Sunday Tribbin: Top Ten teams with the best chance of winning a championship.

Just Tribbin is anything and anyone you want to talk about. But I thought I would start it off by asking who has the best chance of winning a title in their division?

1. West Covina (5-1), No. 1 Southeast: If you’re telling me Arcadia has the best chance of stopping them, then yes, the Bulldogs have the best chance of winning and going back-to-back. They would have to make mistakes for someone to beat them. WestCo at its best is better than anyone else at their best.
2. Covina (6-1), No. 2 Mid Valley: Recent scores don’t support it, but I’m remembering how they battled West Covina and blew out its next couple opponents before Billy Livingston was injured. When healthy and firing again, I like their chances over San Dimas and Monrovia.
3. San Dimas (5-1), No. 3 Mid Valley: They could climb to No. 1 with a win over Covina, especially a convincing win over the Colts. But this will be more like the Bonita game, the Colts’ defense is too physical for them.
4. Los Altos (6-1), No. 5 Southeast — After West Covina, the Southeast is up for grabs. The Conqs won a big game over Diamond Ranch, and are back on track in the Hacienda.
5. Arroyo (5-1), No. 4 Mid-Valley: With a quarterback and all-around player like Steven Rivera, the Knights always have a shot. The Knights need to win the MVL and get a favorable draw, something they haven’t got in recent years.
6. Pomona (4-3), No. 10 Mid-Valley: After watching them against Northview, I’m convinced they’re a dangerous team with playmakers that could go on a run. They’re getting better each week and could peak come playoff time.
7. Diamond Ranch (3-4), NR, Southeast: What it did against Bonita and Diamond Bar proves it’s an on any given Friday type of team. If the Southeast wasn’t so watered down after West Covina and Arcadia, I wouldn’t rank them this high. But you and I know, the Ranch are capable of taking down the big boys.
8. Charter Oak (6-1), No. 6 Inland — The area’s top team also competes in what is arguably the Southland’s toughest division in 2011. However, if it runs the table and finishes 9-1, there’s a good chance they could climb to a top four ranking and seed. In the Inland, you need a great draw. Even so, and as great as the Chargers are locally, hard to imagine them winning a title with Corona Centennial, Upland and Vista Murrieta residing.
9. Bonita (2-4), No. 6 Southeast: I don’t care that they lost to Diamond Ranch and West Covina, they would have a shot, not a great one, but a shot if they played both again. With the teams left to rank, the Cats are in the mix.
10. Bishop Amat (5-2), No. 4 Pac 5: They have to make the playoffs first, which is a giant task after losing to Alemany. But the Serra and Pac-5 is strange, you never know who beats who from week to week. The lower divisions are more predictable in terms of chances of winning it, which is why Amat is ranked over the others. At least they have a punchers chance, even if it’s a small one.
The contenders: Rosemead, La Puente, Azusa, Diamond Bar, South Hills, Damien, Chino Hills, Rosemead and El Monte are all good, but I can’t envision a scenario where they have a better chance of running the table than the teams ranked ahead of them.

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  • If you don’t care about your kid, send them to CO to play football for big Lou Farrar. Because apparently he doesn’t care either. It showed after last night by playing Santiago, who just came out of the hospital after missing school all day due to a bad asthma attack. He played the majority of the game and was asked to run the ball when the game was already out of hand! By keeping Santiago in, it looked to me like he was running the score up on my Huskies. Or he’s just an idiot? I sure hope your eggs don’t crack in the basket Farrar because your back-up QB has ZERO experience!!! Way to look out for your teams HEALTH. Looking forward to seeing you next year. God Bless.

    – Big D

  • CIF ?

    “who just came out of the hospital after missing school all day due to a bad asthma attack”

    Not sure of the exact rule but I believe a student must attend at least four periods of school on the day of the event.

    If Santiago did miss the complete day of school he wouldn’t be eligible to play in that game.

  • Where to lay your money….

