAR last week. Definitely not the DR I am used to seeing. Lastly the offensive play calling is morbid. Just bad call after bad call. Im really beginning to think that Coach layton needs to hire a OC that knows how to create mismathces and understands defenses alot more. Funny thing this, after seeing the game last night, I realized that this years DR team is FILLED with 10th and 11th graders….So with that lack of experience, IT WILL be a long year for our panthers.

  • LA Futbol

    Oh my god, I’m so sick of hearing all the DRanch folks talk about how you lost because of injuries! You knew you had guys hurt before the game started and were talking smack! Then you got your asses pounded…admit we played a better game than you, straight up! Also, just for the record, LA had a starting wr and starting OL/DL out…you don’t hear us bitching about our injuries! You play the game with what you have! You got beat by a better team! Give credit and move on!

  • attn LA Futbol

    As as ex-LA CIF champ it is great to see the Cong’s back to respectability, but can we refrain from using the phrase ‘ ass pounded ‘

  • Lance R

    Well it is not always good to lose your league opener in a 5 team league but with this league things could really get scrambled with how even all these teams are this year. Amat came out scored first and looked good doing it, but true to give up that go ahead touchdown to Alemany before half was not good as #4 in single coverage was getting torched where he did not know where the ball was as it was up in the air coming towards their receiver. Big plays for Alemany. Rio could only do so much and Jalen was solid but again that offense cannot rely on Rio and Jalen. The O-line had problems protecting Rio as he was pressured and flushed out many times. Alemanys QB was gaining yards to eat up the clock in 4th quarter as their O-line was pushing our d-line backwards. Overall good game and I too was surprised by the crowd. I guess some people came only for a chance at the 50/50 and since that does not exist anymore they stay home??. I felt like was at a Dodger game all of a sudden. On to Crespi and this season is not over but another loss and I can honestly say we may be done. One last note: To Aram Tolegian man where is your Patriotism? During our National Anthem as the crowd looked to the flag, which by the way is by the scoreboard you never bothered to take part and were looking the other way. Man I know your there to report the game but you should still take part as a show of respect to our Great Nation. Looking the other way? I said to myself what is Aram looking at? all I could come up with was the In and Out Truck….

  • Apache Love

    We’re Back!
    Apaches vs West Co is back on track! So everybody that counted us out you better think again. West Co will not be able handle AHS air attack , were going stomp the yard on that weak ass running game and call it a day!


    Dunn to Steven Mitchell i told you he even handed him the ball you Amat fans i don’t want to hear any excuses you got beat straight up at your house on your couch with grandma cooking in the kitchen i told you all that you had no chance it shouldn’t even had been that close but hey even when you fight with your little brother sometimes you let him hang with you just so he can keep his confidence.

    Lance R
    Knock it off Alemany is not equal with Amat Alemany is better than Amat so stop it with the whole this league is equal crap take your lost and shove it the Warriors are completely in control of the Serra league since we entered the Serra league Amat doesn’t matter anymore but look on the bright side you might be the first team to finish behind us and for you guys thats a nice seat since thats where you will finish for the next 4 or 5 years. We came we conquered and were out.

  • trojans85

    Good to see El Monte is good. Its good for the school. Arroyo has the qb and that should make the difference though when they meet up.

    WC seems to only be getting stronger.

    Charter Oak could make the semi’s in the Inland as long as they win league. However Ive been convinced that the Inland is as deep and strong as the Pac 5.

    Conq, Los Altos in the day would routinely run it up on teams. The Mike Smith team (81?) would put 60 on the board with no hesitation.

    Fred, EHS and WC were in the top league most those years and would never play CO or RO. As enrollement fell EHS finally had relief and was moved to the Valle Vista.

  • Sgvfan

    Apache, how quickly you forget that you lost to Burbank?

  • Sgvfan

    Apache, how quickly you forget that you lost to Buroughs? Sorry

  • Anonymous

    Apache Love
    What do you mean your back, when did Arcadia ever make noise in the Southeast division? or are you talking about the fact that maybe you guys were over publicized. Yeah i think thats it, Arcadia has never been a threat in the Southeast and that will continue. Do you remember how Burroughs ran all over your Apache’s or did you forget that too. In the southeast if you cant stop the run then your no threat and stop calling out WC you have to win first and gain some respect to call out the Champs focus on winning the Pacific not sharing but outright winning it, then get out of the first round and maybe just maybe you’ll be able to get some attention from the Champs.

  • Lance R

    All of a sudden you pop up as “Warriors” as a screen name? I highly doubt you have any affiliation with Mission Hills Alemany and are in here as a poser and Hater. Dont you just love it when these guys change their screen names and come in here just to Bash Amat. Get a life dude what game were you at? Amat took two leads in this game and altho Alemany came back to win it the teams that are in the Serra are evenly matched. Someone has to win and someone has to lose but all in all they will be all close games this year and I do not see any one team blowing out the other. Same thing happened in the Crespi Notre Dame game. Notre Dame was winning in that one and Crespi came back to get the win, very even and competitive game. Crawl back under your rock poser. Who will you be next week Senor Celt?

  • AmnataChampion


    Looks like the end is now near…No playoffs, No thanksgiving day practice, and no CIF Championship Ring! Just the facts FredJ…

    FREDJ, time to jump ship. Head north or east. Lots of good choices…WestCo, Covina, Charter Oak. These wil be the team playing after thanksgiving. In fact, well into December!

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you back in July! Aram and I knew the facts and we tried to help you. Your honks are done too. Most didnt even bother to show up for the a$$ handing from Alemany…! How sad was that…? Empty Stadium to go along with that empty team…

    Not in 2011…just the FACTS!


  • hilarious

    it’s awesome when your “empty stadium” still almost doubles the attendance at every other game in the valley.

  • AmnataChampion


    Looks like the Warriors didn’t just “Come Out and Play.”

    The Warriors also came out to La Puente to kick the BishopAmat Lancers’ a$$…


    Why Amat can’t WIN:
    – Small Offensive Line
    – Small Defensive Line
    – Mutiny at the Left Tackle
    – Favorite Status at QB
    – 1 decent running back, but can’t run against the big boys
    – The arrogance of the BishopNomas Honks
    – Terrible Head Coaching decisions (see end of 2nd qtr)
    – your a PAC 5 Participant just like JSerra!

    No Ring For You…


  • hilarious

    dang! Amat’s line is so small Jalen Moore only had 112 yds last night against the monster Alemany line. they MUIST suck!


    Lance R
    LOL hahahahaha you sound like an angry fan and you will be proven wrong next week when Alemnay blow out Crespi. call me a poser all you want but your empty stands shows how many fake Amat fans their truly is. Whatever happen to the Amat nation? Look the point is i dont care how close a game is we beat you guys you were too little like your fan base and you lost the game. i do believe your 0-1 in league and that record is what really matters, so if Amat is satisfied with losing because it was close well then according to you, you should get use to it. Amat 0-1 Almenay 1-0

  • AmnataChampion

    It’s even way more hilarious when your team is getting their a$$ handed to them by the same team that beat them last year…More Witnesses to remember the “Debacle In La Puente,”

    Just the facts FredJ…Alemany 2 years in a row!

    You can drown with the lancers or jump ship and join Aram with the winning teams! Your choice FredJ….

    Amnat can’t Win and we all know why…


  • Breaking News!!!

    Previously unbeaten Orange Lutheran and Santa Margarita are both 0-1 in the Trinity league and their “playoff hopes are in jeopardy!”

    Do realize how crazy that sounds?

    Orange Lutheran and Santa Margarita are both 0-1.

    Santa Margarita has not won a D1 Championship in their existence. They must be Pac-5 “participants” maybe they should drop to D5 again so they can win!!!

  • empty?

    warrior – the only “empty” stands were the ones they kept showing on th evisitors side. Like Aram said, ” Didnt realize pasadena was such a far drive” Or does the Gold Line just not run in this direction?


    I know huh man he was running all over the place man that guy did his job he even got his team the win OH wait who are we talking about again, was he on the winning team. Ok look Amat you guys won in the stat department, Oh wait no you didnt you lost there to man basically it was complete domination all around the board ok your RB had 112 yards rushing with 22 carries on a losing effort congrats to him he played awesome.

    Funniest statement way to keep your confidence coach
    “We think 3-1 is probably going to win it. Every week is a playoff and we lost Round 1” LOL not only is he trying to keep the team spirit up but he even kind of predicts what will happen in the future.

  • AmnataChampion

    ***Notices De La Hora***

    Are you really comparing your little Lancer team to Santa Margarita…?

    What balls! Don’t you remember the humiliating…degrading…and destructive loss against Servite…? What makes you think that SM wouldn’t do the same to the little lancers, you moron?

    SM is an elite PAC 5 team! You? You are just a PAC 5 Participant like Milikan, JSerra, and the other bottom readers! Can you say “Cat Fish” Lancers…?

    I told you The Black Friars of Servite ended your season and I am right…

    Your season is over…



    the funniest thing about that is its no secret we all know Alemany is full of Pasadena kids “SO WHAT” Amat isn’t full of La puente kids and hey probably the gold line dont run that far but i do believe Pasadena is a much better place to live then La Puente. the fact is the game was empty Amat side wasn’t full either but if you happen to want to see a championship caliber team then come over to Pasadena hills and watch Alemany take on Crespi it will be stand up room only unlike last nights game.

