Breaking News: Double-elimination baseball proposal voted down, 46-26 on Thursday

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
The CIF-Southern Section council voted 46-26 on Thursday to reject a proposal that would have created a double-elimination playoff for high school baseball teams in Divisions 1-4.

If the proposal had passed, the double-elimination tournament would have started in April’s 2012 playoffs, but council members felt travel costs and the increased number of games would have been costly.
In the current format, teams have to win five consecutive games to win a championship. In a double-elimination, it could take as many as 12 games or as few as eight games to win a title.
Northview coach Darren Murphy, who was one of the coaches who helped draft the proposal, wasn’t shocked by Thursday’s outcome.
“The timing wasn’t right,” Murphy said. “The people who are voting are trying to balance budgets and save school’s money, they’re not trying to add something else.
“Maybe in four or five years if the climate is better, we can re-introduce this and give it another try.”
The double-elimination proposal would have required ending the regular season one week early to allow for an extra week of playoffs.
In the double-elimination proposal, once a 32-team field is set, the bracket is broken into four eight-team brackets, with teams seeded one through eight in each bracket.
Each eight-team bracket would play a traditional double-elimination tournament over a two-week period, which would consist of two rounds the first week, and three rounds the second week to determine a champion of each bracket.
The champion from each bracket would advance to the semifinals. The semifinal and championship rounds would have been a best-of-three to determine the champion.
“We still think it’s a great idea,” Murphy said. “But the timing just wasn’t right for it to pass.”

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  • Thank heavens!

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    I have mixed emotions on this. To me the only way this could be a double elimination is if the field was cut down to 16 and the playoffs started a week early. Maybe the championship game could be just a winner take all to keep the games at Dodger and Angel’s stadium.

    That being said I like the fact any team can get knocked out on any given day. That’s what makes it fun.

    Of course if Amat would have lost last year like they did in 2009 and 2010 I would have been screaming for a double elimination.