    Fred likes to get loose on the Craps Table….I don’t know about Covina, they always play West Covina tough in week one, then Rip off 9 wins and a VVL titl, but if You hit Billy a couple times and he is a different QB…. I bought the Covina stock last year, and they farted with a 17 pt showing against Whittier Christian in the 2nd round, who went on to give up 80 pts in the next two weeks to Village Christian and Monrovia… When is comes to “playoffs” I will stick with the winner of the Monrovia vs San Dimas Rematch in the Semis… The Winner of that game is going to take the Division. That’s where I would lay my money…

  • oldschool

    Inland division the best division this year?I dont think so.the top 5 teams in each division are probably even with Servite being the have to look at the whole division to see which division is the top division.not just the top 5 teams. a good example is the trinity and serra leagues which have teams that can compete with each the inland division leagues there is only 1 dominant team in each of the league.charter oak,upland,vista murrieta,corona centenial and REV. its the 6-16th ranked teams in the pac 5 that makes it a tougher division.

  • Huskies

    Oops… or was that purposely. You are in fact suppose to be in school at least 4 periods in order to be eligible to play any after school sport, but regardless of the periods if he’s gone all day, then he’s definitely not eligible. If really true, why would Lou play him?

    Huskies Win!!! Lol…

  • McGarrett

    Scandal; Santiago not at school? Ring ring – CIF would you please look into this – oh wait it’s CO – ok forget it. lol.

  • trojans85

    Amat has no chance of winning CIF. They are no closer to Servite today than then they were when the Friars shellacked them a couple weeks ago.

    WC biggest threat may be themselves having a let down. Also dont sleep on Burroughs.

    It is tough in the Inland but dont be fooled by the big names. Look back a few years and you ll see some teams when not over intimated by CC match up well. CC is no joke thats why they have won 3 of the last 4 titles but this team doesnt have Burfict and Taylor Martinez. This CC team has a 2 small speedy running backs, one they call a QB. St. Bonn forced them to pass and won the game. CO does have a chance.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Mr. Diaz, and really to all parents, here’s a column I wrote in 2002 that I saved, that addresses your complaint and why coaches do what they do:

    THE word “coach’ is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as an instructor or trainer who prepares a student or athlete for an examination or competition. There’s more to the job than just that, especially at the high school level.
    Sometimes we adults, or parents, who get caught up in the now or the special interests of our children, forget that.
    Eric Wattree Sr. did.
    Recently, the father of former All- Valley boys basketball player Eric Wattree wrote me to apologize for his actions during his son’s junior season at Northview High School in the late 1980s.
    “I’m writing you about something that took place a long time ago, but not so long, I hope, that it can’t be corrected,’ the elder Wattree wrote. “During Eric’s last year at Northview we had a big falling out with coach Ron Rice. At the time, I felt that (he) had (superseded) my parental authority by getting Eric up out of his sick bed and forcing him to practice for, what I must admit, was a big game.
    “As a result, I went absolutely berserk. I wrote letters to the press, went before the school board, and finally (withdrew) Eric out of Northview and enrolled him at (Los Angeles) Fremont because I thought (Rice’s) priorities were out of whack.”
    They weren’t.
    Rice, who is now in his 32nd year at Northview, was trying to instill in his prodigy what all coaches attempt to do. He was trying to teach the young Wattree about leadership, commitment and sacrifice.
    These traits are not limited to the basketball court, the football field or the baseball diamond, but they extend to everyday life.
    There isn’t a high school coach who doesn’t understand that.
    High school coaches, and teachers and instructors as well, are more then just educators. They are one of the final sculptors, who mold our makeup.
    It was that way for myself, and I’m extremely thankful for my high school journalism teacher who inspired me. Thank you, Ms. Sweger.
    That’s the importance of high school mentors, and the role they play in our lives.
    The elder Wattree finally realized that. And it took a phone call from his son, who is now a member of the U.S. Air Force and a special services unit.
    Eric Wattree Jr. called his father during one of his assignments and explained that while in an extremely difficult situation, his only thoughts were of Rice and how much the Northview coach taught him about performing under pressure.
    He told his father that in one moment of stress he realized that the intensities of sport, with all the sacrifices, pains, pleasures, fears and desires it entails, he learned lessons that would have otherwise took years to learn.
    Wattree Sr. wrote that it all became clear to his son that Ron Rice – and later his Azusa Pacific University coach Bill Odell – taught his son a lot more than just basketball. The lessons learned were more than just how to defend the perimeter, or drive the lane, but how to stick with it and reach inside to find what’s necessary to survive.
    And for that Wattree Sr. would like to apologize to coach Rice and say thank you.
    I couldn’t agree more.
    My only thoughts would be to those parents, who sometimes think the coach at their school is short- sighted, is not giving their son or daughter a fair shot, is working them too hard, remember what it took Eric Wattree’s dad years to learn.
    And in the end, your son or daughter may just be better for it.