  • your definition – not ours

    Notices De La Hora – No, bu your definition Sm is just a particpant

    Not in 2010
    Not in 2009
    Not in 2008
    Not in 2007
    Not in 2006
    Not in 2005
    Not in 2004
    Not in 2003
    Not in 2002
    Not in 2001
    all th eway back to
    Not in 1987
    PARTICIPANTS!! Just like St John Bosco and Lakewood

  • AmnataChampion


    Old Mrs Doubt Fire…

    Are you still in VEGAS…?

    I told you your Bishop Amat Lancers were way Over Rated…!

    Lancers honks clap with me… On 3:

    No…! You jumped off sides again Left Tackle…! Damm it…let’s try it again!


    Over Rated…. Say it Loud and Proud…!

    OVER RATED…OVER RATED…! Yankees style Clap…! C’ mon…

    Over Rated…clap, clap…clap,clap,clap!


  • lou dobbs

    was at the pomona game last night and it seems this pomona team is starting to get there act together. this kid schreiman is the real deal, if only they would have turned him looose in the shotgun against pomona instead of waiting till the end of the game they would have beaten covina easily. but really with this running back they have and this tall receiver this team is poised to win a cif championship. this schreiman kid who has been blasted the last few months is in no way as bad as the covina fans say he is. im predicting san damis and pomona in the cif championship game with maybe a slight chance to covina too.

  • AmnataChampion


    If knowing your not the only Looooooser in the PAC 5 makes you feel better then more power to you, little man!

    Bottom line ‘Cat Fish’, your lights literally went out last night and your season is over…

    “Turn out the lights the Party’s over…”. Dandy Don was right…!

    No Ring For You in 2011…


  • Frank

    Talk about blowing a game, Amat should of won this game easily. alemany did not look like a very good team, but they kept coming up with a big play to allow them to retain posesion of the ball. This game came down to them making that one exta play to get a touchdown.
    There is something wrong wiht this Amat team, they seem to have a lot of talent, and some how are not putting it together. Amat should of won this game by several td’s. Amat is now backed into a corner and will defintily have to win 2 of 3 to maybe get a playoff spot. If they can pull of 3 wins, that would be great. Luckily the teams in the Serra are pretty even.
    Fred or Aram what happened to the Friday After the game show? its usually up for viewing.

  • progress

    I’m hearing Covina, I’m hearing San Dimas, I;m hearing Maranatha, I’m hearing Pomona, I’m hearing Arroyo all have a chance to be in the Semi Finals, and/or Finals in the Mid valley….Well 3 of these teams will make the Semis, and 1 of these teams will be in the Finals… I wonder which ones will make it? I still think Monrovia is going to shine through in the playoffs and be in the finals, Despite having tons of issues to work out in preseason(Mainly replacing Bueno) and getting McCarthy and defense healthy, they will be have everything clicking by the time they see any of the other top teams in the Midvalley. The Running game is really coming together and the QB has settled in now. My guess is Monrovia will still get a top 4 seeding come play off time. I think The Majority of the teams in the Midvalley have peaked except for Monrovia and Pomona, and that’s Scary. I those two may be your Midvalley Finals this season. Teams do not Fear Monrovia this season, but they are still a favorite to be in the Dance come DEC.

  • poor amat

    This years Amat team has one of the smallest and weakest lines amat has seen in a while. Jalen Moore is a exceptional back, that explains how he is able to get 100 yards a game. I don’t think its because of Amats exceptional blocking. Rio is always on the Run as well. He is good on the run, but he seldom has time to sit back and deliver. Losing the first league games really hurt Amats playoff chances. They are going to lose at least 2 more. Their preseason schedule was soft outside of the servite game…Well we will see what happens.

  • Lance R

    Warriors your a real fan… Hey mencing get your head out, Alemany has a bye next week and Amat is at Crespi, so who are you blowing I mean blowing out next week??? Alemany like Amat and all the other Serra league participants will be in for a close game all the way to the end. No one is going to blow out anybody this year. See you next week as Senor Celt and the following week as My Little Cubbie and the week after that as the Golden Knight and shinning armor. Get a clue you do not know football.

  • the rankings are going to be crazy

    I don’t know how ‘ol Freddy and Aram is going to get out of this one….Things are shaping up to have some crazy end of the year SGV encompassing Rankings…

    Bishop Amat-What can you say..they are already in the back seat of the serra, if they lose league, and no playoffs…where do you rank them…Pac5 or not they will have to be dropped.

    Charter Oak- Doing Well, but the Chargers, will have to play one of Upland, Rancho Cuc, Corona Cent or Vista Murrieta in 2nd Round no matter What…Can the Chargers get over the hump. They will Finish top 5 SGV… no matter what.

    West Covina- Had Some Injuries Early, but bounced back. They are still the team to beat in Southeast. Back to Back titles makes them #1 in SGV.

    Covina- With Only one loss to WC, repeating as VVL Champs is good but a title will be best. Monrovia, and San Dimas might have something to say about that. It’s going to be tough road. I they win out, top 5 team for sure

    San Dimas- No one is playing better than the Saint’s. They still have P town, and Covina left, if they can win VVL, they may find themselves in the title game this season…Monrovia is still lurking for revenge.

    St Francis- They are sitting at 6-0. However they still have a long way to Go. With teams like Chaminade in way, They are going to have to have a perfect season to get through that divisions. If they win it all, they could be the #1 team.

    Arroyo-Out of all the top teams in midvalley, they seemed to be a the bottom of that list. They will Win league, and Rivera is one of the best Around, but they won’t beat the top 4 seeds… Sorry

    Arcadia- With Big wins over Monrovia, they seem to be on the right track, However, with a loss to burroughs, they may not win league. They are still a threat in the Southeast, but West Covina Runs that playground.

    Los Altos- The biggest Surprise of the season, They are quietly setting up a showdown with west Covina. They will make the playoffs, and make some noise. Watch out for this team..

    Damien- They have turned it around over there. However, they don’t win a playoff game in the inland. Maybe next year. They still will be in the top ten.

    Monrovia- They by far have been the biggest let down this season. Everyone expected More, and they have dropped as far as #25 on the list. however, The cats will win league, and their first 2 playoff games. That Means they will be on 8 game winning streak. if they repeat as Midvalley champs that means they have beating San Dimas, or Covina, or both…They could march back to the top 5 with a back to back title showing.

    Maranatha- Sitting pretty at 6-0. However I still think that Teams like San Dimas, Covina, and Monrovia, can beat them.. We will see what happens.


    frank and Lance R
    you two guys are the biggest CRY BABIES. Frank get real Amat should had won by several td’s “WHEN and WHAT game was you watching”.

    Lance R
    please stop your weeping, saying that every game will be close doesn’t make it ok for Amat to lose Look little lady you lost get over it stop with the excuses, thats two years in a row TWO YEARS and believe me with Steven and Dunn coming back oh yeah and Alif from the JV team going to Varsity next year i believe its more then safe to say it will be 3 years in a row, but for now im going to enjoy reading all the excuses and sobing post made by you Amat CRY BABIES.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    What a night of football in the sgv! CO blowing out South Hills is impressive. Say what you want about the Huskies, but they are a solid squad and CO had their way with them.

    Tough break for the Amat Lancers,the Serra is no place to start 0-1. Especially this year when you look around and see close scores in week 1 of league play. We played Loyola this year and they are the real deal. Makes you wonder just how good the Inland is this year when you consider how Upland gave the Cubs a nice beat down. CO vs. Upland is a game I would like to see down the road!

    As for my Bulldogs. We took care of business as usual. No excuse for losing to Bonita with Horine out. Not sure Bonita would win with him considering their young soph QB Diebold did not play well at all last night. He needs to avoid starring down his receivers and locking onto that target. Our defensive secondary just read his eyes and picked him off twice and dropped two more poossible interceptions. Lots of pressure on him aswell from the WC defense, causing him to hurry throws and over throw his targets many times.

    Los Altos laying wood on DR! Roddy seems like an ok guy, but his mouth is starting to bounce checks. Good job Conq’s! See you guys in two weeks! Hey Panther leader, that’s what happens when you look ahead. You get smacked by what’s directly infront of you. The overrated puppies will continue to move along one week at a time and will deal with you guys when the time comes. No looking ahead here,we just focus on the next obstacle before us in Bulldog country.

    Apaches, see above. You guys got run all over by Burroughs. The third place team in the Hacienda would do the same to you, not sure you would want any part of us. Finesse teams like yours should not be looking ahead.

    Go Bulldogs!


    Oh yeah by the way the gold line doesn’t go to La Puente but a van does comes to Pasadena and goes directly to Mission hills. Maybe Amat should think about hitting up Pasadena pop warner games and grabbing some kids, or just continue to let St. Francis and Alemany get them but regardless Alemany or Pasadena Alemany whatever you want to call them still beat La Puente Bishop Amat. And stop hating Bishop Amat recruits to.

  • football 151

    I don’t know what the coaching staff from amat was thinking, they should’ve take out 4. He got burned before half, and second half they ran and threw against him. What’s up with this?

  • TGee

    Bull Dog Bite and Dan,

    Went to the DR/LA game sitting on the DR side. People around me were still talking about last weeks game seems to me DR came into last nights game over confident and karma kicked in.
    Roddy is to blame.
    Bull Dog one game at a time just like you said.

    Dan, you’re right on with Steven “ARROYO” Rivera. He is good and came from behind last week. Hope to see your dogs against DR for sure.

