Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Aram and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season with the loser buying lunch in December.
Last week: Robledo (16-2); Tolegian (17-1)
Season standings: Robledo (114-37); Tolegian (112-39)

Last week: For the second straight week, Aram went 17-1 to close my lead to two, but I also went 16-2, so he didn’t gain much ground. Not much separated us, he got me on Los Altos over Diamond Ranch, but I got him back taking El Monte over Rosemead. The difference was Bishop Amat. He took Alemany and I took Amat, and we know what happened there.
This week: The big game is Friday at the District, and I like the Colts. There are certain games that you don’t need a pep talk for and this is one of them. I like Covina in a big game with their cards on the table. I didn’t think they could win at San Dimas last year — they did — and this year they’re better. As long as QB Billy Livingston is healthy, they should get it done. San Dimas hasn’t played a team this physical defensively since beating Monrovia, and the Cats aren’t as physical as the Colts. I’m rolling the dice with Amat too. They’ve been their greatest with their backs to the wall, and their backs are too the wall. They’re in a position where they have to win on the road, so lets see if the Blue-Collar guys can pull off another mild stunner. I also like South Hills over Damien. While many may have given up on this team, I thought Charter Oak was that good on Friday. South Hills can still score, and my guess is they outscore Damien in a shootout. Finally, I like Los Altos over Bonita. This should set L.A. up nicely for the West Covina game, and give them the inside track toward a playoff spot.

This weeks games and predictions
Thursday’s games
South El Monte at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Tolegian (Arroyo)
Wilson vs. Northview at CDF, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Northview); Tolegian (Wilson)
Glendora vs. Alta Loma at Chaffey, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Glendora); Tolegian (Glendora)
Friday’s games
San Dimas vs. Covina at CDF, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Covina); Tolegian (Chovina)
Bishop Amat at Crespi, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Amat); Tolegian (Crespi)
South Hills at Damien , 7 p.m. — Robledo (SHills); Tolegian (Damien)
Diamond Bar at Walnut, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Walnut); Tolegian (D-Bar)
Ayala at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. — Robledo (COak); Tolegian (CO)
Diamond Ranch at Rowland, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DRanch); Tolegian (D-Ranch)
Los Altos at Bonita, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Los Altos); Tolegian (Los Altos)
El Monte at Mountain View, 7 p.m. — Robledo (El Monte); Tolegian (El Monte)
Ganesha vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Azusa); Tolegian (Azusa)
Gladstone at Bassett, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Gladstone); Tolegian (G-stone)
Sierra Vista at La Puente, 7 p.m. — Robledo (La Puente); Tolegian (LP)
Workman at Duarte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Duarte); Tolegian (Duarte)
Rosemead at Gabrielino, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rosemead); Tolegian (Rosemead)
Claremont at Chino Hills, 7 p.m. — Robledo (CHills); Tolegian (CH)
Nogales at Pomona, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Pomona); Tolegian (P-Town)

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  • SaintsR4real

    Thanks for the Covina pick, hopefully Aram follows suit.
    You were wrong with the Monrovia pock and chances are, you’ll be wrong again.

  • coltfan97

    Aram is going to pick S.D. as he has them higher in the polls!!!! I will be shocked if he picked Covina. Mr. Robledo, I agree with you S.D. will be worn down by the fourth quarter because of Covina’s physicality!!!! Let the trash talking begin this week!!!! It’s going to be fun!!!!!

  • sierra league

    reality bites: CO will coast through the sierra because there is no defense until they face CH ,I think the only other team that has any defense at all is going to be Damien other then that look for them to run up the scores on the weak teams like preseason. Its unbelievable ho weak the SGV is!

  • Wolfpack pop

    Sierra League
    I have to agree with you on this,
    Except the Damien part. We made 7 consecutive 1st downs against them. Their defense is really weak in the b-field. but they are tough against the run.

    Chino Hills is the only shot at stoping the chargers.



  • LA Fan

    Los Altos has a tough match up against Bonita lets not forget they were last years runner ups and have some good athletes. However I think Los Altos will come out very physical both defensively by pressuring the quarterback and offensively with the running game. This will be a really good game but LA takes this is in a close game 24-17

  • SEMHS FAN 3481


    the South El Monte vs. Arroyo game is THURSDAY night at 7pm. Not Friday.

