Tribune Football Leaderboard, or guys you would consider in the race for Player of the Year

Area’s statistical leaders reported to MaxPreps…
1. Steven Rivera, Arroyo, 2,084 yards, 23 touchdowns
2. Travis Santiago, Charter Oak, 1,845, 14 touchdowns
3. Brandon Martinez, 1,572, 20 touchdowns
4. Billy Livingston, 1,364, 18 touchdowns
5. Jacob Martinez, Azusa, 1,284, 10 touchdowns

Running Backs
1. Sir-Darius Yabrough, Pomona, 1,515 yards, 15 touchdowns
2. Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat, 1,134 yards, 16 touchdowns
3. Gevontray Ainsworth, 1,001 yards, 6 touchdowns
4. J.R. Nelson, Wilson, 916 yards, 5 touchdowns
5. Kurt Scoby, Charter Oak, 910 yards, 11 touchdowns

Wide Receivers
1. Hunter Duran, Arroyo, 45 receptions, 862 yards, 12 TDs
2. Aaren Vaughns, Charter Oak, 40 receptions, 753, 7 TDs
3. Jamie Canada, South Hills, 36 receptions, 721, 8 TDs
4. George Katrib, Diamond Bar, 37 receptions, 588 yards, 9 TDs
5. Terell Mosby, Pomona, 25 receptions, 526, 6 TDs

For standings, schedules and all statistical leaders, look at the SGV Tribune MaxPreps Widget.

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  • Witness

    Strength of schedule means everything here.

  • 12th man

    Steven or Travis?? Lets see what they do during the playoffs…An early exit mite open the door for other Candidates…

  • just askin’

    Witness – what are you sayin’?

  • Witness

    @just askin, Stats are like rankings…don’t really mean much. If Travis was playing for Arroyo, he might have 4,000yrds passing at this point of the season. If Rivera is the CO qb, does he still throw for 2,084yrds??? maybe..maybe not? Let’s see how far the fine young men take their team in to the playoffs, then we can see who deserves POY.
    My vote is for Jalen Moore of Amat

  • just askin’

    Witness- I’m agreein with you. Would Santiago have the same stats withPac 5 lineman in his face and chasing him down? And how sick might Ruiz be at Arroyo!

  • cov80

    WHAT NO VINNY #5 all he does is GET UR DONE! plays db qb rb wr returns punts kick offs.HE IS ONE OF THE TOP PLAYERS1

  • SHills

    Jamie Canada, even against a very good Charter Oak team he seemed to be the best player on the field. game in and game out he continues to impress

  • SOS

    chino hills. QB from chino hills is ranked higher than all your posted qbs on the list based on strength of schedule. I see your arguments just curious.

  • I wish those of you who talk about Rivera would actually go to an Arroyo game and take a look at his receivers. No offense to them, they’re great kids who make the best with what they have, but yeah, they’re no taller than 5-foot-7.

    Anyway, if what Rivera is doing now was so easy to do (because of the division?) then everybody would be doing it.

    Any CO fan scoffing at Rivera’s numbers because he plays in a lower division sounds like an Amat fan scoffing at the accomplishments of a CO team or player because of their division.

    Starting to get real stupid in here. REAL STUPID.

  • Impressive

    im still very impressed because Livingston missed 2 1/2 football games now thats something to speak about and if you look Rivera has what 150 more attempts and santiago has probibly 70 or 80 more and hes still up there! wow! amazing

  • Colt74

    Strength of schedule should have no bearing what so ever in these stats. If you are claiming you play a harder schedule then you have to take for granted YOU also have higher caliber players to be playing those tougher teams.

    No ones going to buy I have a great QB but my average receivers put up those yards over higher caliber defenses.

  • Sgvfan

    Hands down Travis Santiago, kids a winner.

  • Amat Bully


  • Sierra

    What are you looking at on maxpreps because when you check rankings by position in the state it says different? Livingston #132 Rivera #133 B Martinez #51 santiago #35 Chavez #12 for passing rankings of course not based on total yards

  • Azusa RB

    Just thought I’d crunch some numbers to highlight a player not mentioned her that maybe should have been. This is not to downplay any of the others mentioned, and I understand level of competition also has to come into consideration. I am an Azusa fan, and obviously bias toward the Aztecs. So forgive me if I sound like a total homer here, but I believe Desmond Reed should at least be in the conversation:

    Name, GP, Carries, Yards, Rushing TD, Receptions, Yards, Receiving TD, TO, Defensive Turnovers.