    CO gave SH an old fashion whoop. I hope to see WCo “TARE DR A NEW ONE”
    Talk about classless folks YUP they are DR that is. Remember what you say Panther Leader shhhhh

  • all i gotta say is Charter Oak looked preety good!!

  • COChargerfan

    Colt74, remember me? Well, I remember our little conversation so while we are on the subject of you being wrong, do you ALSO want to admit that Calpreps doesn’t publish their formula for making head-to-head projections?

    And Breaking News, here’s news for you…the overwhelming odds are that either Orange Lutheran or Santa Margarita will NOT make the playoffs…my guess is that O’lu will be sitting at home for the playoffs.

    It is tough to lose the first game in the 5 team Serra league…the good news is with only 4 games a 2-2 record could definitely get Amat into the 3rd place spot. Bad news is that there’s one less game to get on a roll. The question is can Amat win 2 of the next 3 games when 2 are on the road? And facing the quality of their opponents including a much improved Loyola…who beating may turn out to be the key. Pretty tough road and even more daunting when you factor in the skill level of this year’s team…not a knock but the reality after watching them play a few games on TV and Internet. Again, not knocking anyone but the cold hard reality is that the O and D lines are very small and have been pushed around.

    Great win CO but there’s still a lot of work to be done to take that Sierra League title from CH…one game at a time.

  • Panther4Life

    Fisher will be back IF the Panthers make the playoff’s, they are definitely hurting without him.

    Panther leader is an idiot and I guarantee not from DR. Anyone from DR knows the next 3 games will be challenging considering how banged up we are.

    We will continue to fight and hopefully salvage the season and get to the playoff’s with everyone healthy, if that happens, anything is possible.

    Congrats LA, well played and coached game.

  • Colt74

    “COChargerfan said:

    Colt74, remember me? Well, I remember our little conversation so while we are on the subject of you being wrong, do you ALSO want to admit that Calpreps doesn’t publish their formula for making head-to-head projections?”

    Here’s the link. Took me 2 seconds to find it on the main page. “HOW RATINGS WORK”

    I came here and admitted I was wrong the second the game was over last night.

    Your turn!


  • simon crowell

    pomona is starting to look very scary right now. rice has them primed to win a cif championship and from the looks of it he will do it. come on 378 yards rushing in 1 game by one running back. pomona is the sleeper of the valley.

  • COChargerfan

    Colt74…think again because “ratings” and “projections” are two entirely different things.

    And you called me out for questioning PROJECTIONS, specifically for saying that they are meaningleess garbage and pointing out that people that rely upon them don’t even know how Calpreps calculates the outcomes. So I believe that it is you that is wrong.

  • Colt74

    The PROJECTIONS are based on RATINGS.If you would have taken the time to read from it it would have explained that to you.
    What part is still confusing you? Or, are you just one of those types that doesn’t admit when THEY are wrong?
    Right now…I’m guessing B……

  • reality

    Aram: Is the most interesting man in the world coach Roddy going to be on your show this Tuesday with more giggling, braggadocio, giving no respect to his fellow coaches and predicting more smackdowns of his opponents. I DONT THINK SO!!!

  • I would like to point out that 378 yards was in 2 1/2 quarters. The JV team played the end of the 3rd and all the fourth quarter. The last two games Coach Rice has taken his foot off the gas going into the second half. I think its great; the JV kids on both teams get to play under the lights. Last night one of our JV kids ran back a 90+ yard interception for a touchdown. Trust me that was a moment in his life he will never forget.

    Let me also explain what I mean by we are going to play better as a team as the season progresses. I will use Covina as an example since one of their bloggers questioned that comment. This Covina team has been playing together for three years at the Varsity level. Over 50% of the starters on Pomona’s team weren’t playing Varsity football at Pomona last year for one reason or another, all of them are seniors. That is why I expect to see this Pomona team to have greater improvements as a team compared to other teams in our division. We are a very talented, depending on how we play as a team will reflect how far we go in the playoffs.

  • coltfan97

    To Pomona,

    Honestly, i think its great that Coach Rice put in his J.V. Thats not the point, Pomona will get better as the year goes. The point is Covina was not heathy when they beat Pomona. In my mind Covina has Pomona number just my opinion. Pomona had its chance when Covina was without Livingston!!!! Covina is getting healthier and at the right time!!!

  • football fan

    your team is not that good. pomona has wins against weak teams, looses to average teams. stop the run as it has happened. game over. you have no passing game that would help. monrovia has a loosing record but should make the playoffs. if so they will destroy pomona. oh don’t forget a for sure loss to san dimas. keep begging man of one million names. pomona is just not as good as you think. wake up

  • BB

    I wouldn’t have normally cared who won between Diamond Ranch and Los Altos, but after reading Eminem’s (I mean Roddy Layton’s) disrespectful comments/smack talk, I am so glad Los Altos shut up that rapper wannabe. You’d never hear Bogan, Gano, Hagerty or any disciplined, respected coach make predictions and downplay their opponents. Karma is a bitch, Eminem. Thanks, Los Altos for making my weekend.

  • “Covina has our number?”, maybe they do.

    Not saying we will beat a healthy Covina, not saying we are going to beat San Dimas.

    I do find it exciting that Max Prep has three of the top five teams in our division from the VVL (1 Covina, 3 San Dimas, 5 Pomona).

  • I changed my mind. You are all just hatters. We are the best team in the valley right now and if we would have played south hills we would have scored 70 points on them before halftime.Our quarterback and running back will be all league if not league rice has the best athletes of any school around. and we will destroy san dimas.The only way that covina beat is us by having the refs flag us on every play if you were there you clearly saw that we are the better team.Keep hatting and you will see us with the cif trophy in decembre.

  • coltfan97

    I was at the Pomona Covina game and Covina had more penalties than Pomona so Pomona you cant use that as an excuse!!! Your too funny!!!! Remember Covina doesnt need to prove itself Pomona does. As for being best in the valley WE all know thats not true!!!! I do agree with you on one thing the top 3 in the VVL are really tough and will represent the VVL well when the playoffs start!!!!

  • Pomona

    football fan (aka idiot),

    “Monrovia should make the playoffs”, obviously you have no clue what you are talking about. Monrovia is ranked 4th in our division and will go undefeated in their league.

    “wins against weak teams, loses to average teams”, Chino is currently ranked 8th in division 5 and their current record is 5-1, their only lost is to POMONA.

    Please you sound like an idiot; you have no knowledge of what you are talking about.

  • Coltfan97,

    That comment before yours using the Pomona screen name wasn’t from me, it was from a Pomona hater.

    I would assume from “football fan” since he has no clue what he is talking about.

  • coltfan97

    Ok thanks Pomona. By the way I do respect Pomona!!!! They do have great athletes!!!!!

  • COChargerfan

    I’m always amazed how people like you Colt74 have the gall to insult others while each time their words actually prove that that they don’t know squat.

    I’ve been quite familiar with Calpreps for many years and I have never seen them provide their formulas (i.e. computer models) that are used to provide projections. If you bothered to closely read the Calpreps Projections page youd see that they disclose that “Projection” ratings are SIMILAR but DIFFERENT from standard ratings. They also state that they use historical ratings of the teams (including head-to-head history) in the projections. And they provide the following disclaimer; In other words, predicting future outcomes and acknowledging to-date success are not the same thing. Given that two different systems are used, yes, the results will be different in some cases. You do not need to try to contact us every time you see Team A rated above Team B, but Team B predicted to beat Team A in a hypothetical or real game. It happens.

    Lets repeat thata team can be rated higher but projected to lose to a lower rated teambecause they use two different systems. Hmmmso Colt74, what dont you understand about this statement?

    Calpreps currently projects that CO will beat Covina 35-17. So where do they explain how they came to that score? They just dontthere isnt any specific information as to the data and formulas that were used to derive this scorethere isnt. So why cant you quit while youre only this far behind? My guess is that this is because you dont have a clue as to the mathematics involveddo you???

  • We feel the same way about Covina and San Dimas.

    It is going to be fun.

  • Colt74

    I have no control over your comprehension abilities.
    I’m far “behind”? Seriously the only being a “behind” STILL is you.
    Maybe they have a freeman ratings for dummies. I don’t know. I don’t care. Don’t need one.

    It’s over your head. I get it.
    Really, I do.

    If you find that insulting, too bad. I find you incredibly dense. I guess we are even.

  • GoAmat

    GOOD JOB AMAT BOYS. Just know that the REFS won the game for them. No call on that PI or even a PF. How lucky are they. But its not surprising! They had help fro the Refs last year too! They must be paying someone! But they are not any better then us boy! So keep ur heads up AMAT!!They will be LUCKY to get all the way. People are stupid to even pay attention to our crowd. LMAO. But then again it just the mentality that you guys have. That explains the lady on the side lines with the braids. She wasn’t even watching the game. LOL. Thr to come and control what happens at OUR house. Good luck Alemany in the rest of your games. You will need it

  • reality

    Pomona and Covina bloggers are sooooo boring.

  • coltfan97

    to Reality,

    Say something interesting then!!!

  • Colt74

    The MaxPreps Freeman Rankings

    MaxPreps National and State Freeman Ratings are the result of our collection of enormous amounts of information from teams throughout the country and the application of a computer model developed by our associate Ned Freeman. The most important thing to understand about how the ratings system works is that it is 100% objective.