  • How are the colts built

    Covina will win this game, because the Saints have not went up against a precision passing team yet and defending the pass is their weak spot. They did a good job against Monrovia, but Monrovia was breaking in a new qb and Monrovia WR dropped tons of passes in that match up. However San Dimas will go further in the playoffs. Covina is built for preseason, and regular season games. Not for a championship run. I like Nick Hynes, and Padilla in the middle, but you just run away from them. In the playoffs, when the intensity is even higher than a league championship game, Covina seems to come up short. That precision passing game, becomes less precise, and Billy the kid, starts taking sacks, throwing the ball everywhere. What makes this year different than last year? The Experience players? The play calling? Too much passing, not enough running from the Colts. They have a great running back in Ainsworth. Sometimes you have to pound the rock… not against Gladstone, or Northview, but against the top teams in the midvalley…teams like Maranatha or Monrovia will spread them out, and force those small DB’s and Lb’s to cover. If Covina runs the ball well that might give them the edge in this one, but Coach Thomas always seems to fall in love with the “Deep Ball”, and passes too much…If Covina gets behind…you might see the upset…I still take the Colts.

    Covina 24 San Dimas 21

  • LA Futbol

    Dammit Freddie! Why do you have to pick us over Bonita? The Robledo Curse is gonna rear it’s ugly head!

  • Pomona

    Covina vs. San Dimas,

    Covina has a good run defense, pass defense is questionable. Can San Dimas run agains this defense?

    San Dimas has two good D-ends out their, and as a team are tuff against the run. But they are very suspect against the pass.

    We all know I want San Dimas to win, but I’m giving the edge to Covina with their passing game and San Dimas’s questionable pass defense. For San Dimas to win, they need to put presure on Livingston and force him out of his comfort zone. With the type of D-line (small, strong, and fast) that San Dimas has they can do that, so we will see.

  • coltfan97

    Everybody who gets on Robledo for his picks obviously doesnt see that he is 75% right in his picks!!!! In other words Robledo we need to go to Vegas for some sports betting lol!!!!!!

  • SaintsR4real

    “How are the colts built”,
    Good preview, and all of it makes sense, but one. How do you know that the Saints don’t have passing defense, if they haven’t been challeneged by a top team?? You’re right on about the Colts stopping the running play if the San Dimas Coaches decide to do a BP 2008 Barbone run up the middle all night plan!!

    2 things I see here:

    1: The Colts having the advantage if San Dimas offense keeps it over 70% on the ground and becoming stubborn.
    2: The Saints having an advantage if the Colts offense keep it to the air over 70% of time, while San Dimas makes adjustments and steps up the attack on Livingston.

    Final prediction??
    Saints 28… Colts 24


  • coltfan97

    Everybody is talking about Covina’a passing game, and its a great passing game, but Covina averages more rushing yards a game this year than they do passing yards!!!!!

  • Pomona


    My comment on your defense is base on how you played Wilson (run first team) last week. They had multi receivers open deep. We can assume (I hope) you are going to play Covina (pass first team) differently.

  • SaintsR4real



  • Conq ’76

    I am assuming LA will recall their performance against Walnut and allow that memory to keep them focused on the task at hand!

    FOCUS FOCUs FOCus FOcus Focus…..FOCUS and then concentrate!

  • Pomona Alumni

    To all the SGV blogs and VVL people , please

    understand that the people talking on pomona behave

    is not from pomona. We all know its MR.Schreiman

    and a few of his boyfriends.High school football

    is about the kids not the parents, you had your

    chance to shine. show some class…

  • Colt74

    No one should get bent out of shape for another persons predictions/assessments/opinions. It’s a blog. No one here really counts in the grand scheme of things that is called High School Football. The ONLY ones that matter and really have a say are the coaches and the kids out on the field. The rest of us are self anointed commentators. No one here, I am sure, holds anything said on this blog against a school or their kids.
    Now with that prefaced…

    I think the Colts are ready, and ready to rumble. All the predictions in the world would not add any credibility to our upcoming game. You have a 50-50 chance of being right. If you are right, you are a genius. If you are wrong it is someone else’s fault. I think Covina has the roster to win handily, and running away. To use Aram’s phrase…I’ll take the OVER.

    Of coarse, your mileage may vary…

    Friday Night, Covina District Field, For the 2011 Valle Vista Championship.

    May the best team win.

  • Bohi

    Conq ’76

    And I’m sure Bonita will be focused on the Walnut win as well. Stuff LA’s run game, and make them pass to beat you.

  • coltfan97

    I have a question for all your mid-valley lovers,

    Should the winner of the San Dimas-Covina game be ranked number one in the CIF Mid Valley over Maranatha? I say yes!!!!!

  • Colt74

    If Maranatha beats Whittier Christian they will stay number 1. CIF rewards undefeated for what it is…undefeated!

  • coltfan97

    Even though we are fans of the same team I disagree with you on this point Colt74!!! The reason why I disagree with you is because of La Puente as they are undefeated and ranked number 5 in the division!!!! So if CIF rewards undefeated teams what about La Puente? I think strength of schedule should be consider when it comes to CIF polls just my opinion!!!! BY THE WAY GO COLTS!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Ok. I’ll play.

