Bishop Amat-Loyola on Time Warner Friday; Fox Sports to show live stream of next week’s game, Rowland at West Covina

Personally, Damien at Charter Oak would have been a better game for the San Gabriel Valley, but it appears the Fox Sports people want to showcase West Covina..Those with Time Warner Cable (not me) can watch Friday’s Loyola at Bishop Amat game on a delay Friday at midnight. The game will be on Channel 101 for those with Time Warner.

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  • Bulldogs have bite

    I agree that Damien/CO would be a better game to watch. But that’s an Inland Division game which they have featured many times already this year. Fox Sports is throwing the Dawgs a bone here (no pun intended)and getting a Southeast division game in. Last time an all SGV game was covered by Fox Sports was the GOW between South Hills and West Covina in 06 I think. It was a great game and both schools did the SGV proud. South Hills got the win and Dorian Wells and Ricky Johnson were terring it up at CDF!

    I know Rowland is having a tough year, but I hope Raider fans show up for the game. Nothing more sad than being broadcast and your fan contingent is four people and a whole lot of empty bleachers….

    Can’t look ahead though! We got the Conq’s this week and they are itching to get that taste of losing to Bonita out of their mouths!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • SGV Fan

    What a waste of air time. WC is a mediocre team in a sad / weak league. The game will be over by the second quarter and no one but WC fans will be watching.

    FSW needs to broadcast better games with teams that people want to see.

    Go Chargers

  • CO Parent

    Seriously, someone needs to educate these Fox execs about who’s who in the SGV. Apparently they have no clue. Even WC fans know that their Hacienda league is a joke this year. CO vs Damien will be a battle, with CO kicking butt in the end.

    If they are not streaming the CO game that night, I would have preferred to even watch Amat play that night against Notre Dame, at least that will have two good teams playing. WC vs Rowland is a pop warner game.

  • Aaron

    Covering this game makes zero sense…would have been better had they done Bohi-WesCo because the significance…this game is going to be brutal by the first quarter. Maybe a Central Division Game? Granted it’s being streamed online not on FSW…but still. CO Damien would have been cool, but why not a St Francis game?

  • Bulldogs have bite

    SGV Fan and CO Parent,

    Easy on who you are calling mediocre. CO was the definition of mediocre last year. WC is doing nothing more than what Charter Oak did in 07 and 08, dominate the Southeast Division. If you cheapen West Covina’s recent success, you also degrade your own school’s recent past success.

    You guys are in the Bud-Light league of the Inland Division. No significant wins outside the Sierra league to speak of. I’m not a CO hater, I actually hope you guys do well! But I’m not gonna sit here and let you call out the Bulldogs without forcing you to look at yourself in the mirror!

    And for CO Parent, what do you mean by “who’s who in the SGV”? You guys are having a great year so far this year and all of a sudden you guys are somebody and WC is a nobody? Atleast teams like Loyola, Mater Dei, and Venice know how to get to West Covina, no such bus trips from teams of that caliber to Charter Oak in recent years or ever for that matter. I would say West Covina is definately one of the “who’s” in the fishbowl.

    Let go of the envy over who get’s a game live streamed on Fox Sports and try something humble and be supportive.

    If the Chargers go far into the Inland Play-offs, they for sure will get a live stream game and possibly be on FSN/Prime Ticket itself!

  • SGV Fan

    OK Bulldog, you have some merit with WC’s past. But even last year the bulldogs played in a weak league. And o.k., CO wasn’t a powerhouse last year, and we are much improved this year. But I’m not a hater, so I do wish you guys luck. Reality is, you don’t need luck. You should be able to breeze by in the Hacienda league, and even playoffs will only provide a mild challenge.

    I actually would like to see the SGV teams do well, from CO, to WC, to Amat. These three teams are the strength of the SGV. And our success will show good for socal representation.

  • james

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  • M&G

    Dumb game to broadcast, but the CO folks need to step away from the insults flying WC’s way. You sound like whiny little clowns!

  • M&G

    Dumb game to broadcast, but the CO folks need to step away from the insults flying WC’s way. You sound like whiny little clowns!

  • M&G

    Dumb game to broadcast, but the CO folks need to step away from the insults flying WC’s way. You sound like whiny little clowns!