    Think about it

  • really Steve?

    save your old column! What are you the CO attorney? We are talking about severe asthma attack here not a cold, flu or headache! You should do your homework before putting yourself out there on the defense for CO. If that was my son Lou and his sidekick would be washing cars from now on, but nothing will happen because they planted a CO seed in the CIF now with the old CO employee…CO can do anything they want they have no rules that apply to them they bend for them..

  • Anonymous

    Come on Fred, ARROYO? Arroyo at full strength could barely hold off a 1-5 La Canada team that got rolled the next week by Monrovia who was missing about 5 starters and still managed to shut them down by the 2nd quarter. I’m with “Where to lay your money” on this one. The scariest team in the Mid-Valley is Monrovia, because when it’s all said and done they will have the freshness of players along with the confidence to play the way they want to. Just like last season at the end they could have beaten any team on Arams top 10. San Dimas, South Hills, Glendora, Paramount and Arcadia are always good warm-up games at the beginning of the season but when it comes to league and post season Monrovia is just reaching its peak and seem better prepared than all of the Mid-Valley teams.

  • Jefe

    Amat shouldn’t even be on that list.

    Amat has no shot at winning a Pac-5 championship. There are so many teams better than Amat this season it’s not even funny.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m not sure if Santiago missed classes on Friday. I asked CO Athletic Director Richard Wiard, and he wasn’t sure either, but he did say you could miss school and still be eligible to play the same night.

  • Steve,
    Thanks for posting. Most of these guys on this site have no clue about kids and are all in to the win & losses. Bishop Amat this– Bishop Amat that– Charter Oak this — Charter Oak that. All I can say is I am sure if the kid was on his death bed the coach wouldn’t have entered him in the game. Suprised someone didn’t say something about Brett Favre when he was sick, dad having died and still showed up to lead the Pack against the Raiders……. Long Remembered as will be the kid in his teammates eyes for willing to lay it on the line– win or lose !! INLAND POWER and Westlake would KILL Servite and the girls there.


    The Inland Division beat teams in every division this year. The Inland has more than 1 good team in each league, How quickly you CO people forget. Rancho beat you all and we are not even considered a top team according to SGV and others, so dont even think of competing in the Inland Div. Sierra is the weakest league in the division. CO will go 5-0 in league and probably be a 4 seed, which will put them in the same bracket with Centenial. Good Luck CO.

  • Steve Ramirez

    To clarify, here’s what the CIF-SS Blue Book says:
    204.2 Attendance in school on the day of a contest is not a CIF requirement for eligibility. Some leagues and individual schools, however, do have a rule which requires a student to attend school during the day in order to participate in a game to be held that afternoon or evening.

  • chino hills

    RC:RC: Come on, you are saying we already lost to CO? Have you looked at the teams we have played? That would be like us saying the U is going to put it down on you! No respect here, lol so CO put up 60 on. the south hills team with no defense, so what. They have played 1 quality team and they lost! The team that played the strongest schedule will prevail win or lose experience will prevail! Yes REV did blank us but they held Mission Viejo to 7 pts, don’t be deceived like everyone else.

  • lmao

    Steve the CO lawyer :

  • trojanlar

    As much as a Lancer supporter that I am, there is no way in hell this team will win a championship (or maybe even a Serra league game) with the undersized line they have on both sides of the ball. Rio is running for his life and opposition QB’s have all day to stand back there and pick them apart.
    Put these lineman on a diet and they could ride the horses at Santa Anita!!!!!

  • Charger Pride

    Okay Mr. Diaz!! get your facts straight!! what do you know about Santiago’s personal business, his health and anything else that will still not give SH the game back!! Lets stop this nonsense and let these boys play !!! Get a life and leave them alone! The coaches do not need to be attacked either! just look at the kid! who can stop him! He is incredible and you obviously have a problem with that!! Sorry you were a 3rd stringer in your high school days and are a hater!! Mind your own business and stop getting false info! you are pathetic pathetic pathetic!!!

  • COChargerfan

    So RCFOOTBALL…if CO hypothetically winds up against CC, doesn’t that put RC into the same bracket as Vista Murrieta??? How’d that go last year??? You may want to win something before you talk that much smack about other teams.

    I find it hilarious that after one game some people are already crowning league winners, including in the Sierra, when every team in that league is capable of beating another…especially if some key players unfortunately are injured.