    The size of the schools, their division, the league they’re in, how good the school or league are historically, their geographic location, how well liked the school is, how good the league is in other sports do not matter and therefore, none of these factors are programmed into the system. Those subjective factors inevitably bias humans saddled with the daunting task of trying to figure out who the best teams in the nation, in a state, or a region really are?

    Instead, Ned’s system just takes into account the facts. Cold, hard, and unfeeling fact – but as accurate, objective and fair as possible.

    How It Works!
    (A brief explanation of the factors that affect the MaxPreps Rankings system…)

    MaxPreps uses a computer program to determine team rank. We do not poll coaches, sportswriters, or fans. Nor does our staff make any judgments on the merits of any individual team. Prior season history, school size, and comments on message boards are not considered in the MaxPreps

    The system utilizes the huge number of game results stored in the MaxPreps database. Generally, the more a team wins the higher the ranking, but the system takes into account quality wins (against other highly ranked opponents) and strength of schedule.

    For example, a team’s ranking is hurt more by losing to a team that is ranked below them verses a team ranked ahead.

    Other factors that will affect the rankings are times when MaxPreps has incomplete or inaccurate information. We will correct errors when they are reported to us. If we are missing a score, report it to us on the team’s MaxPreps page. If we are missing a game on the schedule, send us a correction request.

    Generally, the more games that are played the more accurate the rankings, so if a team that you perceive as being very strong has played substantially fewer games than other ranked teams it may reflect the fact that we have less data to work with.

    Playoff games are weighed 2.1 times what a regular season game is.

    Movement indicates the up or down movement within the rankings when compared to our previously published rankings.

    If anyone wants the exact algorithm that freeman developed I suggest you write to him and ask him. And while you are at it write to KFC and see if they will give you their recipe. Hit up Doctor Pepper to make it a trifecta. Explain to them how it’s your right that they divulge their formulas to you. Good luck.

  • Huskies

    I thought SH was suppose to be better this year? CO completely pounded them!

  • P-Town

    Yes, we played easier teams the past couple of weeks. But we are improving to be the team I expected to see earlier in the season. The Covina game???? Anyone there knows Pomona lost because the coaches only passed twice until the 4th quarter. Covina knows they got away with one. That was a BigTime coaching error. Hopefully someone chewed up and spit out Rice’s a@@ the way he did to 7 after his Bloomington game ending pic. If the a@@ chewing did happen its too bad it wasn’t done publicly like 7’s. The difference was Bloomington loss ruined a probable undefeated season, Covina’s loss ruined a League Championship and a good CIF seeding, not to mention having to hear Covina bloggers think they are better than P’Town.

  • Amat Bully

    (And you Amat fans say you dont make excuses)

    GoAmat said:
    “GOOD JOB AMAT BOYS. Just know that the REFS won the game for them. No call on that PI or even a PF. How lucky are they. But its not surprising! They had help fro the Refs last year too! They must be paying someone! But they are not any better then us boy! So keep ur heads up AMAT!!They will be LUCKY to get all the way. People are stupid to even pay attention to our crowd. LMAO. But then again it just the mentality that you guys have. That explains the lady on the side lines with the braids. She wasn’t even watching the game. LOL. Thr to come and control what happens at OUR house. Good luck Alemany in the rest of your games. You will need it”

  • Amat Bully

    By the way did you haters happen to catch the CO game against what you haters would call a weak SH teams. Now what would be the excuse for CO not to be rated number 1.

  • coltfan97

    To P-Town,

    All I have to say is excuses excuses!!!! Why can’t you give Covina any credit? Why???? The last thing I am going to say is 16-14 Covina without their starting qb!!!!!!

  • Where to lay your money….

    I will start off by saying it’s a new season but I will say Covina has looked impressive and have the experience But there is a lot to be proven by the Colts. You can’t stamp them a mid valley power until after a 2nd round victory. You can not look at them in the same light as a Monrovia or San Dimas.. not yet. Those teams are the true powers until proven otherwise. I don’t care about preseason or league..The real season starts come playoff time, and in the past two years no one has looked better than Monrovia or San Dimas, and that’s hard facts….I don’t know about Covina, they play West Covina tough in week one, then Rip off 9 wins and a VVL titl, but if You hit Billy a couple times and he is a different QB…. I bought the Covina stock last year, and they farted with a 17 pt showing against Whittier Christian in the 2nd round, who went on to give up 80 pts in the next two weeks to Village Christian and Monrovia… When is comes to “playoffs” I will stick with the winner of the Monrovia vs San Dimas Rematch in the Semis… The Winner of that game is going to take the Division. That’s where I would lay my money…The playoffs is a different beast compared to Preseason games, league title games etc…it’s Win or go home… kids play harder, run faster, and hit! In the past two seasons the Colts have not shown they can produce big when it counts. Covina, San Dimas, and Pomona, are not going to end up all in the same bracket, but two of them will. If Covina faces Pomona for a second time…i would pick Ptown in that game. The Fact that Livingston did not play in the first meeting, might have helped Covina win the close grinders game. Otherwise, coach might have been throwing Fade routes all night and maybe Covina makes a crucial turnover. When Covina faces a top team(in playoffs), they don’t run the ball enough. Can’t win a title depending on the “Deep Ball”. I am just not sold yet, I think I am going to Sell Mortimer Sell Mortimer!!!

  • Coltfan97,

    I can’t validate those comments; I can’t get ahold of P-Town. You are correct Covina beat Pomona 16-14 now lets move on. Pomona has no excuses, we lost.

    I will say I’m pleased with the respect that Pomona has received from the local media (except for Aram, but who cares) over the last few weeks.

  • coltfan97

    To Pomona,

    You should be happy Aram doesn’t respect Pomona!!!! He respects McCutcheon, Sermons, Koffler, and Layton whose teams all lost this past week!!!! So in a way you should be happy he doesnt respect Pomona!!!!! lol!!!

    Lastly, you might agree with me on this, the only thing that matters is the CIF title not the league title (even though a league title is good too have) !!!!! These polls and blogs right now mean nothing, their just fun to argue about!!!!!

  • Coltfan97,

    Yea, you might be right on that one, last week the only one Aram got wrong was Pomona.

  • no-step

    The Alemany game:

    Went to the Alemany game on Friday and was surprised that so many seats were empty. I thought that amat’s stands would be full. Not.

    Was not surprised that the visitor’s side is still unimproved. That is just disrespectful to the teams and fans of other schools who play at amat. Then again, when has amat ever been respectful to anyone?

    Does amat have a “holding” coach? They do it better than anyone.

  • X’s and O’s

    First off, let me say that I am a huge proponent of coaches and I am the first to defend them, but I have one piece of advice to Coach Eric Podley and Ray Medina of Bonita High School.

    You guys need to get rid of the 20 something year old assistant coach with the biggest Napolean complex in the history of mankind. I know he is Podley’s “little mijo” but he needs to be fired. I heard that it was the coach they call “Boomer” who had the idea to kick the opening onside kick vs. West Covina and Podley agreed to this idiotic tactic that came back to bite the Bearcats in the end.

    Medrano may know a few things about defense and linebackers, but he has no business coaching. Trust me, when he was a player he thought it was his right to be a nasty and dirty ass player since he was smaller than everyone else.

    Let him go ride around in his Mercedes back in Pico Rivera fulfilling his little man syndrome and not coaching football

  • COChargerfan

    Colt74…Im familiar with the information that you posted and Im glad to see that you finally found itbut lets see if you understand.

    First, you called me out for saying Calpreps DOES NOT divulge the mathematical formulas (computer models) that they use…for either ratings or projectionsare you know finally willing to agree? Because the last paragraph of your post says that as plain as dayBTW, no need for you to write KFC for their recipe because I saw the trailer for a new TV show and this dude going to unlock that secret for you.

    As to the 100% unbiased, objective statement by Calpreps, thats a lot of baloney. In fact, they actually admit this to those that are paying attention, specifically, Generally, the more a team wins the higher the ranking, but the system takes into account quality wins (against other highly ranked opponents) and strength of schedule. So, if every team, league and division starts the season as an equal, exactly how would someone calculate a quality win and SOS? Couldnt be donethe mathematical calculations REQUIRE that some teams, leagues and divisions be pre-ranked and then the other teams fall in placethus, there is obvious BIAS especially when attempting to compare teams across leagues and divisions.

  • what else is new

    @ no step

    that’s nothing new. bishop might do a good job of football and baseball, but their school is a major dump in a bad area.

  • Colt74

    COChargerfan said:

    “Colt74, using the Calpreps computer projections are akin to the mistakes novices make in reading the Daily Racing Form..”

    “If those predictions are correct, my only comment is who knew that the Calprep’s computers could smoke crack?”

    “What really matters in predicting outcomes is class…and Covina’s football team plays in a much lower class than the Inland.”

    “So you believe that Calpreps is the bible, then go ahead and explain the data and formulas that Calpreps uses to predict these games? Don’t know, do you? Does anyone? So, why do you blindly agree with their predictions? Better yet, it is hilarious that you agree with the predictions that have Covina winning but you dont agree with the one that has CO kicking their buttsdude, you just went out behind the barn and shot yourself!”

    I directed you to the info on the DATA and FORMULAS 3 times and how and where the get the DATA. I could care less about the algorithm they use, and also, THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DIRECT YOU TO!!!!! At over 75% correct rate it MUST work. Why don’t you direct me to the algorithm the BCS uses? You can’t. And it’s neither of our jobs to do so in a discussion. To ask someone to deliver something that can not be delivered is ridiculous, but if that’s what it takes to twist the argument…

    Here’s the link again:

    And the writings explain the FORMULA.

