Two-Minute Drill: San Dimas at Covina, Friday, 7 p.m., Covina District Field

By Aram Tolegian
Covina quarterback Billy Livingston made his first start since Sept. 23 on Friday night and seemed to pick up right where he left off before he suffered a shoulder separation against Walnut. Livingston was 16 of 23 for 353 yards and four touchdowns in Covina’s 49-14 victory over Nogales. The Colts (6-1, 3-0) host San Dimas (5-1, 2-0) on Friday night at Covina District Field in the game of the year in the Valle Vista League. “Billy did a good job (last Friday),” Colts coach Darryl Thomas said. “He was a little rusty early on, but after that he was pretty good.

“I was telling you guys the whole time that if he’s healthy enough, he will play. We’re trying to protect him as much as we can, but this is football and you’re going to get hit.”

Covina got some key experience against a Wing-T team earlier this season when it played West Covina. Although San Dimas and West Covina run different variations of the wing, seeing it run already by a powerful team such as West Covina should help the Colts defense brace for what’s coming.

“San Dimas is going to do what they do,” Thomas said. “Coach (Bill) Zernickow is a very good coach. They do some things similar to West Covina. They run outside and inside. They throw out of it. The difference, I would say, is that there’s a whole lot more formations San Dimas throws at you.”

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  • I don’t know

    What is Fred going to say when Covina losses to Cerritos Valley Christian in the 2nd Round this year…San Dimas is going to have a better year. So will Monrovia…not matter what happends Friday night…San Dimas and Monrovia will play for the Mid valley.

  • FredJ

    Just remember you’re going to said Fred was right when Covina wins CIF

  • MidValley


    Are you coming to the game or just going to rely on Aram?

    Aram, what sideline you going to be on? Come hang with the blue and gold.

  • bystander

    Have seen both teams, and it’s not even that close. Colts 34 Saints 14. Covina has at least 5 players that San Dimas can’t match up with.

  • SaintsR4real

    You were doing pretty good with your analysis until the 6:15 mark, when you went as far as mentioning San Dimas’ downfall when falling behind on the score in the 2008 game vs Rosemead.
    Really??!! You should’ve, could’ve turned your whole analysis around if you mentioned the game vs Monrovia last year during pre-season, when we were down and out by half and rallied back to win it. That definietly would’ve been a more acuarate description of our teams fight, compared to the 2008 team that has no players on this years team, duh 🙂
    It’s cool, maybe keep your drills down to 6 minutes??!!

  • Colt74

    I have a lot of respect for San Dimas. I know some of the parents of players on the team this year. It’s a shame that one team has to win and one has to lose.
    That’s why it’s going to suck after we beat them.
    I’m going to feel bad for them.


    Pizza Chalet starting at 4PM. First 4 Pitchers are on me. In honor of both our QB’s numbers.

  • Desert Rat

    Wow Aram’s bromance with SD is already going soft like his double chin.

    Go get em Billy. I wasn’t impressed. Take the cheese and ram it down their throats.

  • Colt74

    And before we go there…

    NO! If you change your QB’s number to 99..I am not covering the first 99 pitchers…..

  • I may not be down on the sideline at all. Probably up in the stands. I’ve developed a brutal grass allergy for some reason this year. I used to have it here and there, but this year anytime I’m around grass for too long it just kicks my butt.

    Anyway, to the person who said I have a double chin, you’d better look closer because I actually don’t. I wear it everywhere else, but not really my chin.

    I pronounce all of you game ready judging by your venom. Keep it coming!!!

  • Colt74

    We NEED tDro there too! He’s our GOOD LUCK CHARM. Both games he covered WE WON!

    Like being featured is bad luck, having Tyler there is GOOD LUCK!

  • SaintsR4real

    Question for players tonight:
    Who do they think will stand out and have an exceptional night Thursday??

    Who is their top sack master??

    What’s the teams biggest opportunity(s)??

    Please keep Monrovia and Pomona out of discussion, unless it’s a mid valley question 😉

  • Dan

    That was funny, classy comeback and good sense of humor, hey at least it’s paid for!

  • The Midvalley

    Fred, Covina is not going to win the VVL…let alone the Midvalley. San Dimas 28 Covina 17

  • coltfan97

    To Mid Valley,

    Your prediction based on what? Covina size will open holes, and it will give Livingston time to pass the ball!!!! Covina’s defense might not stop the Wing T offense of S.D., but it will disrupt S.D. offense enough where Covina will due some damage!!!!