  • Joe Amat


    GREAT job. This is one of those rules that has taken on the life of an urban legend, rumor, or old wives tale. Someone hears it form somebody, somewhere, passes it on and becomes a truth. Unfortunately many things regarding high school sports in the Fish Bowl are similar.

    Imagine of CIF had to police attendance of all the students, in all sports at nearly 600 schools from Arroyo Grande to San Clemente. Impossible task for anybody but the individual school to police on a case-by-case basis.

    What about the student-athlete that attends a college visit, a conference, or family funeral? Should they not be allowed to play? It should be up to the school to make that decision.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    West Covina is currently 6-1 on the season. You have us down as 5-1. I do think the Bulldogs have the inside track on the Southeast division, but unlike last year we do not have the seperation from other teams in the division. We could be in some trouble if the combonation of us having a sloppy game with the other team having their best game comes into play. Last year’s team had a senior QB with three years experience that could right the ship when things got sideways. Our margin for error is a lot lower this year. The Bulldogs have to keep their ears up and focus every down to get back to the Finals.

  • Colt74

    If the kids don’t have to live in the schools district to play why should they have to actually attend the classes???

    CIF should just let the kids fly in for the games and leave it alone.


  • Colt74

    Anyone care to disagree that POMONA is SAN DIMASS B-I-G-G-E-S-T fan this week???


  • I Agree 🙂



    Listen up old man, your digs on CO are starting to get old!

    CO would slap Covina and probably put up 100 on that vaunted Colt defense….

    CO would also beat your DADDY West Covina by 30+ again this year!

    Good luck with San Dimas because i just became their biggest fan.


  • Voice of Reason

    Mr. Diaz, do us all a favor and please make sure you check your sources before posting false information on this blog. Santiago did not have an asthma “attack,” nor was he in emergency. Check all area hospitals for his admittance into ER, and then come back and blog. CO coaches did look out for Santiago’s best interest regarding his health. And please show us all where it says that missing school on the day of a game warrants the athlete to sit out? Is that a CIF, league or Diaz rule? Please regale us with your new info.


  • Colt74




    Chino Hills, Yes I am picking CO to win Sierra League and You all to finish second. Only a prediction and I could be wrong. It would not be an upset if you all beat CO I just think they will win. Nothing against your squad at all and yes the game has to be played and anything can happen.

    CO Charger fan, first we have to win league to recieve a top 4 seeding and that will be no easy task with Upland and Etiwanda the next two weeks. If we are good enough to be in the same bracket with Vista I like our chances. Just FYI, we lost in double overtime in the Semi’s last year it was a great game that we should of won, but that is another story. This year is all that matters.

    Good luck to Co and Ch, Sierra league will definately be one of you all. Last game of year should be a fun game to watch.

  • reality

    After reading all the mess on the blogs last year about Los Altos and feeling that Arellanes was treated badly I saw little hope for Los Altos this season as did many others. Their turn around is surprising to say the least and credit where credit is due to coach Ziola and staff. You can have good athletes but it still takes a coach to make it click. After the Diamond Ranch win it looks like Los Altos is the real deal. Congrats

  • Thor

    Joke 74

    Beating pomona by 2, go home and shut the FU#K up u dumb a$$ piehole! Both schools BLOW!


    Who says the SGV can’t beat the IE schools!


    One more thing I would like to mentioned and there’s a couple of players from the Montview League who are playing good football for Citrus I like to mentioned!

    1. JOSE NUNEZ, AZUSA, is the leading tackler for Citrus! This guy is around 5’9, and can tackle!

    2. Steven Arceo,AZUSA 5th leading tackler and played a good game against Chaffey,

    3.JESUS VARGAS, La Puente, another leading tackler, halfback and has severl touchdowns.


  • Dan

    Aztec Pride,
    Great news for Citrus, they are playing a lot better ball this year, didn’t see them yesterday
    but saw them the twice this year, if they could keep the offensive turnovers from happening they would probably have another win or two. Who played qb yesterday? Also I like your boys from Azusa, they play hard. Ricky, Jessie, Jabril, Andrew, if you guys read this I want to say hi and good luck the rest of the year.

  • edgar

    Aram! Where the heck is the post game rewind. Some of us need our fix.