    Do you think Azusas SOS came into play last year in their Number 1 rating up into the playoffs?

    I believe that Strength of league carry’s more weight than SOS with the voters.
    The Olympic ( for the most part ) has always been viewed as a stronger league than the VVL. I don’t make the politics I just view them.

    If you go down the list of the divisions and the ratings you will see that politics is the overwhelming factor in CIF polls. How else would you explain a 3-3 La Habra ranked 2nd in the Southwest over 3 unbeaten teams? You can’t. Or, how about a 3-3 Monrovia rated higher than a 5-1 Alhambra? If you are looking for logic in a CIF poll, or ANY poll for that matter you are wasting your time.

    But, back to our point. I think being undefeated should carry the most weight in polls.

    Polls? We don’t need no stinking polls !!!

  • Conq Nation

    I’m worried about the Conquerors this Friday!

    Anyone who has seen the Conqs this year know two things:

    1) We have ZERO athleticism in our secondary
    2) We need to be able to run the ball to be successful

    I think this sets up perfectly for a Bonita upset this week. Bonita has always been able to throw the ball effectively and, even if they are down a little this year, most likely will still “out athlete” us through the air.

    Also, Bonita has always been solid as stopping our run. They run a funky three-man (sometimes two-man) front that allows their linebackers to roam free and burst randomly into gaps. I’m nervous that they will focus all their efforts on our run game and that we won’t be able to get anything going through the air.

    God, I hope our boys prove me wrong!

  • Jay

    Pomona Alumni

    Boyfriends? I prefer hetero-lifemates, but to each his own.

  • Colt74

    Correction: The Alhambra over Monrovia is a bad analogy. Was thinking Arcadia…and they are not even in he same division. Bad Head Cold 3 – Logical thinking 0.

  • Walnut Insider

    while I am not totally sold on the Mustangs yet, I do think they can beat Diamond Bar and Diamond Ranch to make the playoffs. And once they are in the playoffs who knows what they can do. The only team that is really solid from top to bottom is West Covina. And Walnut’s opening drive against them was impressive, but they couldn’t do much afterwards.

    There was Coach of they Year talk on another story and while what O’Shields is doing is impressive, I would have to give it to Los Altos’ coach if they can make it in the playoffs.

  • coltfan97

    I should have said overall SOS which includes league and non-league!

    You made my point Colt74!!! Everybody knew that Azusa had a weak SOS overall last year!!! They shouldn’t have been ranked number one!!!! As for La Habra they play Pac 5 teams closely, and their SOS is outstanding!!! La Habra proves my point overall SOS should be one the main reasons why a team should be ranked higher than anther team in CIF!!! In my opinion Covina and S.D. has played a harder schedule overall than Maranatha has!!!! Just an opinion!!!

  • Sleeper Nation

    The Rankings will affect everyone, except Monrovia(who may be a top four seed)and Pomona(who still plays SD)… Both of those teams have had some adversity, and still putting things together. Come Playoff time, it’s going to get ugly quick. I don’t Care about records league titles, etc… Not one of the top five wants to play Monrovia or Pomona in the 2nd Round. This Covina vs San Dimas game is huge for playoff ands some one “may” lose their top Four status. I know SD would rather play Monrovia in the Finals rather than early. Covina Will likely end up Seeing Monrovia in the Semi’s…However Being a non Bais Midvalley Fan, I predict the rankings to be like this at the end and I am basing that upon Coaching, Talent, Records, team development and health at playoff time.

    1.Maranatha(undefeated deserves top spot)
    2.Covina(If they win league, if not #4)
    3.Monrovia(league champ 7-3, Still a favorite)
    4.San Dimas(if they lose league, if they Win #2)
    5.Arroyo (good but not top 4 good)
    6.La Puente(if they win league, a good spot.
    7.Pomona(depends on the San Dimas game)
    8.Alhambra(solid team, still don’t see them in the same light as Covina, San Dimas or Monrovia)
    9.Whittier Christian( looking to knock of a league champ in playoffs)
    10.Azusa(Great Coach, could win league…then you switch them with La Puente)

  • patrick

    Im picking DB over Walnut…i think DB fixes the turnovers and prevails 34-28 over the Mustangs! The Brahmas are improved and also looking for bitter revenge on the mustangs!