    Formula: An established form of words or symbols for use in a ceremony or procedure.

    You stated you have taken numerous mathematics classes and have a great understanding of such. What about comprehension classes? You really seem to be struggling in that area.

    And yes I can agree with all BUT the predictions about Charter Oak kicking covina’s butts ( remember the 75% correct rate..that means there is error. Charter Oak winning against Covina would be one of those ) And I don’t care if you disagree. You made statements that EVERYONE KNOWS that covina would lose those games you listed against us. Well, I posted that EVERYONE does NOT know, nor agree with your assessment. That is when you took acception to the freeman ratings. And since I don’t have your list of EVERYONE that would agree with you, I used what I had, Freeman ratings.
    You only agree with Calpreps when they suit your needs. You said so in the other post remember?

    “Actually, Im starting to see your point of view Colt74maybe you are absolutely right about CalprepsCO 28 Covina 17. LMAO.”

    And One more thing, about the third comment about class. Covina plays in a lower division. Covina is second to NOBODY in class. Let me repeat that…NOBODY!!!

    If you don’t believe in the freeman ratings, great. Stop trying to dissuade me or anyone else that does. And stop trying to get to the molecular level of what you think people owe you as an explanation in a discussion. I can reference other posts where you have been called out on twisting what people say around to suit your needs.

    Remember this latest reply to a recent post by you? ” Let’s twist again like you did last summer. Once again you twist a post to fit your fight ” You did not comprehend his post also. See a pattern?
    I stand by every word I have said and have twisted nothing around.

    I’m not doing this anymore. If you reply you will be talking to yourself and wasting your time. I have repeatedly showed you that you are wrong. You refuse to admit that. I get it.

  • TheRealP-Town

    Those comments posted from P-Town earlier in this thread were posted by an impersonating P-Town hater or someone just out to start problems. None the less we may have started out on the wrong foot but we seem to have grounded both and we aren’t looking back. And for the imposter???? Nice try.

  • reality

    X&O: And youre a proponent of coaches? Wow, your venom literally flies off the page against this what asst. coach? If the onside kick had been successful would you have been happy? I doubt it. I’m all for anonimity in blogging but when it gets personal as in describing car and addresses in yout attack, this smacks of cowardice and jealousy. If you feel this strong that you must air it out put your name to it or talk to him man to man. You need some help. Get a grip.

  • COChargerfan

    Colt74… YOU are the one that made the statement that Calpreps provides the formulas that they use and choose to insult me at the same timeand you are wrongNO FORMULAS are provided anywhere.

    Its pretty clear that you have zero knowledge of statisticsadmit it.

    Even scarier is your definition of “formula”…so you think Freemans and Calpreps uses words to calculate ratings and projects? LMAO. Actually, what they use are real mathematical formulas (wordssorry, just cant stop lmao) that certainly include regression analysis.

    BTW, did you read Calpreps comments that there are so many mismatches in high school football that anyone could predict 70% of the outcomes? So 80% isnt all that impressive.

    As to the BCS, we know what they use to determine their rankings (they dont do projections) but of the 6 computer programs only Wes Colley publishes his methods. If you are interested, check it out at Of course, using methods such as Colleys is much more accurate when predicting rankings in one division versus trying to rank high school teams that play in 13 divisions. In fact, on page 7 Colley points out this problem specifically via the example of trying to compare an NAIA team to one in the D1-A.

    The world is full of people that blindly accept everything that they read mostly because they dont have any background to ask the questionWHY? Dont really care about your world that is, until you insult methen I have no problem proving to the world that you are an ant.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    WOW what a Friday night of football in the Hacienda League. LA, I have to give you credit, seems like you guys have bounced back from your Walnut defeat and played well. You are still in the play-off hunt. Walnut has to be the suprise team of the league so far. At 2-1 the Mustangs are certainly in the play-off hunt. I guess it’a all about who you play in the pre-season. If the Mustangs make the post season, O’Shields gets my vote for Coach of the Year. West Covina will continue to roll. The Dawgs have way to many weapons for the rest of the league. the only team in the league that I thought would be able to keep up with WC was DR…..on what would have had to be their best day. Now I see that game as just another game to extend WC’s league win streak. DR, you are way to one dimentional to deal with the WC defense. This play-off picture could get quite messy in a couple weeks.

  • Bored of it

    Can we please get CO/COLT a room of their own, and maybe some condoms so they can get out of the closet?

  • lou dobbs

    did anybody see delaney walker play today from the 49ers. well guess what high school he went too. you got it, pomona high and i will tell you that this pomona team might have someone playing on sundays also. anyway to all you pomona haters i will tell you this much they have more talent in the valle vista than any other team and all i can say is look out for poman in the playoffs. this team is legitimate and im not even a pomona fan. and too all you schreiman haters you need to stop hating because this kid is the real deal.

  • I would say if LA makes the playoffs and wins a game or 2,Ziola would be coach of the year. Walnut was 6-5 last year. We all know how bad LA has been.

  • Lancelot

    AMAT BOOTY – I wouldn’t be surprised if that post came from YOU or your “Buddies” (all 3 or 4 of them in one). No excuses. Didn’t get the “W”. Time to prepare for Crespi….The Serra is a dogfight week in and week out. Can’t dwell on loss that already happened,…so only thinking about Crespi this week unless you’d like to start exchanging “Nonsense” again?

  • TheReal-P-Town

    We will not be legit unless we beat San Dimas, and convincingly. Can anyone beg to differ.

  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot
    Now what you gotta say about those ratings “huh” you did all the lap riding with “just gayin'” when he was bringing up those ratings now the tables has turned and CO ratings are higher than Amat’s. You see you idiot like i told you a ratings argument changes constantly no one person will be right every time but you insisted on putting your two cents in now you look like an A$$ you haven’t seen in a while. And dude get real i didnt post that you idiot what a way to give Amat a way out of making excuses your pathetic.

  • Amat Bully

    I just thought this was funny

    “Don’t mess with Kyle DeVaughn of Mission Hills Alemany.

    Against Bishop Amat, DeVaughn had 12 tackles and three sacks.

    “He manhandled the poor Bishop Amat players,” Coach Dean Herrington said.

    So much of coach Herrington saying that he think Amat is better than someone this year, instead he shows his sympathy for “poor Bishop Amat players”. LOL what a way to kick a team while their down.

  • great for the sgv

    And One more thing, about the third comment about class. Covina plays in a lower division. Covina is second to NOBODY in class. Let me repeat that…NOBODY!!!

    Can’t wait to see what your buddy boys from bishop nation have to say about your claim.

  • ConstapationBall

    Mind you, I don’t miss the Zavala years, but at least he managed to put the ball across the goal line with some regularity, especially when they got inside the 10 yard line.

    Zavala through 6 games 2010 season = 27.5 ppg
    Burt through 6 games 2011 season = 13.33 ppg

    Defense was horrible under Zavala, but is even worse now:

    Zavala through 6 games 2010 season = 28 ppg allowed.
    Burt through 6 games 2010 season = 34.83 ppg allowed.

  • Wow

    I have not seen Pomona play, but i talked w/ a couple of people that have. They have all said that Pomona its loaded w/ talent and should make noise in the playoffs. However they all agreed that you can put that Morales kid from Wilson w/ that talent, and would do as good or BETTER that Schreiman.

  • Fire Ms. PAUL

    U sit here and say u dnt miss Zavala, but lets see.. 1st season Zavala and staff win 3 games. 2nd season Zavala and staff win 4 games. Burts 1st season = no wins yet and it dsnt look good the rest of the way. Im not blaming the coaches 4 the results, its hard 4 the kids to learn 3 different systems in 4 years. My opinion is that the principal @ Wilson Ms. Helena Paul dsnt care about athletics in particular Football. I dont see Burt coming back next season. Parents instead of going 2 the games screaming @ the Coaching staff the way you being doing the last few seasons, u should go outside administration office and scream 4 some accountability from Ms.PAUL. Get a Principal that cares about your kids. FIRE MS. PAUL, FIRE MS. PAUL, FIRE MS. PAUL

  • Colt74


    Now you are just proving you are an ass.

    “The world is full of people that blindly accept everything that they read mostly because they dont have any background to ask the questionWHY? Dont really care about your world that is, until you insult methen I have no problem proving to the world that you are an ant.”

    I insulted you because I seriously have never run into a denser human being in my life. Sorry, that is just the way it is. You just refuse to accept you are wrong and go off in all directions/misdirections in your replies. I answered and directed you to answers on numerous occasions. The ONLY problem is you refuse to accept those answers. I can do nothing about that. You are probably one of those “I had my fingers crossed” types of people too. You refuse to admit you are wrong.

    “Its pretty clear that you have zero knowledge of statisticsadmit it.”

    I took statistics back in 1976. Probably before you were born. I’ll put my degree and my transcripts up against yours any day of the week…I’ll put up how ever much you want to lose that I earned a PERFECT 4.0 GPA. You are a fool to even hint at what I do or do not have knowledge of. FACT.

    “so you think Freemans and Calpreps uses words to calculate ratings and projects? LMAO. Actually, what they use are real mathematical formulas (wordssorry, just cant stop lmao) that certainly include regression analysis.”