    Reed, 7, 83, 849, 17, 15, 226, 2, 1, 2
    Yarbrough, 8, 127, 1515, 15, 4, 69, 0, 3, 2
    Moore, 8, 138, 1134, 16, 12, 109, 1, n/a, n/a
    Ainsworth, 8, 122, 1001, 6, 7, 124, 2, 2, 0
    Nelson, 7, 128, 916, 5, 8, 88, 0, 1, 1
    Scoby, 7, 111, 910, 11, 2, 8, 0, 0, 0

    While Reed, trails all in yardage, he is only slightly behind the two who have played the same number of games, and with far less carries. He leads all RB’s in Rushing and Receiving TD’s, only trails Scoby in TO’s, and and is the only one with a positive TO ratio.

    Again, I understand there are several factors at play here, but thought I would just throw some numbers out there. Yarbrough is probably the favorite among RB’s, but I believe Reed is in the conversation.

  • Colt74

    On the blue box above ( widget). Says maxpreps. Under the words High School Sports on top are 4 tabs. Click on Leaderboards. You will see at the top of THAT tab different categories….passing…rushing…receiving etc…just click on the one you want to explore.

  • VVL


    SOS should be taken into consideration, but you need to factor in your rating compared to your opponents.

    I will use Livingston as one of my examples. Livingston put up some big numbers against some soft non-league teams. To Livingstons credit he also put up some good numbers against quality teams, San Dimas & West Covina.

    Jalen Moore (Bishop Amat) He put up decent numbers against weaker competition and poor numbers against teams on par with Bishop Amat.

    Rivera puts up quality numbers against teams that are rated lower than Arroyo.

    That is the same issue with the media’s rating of the local teams. The same formula that Max Prep uses for their ranking can be applied.

    Here is Max Preps computer rating of the Mid-Valley division;

    1 Covina (CA) 28 7-1
    2 San Dimas (CA) 18.1 5-2
    3 Maranatha (Pasadena, CA) 16.7 6-1
    4 Pomona (CA) 15.4 5-3
    5 Monrovia (CA) 14.6 4-3
    6 Whittier Christian (La Habra, CA) 12.9 5-3
    7 Arroyo (El Monte, CA) 10.6 6-1
    8 La Puente (CA) 9.1 7-0
    9 El Monte (CA) 6.7 5-2
    10 Valley Christian (Cerritos, CA) 2.6 3-5

  • coltfan97

    Somebody and answer this please! What is the difference between POY and MVP? just wondering because everyone has a different definition!!!!!! My POY is Santiago, but most valuable player is Venegas. It sounds like a homer but he close to 500 yards in receiving and rushing plays QB when he needed and has 2 ints!!!

  • Sierra

    I agree with you on that anyone can run up stats on weaker teams. SOS should be considered, i think thevrecruits use it anyway ?

  • VVL


    Not even in the running, yes homer. He has a total of 881 yards combined. As a quarterback he is 0 for 2 with a qb rating of 40 (didn’t know it went that low). Just compare him to Yabrough, 1515 yards rushing and 69 passing for a total of 1584 almost double. You don’t see something wrong with that picture.

  • coltfan97

    To VVL,
    Must be a Pomona fan!!!!! Yabrough only had only what about 70 yards against Covina, and Venegas had about 110 yards in that game! Plus Venegas is one of the Valley leaders in scoring offense!!!! Here is a big one his team beat Pomona!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    Another thing VVL, an MVP is much more than just stats!!!!!

  • Colt74

    “anyone can run up stats on weaker teams”

    Thats why in Football they need another column.Minutes played ( like in basketball).In most games that Livingston played in he was out by halftime becauewe were ahead big. How many other teams keep the players in and run up the score to the 60’s to build stats? Minutes played would be the defining factor.

  • VVL


    Come on, please check your stats before you make a comment.

    Covina vs. Pomona

    29 carries 112 yards 3.86 yards per carry (MPV numbers?)