  • Panther Fan

    My Pics

    South El Monte at Arroyo, (South El Monte)
    Wilson vs. Northview (Northview)
    Glendora vs. Alta Loma (Glendora)
    Friday’s games
    San Dimas vs. Covina (Covina)
    Bishop Amat at Crespi(Amat)
    South Hills at Damien (SHills)
    Diamond Bar at Walnut (D-Bar)
    Ayala at Charter Oak (Charter Oak)
    Diamond Ranch at Rowland(DRanch)
    Los Altos at Bonita (Bonita)
    El Monte at Mountain View (El Monte)
    Ganesha vs. Azusa (Azusa)
    Gladstone at Bassett (Gladstone)
    Sierra Vista at La Puente (La Puente)
    Workman at Duarte (Duarte)
    Rosemead at Gabrielino(Rosemead)
    Claremont at Chino Hills (CHino Hills)
    Nogales at Pomona(Pomona)

  • Colt74

    “Sleeper nation said:
    I don’t Care about records league titles, etc… Not one of the top five wants to play Monrovia or Pomona in the 2nd Round.”

    I beg to disagree. Why would Covina or San Dimas care about playing Monrovia or Pomona at any stage of the playoffs? Covina already beat Pomona and San Dimas already beat Monrovia. I think they would welcome the opportunity to send them home. The earlier the better. Right? Are you suggesting that they are afraid to play them? If so..why?

    Also you said :”I don’t Care about records league titles, etc…”

    Then you say :”I am basing that upon Coaching, Talent, Records, team development and health at playoff time.”

    How can you not care about records but base Monrovia moving up on them?

    Bottom line is thinking that Covina or San Dimas are afraid to play anyone whenever is a bit self serving. Not true and unrealistic, but self serving.

  • @coltfan97

    well yes of course they average more rushing yards then passing because livingston was out 2 and a half games… so if you figure in the 2 games he was out they threw the ball 11 times?? then yes your passing average is going to be down a lot.

  • oldschool

    @Patrick.I heard Cordell broadus and Kenya Bell both got moved up to Varsity.that should make it interesting.

  • coltfan97

    I agree with your comment about the passing yards being lower than the rushing yards without Livingston!!!! I totally agree with that, but it just seems like everybody disrespecting Covina’s running game and I have tell you this that’s a mistake!!!! Covina’s offensive can run and pass the ball!!!!

  • Wilson

    Just got off the phone with a friend from Los Altos, he told me that a parent over at Los Altos, Charles Erdmann is the one on these blogs pretending to be a Pomona Alumni and using other names to stir up problems for Pomona and the Schreiman’s.


    COLT97, Yes AZUSA lost in the First round last year to a TEAM from the Olympic league, Hell of game which AZUSA, should have won, but lost. Yes I was their and it’s all in the past now. But what was Covina’s excuse losing to a team in the second round from the Olympic League also, WHITTER CHRISTIAN!

    Let it go COLT97, quit beating a DEAD COLT! LOL… AZUSA earned that SOS, and went undefeated and was awarded that honor. What you still complaining about that??? Wow, bottomline Monrovia would have blown out Covina also last year!

    2009, 2010 AZUSA over Covina IN THE PLAYOFFS! What, you want to bring up the past?


  • @97 and AZTEC

    @97 you are completely right and everyone who says covina doesnt pound the rock is wrong i see covina get into the FB RB TE set and play smash mouth ball all the way down the field at least 2 – 3 drives a game and thats scary cause they move Vinny and Gevontray in a nice rotation back there and it allows Livingston to keep his hits down.. like what they are doing on offense!
    @Aztec Well Covina lost to the best team from the olympic… so what is that saying that Azusa wasnt better then the 3rd place team from the Olympic team and Covina was not as good as the FIRST place team from the Olympic but probibly better then the Second place team for sure…?? IDK but you say past past past put Azusa up against Covina now… and Covina puts up 60!

  • coltfan97

    Aztec Pride,

    I didnt bring up the past, I was just responding to a comment Colt74 said!!!!! All i was saying is that in the future CIF should include overall SOS and record when seeding teams in the playoffs!!!!

    One thing I like about Covina this year that they didnt have in past years is a big and physical offensive and defensive lines!!!!!! This will definitely help them when the playoffs come around!!!!!!