    Alright Dan and hopefully you didn’t see Citrus lose twice when you watched them. The second string QB started but was ranked in the first half, after fumbling and throwing three interceptions. I felt bad for him, but you know Dan that’s football. Your right about the offense(qb) turning over the ball so many times and they probably would be undefeated if it weren’t for INTERCEPTION.LOL…

    Thank goodness for the defense, because that’s what’s keeping Citrus in the GAMES!!! Have a good season Dan!

  • Citrus OK?? But APU is the local going to the NCAA next year

    I know for a fact that APU coaches have contacted numerous local players with some pretty good talent in an effort to recruit as they enter into the NCAA from the NAIA and the financial aid package seems to be rather huge, lets see if some of those locals looking at D1 and D1A schools might find their way to the APU sideline next year or year after


    Hey Aztec pride, check out the citrus roster and where the players are from, Yep a bunch from the IE..sorry.

  • Dan

    SGV football,
    Come back down to earth buddy there isn’t any team in the SGV that would beat WC by 30, CO vs WC would be a battle, this isn’t 2007 anymore.

  • coltfan97

    Who cares about Citrus its all about the Mounties!!!!! TWO STRAIGHT NATIONAL CHAMPS BABY!!!!!!! Go MT.SAC!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Thor said,
    “Beating pomona by 2, go home and shut the FU#K up u dumb a$$ piehole! Both schools BLOW!”

    First, what score did your school beat either of us by? Oh that’s right..Continuation Schools don’t have football teams.
    Second, I see they don’t push English as a first language at your school either.
    Third, we don’t blow…it just may feel that way with the rush of air on your face from you sucking so much.
    Forth, Finish your Boones Farm Apple Wine or the bottle of Trader Joes “2 Buck Chuck that you splurged on and try again.

    Your turn!

  • state rankings that came out today—
    2-san clemente
    7-st bonaventure

    that’s 4 INLAND EMPIRE teams and RANCHO CUCAMONGA is now at 25th on way up after they beat Upland this week coming weekend- hopefully
    RANCHO beat CHARTER OAK hence ALL San Gabriel Valley teams fall at bottom of barrel like alligator tears on the bottom of the river. Good Luck Bishop Amat with your upcoming 5-5 season. Thanks for posting the TOP SGV teams with Charter Oak on top making it easy to decipher with the fact RANCHO OWNED Charter Oak

  • M&G


    We get it! Who are you trying to convince? Who are you trying to start an argument with? Inland Empire football is good……we get it.

  • M&G


    We get it! Who are you trying to convince? Who are you trying to start an argument with? Inland Empire football is good……we get it.

  • M&G


    We get it! Who are you trying to convince? Who are you trying to start an argument with? Inland Empire football is good……we get it.

  • just sayin’

    INLAND EMPIRE RENTAL PROPERTY – I like your Top 10 and the 4 Inland teams (to 3 Pac 5 teams) I also notice that 2 Pac 5 teams are ahead of all the Inland teams. Since we’re talking about a DIVISION not just 4 or 5 teams – let’s go deeper. Extend that list to 20 and now there are EIGHT Pac 5 schools and still only 4 Inland teams. That’s TWICE as many. Double that and go to 30. Now it’s 12-6. So it looks to me like the Pac 5 DIVISION (not a few teams) is TWICE as good as the Inland.
    The rent is due

  • Charger Fan

    Mr. Diaz I hope “voice of reason” made it clear to you and your false accusations of C/O!! This Santiago kid is obviously an incredible athlete who has had asthma all of his life. Has also learned to live with it in good times and bad. Move on to your next victim and stop this. This blog is not for rumors and gossip. Just straight facts which you obviously don’t have!Now try and find your good manners and stop creating trouble for all of these incredible athletes from all of these schools!!

  • AMAT 73

    inland empire,
    And your point is ???? If your an rc fan great but don’t hang on the coattails of your ie brothers.As far as rc beating Upland ,well you can hope all you want but it ain’t gonna happen. You guys are not in the same class as the teams you have listed. Not even close.

  • the pot says to the kettle

    @amat 73

    amat fans should not hang on the coattails of their pac 5 bretheran.

  • AMAT 73

    pot kettle,
    Listen I am not riding the coattails of the PAC -5 on this one buddy. I am hanging with the SGV. This ie fool is saying all SGV teams fall at the bottom of the barrel . His reasoning is since rc beat CO then all others would follow and I would love to see CO vs rc in round one rematch . They would tear rc up. Also history shows AMAT has ,well that’s history you know the past.Maybe we meet next season , we have an openning and I would say WC ,CH , and a few others would stand an excellent chance at knocking off the number 25 and moving up rc if they hopefully beat Upland , yea right. So kettle the next time you see AMAT , take a deep breath and read before you write.As I know the Inland is having a good year against the PAC-5 but this is SGV not PAC-5 , know who is your team again. It’s only fair since we know ieoa is an rc fan and you know I am a fan of the AMAT LANCERS you should tell us your horse is in this race . Let me guess an ie team ???

