Mid-Valley Division rankings just got interesting

Mid-Valley: 1. Covina (7-1), 2. Arroyo (6-1), 3. La Puente (7-0), 4. Monrovia (4-3), 5. Whittier Christian (5-4), 6. Maranatha (6-1), 7. San Dimas (5-2), 8. Pomona (5-3), 9. Alhambra (6-1), 10. El Monte (5-2).
Fred’s thoughts: I knew previous No. 1 Maranatha would drop after losing their first game to Whittier Christian, but all the way to six? No surprise Covina is No. 1, they deserve it, but with Arroyo, La Puente and now Monrovia to follow, what if this is the way they finish? Covina will not lose again, so they finish No. 1. Arroyo has to go through Rosemead and El Monte, but will still probably win out and stay No. 2. La Puente is the only team of the top four that might lose, to Azusa in week 10, and Monrovia will win out. So, the game of the year is La Puente-Azusa, that controls everything. If La Puente wins, Covina and Monrovia most likely meet in the semifinals, and it’s a dream draw for Arroyo. If Azusa wins, Monrovia likely finishes third and would play be in line to face Arroyo in the semifinals, which would be relief for Covina. It’s fun speculating, the Mid-Valley will be a lot of fun come playoff time.

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  • Early Exit

    Playoffs today Arroyo and La Puentte out second round.

  • Dan

    Maranatha should be at #6, but the rankings should go something like this:
    4-San Dimas
    5-Whittier Christian
    8-Village Christian
    9-So. Pasadena

  • coltfan97

    Like I said in Miguel’s blog the CIF poll is a joke!!!! It doesn’t affect Covina, but I want to know how Monrovia is ranked higher than S.D.? Somebody explain that to me? Who a$$e$ did they kiss?

  • FredJ

    ColtFan, that’s a great point, I skipped right over that one. You’re right, no way Monrovia with three losses should be ahead of two-loss San Dimas, especially since the Saints whacked them at their place. Makes no sense or logic whatsoever…I like the Maxpreps Mid-Valley rankings, makes more sense and seems more fair. Take the bias completely out of it and let the computers sort it out with strength of schedule and common opponents considered.

    1 Covina (CA) CA 7-1 4-0 28 5.6 +21
    2 San Dimas (CA) CA 5-2 2-1 18.1 4.9 -59
    3 Maranatha (Pasadena, CA) CA 6-1 0-1 16.7 -0.3 -81
    4 Pomona (CA) CA 5-3 3-1 15.4 3.4 +23
    5 Monrovia (CA) CA 4-3 2-0 14.6 6.2 -41
    6 Whittier Christian (La Habra, CA) CA 5-3 2-0 12.9 2.8 +95
    7 Arroyo (El Monte, CA) CA 6-1 2-0 10.6 -5.9 +45
    8 La Puente (CA) CA 7-0 4-0 9.1 -14.2 -10
    9 El Monte (CA) CA 5-2 2-0 6.7 -5.7 +6
    10 Valley Christian (Cerritos, CA) CA 3-5 2-0 2.6 7.2 -11

  • Colt74

    I also have the Monrovia over San Dimas problem. but more glaring of a slap in the face is pole vaulting Monrovia with their win over 18 man Blair over Whittier Christian with their win over the number 1 Maranatha. Monrovia fans relies are ” What does it matter…it’s just a poll”

    Tell that to the kids that are busting their butts to get a better seed in playoffs.

    To me it looks like CIF is doing everything to give Monrovia all the help that they can. And again, to me, that is not right.

    Again, this poll doesn’t affect Covina in the least. The 2 teams I would like to see Covina play are Whittier Christian and Monrovia.
    I just don’t know how CIF can justify this poll to San Dimas and Whittier Christian. My bet is they can’t.

  • Mid valley analysis

    Here is the Scoop I don’t think Monrovia should be over San Dimas, but I do think Monrovia is a top four team….Record or not their is no way Arroyo, or La puente are better than Monrovia, San Dimas, Maranatha, nor Whittier Christian…But looks like CIF is putting alot of emphasis on league titles this year. and Monrovia would be the 2nd best of all the league champions with Covina being one…however…I like Mtowns chances against anyone in a playoffs setting. Monrovia plays well in the playoffs Arguably better than anyone in the division along with San dimas…People always seem to forget about that…Some say that “Last year does not count”…but in a Division like the Midvalley where there is a drop off after the top 5 teams…you have to use somewhat of a historical view…this is not the inland or Pac 5, there is a huge separation from top to bottom…and Monrovia is at the top…Well Monrovians believe that…and I guess CIF does too.