    You just keep making that “STUPID” sign bigger and bigger…
    They use WORDS to explain how they do their computations ( IE Formula )for the lay person ( IE YOU ). So now you refuse to accept the definition of FORMULA??? LMMFFAO!
    You can always transpose what they said into a “mathematical” formula…no??? With your knowledge of statistics it should be no problem. Correct? Your link to Colly does the same thing. They explain the process although Colly’s link ALSO shows the actual mathematical formula. Calpreps and Maxpreps don’t go that far into their explanations but then again they don’t need to. They explain the process to the lay man. Again, you are free to transpose what the say into a mathematical formula. So stop trying to twist or misrepresent what I said. That is all you do. If you can’t dazzle them with Brilliance, Baffle them with BS…

    You went from using the word Formula, to Mathematical formula, to what next? The relationship of formulas to the impact of a god on modern civilization? You have taken our very first exchange 300 miles east of the Mississippi river so far…

    LOL…Regression analysis ya think? Predicting/Forecasting 101.

    Show me anywhere in any post where I even HINTED at blindly following the freeman ratings. You can’t. Just more of your superfluous BS. But hey..I’m sure you snowballed someone with your first paragraph. They probably thought that I actually said/think/believe/act according to what you said instead of the truth that it is 100% your fabrication. More of that baffle them with BS huh?

    ALL football prediction formulas have 1 very large intrinsic flaw. Strength of schedule. But still any formula still beats hands down the homer or eye test.

    I know…you are going to make up something else about me or do more side stepping than a line dancer….you can’t end it with being “served” by the ant…

    Or…you can let it go. You are not going to change my stance. ZERO chance of it. In a formula that would look like “0”……

  • Wilson Alum.


    That is just crazy talk. You make want to check with Coach Bert on that Morales comment. You obviously haven’t been to a wilson game. Morales is the worse quarterback in the VVL and maybe the Mid Valley division. This kid cost us at least three wins.

    We had Schreiman we would be at least 3 and 3 this season. I wont even repeat the comments I hear in the stands about Morales.

  • First off the comment from “Wow” has to be the same Pomona hater from earlier. Please Pomona bloggers don’t respond to these comments, there is no point, once you respond it will never end, and that is what they want.

    There is no need to defend our team on this blog, they are doing just find on the field.

  • Lancelot


    Who’s a lap rider? You’re riding the laps of ANY team that beats AMAT! You know why your sorry a$$ has to ride the Lap of others? That’s right because the Chargers are not able to beat the Lancers!!! You’re just like your domestic partner Nonsense1995, et. al….Living thru the accomplishments of teams better than your own. We OWN charter oak and you can’t stand it. HA,HAA,HAAA,HAAAA!!!!


  • football

    Mark Schreiman,
    get back on your meds man of a million names on the blog. Get off Morales jock. Your son was and will always be second string to Morales.
    Schreiman, Los Altos (transfered) unable to find him a position so lets transfer to Wilson (transfered) 2nd string QB. Morales is the starting QB lets
    transfer to Pomona. Pomona is winning because of the running game NOT because of your son. See you in a bit I’m walking to your house in Hacienda Hts. neighbor lol

  • Wow

    Football: u r funny. love ur post the “neighbor” part its hilarious… In my previos post i did mention that Pomona its gonna make noise on the playoffs, so im not hating on the red devils. i also said that i have NOT seen them play myself. All i said its that other people that have seen them, have told me that with the talent and TRANSFERS they got, even Morales would do a good enough job 2 win games. After all, Morales won the QB spot from Schreiman last year. That’s why he TRANFERED. Now tell me where am I wrong

  • great for the sgv

    Petros Papadaikas sporting a Bishop Alemany shirt on The Challenge/KABC. Why does that school ring a bell???
    I wonder if the refs paid him to wear it…

  • football and wow

    what a superb idea, please, use all of your power and influence so Morales can be the QB to transfer to Pomona, if you can do that I will create a movement for you two to be on the school board as write-in candidates, and boy r u wrong, MS has only one blog on this page

  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot
    that was cute your starting to sound like a man now. But your still living in the past, thats a sign of a desperate fan who has to use the past to make his/her argument sound good. When your ready to come back to the future little Marty Mcfly you’ll see that even some of the bad teams from the past are good now, its a new day and age and everything is different, for instance Amat is smaller in size Servite is Dominate, Alemany is again a power house WC is running their division the IE is better than the pac5 and Muir is terrible now. Do you see how things changed, living in the past gets you nowhere its the “NOW” and in the NOW (present) CO and those other teams are catching up to those use to be Dominate schools such as Amat and etc… And dude its no secret that i don’t like Amat and yeah i do want the opponents to beat Amat but believe me its a lot of fans from other schools that feel the same way because of cocky dumba$$ fans like yourself that always want to bring the past up. So relax my little “HAPPY” friend there will be a time when Amat will win it all but one thing i and pretty much everyone else including you know for sure that time is far down the road.

    Amat ratings 41.1 CO 41.4

  • football and wow, slao

    MS and brandon left last year prior to Coach Beltran and Coach Jason coming on board at wilson, everyone knows 100% who would have been the starting QB this year if they still lived in H Hts, absolutely no question

  • ConstapationBall

    Wow/football/Mr. Morales

    Nobody has a personal problem with your kid, but everyone knows that Zavala played him over Brandin last year, because his horrible OC (Williams) wanted a running game, and Josh has better wheels than Brandin. When it comes to the passing game, Brandin is far superior. Just facts.

  • Wilson Alum.

    Did someone just mention Morales and loyal teammate in the same sentence. Morales transferred to Wilson his junior year because he lost his starting job to another kid. Morales mom a teacher at Wilson made a deal with Zavala and then she transferred her son into Wilson. You are calling him a loyal teammate. Morales is the number one reason we haven’t won a game this year.

  • Lancelot

    Amat Booty aka Amat Bullie – Ya know what Girl, I thought you were finally getting it but again you disappoint. You can equate the Chargers winning ways against inferior competition as a “sign” that yoor program is making headway BUT…YOU know and I Know, that your just a good team as long as you stay inside your league and the fishbowl. c.o. is DEFINATELY no Servite and your not even close to being an Alemany, not to mention a Crespi, Loyola or Notre Dame. So just stay content to sit on the Laps of the Big Boy Programs and suckle at their teets to try and get a taste of what it must be to beat a team like Amat…because a good little team like yours (c.o.) from the big bad sierra league can only live through the actions and accomplishments of others. Go to bed Valley Girl, I mean Amat Booty er..bullie (with an “ie” because that’s how you chicks spell it right?

    ****Amat Bullie….
    sure you spell it right from now on!!!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Colt74…for starters, you’re the rudest jackass on the Tribune blogs which is the only reason that I wasted my time with you. What is it about you that make it impossible to have a discussion without hurling personal insults? I also got As in statistics, so what? Look at yourself, because you are a statistical anomaly to the education-azzwipe formulayou know the one in which there is an inverse relationship between a persons education level and their need to hurl insults at strangers.

    And quit crying because I havent twisted any of your wordsthis started when I commented that Calpreps does not reveal the data and formulas behind their projections and you said otherwiseeven though they dontthey DONT end of discussion.

    In trying to defend your error, youre the one that posted that nonsensical formula definition you know An established form of words or symbols for use in a ceremony or procedure. Come on were talking about Calpreps and Freemans crunching numbers using statistical formulas to come up with game scores which has nothing to do with words or symbols for use in a ceremony or procedure. You said it so Im not twisting anything.

    Heres what I believeanytime that someone says something and refuses to provide their methods to back it up, EVERYONE should be skeptical. Heck, look at the global warming scarethese folks with an agenda (money?) insisted that it existedyou know ice caps melting, Polar bears becoming extinct and all the beach communities going to be underwaterand they went around spewing data results to support it. But, after the impartial scientific community finally pried the so-called data, assumptions and methods out of the nut-jobs and analyzed it, turned out to be a BIG FAT LIE…which is why we don’t hear about it anymore.

    Again, why are Freemans projections so wonderful? They admit that because of the huge mismatches in high school games, it is easy to predict 70% of the outcomes, thats without ANY computer modeling system, so 30% of the games are toss ups If their prediction rate is 82%, that means that they only correctly predict a little over 1 in 3 of these toss up gamesso they lose 2 out of 3. No so good after all, are they?

  • AMAT 73

    First off congratulations to Alemany on a good win Friday night. Close game which really could have gone either way but they made the plays and we didn’t . No excuses we got beat. It went down to whoever had the ball last won the game . Offense had some nice dives and I believe one was a 94 yd drive so the O line can do the work .League will be up in the air as it seems anyone is capable of knocking off each other . We need to quit making mistakes at crucial times and speed up our passing game . More of the quick hitters / slants as opposed to going down field . Jalen again had a solid game and the corner was his to take we just didn’t go wide that much. We got Crespi this week and pretty much is a must win game. On another note great win by LA and CO just taking it to SH was unreal . Thought SH would put up a better fight. Good wins by many SGV teams , congratulations.

  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot
    Relax its just your menstrual cycle it happens to every female, getting angry and being snappy only makes it obvious that your on your period. But i never once said CO was a Servite or an Alemany, in my opinion CO would had definitely played Servite much tougher then Amat did and probably would had upset Alemany. im going to run down some facts for you since you fail to do so.