    12 carries 71 yards 5.92 yards per carry
    Points per game 11.3 rushing

    Venegas has 16 and Yabrough has 15 TD’s.

    You throw all these stats out then when you are clearly proven wrong you come up with “Another thing VVL, an MVP is much more than just stats!!!!!”

    I picked this kid to compare because you through stats out their and his numbers are clearly superior to Venegas.

    Now I have a question for you? I was told Venegas grandfather is all over these blogs. I’m assuming you must be him. No other Covina blogger would dare come on this blog and try and throw this kid into the MVP running. I can see Livingston or Ainsworth who I should mention has much better numbers than Venegas, then we can talk, but please Venegas come on.

  • Colt74

    You can not discredit Yabrough for only having 71 yards against us. His stats speak for themselves and please give credit where credit is due. He’s having a killer season.

    Make an argument on why you think someone else is deserving but not at someone else’s expense. Every person on that list deserves to be there.

  • VVL

    That all being said I can see a strong argument for Livingston if you guys win a CIF title.

    The majority of the time it comes off a team that wins a CIF title.

  • coltfan97

    You know what they say about when you assume something!!!!! I am far from being Venegas’s grandfather! You make me laugh VVL!!!

    VVL, you didn’t get my original statement I want to know the difference between POY and MVP? Everybody definition is different!!!

  • coltfan97

    I do agree with that statement usually MVP comes from a CIF champ!!!! We still have a lot of season to go!!!!!

  • VVL


    What else am I to ASSUME, you bring up at best the third best player on your team and start talking about area MVP. My question the “Covina homer” maybe a little close to HOME than you want us to believe.

  • coltfan97

    VVL, my question to you what does Covina do without Venegas being QB and Livingston out for those two games due to injury? Thats why I would consider Venegas as MVP caliber!!!!

  • VVL


    Once again you aren’t making any sense Sifuentes is your backup quarterback. I have to assume that Venegas was your wildcat qb during this time also. He threw two passing in the baldwin park game and zero in the pomona game.

    They beat Pomona by 2 points and Baldwin Park by 8 points. The only point that you maybe validating is mine that Livingston is your team MVP.

  • coltfan97

    Ok you have a right to your opinion and so do I!!!!! As the season goes on we will know on who should get POY!!!!

  • P-Town

    Let’s use top runner as the example. “Covina” If they were to win it all…. MVP of Covina team would be Vinegas for getting them by while Billy was out….. POY would be Billy for a season of greatness.

  • P-Town

    Let’s use top runner as the example. “Covina” If they were to win it all…. MVP of Covina team would be Vinegas for getting them by while Billy was out….. POY would be Billy for a season of greatness……. Personally I believe POY should be the player that does the best all season through out playoffs…… SAnd MVP should be the best during the season. Just my opinion.

  • Point of Interest, film crew

    Recently found out that an outside film crew is doing a year long documentary of JR Nelson, which includes football, basketball, track & field, drama, and choir, though he got hurt in week 5 of football and may see only sporatic duty the remaining of the year for football, but i guess that is part of the story, just a point of interest

  • 12th man

    Sorry~…U cant have an MVP & POY on the same team!!! Whoever wins POY will ultimately be your MVP!!

  • M&G

    Don’t know what his stats are and I don’t think he should be POY, but West Co’s Jimmy Frazier should get a mention here. Dude has been amazing this year!!

  • M&G

    Don’t know what his stats are and I don’t think he should be POY, but West Co’s Jimmy Frazier should get a mention here. Dude has been amazing this year!!

  • M&G

    Don’t know what his stats are and I don’t think he should be POY, but West Co’s Jimmy Frazier should get a mention here. Dude has been amazing this year!!

  • P-Town

    It was an example, it doesn’t mean both from same team


    This has nothing to do with the valley player of the year consideration (which the topic is about), but there is NO doubt that Vinny Venegas is the MVP/POY for Covina this year. If you have seen Covina play more than once or twice you know what Im talking about. Venegas is by far the best and most important football player on that team. Livingston gets a lot of pub, and deservedly so, but without Venegas running the ball, catching the ball, returning punts, returning kicks, sometimes playing QB, playing defense, making big tackles and interceptions and just being an overall LEADER by the way he carries himself on the field (always calm and unphased), Covina would not have as much success as they have experienced over the past two seasons. Livingston is an outstanding HS “passer” and I understand that Covina has lots of talent and some other players that are important to their success, but Venegas does things each and every game that doesnt always reflect on the stat sheet. Teams game plan for him and do everything they can to keep the ball out of his hands and he still consistently gets it done every week. Venegas is the without a doutbt MVP on Covina’s team.