  • Could Care Less

    If you want a true unbiased opinion (which I am sure most of you can’t handle) C.O. is not in the class of many of the inland or Pac 5 teams. I don’t have any children playing but my brother in law and I love high school football and have seen many games. We saw CC vs. St. Bonny, Rev vs Mission Viejo, Upland vs. Loyola and other big ones. We also saw RC vs. C.O. The difference between all the teams we saw and your precious Chargers is they were all physical. I don’t think RC is the best team we have seen, but they beat up C.O. all night. C.O’s skill talent kept them in it but they were smashed physically and gave up in the 4th quarter. Rev vs Mission Viejo was probably the most physical. C.O. has exeptional skill talent and I am sure they were hell on wheels during the summer passing league, but on Friday nights you have to hit. C. Oak is the softest team we have seen! I would pick Amat to beat them because they know how the game is played. A 6-4 Amat is a better team then an 8 or 9 win Charter Oak, plain and simple. This comes from a guy with nothing vested.

  • At Coach Pathetic (aka Charger Pride): I was actually the 2nd string JV QB but that’s not important. You must have misinterpreted what I said which isn’t surprising from a CO native. I didn’t ask for the game back and I never knocked Santiago either. I think the coaching staff at CO has their priorities in the wrong place and should look in the mirror once in awhile.
    At Voice of Reason: I never claimed Santiago was in the ER. I believe I said the hospital so maybe you should get YOUR facts straight.
    At Charger fan: Webster’s dictionary defines a blog as a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site blog verb Which means it’s an opinion genius. I guess it isn’t surprising for CO to miss the point again and follow in big Lou’s footsteps .haha. Go Huskies and keep up the hard work!!!

  • At Coach Pathetic (aka Charger Pride): I was actually the 2nd string JV QB but that’s not important. You must have misinterpreted what I said which isn’t surprising from a CO native. I didn’t ask for the game back and I never knocked Santiago either. I think the coaching staff at CO has their priorities in the wrong place and should look in the mirror once in awhile.
    At Voice of Reason: I never claimed Santiago was in the ER. I believe I said the hospital so maybe you should get YOUR facts straight.
    At Charger fan: Webster’s dictionary defines a blog as a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site blog verb Which means it’s an opinion genius. I guess it isn’t surprising for CO to miss the point again and follow in big Lou’s footsteps .haha. Go Huskies and keep up the hard work!!!

  • just the way it is.

    Charter Oak is a good as Amat this season. However, Amat plays in the serra, there are just used to playing really good teams. C.O would not be the best team they played. As good as C.O. is, Amat’s big game experience would be too much for the Chargers. It would be close tho’. Could there be a upset maybe. But Amat is as good as Rancho or any other Inland team. That’s why they are in the Pac 5, and the inland teams are in the inland. The Big 8 is tough, but not tougher than the Trinity, or Serra. Just like when REV beat Mission Viejo, it was the biggest win in school history, and was a bad loss for Mission veijo. If C.O beat Bishop it would be the biggest win in school history, and a big let down for Amat. Centennial lost to St Bonnies, which means they would have a tough time playing Alemany, Bishop Amat, Loyola, Crespi and Sherman oaks, back to back to back. If you put Corona Cent, Rancho Cuc, Upland, REV, Vista Murrieta, and Charter Oak in the Same league, then you would be in worlds or top 3 leagues in Pac 5. Then I would say those inland teams deserve to be there. This is something to think about.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Well I have to say, 2 thing that’s clear in the Hacienda League. First, WC is the class of the league. That’s not going to change. The second thing that’s clear is that second, third, and fourth places are unclear. Thing could become clear in a foggy kind of way this week. Walnut (2-1) could punch their ticket with a victory this week and in process keep the Branding Iron and put Dbar(0-2)in a desparate situation. LA (2-1) has rebounded nicely. However to me, they still don’t have a quality win. But they can put Bonita in the same situation as Dbar. DRanch (2-1) already beaten Bohi and Dbar so basically they have 3 games to win 1. Rowland (0-3) has to run the table and get a ton of help to get in the picture.