    Fact: CO rating is higher then Amat
    Fact: So far this year Amat was Servites easiest game
    Fact: CO has a better record then Amat
    Fact: every fact i mentioned so far is the present not the past.
    Fact: Lady Lancelot is making a fool out of his self.

  • Amat Bully

    one more fact i left out Lady Lancelot


  • Lancelot

    AMAT BULLIE…What’s up girl friend? I didn’t say you said c.o. was as good as those teams MORON, any football fan worth his salt knows YOUR NOT! And here you go again…Oh “in my opinion”? Your opinion is about as useful as that surgically implanted vagina you spent all your mom’s money on when you moved to colorado to start a new life only to return home as a woman. But I digress, I guess we will NEVER know IF c.o. would have upset Alemany…AGAIN, you know why???? Because you don’t play teams of that caliber. When you do…you get waxed!!! Hell when you play teams like Rancho, who’s not even tops in your Division you struggle and/or get waxed! And real quick, all those “facts” don’t mean diddley…because you play in a weak a$$ JAA league buddy! Apples, meet my friend Oranges. It’s all good though, c.o. is really a pretty good little sierra team. Enjoy it while it last though “Amat Bullie” because pretty soon, you won’t even be able to hang your hat on that, BAAA HAA HAA HAAAAAA HAAAA!!!

  • Amat Bully

    Dumba$$ Lancelot:
    Where in my post did i say anything about you saying CO was as good as any of those teams? Re-read it dummy i said “i never once said CO was a Servite or an Alemany” if you come up for air when your reading instead of trying to multitask (having your face in your dads lap and reading at the same time) you would had seen what i said. And facts are facts, you can always tell when a person is angry especially when the truth is spoken to them, And please give me a tough caliber team that Amat has played this year besides Servite that record is better than Damien who’s in the Sierra league…..”ill wait”…..Look she-male the bottom line is CO is ranked higher and is in a tougher division (inland 2). Its funny how you Amat fans one day say “now that CO is in the Sierra league they won’t run through that league its much tougher”, now that CO is favored to run through that league all of a sudden its weak. SHUT UP

    Lady Lancelot when your done watching yourself on dateline’s “how to catch a pedophile” come with some facts from this year showing why Amat is better than CO i showed you my “FACTS” now show me your “FACTS”.

  • Lancelot

    “AMAT BULLIE…What’s up girl friend? I didn’t say you said c.o. was as good as those teams MORON, any football fan worth his salt knows YOUR NOT!” ***Maybe you should read it again?***

    Hey – “Bullie Jean” Mt SAC is a championship team at the JC level but I bet they get waxed by Utah, Fresno State or Miami of Ohio….Different levels of competition (and those are ot even the best of the upper divisions). You get it? Probably not. OK, let’s just say that MTSAC is setting records and is on top of their league and all is well (much like C.O.) IF they played a higher level of competition team like oh, let’s say, any of the previously metioned teams. They get waxed…much like the little bolts of the sierra league would (and have been) when they play higher caliber teams….it’s all good amat bullie…Like I said enjoy your season, because “the c.o. sparks” will have to play another “good team” (I guess like RC) pretty soon or at least once they finish battling through the powerhouses of the sierra league and then we will see where you’re at?
    Here is a FACT….You’re “league” is WEAK!!!
    And here’s another one…..c.o. Can’t even be mentioned in the same breath with the teams of the Serra!!! FACT!
    And here’s a third….NOBODY thinks the sierra league is tough except c.o. fan looking for recognition….YOU’RE in one of the weakest INLAND DIVISION LEAGUES! So let me clarify for you so there is no confusion…THE SIERRA LEAGUE IS WEAK!!!!
    Last Tid Bit of INFO….Venice is a better team than Damien and c.o. and Alemany is better than every team in your league! Hell, Garfield would give both c.o. and damien a run for their money!
    I HAVE TO LAUGH AT YOU! BAH HAAAA HAA HA HA HAAAA! Your such a homer you can’t even see it, HA HA HA HA!!!!

  • Lancelot

    amat Bullie

    send me your address so I can mail you a Bishop Amat Booster Club Application….HAAA,HAAAAAA,HAAAAA!!!!!

  • great for the sgv

    Prime example of the “classy” folks over at bishop. bishop nation in pain over a loss.

  • reality

    not great for the sgv – Amat haters outnumber Amat “classy” posts by about 10-1

  • BraveDad

    @ your definition – not ours said,

    I find it amazing how Bosco is always mentioned on these threads when the topic has nothing to do with Bosco. In most cases I would say it’s a complement to be on the minds of a bunch of people who have nothing to do with our school, but this most recent post is not even in English so I have no idea what the h#ll it means. If it’s about our past performances from 20 years ago I say once more: forget the past! It means nothing right now. (And by the way knucklehead, Bosco has had more successes in our 70 existence then most schools.) Let the bloody games play out and if Bosco does not make the playoffs this season WE (Bosco affiliates) will be the first to raise h#ll. Otherwise focus on your Valley and IE teams as we focus on the OC teams we have coming up. Based on our head-to-head with one of your teams (La Habra) and our mutual opponents (Damian vs. JSerra) I think weve proven we are a quality program with an increasing enrollment. Kids want to attend Bosco, they dont have to get it!

  • Lancelot

    great for the sgv – Stay out of this…this is between me and my biatch a$$ valley girl Ms. amat bullie aka amat booty….She’s like an elevator, she goes down and I really know how to push her buttons!!!

    get over yourself dude, losses happen…this is pure enjoyment!

  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot:
    Im over here laughing at you. For one our whole argument has been about CO and Amat which is in the same breath so that fact was not a fact. For two CO is ranked higher than Venice so saying Venice is better was another false statement. And finally you say Garfield would give CO a run for its money you mean like they did against Amat (ummmmm) dude leave it alone you can babble on about how weak the Sierra is and blah blah blah but my facts are accurate what about yours?

    Dude get real go down the thread you see more than one Amat fan on here as a matter of fact go back on the threads before they lost and see how much yappin the amat nation did. they deserve every bit of criticism coming there way. Take it like the rest of the SGV has been taking it.

  • Lancelot

    Blog Nation and Lancer fans alike, I apologize for my recent activity and will now curtail this type of continuous banter and abuse against the dim witted. All apologies…Go Amat! Go Big Blue!

  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot:
    Hahahahaha that was cute only thing is its false like the rest of your post are. For one you don’t seem to like women very much for two i noticed that your very interested in men’s booty “Amat Booty why would you post to a man’s Booty” and finally the only buttons your pushing is the power button on your ankle monitor when ever you go around high schools or local parks.

  • Amat Bully


    real men say what they mean and mean what they say i guess you fall short of that.

  • Lancelot

    Amat Bullie…….


  • Amat Bully

    Alemany 26 Bishop Amat 21

    CO 63 South hills 28

    CO 5-1 Amat 5-2

    CO wins again.

  • Lancelot

    Simply put to the simple minded….the apology was FOR having to subject the Blog Nation to all of your weak attempts at comebacks….Those poor souls had read your drivel everytime I posted because you couldn’t resist…You I don’t apologize too skippy as a matter of fact…….


  • Lancelot

    Bullie Jean, you know what I notice about your post… doesn’t say c.o. 26????


  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot
    And to think you told the blog nation that you were going to SHUT UP but i guess just like the amat offense your mouth has to RUN. Only difference is Amat run is pretty good and don’t “stink”.

  • Yogi Berra

    bully – “real men say what they mean and mean what they say”. What a joke! How many times have you been tripped up and said the wrong thing! Last week was a comedy show when it came to your posts. you rarely said what you meantt.

    And thanks for pointing out that Charter Oak played South Hills with their State Rank of 222 and Amat played #37 Alemany. LOL! Significant differnace.

  • Lancelot

    B U L L I E…..


  • Amat Bully

    Dumb Yogi Berra aka Lancelot
    Alemany was ranked below Amat when they played them get your facts right. Its nice to see another or the same Amat fan jump in it only makes Amat looks worst. And when i made a mistake i meant what i said and found out i was wrong no one corrected me. its a difference when you say things and then turn around and try to apologize to people for saying them. So crawl back where you came from and get your facts right.

  • Amat Bully

    Yogi Berra
    i forgot CO is ranked higher then Amat so what do you have to say about that

  • Yogi Berra

    Oh, I get it – you’d rather be stupid and wrong. And EVERYBODY piled on and corrected you. Bottom line. Alemany is the #37 team and South Hills is a ruff n tuff #222.
    Better make sure Big Lou throws in a couple 2-a-days to prepare for that next tough league opponent – Ayala at #THREE-HUNDRED-FORY-ONE!!! LMFAO!

  • Yogi Berra

    bully – you hang onto that three-tenths of a point lead and take a screen shot of it for posterity. you could put up 80pts against that powerhouse Ayala and your #s might still drop. LOL! Talk to me again in a week

  • Lancelot

    Posted on another thread but still relevant here……”Everybody look out….the big blue c.o. bolts scoring machine is comig to town!!! Friday night vs. LVSD Gladiators! Get ready it’s going to be a score-fest! An offensive ariel thriller like you’ve never seen!chargers are number 1!
    chargers are number 1!”