  • sleeper nation

    Colt 74, here’s the deal…

    The VVL has 3 good teams in Covina, San Dimas, and Pomona and is the strongest league. However only 1 team will be league champ, meaning someone will have to drop to a four seed if the other 3 are league champs. Since someone is going to have two losses, that will mean only one less than Monrovia. Even if it’s San Dimas with two losses and a head to head Victory over monrovia, their second place status will be usurped by a league title. If it’s Covina, the same applies to them. However If Monrovia is number #6 and if they win out, being the defending champ, and a league champ, and having a history of playing well in the playoffs, will get them a top four seeding. They only have to move up two spots. Since Arroyo, had a tough time with La Canada, that kills their chances of a top four seed. Since Last year’s montview champs went out in the first round, La Puente( who has not played anyone) and Azusa(no shot at top four) will not get a top four seed. Since Alhambra Lost to South Pas, and Monrovia is going to wax them, Alhambra is out. Prove me wrong! Covina beat pomona by a few Points without livingston. But If, the two teams played again in the playoffs, it would be the same a close game. Do you think Pomona’s WR’s are not going play better the next time around? In regards to preseason victories, those are just that preseason victories. San Dimas beat Monrovia without McCarthy. Would San Dimas running game be as successful with him in the game? He’s a big deal. How do you think he is going to play if those two teams meet again. Last season San Dimas thought they had Monrovia’s number, but got surprised. Do you think that is not in the back of their minds? This is a different season, but it seems a lot like last season. I am not Disrespecting Covina’s Running game, I said they should run more in the big games vs top Midvalley teams, in the playoffs. All teams have weakness, it’s just exposing them. Covina also seems to be pass heavy in playoff games and not nearly as Balanced. Covina’s front seven is dominate, however, the DB’s are small and have trouble with bigger athletic WR(Remember Stanely /Whittier Christian).San Dimas has issues passing when they have to…in playoffs San Dimas has the same issue handling bigger athletic WR’s(Remember Jay Henderson/Monrovia). It just so happens that Monrovia and Pomona are the teams that have those kinds of WRs. If they are on, they are going to be hard to beat. Monrovia’s and Pomona’s weaknesses is inconsistency and getting they players the ball. They can play themselves out of a game or into one. Covina and San Dimas have been the most consistent teams all season long. If they can play that way coming into the playoffs then, they will be tough to beat also. The fact that this team beat that team in preseason or mid season Means nothing in the playoffs. After watching Covina Fall Apart last year in the 2nd Round, in my opinion I think they will not be standing when the dust settles in the midvalley. If I had to bet, I would go with Monrovia, or San dimas to win it. Despite Monrovia’s horrible start, I still think they are the sleeping Giant lurking in the Midvalley. Those two are the only teams who have been proven playoff performers in the Last 2 years. Lets see if Covina, or another team proves me wrong, and I will gladly say I was wrong. Will you?

  • coltfan97

    Well said sleeper nation and I agree Covina needs to pound the rock a lot more in the playoffs!!!!! They learned their lesson last year by not running the rock, but this year there running the rock more!!! Another thing I agree with you about, is that Covina needs to prove to us fans and themselves that they could get past the quarterfinals!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Sleeper nation,
    After all that you still did not answer why you think Covina or San Dimas should be afraid of Monrovia or Pomona. You can’t. Because they are not. Be willing to bet they both had a good laugh at the suggestion though.
    You seem to be heavily Monrovia biased and that is your prerogative. I’m heavily Covina biased. My prerogative too.

    So Covina’s DB’s have only gone up against midget wide receivers so far? They seem to be holding their own. Wouldn’t you agree. What in the playoffs the night before the games the other teams put their WR’s on a rack and stretch them? Covina will be fine. But thanks for the concern.

    We also did not lose to Whittier Christian because of their WR’s. I was there. I have the game on dvd.
    We lost because of penalties calling TD and long runs back and from poor tacking on run plays in the 4th quarter. PENALTIES beat us.

    “Covina also seems to be pass heavy in playoff games and not nearly as Balanced.”

    And this is based of what playoff games ???

    Covina has played PLENTY of smash mouth football this season. Go to Maxpreps and look at the game stats. Covina has run the ball and run it very effectively so far this season. I don’t see where or how you could question or fault Covina’s ground game.

    “and I will gladly say I was wrong. Will you?”

    And what exactly would I have to say I was wrong about? Them not afraid of Monrovia and Pomona???
    Not going to happen if that is what you are suggesting. Please enlighten me on what you think I may have to admit to being wrong about.

  • SaintsR4real

    How you doing Bro??
    FYI: Dont waste your time on the ranting (blah, blah, blah) from SLEEPER NATION. He is Observantcat from Monrovia.
    You hit it on the head, calling him out!

    May the best team win Friday night.

  • sleeper nation

    Colt 74, I am not really interested in what happen all year…Slow down…read carefully and learn. I said Covina is “pass heavy” in “Big games” vs “Midvalley ” “top teams”. You ask me to go to maxpreps, so I did. The Last “Playoff game vs Whittier Christian Billy Livingston was 14 of 33 attempts(42%) for 172 yards with 2 TD’s and 2 int. The Stat line says Covina rush 23 times, with Livingston rushing 9 times for -21 which 6 of those were Sacks. Venegas had 5 carries for 16 yards, and Ainsworth Had 9 carries for 38 yards. That’s 14 carries 52 yards(3ypc). that does not sound like a team who pounds the rock… If you take 8 of those pass attempts and all 9 of Billy’s rush attempts which is a total of 17 touches and give Vinny 7 more touches and Ainsworth 10, then that might look like a real attempt to run the ball. Even look at the West Covina game this year… Livingston had a big passing night, but still Ainsworth had only 8 touches (SERIOUSLY) in that game….., Venegas had 1 rushing attempt and Billy had 10 for 18.. he is no threat to run…we know that… By the way Penalties, and Poor tackling might mean you got wore down….those kinds of things happen when your tired and lose focus…I was not there, but that’s what it looks like…So you were wrong, and we can start there. I think Covina may have a stronger running game now, but you questioned solid historical facts…so here you go. Saints is wrong, I am not from Monrovia…Ill break down the saints if she wants to go there…..

