PrepXtra Live Rewind: Saints and Colts get together to talk showdown …

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  • shawn hannity

    what about these kids from pomona, how come you dont have them on your show fred and arum. i think you guys dog pomona because of MS and it shouldnt be that way because i gurantee you at least 3 of those kids are going to division 1 colleges. so please dont take it out on these kids becuse of MS.

  • Pomona

    What every name your using this time (Chuck Erdmann),

    That was weak, Fred just ranked Pomona 6th in winning a championship this year. Aram as much as he hated to do it ranked Pomona in his top 25. Sorry but your around two weeks to late on that comment. The only quality win we have this year is over 5-1 D5 Chino, so we are where we should be.

  • shawn hannity

    hey i have been to alot of games this year and believe when i say this, pomona isnt a 6th ranked team. but still all you pomona haters just hate ans hate and hate on pomona. im only going to say this one more time, pomona is going to be there in the end. and that fact is all you haters know what im saying is the truth. but go ahead and hate somemore and try to convince yourself pomona just doesnt have it. go ahead and give covina and san dimas all the love. every year the valley has a sleeper and this year its pomona.

  • coltfan97

    shawn hannity,

    You are so clueless!!!!! These players were on Prep Extra Live because they play each other on Friday and it’s a big game!!!!! That’s it nothing else!!!! It has nothing to do with “dogging” Pomona!!!!! By the way Pomona has talent!!!!! Just because a team has talent doesnt mean the team is going to win!!!!!! It sounds like that SOME Pomona fans like to complain

  • reality

    ESPN and Monday Night football are haters and doggers of Pomana football. Not one mention of Pomona football all night.C’mon Man!!!!!!!

  • Pomona Alumni

    First off lets give credit where its do, Billy and
    Vinny. That showed not only are you guys good
    football players but also good characters.Good
    luck to you guys the rest of your season. To the
    fools to proclaim to be from pomona stop making
    the school and city look bad.Your not from Pomona
    and you didnt go to pomona high. I would like to see
    you fake a.. in pomona so i can slap the word pomona
    out your mouth.Hope to see you 457 bangor street

  • cov80

    STOP CRYING POMONA! u had ur chance and you LOST!

  • CatParent,

    All my alias (6 of us) are going to eat before the Thursday game (Wilson/Northview) at Covina District Field. If you would like to go message me in Facebook, I will give you the location.


    No one from Pomona is crying, Pomona Alumni isn’t even from Pomona he is trying to stir up trouble.

  • Pomona Alumni

    @pomona said, you our the biggest low life. I am from Pomona and i attend all alumni events.ITS the problem you had at wilson. Pomona people never got on this blog until QB got to pomona.
    MR.Mark losser you need to get a job. Unlike
    you i went to pomona and still attend games.
    All you is start stuff at every school your
    son attend, go back to wilson.Your the same dad
    who let his son smoke weed.

  • Wilson

    Pomona Alumni,

    Mr. Schreiman is one of the greatest parents I have ever meet. He is all about the kids, your comments are ridiculous. You need to go back in that hole you came out of. No Pomona Alum would make comments like that about their QB. It is very clear your intent on this blog is to create problems for the Pomona program. Now your hating on the kid you really need to get a women.