    ************Amat Bullie*******************


  • Amat Bully

    Yogi Berra
    your beginning to sound like a bitter fan. See the thing is when CO does plays teams its suppose to blow out they do unlike your 14 point garfield victory or your 3 point Venice victory, but thats irrelevant and in the past what is present is the fact that even though you fans consider CO to have such a weak schedule and that your so much better the fact is CO is ranked higher then Amat and to all the sports pages and those who do rankings believe it to just like me. Believe me in a week from now CO will still be ranked above Amat, Amat just might have another “L” coming their way this friday so i wouldn’t pump your chest premature again like you guys did before the Alemany game hell you guys might not even make playoffs you lose this week.

    Lady Lancelot
    who posted that please don’t start posting up fake things and saying that i did it. But dudes like you would do something like that but who cares do what you gotta do to salvage this verbal a$$ whooping full of facts that i have been giving you.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    A Fan: To be honest with you, Ziola has done a great job. He will be Coach of the Year. I have to give him credit. He has done a great job. Plus Fred and Aram love LA. They have them as one of their favorites to win the Hacienda League. Remember what happened last time they jumped on your bandwagon. But Hacienda League championship title is staying at West Covina. I’ve seen both teams. If you can make LA have to throw the ball, they will be in big trouble. That Walnut game wasn’t a fluke. They were way more physical that LA. They stuffed the LA run game forcing them to throw the ball. We all know how that turned out. WC spotted Walnut 7 in the first quarter then scored the next 42 points.
    Fred and Aram are so big into rivalry games, but have they made mention of the “REAL” rivalry game. The battle of the Diamonds isn’t even close to the Branding Iron game. Walnut vs Diamond Bar. Diamond Bar can get themselves back into the play-off picture. Walnut can basically punch their ticket to the play-offs. In spite of what some of the Dranch people think this is a way bigger rivalry game. It will be standing room only so people better get there early. No trash talk needed for this one.

    SGV430 Ouuttt!!!

  • great for the sgv

    stay out of it? Yeah it’s just fun to point out your whining. bishop Nation places its self as the gem of the SGV. But then people like you open your yaps and proves to the rest of the SGV that you really didn’t learn anything at that school.
    What was up with the half empty stadium last friday? All this gloating about a jam packed stadium on friday nights. Are you going to tell me the bishop Nation couldn’t fill the stadium?

  • ignorance is bliss

    That makes Bully the happiest man alive. Have you even seen Garfield? No one has blown them out. Dorsey had to come from behind to beat them 32-26. And doesey played REV to a 14-12 game. Ask Mission Viejo about REV. That makes Dorsey – and Garfield – pretty good

  • AMAT 73

    great for what,
    Don’t believe all you read . I thought for sure you would be at the CO game Friday or were you at Kiefer taking a head count . The crowd was not the usual I will admit but it was far from half empty. Next time you want to chime in get your facts straight and don’t listen to all the haters for your info .

  • great for the sgv

    I got my info from a bishop Nation member that was at the game, so my facts are straight! And yes I was at the South Hills/Charter Oak game, I actually enjoy watching local kids play. Like I stated before, I hope South Hills can bounce back from thier loss.

  • Lancelot

    Bullie Jean…
    You know what our backs are against the wall (kinda like all the kids in your mom’s classroom whenever you drop in to visit)so we do need a win. Granted it won’t be as challenging or as satisfying as yours when the bolts take down the mighty Bulldogs of Ayala, but we are going to give it the old college (you kow the place that the campus police run you out of whenever you stray onto campus) try! BUT I wonder if you really know why you have a valid point in this rare instance???? BECAUSE, my little valley girl with attitude, you don’t get into the playoff’s with a 6-5 record in the SERRA! Not even with a two headed coin cubby! Don’t get caught looking past the Bulldogs and focusing on your next MAJOR BATTLE with the always tough and crafty wolfpack of claremont! I wonder what color flags c.o. will be wearing in this epic battle of sierra league titans…red or yellow? I want to know who to root for…BAAAHHAA HAAAHAAA HAAA!!!!!


  • COChargerfan

    This Amat vs. CO crap is so old…and the reason I took a long break from this blog. The teams are full of our local kids so why can’t we suport them all regardless of our school alligence?

    Bottom line is that what does it really matter as to who rules the SGV since all counts is who wins their league and then makes a CIF run…hopefully to the title. If it was Amat’s turn, I’d try my best to be there watching…and definately would be rooting for them with all my heart.

  • Amat Bully

    ignorance is bliss
    your about as dumb as Lancelot Edison beat them 27-7 20 point margin and St. paul beat them 31-8 23 point margin if those aren’t blow outs then i guess there considered close games. And again here go you Amat fans with excuses and trying to pump up terrible teams because you struggled to them.

    Lady Lancelot
    your no longer worth my time you have no present facts you speak only of the past and the rest is just you talking out your a$$.

  • Amat Bully

    Lady Lancelot
    Jordan last year was 6-4 and made it to the playoffs in the pac5 just like CO did………Man you really suck at this…..But thats it im done with you, you suck

  • Yogi Berra

    See Bully there you go again. i’m not sure what you meant there – but Jordan is NOT in the Serra and Lancelot clearly said “you don’t get into the playoff’s with a 6-5 record in the SERRA” or do you need someone to read that back to you? Was that just another “mistake” or did you mean to say something else? so – were there any 6-5 teams that made it to the playoffs? Or was Lancelot right – again?
    Keep posting because teh Comedy Club can begin all over again this week while we watch you step in it.

  • Amat Bully

    Yogi Berra
    You can’t go down this entire thread and find one time when your little boy toy was right. And yeah he said the Serra but when you mention playoffs i brung up the fact that a 6-5 Jordan team made it. they are in the pac5 the same playoff bracket that every team out of the Serra will play in if they made it. Does that make sense to you. Oh and by the way if a team was 6-4 at the end of the season but won 3 games in the Serra they would make playoffs. You see how you two idiots are digging for something but haven’t found anything.

  • Amat Bully

    Yogi Berra
    One more thing man you dudes are idiots in 2008 Loyola was 6-4 and made playoffs you see how you dudes just talk out you a$$es

  • Yogi Berra

    No Bully – that’s in the past. you’ve been telling us for weeks the past dpesn’t count. last year doesn’t even count because it’s in the past. because if last year counted Charter Oak would be one game over .500 then one and done in the playoffs – so we couldn’t have that. So the past doesn’t count. And if last year doesn’t count then 2008 certainly can’t count. If it did then we’d have to count that CO didn’t beat a single team with a winning record until the last game of the regular season – and we wouldn’t want to count that because If 2008 counted then you’d have to give Amat credit for beating Orange Lutheran, and sweeping West Covina, Damien, and the .500 team CO beat in the finals LOL! Of course if you count 2008 you;d also have to count 2009 and Amat’s win over St Bonavanture, Alemany, Mater Dei and a League Championship in the 4th toughest league in the nation – so we can’t count that – because it’s in the past. So let’s not talk about the past – because in the past the Serra League was 4 teams and the Pac 5 had a wild card – so 6-4 was much more reasonable than it is today with no wild card and a 5 team league. Bully – you are the only Bully that get’s Bullied. I love it! (and we can’t even tell which end you’re speaking out of!)

  • Moore LEague

    The Moore League in the Pac 5 has 7 teams and gets 4 playoff spots. So the 4th place team will more than likely have a 6-4-ish record at best. That would never happen in the Serra this year. CIF is talking about making them a 3 berth league and re-instituting an at large team

  • Amat Bully

    Yogi Berra
    Listen to yourself he stated that in the Serra a 6-4 record wouldn’t make it in speaking on past terms of CO record. Never once did he say this year or when, so i knew that the statement he made and you co-signed with was false, basically this whole convo is dumb you two idiots are just fishing to be right about something and you haven’t caught anything yet. All you guys have is the past and in the past there still hasn’t been any c.i.f championships since oh let me see 1995 get real. Lets leave the past alone and talk about the NOW and in the NOW CO is ranked higher than Amat has a better record then Amat and has a better chance to win c.i.f then Amat. Give it a rest you and your boy toy is proven everyone’s point you Amat fans talk and brag like your Gods but when you lose you throw the past in every convo you Amat fans deserve all the criticism that comes your way.

  • Lancelot

    *****Bullie Jean**************
    You’re a crazy mixed up girl. I did say the Serra as in this year and I was referencing c.o.’s incredible playoff run with that stellar 6-5 record of last year that needed a coin flip to get you ousted in the first round. And all to say that it doesn’t matter what c.o.’s record is this year,or what your stats are. You can be ranked A-1 in all the polls that matter to you but you know and I know that NO MATTER WHAT…if the two teams faced off, your ass would be handed to you….BACKWARDS….AGAIN!

  • Frank

    All those who don’t want to bring up the past specifically, CO fans and Amat haters. It is understandable as the past is often filled with hardship, loss and much suffering. For others it is full of great memories and tradition. Now, as this topic has been brought up often, then we must decide if we are not going to talk about the past. If we agree, that means all our teams are 0-0 right now as even this past weeks games no longer count, since they are the past. Now this will also effect everyone’s rankings as there is no past to go by, this would allow those who do rankings to not have any way of knowing where to place teams. The only solution is to play each other, as this would be the only true. Way to judge the better team.

  • bassett alum

    great job Bassett Admin. since getting rid of o i mean going in a different direction that is letting coach Ward go but allowing some of his assistance to stay i think they have amast a HUGE DIFFERENCE going 2 for 15 the last 2 years.I think that it is time for more change in direction but this time it time for a new A.D. Mr. Baca current A.D. has not had a winning program in any sport since he’s been there. And really has made some bad choices.