  • 12th man

    If Steven Rivera from Arroyo leads the SGV in passing (offense) & tackles (defense)…Just like fred said..when was the last time you seen a QB lead in two categories?? Hands down the POY go to Rivera if he leads both stats at the end of the year…This feat may never be done again in years to come~

  • Colts


    You must be directly related to Venegas to make comments such as that. I’ve been to almost every game this season, and no one shines like The Kid and Mr. Ains. Venegas does his part but even our fans all chatter about The Kid and Mr. Ains. We can give him his do credit. But that’s it.

  • Outsider


    Thank you. The stats reflect your opinion.

    Grandpa get off the blog.

  • Pueblo60HH.

    Need a weekly meeting. Stats and blogs are getting interesting…….

  • Pueblo60HH.

    Invite P-Town. Mike Lawry, David Rivera, Pomona, Wilson Fan

  • 10PTSBs

    I agree



    Of course you would naturally assume that I am related to Venegas. I am 100% not related to Venegas but for someone with no creativity or any sort of point, it is easier for you to throw out that I am a family member. I too have watched Covina over the past 3 seasons and I am strictly speaking from a football standpoint. There is no doubt that Livingston and Ainsworth are special players on this team but we are talking about the Most Valuable Player. If you are strictly looking at it from a statistical standpoint, Venegas has 16 TD’s (10 of them rushing) to Ainsworth’s 6 (3 of them scored in his most recent game). Ainsworth is very good, so dont get me wrong, but why is Venegas getting the ball closer to the end zone (if thats the case) or getting in the end zone more often? From a coaching perspective, why does Vinny return kicks and punts? Because you put your trust in the player that you know can handle the ball in pressure situations. When Venegas is back receving a kick or a punt, I’d be willing to bet that you are real comfortable sitting in the stands knowing that he doesnt fumble and there is always a chance he could take it back all the way. Remember the fact that I am not arguing that Venegas is more athletic or more talented or a bigger or stronger than Ainsworth or more exciting than Livingston but in three years, I have yet to see Venegas miss a game or really have a bad game so sit back and eat your popcorn and watch the “kid” throw the ball to Venegas on 3rd down (most of the time) and hand it off to him down close to the end zone and if you have a well thought out opinion about what it means to be valuable to your team then go ahead and respond. I however, will make this my last post as I do think Livingston and Ainsworth are special and I will not get into a bashing session of a group of high school kids but I have seen Covina play a good 20+ times over he past 3 seasons, I am NOT a family member, and I am entitled to my opinion. Venegas is without a doubt Covina’s MVP/POY!

  • FredJ

    What Rivera’s doing defensively is impressive because safeties aren’t supposed to lead their team in tackling, yet he’s one of the AREA leaders in tackling….And by the way, he’s also their punter …

  • Rivera for MVP

    I’m all for Rivera as MVP, but I wouldn’t consider his number of tackles on defense as a part of it. For one, if your safety is making that many tackles, it usually says more about your front 7 then it does about your safety. Secondly, we’re basing this entire argument on maxpreps stats, which are entered by caoches. Tackles are notorious for being embellished by coaches on maxpreps. If you look at Arroyo, they clearly are giving their kids way to many tackles. Rivera is a great QB, MVP worthy, but the tackles statistics are worthless info.

  • great for the sgv

    Rivera has to be one of the front runners. Aram makes a good point about his recievers and Rivera finds a way to get them the ball. The kid has a nose for the ball and makes plays on defense. Playing at that level on both sides of the ball is impressive, Rivera is probably one of yje most exciting players I have watched this season. A few more would be Canada/SH, Santiago/CO, Scoby/CO and Yarbough/Pomona.
    I’ve seen Venegas once and he makes a lot of plays, but I think the offense revolves around the two other guys. If he touched the ball a few more times, he would be up there too.