  • The Ghost of L.L.

    @sleeper nation

    Since the West Covina game Covina has averaged somewhere around 180-200 yards on the ground. To go even a step further against BP and P-town, who stack the box with 8 and 9 guys as well as the fact that everyone knew they couldn’t throw the ball, those weeksthey rushed for 250 and I believe over 300. So you might say well they had to run the ball cause Livingston wasn’t in the game, well he was last week and they ran for another 250. They have one back who probably goes over 1000 this week and another who probably get there before the season is over. So lets just start with the fact that you are wrong and go from there.

    Oh and about your pass heavy in playoff games, youa are basing that off of one game? Cause I believe they had a kid by the name of Mike McD and some rb’s a few years ago who ran over a lot of people even in the semi final games they lost they still ran the ball well.

  • Colt74

    Sleeper Nation said,
    “Colt 74, I am not really interested in what happen all year…Slow down…read carefully and learn. I said Covina is “pass heavy” in “Big games” vs “Midvalley ” “top teams”.”

    This is what you said:

    “I said they should run more in the big games vs top Midvalley teams, in the playoffs. All teams have weakness, it’s just exposing them. Covina also seems to be pass heavy in playoff games and not nearly as Balanced.”

    So according to you..teams need to expose other teams weaknesses. I agree there. And if another teams weakness is against the pass…we should run the ball more.


    Last time I checked, Billy Livingston’s and Covina’s strong suit was in passing. Agree? So anyone, at least with 2 or more firing brain cells, would stick with their strengths primarily. Right?

    You seem to have no problem finding fault with how Covinas coaches call the games. You also like to reference Monrovia so much ( But they are not your team )


    How many years did Monrovia get to the playoffs and lose before they finally won? A. Did the Monrovia coaches not listen to you all the other years but did last year? Or B. is football a fluid and dynamic sport that changes from moment to moment, because of constantly changing variables, and no one single game plan would work?
    ( Pick B! )

    And, like your first line..I’m not really interested in what happened last year, or the year before. Every year teams are different. Is Monrovia the same team as last year? Not even close! So what or how any team played last year has no bearing on how the teams play this year.

    My :”And this is based of what playoff games ???”

    meant THIS YEAR !! Again, who cares abut any other year ??????? Who gives a rats AZZ about last year?? We are talking THIS YEAR…or at least I was. NOTHING about any prior years has any bearing on THIS YEAR. Why would anything any team did last year have one molecule of weight on their performance this year?? It doesn’t! Get in the moment and not in the past!

    Unless you just like bringing it up because Monrovia won the championship last year…

    But this ain’t last year and sorry to burst your bubble, but there is NOT ONE TEAM out there that is afraid of MONROVIA, POMONA or any other team for that matter. Zip..
    Oh that’s right…we are supposed to be afraid of Monrovia because of McCarthy…He’s a great player, no doubt. Has anyone been afraid of him so far this year?
    Just asking…
    ( Pick NO! )

    Now PLEASE let the Covina coaches decide what they should do or not do and just stick with advising the Monrovia coaches.

  • Middy

    Hey Saints4Real….what about the other 1322 Saints???? They don’t factor in to the equasion?

  • sleeper nation

    Colts 74,

    History always factors into what could possibly happen in the future. That is why people scout, watch film from last year etc.. last year or last week etc… Coaches have a philosophy and like to do certain things. Sometimes that is dictated by talent. In Covina’s case, they have a stud QB, great WR’s and a great RB. The logical thing would be to have a balanced attack.If you play covina you don’t have to worry about the run, because, you know they are going to pass all night. This way, you keep teams off balance. you were the one that said, the everyone is entitled to their opinion right? Ok. In my opinion, Looking at the past 2 seasons, Covina does not run the ball enough, in Big games. How can you pass for 360 yards and lose? and In the games vs Whittier Christian last year in the playoffs Covina had 33 yrds rushing….In the lost against Walnut Covina had 26 yrds rushing and Walnut score 21 pts in the 4th. If you would have pounded the rock…they would not had the time to do that? In this years loss against West Covina, Covina had 53 yards rushing. In the big games Covina won last year vs San Dimas and West Covina won, the had over 75 yards rushing. The closer you get to 100 yrd rushing mark, you increase your chances of winning. If your under 50…you are in trouble. I know your coach is looking at that constantly… just as other coaches. I am not bias at all. When Monrovia has had their @$$ handed to them this season, those were all games where they had well under 100 yards rushing. If they don’t fix that, they won’t be going to far this season. The point is Covina is in the spotlight this week, and #2 in the Midvalley and deserving of that spot. As For teams fearing Monrovia, No Matter what is said, “Defending Champs” will be said right after that. But hey, if the covina coaches are thinking like you and don’t want to run the ball more, we won’t be worried about covina going deep in the playoffs. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results…do you want the same results as last year? Since you are totally ignoring last year, I guess there is nothing to learn from Last year…..right ?