    The Polls should look like this

    1. Covina
    2. San Dimas
    3. Whittier Christian
    4. Monrovia
    5. Maranatha
    6. Arroyo
    7. Pomona
    8. La Puente
    9. South Pas
    10. Alhambra

  • Colt74

    Monrovia is a good team, Will not, and have never taken that away from them. BUT, polls should reward teams for what they do …not what anyone THINKS they can do.
    And a historical view has no place in any recent poll. If it should then why even HAVE these polls or update them each week?
    Monrovia will make the playoffs and I’m sure Stevie Wonder could see that coming, BUT…where in the hierarchy of teams entering and their draws should be based on facts..not on feelings or desire to manipulate the polls to help or hinder any team.
    Someone suggested in Miguels thread that CIF is doing so to create certain teams playing match-ups that CIF wants to see.
    CIF has no right playing match maker and deciding who plays who. Their records should determine that and nothing else. If CIF is doing this ( which I believe would be a stretch ) what is next…picking team colors to play each other that better coordinate?
    Teams should be ranked on facts and not politics.

  • Pomona

    If you take that CIF poll with the current top four could you image having to go through Arroyo and La Puente to get to the championship game, or on the other side going through Covina and Monrovia? The seating is critical, not where but who is in your side of the bracket.

  • coltfan97

    I totally agree with Pomona!!!!! If we started the playoffs today in my opinion 3 of the 4 top teams are in the same bracket (C-Town, M-Town, and WC). All I have to say is WOW!!!! P-Town will also be in that same bracket!!! Talk about the bracket of death!!!!!

  • Philly B.

    I agree with coltfan97, covina, monrovia, and whittier in the same bracket is the bracket of death! And Im glad theres mutual respect between fans of covina and monrovia…at least for the most part. If that was monrovia in the same situation as sd, Id probably be sounding off too. It is about fair pairings and seedings, but when does CIF ever get it completely right!??!!?? Probably never. My question is, who has La Puente really played??? I sense they may be exposed real soon. I hope cats play the colts in the finals. that would be a good game

  • Mid valley analysis

    Basically there are 6 league champs, the top four seeds will play 4 at large teams selected from various leagues. The other two league Champions will play #2 teams selected by the committee. Every other 2 place team will face a 2nd place team…according to this format, San Dimas and Maranatha must Fall into a 2nd place spot bc they are factly 2nd place teams in their respective leagues. the 7 and 8 spots are the 2 spots for the 2 top 2nd place teams. However since alhambra already loss to South Pas, they got bumped down to #9 with Pomona, a possible at large team, in the#8 spot which they should because the vvl is tough, and they barely lost to the #1 team. Now Since two league champs will play 2nd place teams instead of at large teams, Cif has to decide which of the top 2 league champs out of the six are the weakest. Alhambra’s loss to So Pas sealed their fate. Now it’s between, Monrovia, Arroyo, and La Puente, Whittier Christian, because Covina has earned the top spot. La Puente has played the softest schedule of anyone in the top ten…But they are 7-0, they get #3 Arroyo has played a soft schedule and struggle with La Canada who monrovia destroyed, but they are 6-1 with a loss to upper div hart…they get the #2 spot. Now it’s between Monrovia and Whittier Christian with only one loss separating them. Monrovia played a far tougher preseason. WCHS lost to Cantwell who loss to BP. So CIF Rewarded the team who played up, won 2 of their upper division games , loss two close ones and then lost to Division Rival who was a top four team at that time.

    No one had a issue with Monrovia being #6. But there was a swing of events, that left CIF no other choice but to do what they did, based upon their playoff Format…It could only go this way…Some leagues are harder, But no matter what you better win league. San Dimas and Maranatha will be rewarded for coming in 2nd in the 2 toughest leagues by playing the 2nd place team in Rio hondo, Montview, mission valley. the two weekeast leagues. Which should be a peice of cake compared to playing Alhambra or Whittier Christian…. Alhambra may get Pomona, and Whittier Christian will get Azusa or something…Nothing is a hundred percent….but you could very well see the cards fall this way

  • Pomona

    Mid valley analysis,

    Just a question, since Pomona is 2-1 in league and San Dimas is 1-1 in league how did you figure Pomona as the 3rd place team. Week 10 we play San Dimas and the winner of that game will be the second place team assuming both teams take care of business.

  • Mid valley analysis

    Pomona…you are correct. That another reason why san dimas can’t be a top four seed, but San Dimas did beat Monrovia, and you all beat chino, so san dimas has a bigger win, but I think Pomona will beat San Dimas…so Ptown might move up into the 6 or 7 spot come playoffs…and Alhambra will play san dimas or something…but I was just laying the foundation on why San Dimas can not be top four seeds. Thats all.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Mid-Valley: It should be noted these are just rankings, which are voted on week to week, while seedings and league ranks are based on the body of work. Most voters don’t give it that much of an analysis.

  • midvalley analysis

    Thanks steve …i was kind of think if the playoffs started today. After looking at last years brackets, it seems that, this will be the seedings as well..