    Walnut Insider: While O’Shields name has to be in the conversation on COY, especially since Fred predicted 0-10 for the Mustangs. The COY is going to be Ziola of LA. Who could argue. Both of these coaches have shown that if kids smell what you are cookin they can achieve.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Could Care Lesshow dare you saying that CO is soft and gave upthey more than held their own that night until a much bigger RC O-Line wore them down late in the 4th quarter. Apparently you missed RCs coach saying this very thing in the post-game interview. And RCs O and D-lines are probably bigger and just as physical as ANY of the top teams in the Southern Sectionincluding the best of the Pac-5 and Inlandthey are and thats a fact. The difference in the game was the early red-zone INT that CO gave up and a few big penalties one of which called back the Gilcrest TD. Look at the statsRC ran 53 plays (11 passing to 42 rushing) for 414 yards to COs 59 plays (40-19) for 409 yards. Could Care Lessthe stats say that you missed a good game. And you are comparing CO to the VERY BEST teams in the Southern Section and NATIONwho has ever said that they are the best of the very best? The fact is they are a relatively small school that is well coached and plays hard night in and night out.

    And Could Care Less, how physical was Loyola vs. Upland? Upland ran for 319 yardsdidnt see it but on paper that looks like a butt-whippin.

    Another thing, since Amats lines this year are even smaller than COs, I dont see how one can use RCs huge lines as an example as to how CO would fare in a match up with Amat. And I saw Amat on the television vs. Servite and over the Internet vs. Alemanyso Im not just blowing random smoke. BTW, exactly what part of Alemanys team would make you say wow?

    And REV beat the then #2 team in the Pac-5thats a big win for ANY team in the ENTIRE Southern Sectionincluding every one of the Pac-5 teams. So whats your point?

  • Could Care Less

    Point is CO is soft. There toughest kids are in the secondary. I agree withuot half of what you said (C.O. well coached, play hard, upland smashed loyola etc.) but the fact is that in the Pac 5 or inland, the most physical teams win. That ain’t CO. Rancho wore them out but had trouble tranlating the whipping they gave them into points. Could be a problem for RC in the future. I will be at the Upland Rancho game this week. Should be a good one.

    As for comparing them to the top teams in the state and nation, THAT IS THE DIVISION THEY ARE IN! They and you will have to deal with it. The good thing about there placement in the inland division is that if they were in there old league and division they would be whooping everyone and people like you would talking about the what ifs and how C.O. deserves a shot at a state bid. This way we know, they don’t. If they run the Sierra, and I think they will (They will out score C.Hills even though there defense is usually pretty good) They can probably win one game in CIF, have a thanksgiving practice, and the off season will begin. TOO SOFT!!!


    First of all Amat 73,

    We have a better chance of beating Upland than you have in making the playoffs..hahaha!!! Oh but your league is better, you have a tough game every week, waaaaa that is where you have always played so stop crying. You would be at best a fourth place in the Baseline league. Your team is small and weak your only have two qualtiy skilled players is why you even win any games. Enough said.

    Know this to the other fool saying CO is weak, he knows not a dang thing about football. CO is a very good squad and who cares where their toughest players play they are out there on the field and can play the game at a high level.

    Remember CO we had a touchdown called back on a penalty also and had our 1st string running back fumble on the 2 yd line when he dislocated his ankle and broke his leg.

    We have played very vanilla through the pre-season, but Friday against Upland I think you will see a different offense with a lot of points on the scoreboard.

    I dont know who will win, but it should be a great game to watch for you High School Football Fans.

    Amat quiet down and take your 4th place finish with pride and we will see you all next year. At least CO will be in the playoffs and I believe will be a very tough out..

  • AMAT 73

    rc football,
    Very weak reply. You follow the postings of a few fools and use them as fact. I really like your faith in your team this Friday. ” I don’t know who will win , but . With all that shiat you talked on here before the CO game I would at least expect you to come out as bold on Upland as you did then against CO . But then again maybe you are preparing yourself for a Saturday morning letdown and not having to eat much crow. Your sound a little doubtful on the outcome.

  • Could Care Less

    Amat 73

    RCFootball knows one thing, Choak HS is soft and Upland is not. Should be a barn burner. Upland will and Rancho will try to run the ball which I think is what both defenses want. Whichever teams can throw the ball the best will win!