  • CatParent


    That would definitely seem possible, as Chuck hates Mark with a passion. Only problem I see with that logic is, I’m not sure Erdmann is bright enough to operate a computer. lol

  • Colt74

    Sleeper Nation/Observantcat:

    For some reason you just don’t get it. I’m going to try one last time.

    Passing : 1277 yards – 182.4 ypg – 22 TD’s
    Rushing : 1501 yards – 214.4 ypg – 15 TD’s

    Now before we get to the Final Jeopardy question, answer me this:

    How many yards did Nick Bueno get rushing and passing this season?

    Oh wait…he did not play this season. So that question is void.
    Just like what Covina may or may not have done in the past…void.

    You keep wanting to bring up last year??? Why is this? I said we are talking about this year.
    Just like Jethro Tull…living in the past….

    You KEEP saying that Covina does not have a balanced attack. We are too pass heavy.

    Here’s the Final Jeopardy Question

    Based on the numbers that I posted for Covina’s season, the Colts have:
    A. Relied on the pass too much
    B. Relied on the run too much
    C. Have a balanced attack

    Take your time ( Pick C )
    Really think about it ( Pick C )
    When in doubt Charlie out ( Pick C)
    If you need to..use a calculator ( Pick C )

    And your answer is ??????

    One last thing. You insist that we lost the West Covina game because we did not run the ball enough.
    If you try and run the ball against a good run prevention defense and it does not work do you keep trying it?
    And the last play of the game where we could have tied the game (again in overtime) and gone for the kick to win the game was a PASS. What happens if the caught it in bounds?
    We would have won with only 53 yards rushing.

    Monrovia’s Stats:

    Passing Yards Per Game
    Rushing Yards Per Game

    Uh Oh…looks like you might need to start a post about Monrovia working on their BALANCED attack!
    Be sure to bring up last season too.

    I find it totally hilarious as to what started out as me calling you out for saying that Covina or San Dimas would not care about where or when they played Monrovia or Pomona…

    “Not one of the top five wants to play Monrovia or Pomona in the 2nd Round.”

    …somehow got twisted into a “what’s wrong with Covina” argument.

    “However Being a non Bais Midvalley Fan”

    You are about as unbiased as a cow is pork.

    I am too. But I don’t claim otherwise. I also agree with SaintsR4Real.


    @97 and AZTEC,

    “@Aztec Well Covina lost to the best team from the olympic… so what is that saying that Azusa wasnt better then the 3rd place team from the Olympic team and Covina was not as good as the FIRST place team from the Olympic but probibly better then the Second place team for sure…?? IDK but you say past past past put Azusa up against Covina now… and Covina puts up 60!”


    60 points? Yeah right! Okay SERVITE FRIARS, Dream on…

  • sleeper nation

    Pony 74, I stated that Monrovia needed to work on their running attack as well. They are not balanced right now. They are not a lock to win it, but the will be there in the semis for sure. You still have not dropped one shread of evidence or any instance where Covina has had over a 100 yards rushing against anyone good in the past 3 seasons including this season…Diversions…that’s all covina fans do…See that’s the problem with some of the Covina Fan Base the last 3 years, they are always spouting out Preseason/Midseason/VVL stuff…I don’t hear you roaring nor whispering that you will be in the semis or Finals… That’s because you Honestly don’t know if Covina is going to get that far…You know the last few years are still in the back of your mind. You can say Stuff like…oh we played West Covina well…or we are balanced against Gladstone, El Monte, Northview, Wilson, and Nogales… You take your VVL title and shove it..Because people fear covina even less than Monrovia…You know the Olympic league champ is licking their chops hoping they get you all in the playoffs… What can you Say about Monrovia…They lost preseason games to upper Division schools(it’s happen before) What they lost to San Dimas(They are good, it’s happen before)…how many upper division teams did covina play 2? Try 4 and San Dimas…You have nothing to say about Monrovia’s playoff performances and I know I am not going to get you on record saying that Monrovia is not going to go deep in the playoffs…so cut the small talk…. We will discuss this again come playoff time. Honestly I dont think Covina can handle the pressure of being on top of the division…All that pressure is going to overwhelm the colts…LMAO…I can’t wait… Covina is not the same team in the playoffs…Mark My words…we’ve been down this road before…. I don’t want to hear excuses about Penalties, wore down… TDs got called back… or Someone forgot the confetti…come on man.

