Powerful Vista Murrieta forfeits five games

Vista Murrieta, one of the top teams in the Inland Division, was forced to forfeit five games because of an ineligible player, according to the CIF-SS office. Vista, which was 7-0 and 2-0 in the Southwestern League, is now 2-5 and 2-0. What will this do to the Inland rankings? One of the games forfeited was a win over Crespi, which makes the Celts 7-1 overall.

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  • smallcitymc

    They are ranked in the top 10 in the state I believe. Believe it or not even with the forfeits, it doesn’t affect eligibility for the playoffs because he didn’t play in any league games.

  • mm

    I feel for those kids. But this is a school known for recruiting outside of their area..They carry 95 varsity players and they approve over 100 tranfer applicants annually. To say the District does not turn its back sometime reminds me of Pete Carroll and USC. It happens!

  • BtheBall

    MM, you should go here to read more about the story:

    As for the 100 transfers… lets see that’s less than 3% of the student body. Keep in mind that the 92563 zip code (where VMHS is) has, in the past several years, led the state in foreclosures during at least two fiscal quarters that I know of off the top of my head. Lots of people (this writer included) lost businesses or jobs, and then lost their homes.

    Many of the current 100+ transfers are to allow kids (whose families have lost homes and moved elsewhere in the city of Murrieta) to stay in the school where they began HS, or where their big brothers and sisters attended. My youngest kid, a sophomore athlete, would have needed a transfer, but I just happened to find a rental in the same zip code when the bank said “GET OUT.” So she didn’t need a transfer to stay in her high school. Lots of other folks weren’t so lucky. They had to take a rental somewhere else in town, in another schools zone, and then apply for transfer to keep their kid at Vista Murrieta.

    I expect there is a lot of that going on all over California these days, not just at VMHS.

    As for recruiting, I would like to know who told you VMHS is a football mill. That is utter nonsense. Have some kids at Vista transferred there legally to play ball? I would expect so. Are there kids at any top-shelf program in California who transferred there just to play ball? Damn straight. But do not confuse VMHS with a mill.

    Back to this kid: If you read the story, you will see that in the case of THIS particular kid, nothing like that was going on. There is more to the story, and I’ll let those closer to it let it out when (and if) it is ever appropriate to do so. Suffice to say the kid pretty much had nowhere to go a few years back, and ended up in this area as more of an escape from Georgia than anything else. He never played football until he was a student at VMHS. He was not recruited to play ball. Understand that up front. He did not play football elsewhere, and had no football chops to shop around.

    Oh, by the way, he was not a starter this season (or any previous season). He was a kid who was going the wrong way, needed some direction, and he got it from a good teacher and coach; by learning to play a limited role in order to contribute to something bigger than himself, in this case the Bronco football team, he has gained the respect, life-skills, and self-esteem to really turn his life around. It’s actually a pretty remarkable story.

    Isnt that what high school sports are supposed to be about?