Thursday’s scores: Rivera lights up South El Monte in second half as Arroyo wins 28-7. Glendora and Northview also win …

Arroyo 28, South El Monte 7 — Steven Rivera threw for 254 and three touchdowns, all of them in the second half, as Arroyo erased a 7-6 halftime deficit for an easy win. The Knights defense was very stingy, allowing just one touchdown which came after SEM got good field position after a bad punt snap. The Eagles played good defense for a while, but Rivera was too much. Arroyo now 6-1 overall and 2-0 in league.

Northview 18, Wilson 7: Vikings keep their playoff hopes alive and well by beating the winless Wildcats.

Glendora 20, Alta Loma 16: Tartans needed that. Their faint playoff hopes stay alive, but they will likely still have to knock off one of the Baseline’s Big 3 of Etiwanda, Upland and Rancho.

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  • LA Futbol


    How about we get a “Leader Board” going on the Trib Website? I bet a lot of people would love to see that! Have one of you flunkie interns compile data from MaxPreps and post it up here for some good discussion!

  • football 151

    “When you come to Arroyo, you expect to be playing for championships.” Umm you mean league championships? Players, parents, coaches remember league championships, but everyone remembers a CIF champ

  • Wow

    I hear that #15 and #3 for Wilson will be playing only on offence 2nite.. really guys? This is your senior season and probably only chance 2 win a game this season.. MAN UP boys and set an example and leave it on the field 2nite

  • HHParent


    I don’t believe the team as a whole cares about what’s left of the season. The majority of these kids have other sports they’re going to play this year after football, so they aren’t going to risk further injury for the possibility of winning one football game. Much of the fire was extinguished from this team, during week three, leading up to the LA game, when Coach Burt said he didn’t know much about the rivalry, and didn’t care who they played, they just needed a win. Not really what a bunch of 17-year-olds want to hear from their coach before their biggest game of the season. The Wilson kids were much more upset following the Diamond Bar loss than the LA loss. By then the writing was pretty much on the wall.

  • Wow

    That’s the problem w/da Wilson football players… that’s a terrible mentality 2 have.. have some pride. If u committed 2 football play all season with everything you have.. worry bout other sports w/they come.. right now its FOOTBALL season. Keep playing as hard as you can… the real problem comes from home, where u have their parents telling the kids to shut it down.. Wilson will never win, regardless of the coach, as long as you have parents telling their kids that its OK to shut it down b4 the season its actually over

  • MVD


    “Vikings keep their playoff hopes alive and well by beating the winless Wildcats.”

    “alive and well”, I’m really confused with the well part of your statement. Based on the blowout scores the top three are dishing out to the bottom four whom do you expect Northview to beat to be well, San Dimas or Covina. Or which one of the three top teams are you projecting to loss a game against one of the bottom four.

    If I’m not mistaken for one 4th place team to make the playoffs in the Mid-Valley Division three of the six third place teams must end up with a sub .500 overall record.

  • Northview is 2-1 in league. Their playoff hopes are alive and well. You want us to assume losses? Or just call it how it is AT THIS TIME.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    SEMHS held up all of the first half, only allowing two fields goals (1 in the 1st and 1 in the 2nd). But after halftime, Arroyo just could not be stopped. SEMHS Defense ran out of gas, I did notice though when SEMHS pressured Rivera in the 1st Half, his throws were hurried and incomplete or overthrown, but in the 2nd half it seemed SEMHS Defense stopped rushing Rivera, and that was pivotal as Arroyo’s Offensive Line held long, play after play, and Rivera lit up the DBs of SEMHS who kept scrambling for coverage.

    Arroyo proved why they are at the top of the MVL. Just hope SEMHS could at least win the next 3 to get a shot at the playoffs.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481


    Was it you that was on the SEMHS side and walked onto the field towards the last minute with a camera man to interview Arroyo’s head coach? Just wondering……

  • MVD

    Thought I asked Fred that question?

    “Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours”

    Since they are alive and well, whom do you predict they are going to beat since they are well, Covina or San Dimas?

    Hows that…..

  • SaintsR4real

    Congrats SEMHS, for keeping up with a very good passing team.
    You gotta believe, if you could hold them for 2 quarters, then with hard work, you definitely could hold them for 4.
    Let’s hope you meet again in playoffs!

  • SEMHS,

    Yes, that was me. But I walked onto the field alone. Camera man (Reg Miller) was already there.


    You’re talking to me. Fred is off tonight. Go look at the Valle Vista standings and tell me if Northview’s playoff hopes are alive and well. If you want to assume they get beat by Covina and San Dimas, then be my guest. But, if you’re talking about RIGHT NOW, Northview is very much alive for a playoff berth.

  • MVD


    I took your advise and checked out the VVL standing. I do stand corrected, they are 2-1 in league with a overall record of 2-5. So they would have to now beat Nogales, San Dimas and Covina to just be eligible for the playoffs.

    They are alive but no they aren’t well.

  • Colt74

    Don’t count out Northview against Covina. If you look at history the Vikings have usually played Covina tough and anything can and will happen in our games.