  • Colt74

    “I don’t want to hear excuses about Penalties, wore down… TDs got called back… or Someone forgot the confetti…come on man.”

    All you want to hear/read is your ramblings. I get the feeling that you just like to read your own posts. This whole thread all you have done is talk about Monrovia this and Monrovia that and Covina ain’t doing it right.

    Every time I prove you’re talking out your ass you come back with something else…Covina doesn’t run the ball enough…Covina doesn’t run the ball enough against “anyone good”…what’s next? Covina didn’t run the ball for over 500 yards against Servite? How many times are you going to raise the bar and tap dance with your weak ass argument?

    YOU ARE TALKING OUT YOUR A$$. Give it up! You have your opinion and your opinion was proved wrong. Live with it.

    “I can take my VVL title and shove it?”

    It’s clear your frustration for being proven wrong has set in. I have given you FACTS. But you don’t want facts because they clash with your opinions.

    You think Monrovia is all that and a bag of chips.
    I get it.
    But I could care less. Actually Monrovia concerns me less than less.

    Good luck against Blair. I know they have a -38.5 rating but I think you guys should be able to get the win. Plus, I know your next 4 opponents have a combined rating of -53.7. Tell everyone after each win how you are the best though. And make sure that everyone is healthy because those could be close games.

    “I don’t hear you roaring nor whispering that you will be in the semis or Finals”

    And why would I? Making any such claims at this point in the season is only for fools. You are the only one making claims that you “HOPE” someone else will back up for you. Your claim has NOTHING to back it up besides your bias.

    You know what I think? You are afraid of having to face the Colts in the playoffs and think by trying to tear down the Colts it makes you more at ease. Instead of talking shyt about Covina why don’t you just cut down on the caffeine?

    You worry about 3-3 Monrovia
    I’ll worry about 6-1 Covina

    And the rest will just fall into place.

  • sleeper nation

    Colt 74 why would anyone worry about Monrovia, they are going to go 5-0 RHL champs and top 4 seeding in Playoffs… You are right A Covina Fan would be foolish to say that they, are going to the Semi’s or better, when you very well may get knocked out in the quarters…I understand. I can see right through your psuedo confidence in your 6-1 Colts. See that’s how delusional you are… you seemed to be getting emotional here. This is a blog, there is no way I could have any effect on the Mindset of the Covina Coaching staff, nor the players or Monrovia’s either. What the kids believe in their hearts is is going to determine how far they go. If they read this blog, and can’t turn Criticism or what some call “hate” into fuel then Shame on them. So How could I do anything or say anything… to tear down the Colts? I was just making a honest backed up observation about a particular teams rushing attack in playoff games.; using the last playoff game played…If you think that 33 yrds rushing is the game plan for a playoff game, then so be it… Yeah I am sure coach Thomas came into the locker in the Whitter Christian game and Said “Men if we can rush for under 50 yards, we are going to win this game “. Gimme a break. I will except anything you say about Monrovia if it’s true. This team may not be better than last years team, but they do have the tools to make a run. I am not sure how, I was proven wrong but oh well. The only thing that has been proven so far is Covina is only l playoff game better that Azusa or Temple city or whoever…So really until the playoffs there is not much you can say other than, Well there’s not Much you can say….I’ll see you in the playoffs buddy lol. As Far as Monrovia being brought up, Why was Fred and Aram talking about how San Dimas beat the brakes off of Monrovia…I think they mention Monrovia several times in the Two Minute drill…As Long as Monrovia is going to participate in this years playoffs, Monrovia will be in the conversations of contenders for the title…I don’t need anyone to back that up. With 18 Returning starters, there’s big expectations over there in Covina…I hope you can live up to hype when it counts in Nov.

  • Colt74

    Sleeper Nation,
    Did you get the Nation part from your log on from all the voices in your head?

    “I can see right through your psuedo confidence in your 6-1 Colts. See that’s how delusional you are… you seemed to be getting emotional here.”

    Psuedo ? First, it’s “pseudo”…
    Second, you just proved that you have no clue about anything you talk about. Even the most casual observer here would know about my confidence in Covina. But keep on blogging your nonsense. It’s increasing Fred’s Hit Count.
    Moi, emotional? Show me where. Better about answering ONE of the questions I have asked over the thread. You have bobbed and weaved more than a prize fighter…but still after all this you get your butt knocked to the canvas again and again.

    That’s ok…come back with another sidestep and go off on another tangent instead of actually answering anything that is asked.
    Typical Monrovia fan.